The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is a state located in the New England region of the northeastern United States. It is bordered by New York to the west, Connecticut and Rhode Island to the south, New Hampshire and Vermont to the north, and Atlantic Ocean to the east.


Is there a Paradise Massachusetts?

The answer depends on your viewpoint. To the readers and viewers of the books, TV series, and movies of Robert B. Parker it truly does exist as a fictional town. To anyone studying the maps and northern coastline of Massachusetts, it's nowhere to be found.

However, it is believed that Paradise is based on the town of Marblehead, MA, located on the North Shore of Boston.

Car Buying
Used Car Buying

Where can you buy repossessed cars?

Here is a variety of advice:

  • If I were you I would check out your county for repossessions to be sold they generally sale for 2/3 of the loan value.
  • I would NOT buy a car that has been repoed. Simple logic tells me that the driver was NOT doing ANY repairs or even oil changes, before it got pulled away. In my years of experience doing vehicle repos, (yes I do know what I am talking about here) the number of outright clunkers was higher than 75 percent.
  • Junk on wheels is what we used to call them. Run to death and barely able to be driven. Buyer beware is what I say.
  • What if my truck worth 15k is repoed because I quit paying on the 20k loan. Then I buy it at auction because I know I took care of it? Heck, I could even dirty it up inside a little first so it will auction for less.
  • It won't work. If it was repo'd by a buy-here-pay-here lot, they'll put it back on the lot and certainly aren't going to deal with you. If it was taken by a bank or manufacturer's finance company, it is going to a wholesale auction where you need a dealer's license to bid. Some smaller credit unions or finance companies will sell their repo's in their parking lot, but that's just like the BHPH place - they aren't going to talk to you. Besides, you STILL OWE the difference between the loan (plus repo fees) and what it brings. It's cheaper to make your payments.
  • It's fine to buy a repo car if you take someone with you who knows a bit about cars. Where repo cars are sold is different from place to place. Try Googling your city and car auctions or else looking up auctions in the phone book.

  • Call your local Credit Unions and ask them if they have any vehicles for sale. Most of them do these days. These are high quality cars for good prices and you are buying from a reliable source. Credit Unions will also give you good financing terms to get the cars off of their books. You could search online or just open the phone book and start calling.
Car Selling

How do you get an automobile dealer's license in Massachusetts?

Do not go to the RMV. The RMV has nothing to do with dealer licensing in Massachusetts. All dealer licenses are issued by the municipality (City or Town). You will likely need to show that your desired location is zoned properly and buy a bond. And pay an application fee which ranges from $100 to $500 depending on town or city. Inquire further from the City Clerk .(and I think its funny because i live in mass.)

Boston Massacre

When did Boston proclaim March 17 Evacuation Day?

In 1776 early in the American Revolution British forces evacuated Boston, Massachusetts, after George Washington placed artillery overlooking the city. It has been a legal holiday in Suffolk County since 1941. Although it is a holiday in Suffolk County only (according to the 1941 ruling), all state employees get the day off with pay! Even those who live and/or work at the other end of Massachusetts.

Super Bowl
Time Zones

When is Super Bowl kickoff time?

Super Bowl XLVIII (Super Bowl 48, 2014 Super Bowl):

  • The official Super Bowl site lists 6:30 Eastern as the kickoff time
  • 6:00 Eastern is usually the time when the broadcasting network (in this case FOX) switches from their pre-game shows to the official broadcast (though technically it's still a pre-game show).
  • In previous years, various sites listed various start times, usually down to the specific minute. For Super Bowl 42, FOX (which was broadcasting the game) announced kickoff for 6:17, the NFL said 6:18, and the site hosting the Super Bowl said 6:30. Actual kickoff was 6:32.

So if you'd like to catch some of the pre-game hype, turn on your TVs by 6. But don't expect the game to actually start before 6:30.

United States times by region:

6:30 p.m. Eastern

5:30 p.m. Central

4:30 p.m. Mountain

3:30 p.m. Pacific

Quick additional tidbits for 2014 Super Bowl:

  • Date: Sunday, February 2nd, 2014
  • MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, N.J., home of the New York Giants and New York Jets
  • Halftime: Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers

Is Cape Cod an island or a peninsula?

Cape Cod is a Peninsula that became an island after a canal was built

Cape Cod isn't considered an island because the canal was man-made, it's still considered a Peninsula.

Lakes and Rivers
Online and Correspondence Schools

Is it worthwhile to get a degree through an online school that only has a license through the State of Wyoming?


States will often issue a license for businesses that are educational in scope. So some schools can say with all honesty that they are licensed by the state. That does not mean they are accredited. It means the state recognizes that they are an educational enterprise. If you transfer to another school, your hours are not likely to be accepted unless they come from an accredited institution. States do not accredit. There is a national organization that designates who can accredit. Go to the Related Link below for the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, for more information.

State licensing is meaningless, regional accreditation is the only type of school worth while.


Why do so many insurance companies not practice in Massachusetts?

I live in Massachusetts and it is very frustrating that there are very few insurance companies operating in the state. Blame Massachusetts insurance regulations for this. Massachusetts insurance rates for auto insurance are determined by the Massachusetts Insurance Commissioner. Since insurers want to determine their own rates, many will simply not operate in the State of Massachusetts (Allstate, Geico, etc.). This rate regulation is great for Massachusetts residents, as we are not hit by sky high premiums as we once were, but it is a detriment in the fact that we are limited in the number of carriers available. high premiums are assigned to risky drivers - that's how insurance works. government do-gooders seeking to make things better as they often to, and failing as they often do, basically took away the power for insurance companies to price risk appropriately, so many simply left. by stating that the companies must charge x or can't charge any more than y, the following results: premiums for good drivers go up to cover the cost of paying for risky drivers

risky drivers here will almost always be able to get insurance and note that it will never cost more than y. the moral hazard is here to continue the same risky behavior, perhaps do it even more often. the overall effect is that the risky drivers will likely be even more risky now. costs rises for the responsible driver because they subsidize the risky ones, and costs of business rises for the insurance company because they have to pay out claims more often because of the additional risk allowed by the subsidies. at the end of the day it's a great program in MA - if you are an irresponsible driver.

Cars & Vehicles
Salary and Pay Rates

How much money does a qualified auto mechanic earn?

Hourly rates vary quite a bit across the country and in different shops. Large corporations may pay as much as $15 per hour, but the typical hourly scenario is usually around $8-10.

In order to make good money as a mechanic, a person needs to: (1) become ASE master certified or better; (2) specialize in automatic transmissions; (3) be a diesel mechanic; (4) find a fleet job; (5) specialize in drivability/engine repair; or (6) stay in one place a long, long, time.

Most mechanics do not receive an hourly wage. Instead, they are paid by a system called flat rate. Every job that can be done from changing oil to rebuilding a transmission is uniformly given a particular amount of time in which the average mechanic can finish the job. For example, an oil change might pay two-tenths of an hour (12 minutes). The mechanic is paid for 12 minutes of work no matter if it takes him/her five minutes or five hours. As mechanics become more experienced and have more tenure at their place of employment, they are often faster than the "average" time, so they have the opportunity to work 40-hour weeks but actually clock more than 40-hours of flat-rate time. It is only in this situation that a mechanic can make more than a decent salary.

Beginning mechanics usually get the short end of the stick when it comes to jobs. They are more likely to spend a whole day doing oil changes because it is really difficult to do an oil change correctly in under 12 minutes. They are also more likely to get the hourly pay rather than the flat-rate pay so that they can be handed some of the other low-end jobs (like sweeping and mopping, which don't count toward flat-rate time).

The problem with the flat rate system is that it forces mechanics to fight each other over the jobs that can be done the fastest compared to their book times. For some mechanics, this increases the drive to find something else to fix on a car, or to line up several cars for themselves to work on, thereby increasing the waiting time per vehicle. This is why there are so many mechanic horror stories. Additionally, if a shop has a slow week, a mechanic may not bring enough money home to pay his/her bills. This makes planning for a family or a vacation or saving money very difficult.

Working in a dealership setting is a good way to gain experience and to get paid to go to school or get formal training. However, unless you have a particular skill that is in demand, the pay is pretty stinky.

Private shops (Joe Schmoe's Auto Service, etc.) usually have better pay and the same benefits but are not as concerned with offering education pay.

Large corporations (Goodyear, Midas, etc.) offer the best benefits, low pay, and little interest in continuing education.

Another AnswerThe amount they make depends several factors. Some get paid hourly, and some get a percentage of their billed flag time. Flag time is a book estimate for a job. If they make say, 30 dollars (a high guess) per flag hoour billed, and do a 2 hour job in one hour, they made 60 dollars that hour. The mechanic does not receive the whole labor rate ($60/hr or more) because they do not own the shop, the lifts or have to pay for the shop's advertising. Others make a flat hourly rate. For example, as a mechanic's apprentice I made 7.50/hr because I was very good considering no formal training. My coworker made approx $14.50. he had many years experience, but was not an expert.

A full service mechanic (someone that does everything) can make anywhere from $55-$75 per hour. However, I am not sure what the pay rates are for someone who works for a business such as Pep Boys or Goodyear. If you owned your shop you could charge that much because that's what the median rate is for a mechanic.

Countries, States, and Cities

Boston is the capital city of what state?

Boston is the capital of Massachusetts.


What is the largest city in Cape Cod Massachusetts?


Colonial America

What was The name of the large settlement begun by the Massachusetts Bay Colony?


History of the United States
Colonial America

What was the climate of colonial Massachusetts?

Massachusetts was really cold in the 1600's, not year round though. It is actually much like it is today.

Road Distance

What is the distance between Lexington Massachusetts and Concord Massachusetts?

6.4 miles


What caused the New England tornadoes June 1 2011?

The cause of tornadoes is never simple, and the circumstances in the case of this outbreak were similar to many others.

On June 1, 2011, A dynamic area of low pressure moved west of the region along the polar jet, which provided additional energy and a source of vorticity (rotation). A very warm and humid airmass was already in place, and the sky was clear all day allowing the surface to heat very rapidly and destabilize. Convective Available Potential Energy is a measure of this, and values exceeded 5,000 kJ/kg during the afternoon across much of the region, which is about as high as you'll see in this part of the country. That's basically saying that the atmosphere is loaded with potential energy, ready to release it explosively. Additionally, there was an unusual layer of warmer air at mid levels - called an Elevated Mixed Layer - which served to "cap" the atmosphere so that it couldn't tap this potential energy until it was boiling over, like a tea pot would if you were to heat it with a lid and then suddenly remove it. Finally, the cold front associated with the low pressure provided a lifting mechanism, finally forcing that air up through the cap and rapidly developing thunderstorms in the afternoon. Rapid changes in wind direction with height in the lower atmosphere allowed these storms to quickly begin to rotate. This is another ingredient that is relatively uncommon in this region.

For a more generic but detailed description of exactly how tornadoes form after this process, see the related question.

Parenting and Children
Law & Legal Issues
Criminal Law

What is a competency hearing?

A hearing that is held in state probate court to determine if a person is able to handle their own affairs. All aspects of the person's life is taken into account, whether they are capable of handling finances, health care, daily living issues. The person being evaluated has the right to proper legal representation and the right to speak in their own defense. All persons with reasons to be involved (such as family members) may address the court. If the person is unable to obtain legal counsel the court will appoint an ad litem until a ruling is made. If the person is found incompetent an adult guardian/conservator will be appointed. The court prefers to appoint a spouse or close relative, but considers the request of any qualified adult. A guardian/conservator is answerable to the court concerning all aspects of the incompetent person's affairs.

A competency hearing can also be used in the criminal area to determine whether a person is competent to stand trial. A person must meet certain requirements for competency in order to be able to aid in their defense. If a person is declared incompetent, they cannot enter a plea to a criminal charge or be tried for it.


What is the capital of Massachusetts?

The capital of Massachusetts is Boston.

Colonial America

What religious period and political values held Massachusetts together in colonial times?

The original founders of the Massachusetts Bay Colony were members of the Puritan religion, a denomination of Protestant Christianity. The Puritans, who came to the new world from England, wanted to set an example for a godly Christian colony (there was no separation of church and state yet); John Winthrop famously referred to the large port city of Boston as a "city on a hill," meant to be that shining example of Christian piety and ethics.

Cars & Vehicles

How many Cars registered Massachusetts?

Go to the US Department of Transportation website at for the latest data.

Colonial America

Why was Ole' Deluder Satan Act passed in Massachusetts?

== This act, known today as the Ole' Deluder Satan Act, established the first town school system in America, a system that recognized the importance of the Bible in a civilized society. Ref. America Land I Love, 1994, A Beka Books, page 35 == The Ole' Deluder Act was passed in Massachusetts in the mid 17th century because the Puritans were deeply religious and believed in the very real presence of evil/Satan. They believed if they read and studied the Scriptures enough they could resist evil and Satan's temptations. This Act was the first Education Act in America to make sure all townships with 50 or more households provided a school to teach children to read and write. Learning to read was a necessity in order to thwart the Ole' Deluder (Satan).

Law & Legal Issues

Why have a competency hearing?

Competency hearings are used to determine if the person is capable of taking care of their own needs. This includes daily living activities such as being able to do household chores, shop, fix meals, get dressed and so on. It also pertains to their ability to handle their financial affairs, paying bills, making purchases, bank accounts transactions, etc. Laws governing competency hearings are enacted by individual states, therefore they are not uniform.

New York

What is the history of the CONED Company?

You should take a look at CONED and perhaps contact their public affairs office.

Colonial America
Climatology and Climate Changes

What was the climate and geography in the Massachusetts colony?

In the 1600's, Massachusetts was really cold.

Not year round like you may believe, it was much like it was today. It's actually a little bit warmer in the winter even because the Gulf Stream runs right past it, and making it even warmer in the Summer.The climate is humid continental.

US Governors

Who is the governor of Massachusetts?

Bill weld

Statutes of Limitations
Criminal Law

What is the statute of limitations for a gun charge in massachusetts?

There is not enough information given in the question to answer. Gun charges involved with WHAT offense? Simply possessing the weapon, or using it in the commission of a crime?

Gun possession during the commission of a felony is an ENHANCEMENT to the felony charge and brings added jail time. That is why it is necessary to know what specific offense was being committed.

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