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This type of line makes use of rounded angles

What is a line that is drawn to show the edge and surface ridges of an object

Creating a focal point by placing different values together

What term is defined as showing distance by changing colors and creating less intense images

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Q: What is the difference between odorless mineral spirits vs gamsol minteral spirits?
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What is the difference between pyrite and a pyrite cube?

Pyrite is the mineral whereas a pyrite 'cube' happens to be the habit in which the mineral has crystallised

What mineral is a tin ore?

The mineral cassiterite is an ore of tin.

What is the composition of drywall?

mostly it's made of the mineral gypsum sandwiched between paper. They manufacture it not far from where I live here in Las Vegas

Can color be a definitive factor in determining a mineral?

can color be a denitive factor in determinig a mineral

What factors can change the color of a mineral?

Air, water, and impurities can change the color of a mineral.