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This covers all lesbian, gay and bisexual issues, from dealing with sexuality to coming out to detecting homosexuality in others. Please do not post questions regarding specific people.

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Gay Lesbian and Bisexual

Is Rich Luterman from fox 2 gay?


Gay Lesbian and Bisexual

Who invented being gay?

People with short left index fingers date women and people with short right index fingers date men. Look at the backs of your hands.

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Gay Lesbian and Bisexual
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Is there any treatment for being gay?

No, there is no "cure" for homosexuals. But there's no problem in being so, either.

Homosexuality is not an illness or disease. A long time ago foolish people thought it was, but doctors and psychiatrists agree that it is a normal part of the human condition.

The Exodus Foundation, which set itself up to change gay people to straight, has recently disbanded itself, apologised for all the harm it has done, and said that it never had any success in changing people's orientation.

Millions of people all over the world are homosexual. Many famous people have been and are homosexual. There are gay doctors, prime ministers, cleaners, teachers, painters, singers, bus drivers, police.

Don't be afraid of other people's bullying opinions. Think for yourself!

The solution: Accept it as the gift it is and be happy & proud. You aren't "common" like most everyone else, you are different and outside the box. Use that status to see the world from a slightly different perspective and glean insights not generally available to all those poor "regular" folk who have most of their lives already planned for them. Take advantage of your difference to help you see the world a little better. Have fun, ignore those who don't understand and show their anger and shallow thinking. But foremost: like yourself as you are.

Gay Lesbian and Bisexual
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Which actors are gay?

There are many gays in the acting industry. There are also a lot of rumors. It is best to only believe what the actors are open about themselves. There are probably too many gay actors to create a full list, but some openly gay actors are:

  • Clay Aiken
  • Nathan Lane
  • George Michael (singer/songwriter)
  • David Hyde Pierce
  • Neil Patrick Harris
  • Luke MacFarlane
  • Lance Bass
  • Ricky Martin
  • Richard Chamberlain
  • Rupert Everett
  • Stephen Fry
  • Ian McKellen
  • Adam Lambert
  • Ru Paul
  • George Takei
  • Richard Simmons
  • Rock Hudson
  • Paul Lynde
  • Robert Reed
  • Chris Colfer
  • Jim Nabors
  • Ellen DeGeneres
  • Kevin Spacey
Gay Lesbian and Bisexual

How can you tell if someone is gay?

Generally, you can't be sure of another person's sexual orientation as only the individual knows. If a person decides to tell you they are gay, then you will know for sure. If you are curious and are close to the person you may consider asking them. If they deny it or do not answer, be patient - they may need more time adjusting themselves before they come out to others. Also consider that they might in fact be straight despite "seeming" gay. If they act feminine, or care about their clothing they can be metrosexual, or übersexual. Acting feminine isn't the same as being gay!

Some males and females seem to move beyond societal gender norms more than others, but this does not give conclusive evidence about their sexual orientation. Not all gay men have high sounding voices and not all men with high sounding voices are gay.

You may suspect others who are next to you on the bus and others in the doctor's office (perhaps the doctor) to be gay or lesbian. Don't be afraid - they are no different from heterosexuals beyond they just have a sexual attraction to the same gender. Various sexual attractions are acknowledged as natural by most psychological organizations. Sexuality, sex, and love all form into the same concept: caring for another.

Some gays and lesbians openly express their sexuality and some do not, so it is very hard at times to tell if a person is gay. Gay men come from all walks of life and can be muscular, rough and tough looking, or very effeminate. Lesbian women can be beautiful, feminine, or masculine (often referred to as a Butch).

If you are in a relationship and are wondering about your partner's sexual orientation, that the person may be gay or bisexual. Then if this is a concern to you, you can ask them about it. Generally when you are unsure (or even if you are quite sure) the most respectful thing to do is ask. This is better than the alternatives of listening to rumors or requesting information behind their back. Be warned, however, if the person isn't gay or bisexual, then asking this question will likely sound offensive to them.

If you do not personally know the person, asking may be awkward or at times inappropriate. However, given appropriate circumstances asking could well be a fine course of action (similar to when you might ask about a person's hair or book they're reading).

Sometimes there are stereotypical signs which do indicate sexual orientation. One prominent example is rainbow themed clothing, although there are many instances where such clothing is not tied in any way to the LGBT community, so it may be better not to conclude orientations based off of appearances.

You might recognize a lesbian woman by her behavior, clothing, or grooming. If a woman looks masculine with a man's hair style or masculine clothing, walks and talks more masculine, or seems romantically attracted to other women, she may well be a lesbian. If she displays none of these signs, she may still be a lesbian, but there is no way to know unless she tells you. The only way to know is wait for her to disclose information to you, or ask her about it if you feel your relationship or her general openness will allow it.

Some males, straight as well as gay, show signs of being interested in gender bending behaviors like crossdressing and playing with toys associated with the opposite sex.

Truth is you won't always know if someone is gay, either because they are actively hiding it to stay in the closet or they do not fall under the stereotypes of being gay.

For some gay and lesbian people, it's the other way around. Others do not believe them when they come out about their sexual orientation. Often it is a question of "acting" gay. When people feel like they know a person and haven't considered they might be LGBT, coming out can be hard to understand. That's where stereotype comes in. If a guy enjoys dressing nice, taking his time to get ready, and just loves being high maintenance does that automatically make him gay? If a girl has short hair, likes sports, and wears baggy clothes, does that make her a lesbian? No - nothing than a person's lasting physical and emotional attractions make their sexual orientation one thing or another.

Gay and straight people are all very different. Sexual orientation doesn't derive itself from the way people look or talk. This serves as a reminder to all of us to not judge based on looks, because looks can be deceiving.

If you think you may be gay, realize that only you can know for sure. If you are mostly sexually (or emotionally) attracted to people of your same gender then you might be gay. If you are sexually (or emotionally) attracted to both genders (in somewhat equal amounts) then you may be bisexual or confused about your sexuality (i.e. questioning) especially during early puberty. Whatever the situation is, you will know by the time you have finished puberty. If you find yourself LGBT, don't worry! There are resources available to help you with any issues you might be having and your life can still continue in mostly the same way.

Generally, we cannot conclude someone's sexual orientation from their appearances, behaviors, or other seemingly "gay traits". The only true way to know is if they disclose the information to you or if you ask them directly.

For some, there is no real question, but for the majority there is no way of telling for sure. After all, gay folks don't have a common interest (except of course being attracted to the same sex). Gay folks can like/dislike football, shopping, racing, tv soaps, lasagna, inline skates, hockey, science and hiking as much as hetero's.

There is one thing, however, some gay guys kiss and hold hands in public. They say it's the same as hetero-couples kissing in public. The opinions about this differs from person to person. So, you can only know if they are open, and do 'stuff' in public, or if they right out tell you.

Whatever sexual orientation you or they are, you or they have the same rights as everybody else. There should be no discrimination against anyone who is or might be LGBT. Please do not use this guide to find targets for gay-bashing! Protecting everyone's rights is your responsibility!

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Can lesbians have children?

Yes, lesbians can have children in many ways:

1. Artificial Insemination, in which sperm is injected into the uterus of the lesbian

2. In the case of a couple, the two women can decide to take the egg/s from one of them, fertilize it with a donor sperm in a test tube (in-vitro), and then implant the fertilized egg (embryo), into the other woman's uterus. This way, the baby has both a birth mother and a genetic/biological mother.

3. Many lesbians choose to adopt children.

4. Many lesbians who want to skip the whole medical thing can have utilitarian sexual intercourse with a male friend (often gay, too).

5. Many lesbians end up in relationships with lesbians who already have kids from previous (failed heterosexual) relationships and can choose to adopt them and co-parent.

And, though currently illegal in the U.S., research is currently being conducted on mammals in which they use no sperm at all and can successfully merge two eggs from two females. In the next few years this type of research will become less controversial and hopefully lesbian couples will have the opportunity to birth their own biological child with the half their genetics from one mother and half from the other.

There are many options available. Most of them are controversial to varying degrees. Adoption is probably the most common option. The adoption can be anywhere on the scale from a legally sanctioned private adoption to a completely informal adoption (not a very good idea). In some cases, one of the women may simply have a non-committed sexual relationship with a man in order to get pregnant.

With modern technology, lesbians have many more options than they used to. They may have a child with another man through IVF (Invitro Fertilization) (ie. a test-tube baby) in order to avoid the sexual non-monogamy which some couples may regard as a form of betrayal. There are some very early experimental methods that can allow two women to both be biological parents of the child. They involve taking eggs from both of the women, using chemicals to transform one of the eggs into a sperm, and then fertilizing the egg with the sperm under a microscope. Then the embryo is implanted back into the uterus of one of the women.

Whatever option they choose, there are many legal problems for homosexual parents. It is important to ensure that BOTH parents have legal custody of the child. There have been some very sad situations where one parent has died or lost custody of the child for some reason, and the other parent has had no rights to the child. In this situation, the child's custody will go to the legal parent's next of kin, who can legally make the decision to separate the child permanently from its loving parents, even against the child's will. This type of situation will continue to happen until America (and other countries) allows EVERYONE the right to legally marry the person the love, regardless of their orientation.

Gay Lesbian and Bisexual

Do gay guys get hard off their own penises?

Every guy, straight or gay likes his own penis. You look at it while masturbating, watch how it swells and the skin moves, think about what it could be doing with someone else. So yes, gay guys get hard from their own equipment, same as straight guys do.

Gay Lesbian and Bisexual

How do you make someone bi?

You cannot make someone something they are not.

Being bi, straight, gay, etc. comes naturally, not by force.

If they do not already have an attraction to someone of their own sex (as well as the opposite since you mention "bi"), you cannot make them have that attraction.

However, there are cases in which people fall in love outside of their primary orientation. There have been gay guys who fall in love with girls, straight girls who fall in love with girls, straight guys who fall in love with guys, and lesbians who fall in love with guys. It's called an "exception", but it doesn't make them bi.

(2) I can't let this answer stand without mentioning the very long-standing theory that we are all bisexual to some degree - I think it was developed by Kinsey. This theory posits bisexuality as the norm for all human sexual behaviour and sees it as a continuum with exclusively heterosexual orientation at one end; exclusively homosexual orientation at the other end; and bisexuality in the middle. It suggests that most people are clustered on the continuum halfway between the middle and one end or the other.

What this implies is that our sexual behaviour may vary at different times in our lives and in different situations but that it is a mistake to think of our sexuality as fixed and unchanging. Many gay men believe that most 'straight' men, given the opportunity and with absolutely no risk of disclosure or discovery, would be willing to enagage in homosexual acts.
You cannot change somebody else's sexuality.

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What does mw4m mean in a personal ad?

It stands for "Man Woman For Man".

Gay Lesbian and Bisexual

Is the kan flower a gay symbol?

I have been asked a similar question about a Kan Flower. However kan is simply the word for flower in Chinese.

You might be referring to the Carnation flower, and in particular the green Carnation. A green Carnation was worm by Oscar Wilde and was thereafter adopted as a wearable sign of being homosexual. Noel Coward wrote a song for the musical 'Bitter Sweet' called 'We all Wear a Green Carnation'. It is available with clips from Jeeves & Wooster on YouTube called: Jeeves & Wooster - We All Wear a Green Carnation.

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Why do lesbians get a tongue ring?

NEWSFLASH: Lesbians aren't the only people that get tongue piercings. Tongue piercings were originally popular because they increase the pleasure of oral sex. The placement was dependent on whether you would perform sex on a male or female. Nowadays, not everyone gets it for that reason. Its just become one of the more popular piercings. Not to say that it has strayed from that purpose though.

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What signs do you look for to find out if your husband is gay?

It's not easy to spot a gay boyfriend or husband if they are a "closet gay." There are times when gay people don't even know they are gay and they try desperately to change their feelings without much success. I do have gay friends and have gone through a lot with them as far as their feelings and fears. I have always told them to remain true to themselves, and my husband and I accept them for whom they are, not the fact they are gay. People should start learning how horrendous it is for many gays to admit they are this way and for many years have had to live with ridicule and beatings simply because they were gay, and being called "queer!" Think of this one: you have a male friend for years and you finally figured out you are gay. Although you don't want to have a relationship with your best friend you want to be honest. It's tough to look your lifelong friend in the face (especially males) and say, "Gee, Jim, I've just figured out I'm gay." The gay person never knows if this will repulse their friend or the friend may not want to hang around with him anymore for fear of being considered gay. There's a lot to lose when someone has to admit he is gay. The honest truth of the matter for ALL of us is that, even if for just a fleeting thought, at least once in our lives we have wondered what it would be like with a same-sex partner! That's reality folks! == == ---- == == Check the history on the computer, tell em you have a fantasy about seeing two guys together and see how he reacts. ---- Most men that we desire, (like Tom Cruise, or Bruce Willis) seem very manly but in reality dye their hair, have manicures and certainly know how to dress! In our society, women are looking more and more for this type of men, sensitive, romantic and fashion friendly, instead of the typical macho. anyway if you are married and you doubt whether your husband is gay, definitely the stereotype ways of finding out if he is gay won't work. Your husband could be homophobic and gay, and this is why he married you. The point is: why do you think he is gay? You think he looks at other men? He won't have sex the traditional way? Instead of sitting down and asking your husband 'Are you gay?'who's answer will be obviously, 'I married you I'm not gay!' Ask him: 'Why do you look at other men?' or 'Why can't we have sex the traditional way?' ---- That last answer about not wanting to have sex the traditional way is rubbish. Straight men have sex in lots of ways, including anal sex. That has nothing to do with being gay. If he is sexually attracted to other men, he is. pretty simple. ---- If your husband is cheating in any way gay or not the signs will be the same as if he was straight. He could be bisexual, bi-curious or just into kinky things as well. To find out if he is gay would have to come directly from him or to actually witness it. You may want to go straight to the source, him, and have a mature calm talk about how you feel, your suspicions and any thing else that needs to be said. If it ends up that he is, I realize it may come as somewhat of a shock but you're his wife and he trusts you. You (and he) will need support and a friend because he has been living with this secret (if it is so) for some time trying to hide it, being "normal" and living a straight life - so he is just as embarrassed hurt, shocked, upset and confused. I have a person very close to me that their husband ended up being gay. ---- If you really suspect he has been having sex with men, then you must use a condomwhen having sex with him. Married men who have sex with other men are often in denial about being gay, but there is a chance he could pass on HIV, and you and he would regret that for the rest of your lives. ----

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Gay Lesbian and Bisexual

Who played the gay guy in con-air?

Gay Lesbian and Bisexual

What does it mean when a lesbian calls you fish?

Fish unusually indicates something smelling funky down below.

Gay Lesbian and Bisexual

Is the word lesbian an offensive word towards gay women?

As long as its not being used in a negative way, most gay women prefer the term "lesbian" (or "gay").

And some bi women don't mind being called lesbians while some find it super offensive. Don't be afraid to ask what term they prefer.

Gay Lesbian and Bisexual

Do lesbians go through menopause easier than heterosexual women?

No, it is the same for all women regardless of their sexual orientation.

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What does it mean when a girl calls another girl babe and in a text even though they haven't known each other for a long time?


it could just mean that they're close friends, unlike how it would be abnormal for guys to say this. Just because they say babe doesnt mean their lez or bi or sexually attracted to that person it might just be what they txt to everybody.

B: Maybe she likes you never know

Gay Lesbian and Bisexual

What does it mean to be bisexual?

Bisexual means you have a sexual attraction to both men and women. However, being bisexual doesn't necessarily mean that one is attracted to both men and women equally. Some bisexual often prefer one gender, but recognize their occasional attraction to another gender.

For more information visit the Related Links.

Gay Lesbian and Bisexual

Who is the most famous drag queen?

Dead-Jean Malin and Rae Bourbone.Living-Rupaul and Lady Bunny

I have never heard of the dead ones, but to me the most famous ones would be Uncle Milton, Charles Pierce, Jim Bailey.

Dead now but always remembered, Harris Glenn Milstead aka Divine.

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What is Castro Supreme's number?

It's unlisted.

Gay Lesbian and Bisexual

Are most gay men neat freaks?

No gays are not!

Gay men are no different from straight men when it comes to keeping house. Some are "neat freaks" and some are slobs. Most probably fall somewhere between the two.

Defining humans by their sexual orientation is as useful as defining them by height, or eye color.

That is true. The only time gay men differ from straight men is in matters of sexual orientation, and even then there are overlaps. Gay men are not all stylish, not all financially well-off, not all athletic hunks, not all effeminate, not all butch, not all nerds, not all Broadway queens, not all fans of Judy or Bette or Barbra, not even all friends of Dorothy.

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Is it normal for my older sister's bras to fit me even though I'm a guy?

try it on and if you like it then try her panties...

A bra can fit on a man with pecs, not just one with moobs. If normal or not depends on what the both of you look like. I also doubt there is enough research done on the matter to decide what is normal in this case.And this also means that you might be over weight.....but its okay nothing a little excercise can fix! :)

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Why do women use men as footstools?

Women use men for a multiple of things. My first guess would be for personal advancement, money, entertainment, companionship and sex. To tell you the truth, basically women love attention from everyone. Women naturally are attracted to the alpha male, thus this means you must either have power, money or a greater sex appeal then them to dominate them. They want to have a boyfriend who they can talk too, hang out with and fund their outings with, but still desire to feel wanted by more then one individual and flirt with others. (example: go out to the club and dance with the hottest guys there, exchange numbers etc.) They want it all, the bread winner, the gentlemen, the badass, the ripped stud muffin, the intellect, the funnyman and the ass**** at times. Pretty much my advice for most men.

1.) always focus on yourself, strive for personal advancement, getting a better job, learning something new, working out and never give up your own personal goals for another. This will make more then women attracted to you.

2.) Never spoil a women and never become emotional with them. Act like a man and don't give a F about them.

3.) if your young and looking for a quick fling. play the three month rule. Spend minimal time and money, but maximum effort to score as many times as possible within the three months. After this time period, break off the fling in a civilized manner as to not become emotionally attached.

4.) Never plan for the future with a women young, women will eventually question their relationship with you at one point and either stray secretively or ask for a break, thus wasting your time, money and most importantly breaking your heart.

5.) Never let a women become your everything, she is not. She is just a person who you can talk too and have sex with from time to time. Once she becomes your everything, you lose your power and leverage in a relationship. You let yourself go physically, you stop pushing for your own personal best and this in the end makes you lose your appeal to her

Read more: Why_do_women_use_men

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Are gay boys cute?

Some are; some aren't -- just like straight boys.

Gay Lesbian and Bisexual

Where to find gay games?

Website "Federation of Gay Games" link included.

Gay Games IX, Cleveland+Akron, Ohio - 2014


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