Nintendogs is a game created by Nintendo where players can care and raise virtual puppies, train it with voice commands and enter it in three different types of competitions. There are 20 different dog breeds in Nintendogs, with 6 breeds available at the beginning, and the rest can be unlocked as you play the game. In this category, there are questions relating to tips, cheats, etc. about Nintendogs.

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When breeding nintendogs can your dogs play fight if not how can you make them friendlier?

Whenever they lay on eachother, right away click on the home button if you're not already there, click on the dog's picture that is on top of the other dog and then click on the light bulb in the top right hand corner and say on. After a few times, then once it has learned it, keep saying on to the dog and it will hug the other dog


How long does it take to teach a nintendog a trick?

it varies between tricks.

sit laydown and roll over are 3 or 4 times

other expert tricks could take between 5 and 10 tries.

also try to buy smart dogs so they could learn the trick more quikley

How To

How To Buy Things On Nintendogs?

Go to home. Then press on go out and you will see a button saying ' shopping ' click on that and choose a shop. Then you choose something or a few things, choose your quantity and buy it! It's really simple.


What does the rhinestone collar look like on Nintendogs?

The Rhinestone collar is hot pink with white shimmering gems all over.In the front there is a star covered with the shiny gems.It is a rare collar.I found it with my light colored female Golden retriever named Sweety wearing her flower collar.She had all stamina and she found it near the beach.It is sold for $10 but is rare!I jest got one today!

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What does the government do for you if you are 17 and pregnant and have no place to go?

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How do you get a rose in Nintendogs?

If you have a lucky collar and/or a lucky clock, use all of them, take your dog on lots of walks, and hopefully you'll get it soon.

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How do you get stickers in Nintendogs plus cats?

Well,you see,they only come in different types of presents.Sorry if spelling is wrong im under 9.What I meant by that is the stickers are of presents.The come in different colours,including gold.Anyhoo,You get these by streetpass and spot pass.Hope you enjoy your 3ds!


Is Nintendogs a two player game?

yes and no. you cannot play two player on the same Nintendogs game, however if you are on the go out menu touch the ds icon (bark mode) to communicate wirelessly with another Nintendogs owners. to do this, you simply put your Nintendogs game card into wireless mode, and then when you pass by another Nintendogs owner in wireless mode,you will automatically communitcate. your trainer info will also be traded.

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How do you play a trick on your girlfriend?

Marry her... *** Tell her that you gave her herpes. Once she starts crying, go, "Psych! " That is a very cruel trick. *** dress in thug clothing and wear a mask. Then hide in a corner and grab her butt as she passes by, while yelling "GOTCHA!" loudly. Have her watch Texas Chainsaw Massacure and that night pop up in her room with a hockey mask and a runnig chainsaw and then rev the chainsaw very loudly while blasting Puddle of Mudd's Psyco.----In the middle of the night put her hand into a bowl of water she will wet herslf----.put spider in her hair


Where can you buy Nintendogs trading cards?

Fred Meyers, the mall, comic book stores, etc.


Can you get more than 3 dogs on nintendogs in your house?

Yes you can, you just have to take one or two of the dogs that are currently in your house to the dog hotel (it should be under shopping) then you can go to the kennel and get another dog. If you are wondering if you can play with more than 3 dogs at your house at one time then no you cannot.


Nintendogs how to fix when you get all items hack you find the puppies?

just don't let them do it...


Why won't my nintendog remember her name?

It mabye be hard at start so keep on trying and if that doesn't work go on Google translate and type in your name of the dog tap audio input then press listen on Google translate and keep on doing that until it comes up with seen as e.g rex has learn't his name mabye its a good time to teach him sit. Then do the same, otherwise the dog will get confused with the voice. one that's done do whatever you want! hope this helps!

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How many dogs go crazy when taken out for walks?

If your dog is taken out quite frequently for walks, they tend to not be as excited as one that does not get to go on a lot of walks. It really depends on the number of times the dogs has been on a walk. If a dog is jumping up and down all the time and it goes on a daily walk, then it maybe just loves spending time with you! ;D


What is the fastest learning dog on nintendogs chihuahua and friends?

1 smartest: germen shepherd

2 smartest: the sheep dog

3 smartest: cavalier king cocker spaniel

4 smartest: the terrier (dont remember his full name...)

5 smartest: boxer

6 smartest: chihuahua (you might think chihuahuas are smart but even if there on the cover doesnt mean that there smart!)


How do Nintendogs have puppies?

A:IT is NOT possible to have puppies in Nintendogs. If you would pay attention as to what it says in the instruction booklet. The dogs themselves that you buy at the adoption center are PUPPIES themselves.They permanently stay puppies and they will NEVER grow up into adult dogs. -one persons opinion

B:I understand that some people say your Nintendogs can't have puppies. But, for some reason the Nintendo company made the game so you can have them. They do say that your puppies can never grow up in the instruction booklet but if you have enough trainer points you can make your puppies have puppies.Your Nintendogs CAN have puppies. It is weird that they are puppies when you get them from the kennel and then you can have your puppies make puppies. I will be getting a new Nintendogs game so I can just make puppies on that game. I will have a link here soon when I have the game and puppies. I have researched and researched to find out how to have puppies. Finally I have come to these conclusions on how to get a puppy: First you have to get a boy and girl puppy of the SAME breed alone in your house. You should put a red bow on the girl and a red collar on the boy. They both should have a friendly attitude. Let them bond. Examples of them bonding are: walking side by side, biting each others necks, cuddling or sleeping close to each other, and no fighting or growling. You ONLY feed them dry food or natural dog food and milk. NO walks and NO contests. You may wash and brush you dogs. You also may train your dogs. Every day you have to feed them, (wash and/or brush) them, (train them), and/or (pet/love) them. (Parenthesized words are things you don't have to do). After a few days you should see your female dog getting fatter. After maybe 5 or 6 days you should have a puppy. Then you proceed to do things such as name the puppy, train it, feed it, wash it, pet it, brush it, walk it and enter it in contests. I think you can sell it to the secondhand shop and the shop sells it to the kennel. Then I think you can buy the puppy you just sold and you can have it bigger like the dogs you already have. (When you have the puppy it is really small). It may take a few tries but it has worked for many people, including people I know. Thank you for reading, I hope I helped. -My opinion

C: Actually the girl is supposed to wear a rose and the boy wears a lucky collar and you cannot train them. Dont play with them either and answer B says that it has worked for many people and it has worked for a lot of people the nintendogs people say that you can't but i have seen youtube videos of the little puppies that were born so HA!


How do you make your dog sit for long time on Nintendogs?

Teach it the trick, and then keep on making it repeat the trick and as you repeat the trick, the dog will sit for a longer and longer time until eventually it will sit for a really, really long time. =)


How do you teach your dog to backflip in nintendogs Dalmatian and friends?

first u make ur dog sit then say"JUMP".

hope i helped.


Can you have babies on Nintendogs plus cats?

NO but that would be epic lol

hope i helped


How do you find a goldbar on Nintendogs cats?

You have to get 10,600 Owner points, then go to the mountains barc store.


What items do you need to breed Nintendogs?

you need: a rose, a lucky collar, dry or natural dog food, and milk.


How do you get all the items in Nintendogs lab and friends?

trainer points and walks mainly you can trade on bark mode

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Why does your dog spin on his anus?

He may be very uncomfortable and trying to scratch an itch. It could be very dry, or there may be a parasite. Maybe time for a visit to the vet. Answer Sounds like worms to me. I would go to a pet store and get a wormer. Get one for tape worms, round worms and hook worms. If your dog still does that, then I'd go to the vet. But I use to work for a vet clinic, was actually going to go to vet school. If I can take care of it myself, I do.

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Does a dog run away when dying?

It depends on the dog.


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