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Was there really a Carmen Winstead?

No, Carmen Winstead never existed. The story was made up on the Internet.

According to the story, Carmen was accidentally killed when her "friends" pushed her down a sewer. Now she will visit a horrible death upon anybody who doesn't post her story on their MySpace page. Later versions of this story were sent as more conventional e-mail chain letters. There's also a nearly identical version with a victim named Jessica Smith.

Carmen Winstead/Jessica Smith Ghost Story

The story appears in emails and text similar to this.....

Carmen (Jessica) and the rest of her class were on a fire drill and 5 girls trying to embarrass Carmen pushed her down a sewer. When she didn't come up they called the police and the girls said she fell the police believed them.

The story was proven fake by

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What is a hag?

It's another word for a witch.
It means an ugly old women.

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How do you conjure a ghost?

You can perform a Seance to communicate with the ghost, which basically means you have to have the ability of Necromancy.


First we have to establish just what a ghost is. Would it surprised you to know that there are a number of ghosts who appear in different forms. Let us first discuss the ghost which Satan conjures up. These are evil spirits which enter the body of a person who desires to serve Satan. Their bodies may be inhabited by the spirit of an evil spirit who resides with Satan.
Others are Ghost or spirits who are worthy people who have passed on, but are given some assignment to visit the earth, either to do the will of their father in Heaven by causing some calamity to warn the people, or who are to give some message to some living person.
There are three ways in which you can tell where these ghosts come from. A ghost, if from Satan, when asked to shake their hand your hand will pass through theirs. A righteous ghost will refuse but give their massage, while the other will be a resurrected being and so you will feel their hand.
Spirits can be asked to visit with you if your reason warrents it and God or Satan sanction it.

Another Answer:

Within the depths of our minds are all the spirits one could wish for. They are the archetypes that represent various desires, fears and actions. One can use a black mirror in the dark to distort ones reflection into becoming one of these archetype spirits.


Who is Teresa Fidalgo?

Portugal Car Accident - Teresa FidalgoDavid Rebordão is the creator of the short film "A Curva" about a mysterious female hitchhiker who is revealed to be a ghost. The entire clip and production procedures are available on his website in DVD format. (This ghost is not real. It's just a short film made by Rebordão.)

According to this site (Malditang Pinay), the content is as follows:


My name is David Rebordão and I am the author and producer of the short film "A Curva". After months of speculation, stuffed of fantastic theories about the film, the moment of the revelation arrives.

This website was created for you to know all the truth about the facts that gave rise to the most watched Portuguese short film of all time. Despite of several versions of the film that exist of for free download by available to all cybernauts, in this website you can acquire the complete version with twelve minutes of duration in DVD.

The DVD brings also an interview where I am going to relate all the trial of creation, my reactions about the spread of the film all around the world, the several forums that were created to talk about of the film, and to all the stories that were created from the imagination of the cybernauts. I also reveal the strategy that was behind the creation of the film, always with the objective of calling attention of the public for the others projects that are being developed.

I am going make movies for people; movies that can amuse."

(The movie in question is available on YouTube with a translation into English. See the Related link.)

Eastern Orthodoxy

Do Eastern Orthodox Christians believe in ghosts?

There is very little that is "dogma", or that which is required to believe or follow, in the Eastern Orthodox Church. While the Church Fathers and the history of the Church does offer personal opinions of certain very holy people on the subject of "ghosts", the Church cannot ex-communicate someone for simply "believing in them" , as an example.

The Eastern Orthodox Church is very fluid about what it considers necessary, or absolute in terms of belief. A person is free to "believe" in ghosts, that is to say, to believe that they exist. It is much harder to quantify what the Church actually teaches as necessary practice, regarding them.

I am an Orthodox Christian of many, many years. I am also a former occultist, and in my former life, I was trained as an empathic medium. That kind of training doesn't disappear simply because I converted to Eastern Orthodoxy. Nor does my experience with spirits disappear, simply because of my conversion.

As an Orthodox Christian I feel it is my duty to say, that although people certainly shouldn't run around seeking out ghosts, or other spiritual experiences, it is also true that "ghosts" that is the spirits of the departed, certainly DO exist and sometimes interact with the living. Denying this, doesn't make it "fantasy" or "demonic".

While all the usual caveats do apply (as in the first answer given, which frankly reads like a very Protestant answer), I think it is very important to point out that the Eastern Orthodox church does not believe in "purgatory" (a Roman Catholic belief), and neither does it believe in "soul sleep" (as do many Protestants). Therefore, the souls of the departed must exist somewhere within God's universe, and as an Orthodox Christian, I see no theological reason why they could not conceivably exist within the the boundaries of earthly existence, experiencing the "particular judgment" while awaiting the Final Judgment.

With regard to the dead, it is very important that we pray for them, and since the Church teaches that the dead do hear and experience our prayers, it is a bit illogical for the Church to then turn around and say that they are not somehow, "here". That kind of logic is simply not tenable and ghosts either exist, or they don't.

As for myself, I believe that they do, and I also believe that we must pray for them, that thier souls may be saved, and that they find peace, wherever it is that God allows them to be.

Paranormal Phenomena

Has it been scientifically proven that ghosts exist?

The short answer is that the Scientific community is on the fence when it comes to any Paranormal object, be it a ghost or otherwise. However, where once it was considered "fringe science", the serious investigation of Paranormal activity is now being pursued by many top Universities and Colleges, using scientific methodology and equipment. As we learn more, and more people with scientific backgrounds become involved, more theories on how ghosts manifest or where they exist will be proposed. Remember that Einstein's Theory of Relativity postulates an infinite number of alternate realities and many other things that most people don't believe in either - but are universally accepted by the scientific community, largely in part because many elements of his theory have been proven to be correct by scientific experiment.

Unknowledgeable people presenting bogus information as "evidence" has been a large problem for many people, as is just their own core beliefs, faith, or unwillingness to face the possibility that there's something other than Heaven or Hell. This was the problem in the past, and continues to be to this day. Groups claiming to be "Ghost Hunters" (unlike the TAPS group, which is a serious team) often put forth pictures and other "evidence" that is unclear and unverifiable at best. Few of these people have any real technical or scientific background, and each time it happens it creates even more skepticism. Even worse are the persistent hoaxers, and it's a lot easier today with moderate software to create effects that look good without closer inspection. I myself have analyzed purported EVP recordings which on the surface sounded real, but upon closer inspection were obviously faked. Same with pictures that are reported in the media; we looked at one case (myself and another Photoshop expert) where a picture was highly publicized at a local TV station. Upon close inspection, it was evident that the image was faked, albeit a very good one. Other things didn't add up as well in the entire story, and on the whole, it seemed more likely to be a ratings gimmick by the TV station as the reporter was present for the "photo".

Scientists, professional and amateur investigators, and just everyday people who have witnessed and seen ghosts are believers, but universal belief is based on evidence, and even with photographic, video and audio evidence, many people aren't yet willing to universally accept that ghosts exist. As one who has seen them, with evidence collected, I of course have no doubt, and it has caused me to rethink many things of a spiritual nature. There is a lot of evidence that tips the scale toward the existence of ghosts than there is to disprove they do. By evidence, I mean that which cannot be explained by any other cause.

I have no doubt that science will ultimately come to the realization of the existence of ghosts. Remember that science has often sworn that ancient species are extinct, only to be proven wrong when a specimen was found. The Coelacanth is a prime example of why no one should ever discount the possibility of something not being provable. Science long held the Coelacanth was extinct millions of years ago - only to be slammed when a live specimen was caught several decades ago.

We often consider ourselves smarter than we really are, and science, though often right, isn't always correct by a longshot. In the end, seeing is believing, and for anyone who has ever witnessed any type of entity, be it active or residual (a "recording" of an event that repeats and cannot interact with the viewer), there is no question of their existence. Remember too that even if science does prove their existence, not everyone will believe it either. There are still people who believe the Earth is flat, that we've never been to the Moon, and that the U.S. Navy supports an underwater alien base in the Bahamas. I can't tell you what the base is for in the Bahamas, but I've been there many times. I can say there isn't anything extraterrestrial going on, and like most highly classified military installations, activity there is kept secret for very good reasons, none of which has to do with aliens.

My advice is to do what many of us have done - start your own journey to determine for yourself if they exist or not, and keep an open mind when doing so. In the end, what YOU believe is really all that matters.

Animal Life

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ghosts?

The advantages of ghost is that they can scare yo and haunt you because they think you are taking over their territory. It can also take over your body. I can't think of a disadvantage of a ghost. Because it's dead, it doesn't need to eat or sleep or drink!

Jokes and Riddles

What did one ghost say to the other?

Wow, you look really boo- tiful!


Can you call a good spirit alone?

Actually! Yes you can! You can only call good spirits if you haven't done anything bad to some one like: killing them- or if one of your family members has died!

However, be careful. If you are grieving, a demon could easily find himself a new comfortably in which it can slowly making the owners going crazy.


Are you crazy if you see dead people?

Of course not! It is creepy but you're not alone. Lots of people see them.


Why do ghosts seek revenge sometimes?

If they were murdered or had a brutal death and have some anger as a ghost, they will seek revenge to people (not always their murderer. Sometimes families, sometimes random people because they are confused) because they are blinded by anger.


Do science believe in ghost?

Most of them don't.A hallucination, in the broadest sense of the word, is a perception in the absence of a stimulus.Hallucinations are made up of the mind. There is a specific part in your brain that can make illusions.Therefore, the answer is No

It is often said that the supernatural and science converge, and a lot of scientists explain their belief in ghosts as physical phenomena. Since everything in the universe is electromagnetic, this must be the basis of any real ghost. Often there are misconceptions as to what constitutes a ghost. It might be the residual memory of a past life left like a tape recording in sensitive factors like freezing water and rusting iron. It might be the projection of powers from universal currents of energy in subspace and hyperspace. This would be a mechanical structure that the ghost might be only dimly aware of. Often spirits have manifested themselves to observation creating stories by the witnesses who might be scientists or poets. There are communications by voices in the wind and water. Actions that are entirely mental or actions that are distinctly physical. In terms of ancient (Indian) philosophy written in Sanskrit, there are machines that travel from star to star; these could easily be responsible for ghostly demonstrations.

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What is the most supernatural place on earth?

It's hard to tell which is the most supernaturealy active of all but I will list a few of the really busy ones. The Tower Of London, Gettysburg, The Myrtels Bed and Breakfast, Alcatraz Prison, Rose Red, and an Edinburgh castle that is said to be a portal to hell.

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Did David Gregory really die?

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How do you stop seeing ghosts?

it is hard to just stop seeing ghost I've lived with ghost my whole life and it is very hard to stop seeing them so basically you close your eyes and say ghost i am not ready to see you i do not want to see you please go away until I'm ready.

personally i have never done that but my sister has and it has worked for her so it's worth a try isn't it if it will stop you from seeing them. SO try it it may or may not work for you.

Or you can say " ghost, I know Chuck Norris, so leave before I kick the ectoplasm out of you! "

that works to i guess

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How do you get rid of ghost midgets in your house?

Glue everything to the ceiling


What happens when you see your doppelganger?

The story is you will die or suffer serious injuries. It's considered a bad omen.

Paranormal Activity Movie

When is Paranormal Activity out on cinema?

It already is in the U.S. October 16. To check in other countries: .

Ancient History
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What is the legend of the hairy toe?

What you are about to read is based on true events that occurred on Friday the 13th of March 1987 at roughly 11:29pm. The woman in the story goes by the name of Mary Aldridge, who wrote a series about sightings she had had in the woodland where she lived. She dissappeared after officials found a letter discribing her fear of a possible 'reaping'. Mary Aldridge was never seen after this event. You may be alarmed by what you read.

Once there was a woman called Mary who went out in the woods to dig up some roots to cook for her dinner. She spotted something funny sticking out of the leaves and dug around until she uncovered a human toe. Mary was extremely hungry, she hadn't eaten a proper meal for weeks, there was some good juicy meat on that toe which she thought would make a delicious dinner. So Mary put it in her basket and took it home to her cottage in the woods.

When she got back to her cottage, Mary boiled up a pot full of this toe meat and it slowly simmered into a soup like mixture, which she ate for dinner that night. It was the best meal she'd had in weeks! Mary then went to bed that night with a full stomach and a big smile on her yellow teeth.

Along about midnight, a cold wind started blowing in the tops of the trees around her house. Local officials reported new of a large black cloud or some sort of stom covering the sky above. Mary awoke and peered out of her window. She says she may have gone mad, but she knows she could a hear a strained croaking. The words seemed odd, it was is if someone was whispereing, "Hairy toe! Hairy toe! I want my hairy toe!"

Inside the house, Mary stirred uneasily in her bed and nervously pulled the covers up over her ears.

From the woods there came a loud thud noise as the wind whistled and jerked at the treetops.

She could hear the hollow whisper once again, coming from the clearing in the Forrest accross from her cottage, "Hairy toe! Hairy toe! I want my hairy toe!" Inside the house, Mary shuddered and turned over in her sleep.

A stomp, stomp, stomping sound came from the garden path outside the cottage.

The night creatures shivered in their burrows as a hollow voice howled: "Hairy toe! Hairy toe! I want my hairy toe!"

Inside the house, Mary snapped awake. Her whole body shook with fright as she listened to the breathy noises in her garden. Jumping out of bed, she ran to the door and barred it. Once the cottage was secure, she lay back down to sleep.

Mary the saw the front door of the cottage burst open with a bang, snapping the bar in two and sending it flying into the corners of the room. There came the loud thudding noise again, like giant feet walking up the stairs. Peeping out from under the covers, Mary saw a huge figure filling her doorway.

"Where is it Mary, it has gone."

Mary sat bolt upright in terror and screamed, "I ATE your hairy toe!"

"Yes, you did," the ghostly figure whispered gently as it advanced into the room, gliding slowly towards Marys bed.

No one living in the region ever saw Mary Aldridge again. The only clue to her disappearance was a giant footprint a neighbor found pressed deep into the loose soil of the meadow beside the house. The footprint was missing the left big toe. Locals also believe this is the reason as to why many of the villagers had also experienced these 'reapings' and felt ghostly presences since this date.

The story was originally told by a local man Thomas Esscott, who reportedly heard Mary screaming into the night and when investigating, found a large bloody severed toe pressed against the window of her bedroom. Even historians cannot figure out the myth behind this truly bizarre haunting.


What is a Stinkus Maximus?

Stinkus Maximus is a dangerous monster that lives in my basement. He is very deadly and feeds on human flesh. Before he kills his victim he controls their body and abuses it. He looks like a half cat and his nose looks like a dick but he has claws like razorblades so hide your kids from this monster and drop nukes on your houses just to be safe.

You are welcome in advance.


What channel does A Haunting come on?

It is usually on Channel 39 or you could find it in discovery channel.

New Testament

How can you call ghosts and spirits?

you could go to a seance or try using a Ouija board


What type of ghost mimic people?

its a mime


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