Michael Vick

Michael Dwayne Vick (born June 26, 1980) is a professional American football quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League. He played for the Atlanta Falcons for six seasons before serving 18 months in prison for his involvement in an illegal dog fighting ring.

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Did they make a Nintendogs Michael Vick edition?

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of course it is dude. why wouldn't they make a child's video game entirely about dogs for a football player who was recently incarcerated and was ripped off his famed team the Atlanta, Falcons for dog fighting?

Michael Vick in Madden 2010?

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Michael Vick started a MASSIVE undercover dog fighting operation which destroyed the lives of many pitbulls. He watched and organised the fights. He bred and trained the dogs to fight and be ferocious. He even killed some dogs that were not determined enough or willing enough for dog fighting. SICK SICK MAN.

How do you get Michael Vick in maddden 10?

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THIS IS FOR PS2!!! BTW if it is blank then I don't know it

First: Michael

Last: Vick

Age: 29

College: Virginia Tech

Team: Eagles

Position: QB

Jersey #: 7

Years Pro: 7

Hand: Left

Passing Style: Over

Height: 6' 0"

Weight: 215 lbs

Skin: Dark

Hair color: Black

Hairstyle: Buzzcut

Face: 291

Left Tattoo: Patch6

Right Tattoo: None

Helmet: 1

Facemask: 3-Bar RB

Visor: Clear

Eye Paint: None

Nasal Strip: None

Mouthpeice: None

Neck Pad: None

R Elbow: Normal

L Elbow: Normal

R Wrist: WT wrist

L Wrist: WT wrist

R Hand: Normal

L Hand: Normal

Long Sleeves: None

L Knee: Normal

R Knee: Normal

L Ankle: Normal

R Ankle: Normal

Shoes: Solid

Speed: 90


Awareness: 65

Agility: 94

Accel: 92


Carrying: 44




ThrowPower: 93

Throw Acc: 69









How much does Michael Vick get paid in jail?

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Michael Vick signed a contract for 10 years with the Atlanta Falcons that was valued at up to $135 million. This was before he was arrested and his contract was voided.

How much revenue did Michael Vick's dog fighting operation produce?

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According to CBS News, Michael Vick admitted that he financed the Bad News Kennels dogfighting operation and helped kill six to eight dogs. Vick also admitted that he provided money for bets on the fights, but stated that he never shared in any winnings. Exact revenues will most likely never be known, given that it was an illegal operation.

What high school did Michael Vick attend?

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Michael Vick attended Homer Ferguson High School in Newport News, VA from 1994-1996 when the school closed to become part of Christopher Newport University Campus. He then attended Warwick High School in Newport News, VA until graduation.

Does Michael Vick have any brothers or sisters?

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Marcus Vick, which went to Virgina tech and later went to the Miami Dolphins

What is mike Vick's kids name?

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i know he has three two girls and a boy but i don't know their names.

How old are Michael Vicks children?

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Michael Vick has a son Mitez Vick (born 2002) with high school sweetheart Tameka Taylor.

He also has 2 daughters with his finance' Kijafa Frink -- Jada & London.

Jada was born in 2004 and London in 2007.

Vick has a second son Michael Jr. -- born November 21, 2017.

Did Michael Vick play baseball?

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Yes, with his dogs! It's all over youtube!

Whats a Michael Jordan 12 jersey card worth?

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Base cards of the 92-93 sets are worth $1-$5. Inserts like the Topps Stadium Club Beam Team and Fleer Ultra Total D can be worth up to $60.

What is Micheal Vicks current net worth?

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Mr. Vick has made a name for himself. He was born with athletic ability like Lebron James, but has the worth ethic of Michael Jordan.

His name alone is probably worth $10,000,000. If he doesn't sell the rights it could probably make him billions of dollars over the course of the next few generations of his family.

Nobody has ever been as popular as Vick in the NFL.

By the way I am a Colts fan so this is not biased. I even have season tickets to the Colts.

Vick lives life like everyone should. He lives it to the fullest. While he has rode this road to life on athletic ability it is no different than someone who has done it on any other ability.

There are few people in this world who have experienced the ups and downs that he has.

Government housing, High School, Prep, College, #1 Draft Pick, Jail, Prison, probation, pro back up, starting again.

This is only his football accolades.

I know he he does a lot in charity work with children, but i do not know enough about those dealings to list them.

Please respond if you do know.

Give credit where credit is do!


Mike vick has recently signed a six year 100 million dollar contract. His net worth was recently estimated at just over 16 million.

Mike Vick has been involved in dog fighting and spousal abuse. Neither of these are how decent people should live their lives. Athletic ability in no way resembles advancemets in the fields of medicine, science or law. He's frankly ignored orders not to own another dog. Jail, prison and probation are not accolades.

And it would be "credit where credit is due".

Did M Vick drown dogs?

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No, he made dogs fight each other. No where near did he drown them

How much do Michael Vick bench press?

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Michael Vick did 167 reps

What is a Michael Vick rookie card worth?

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E tops michael vick rookie sighned card worth i

Did Michael Vick play pee wee football?

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yes i love nfl football so thats how i know

Why did Michael Vick go to jail?

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he got into a fight with 2 dogs. after the fight .he killed the dogs with 2 guns.

Did Michael Vick ever play for the Seattle Seahawks?

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No, Vick did not play for San Diego. He ( Vick ) was drafted out of college by Atlanta and played only for the Falcons up to the time of his arrest.

Vick now plays for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Why did Michael Vick participate in dog fighting?

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Michael Vick went into dogfighting because he was born in the ghetto and he never got away from it. in his neighborhood, dogfighting was the main sport, even though it WA-+s underground. when Vick became a star in the nfl, his friends from the hood were like, yo dawg, u going to leave us to dry when u got all this bling and ladies on us? so Vick helped his friends in the only thing that they knew how to do.... doggfighting. so then little mike was like this is fun dawgs, so he started killing dogs that weren't up to par.

How long was michael Vick in jail for the charges of dog fighting?

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Not long enough!!!! He should have been skinned alive....he is trash for what he did to those dogs!!!

He spent 19 months

Does Michael Vick live in Washington's crossing pa?

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Yes, Michael Vick recently bought a house in Washington Crossing, PA before the start of the 2011-12 Season.

What year did Michael Vick go to playoff?

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He was drafted in 2001 and was 1st round 1st pick of the draft.