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If properly cared for, turtles can live for decades. Ask questions here about proper habitat and feeding to pamper your tortoise.

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What does a baby snapping turtle eat?

I had a snapping turtle and I fed it worms that you can buy at any discount food store. I fed him that and he was completely fine.

One other thing, go to and check out the forums. You can find all the info you need on snappers there.

Anything it can fit into it's mouth that moves, as well as a lot of things that don't move. Like most baby turtles, a baby snapper prefers live food. I picked one up from the middle of a road in my neighborhood a couple days ago. He is tiny, probably hatched last summer or fall. I put him in an aquarium with some gravel and about an inch of water and threw in a couple small earthworms and he ate them right away. As they get older they'll scavenge just about anything, but they love worms, tadpoles, frogs, small fish, and about any insect they find in front of them.

I have raised them for six years and fed mine earthworms leaf worms grubs and cut up leaches. Small black tadpoles and small fish, when they are young I have also fed them bologna. They also will eat pinky mice when they get old enough. The thing to note about snapping turtles is that they are carrion eaters, and scavengers so if you don't mind the mess they will work on the same fish for a few days if it's to big to eat in one sitting.

I just found my baby snapping turtle and i put him in a tank but don't put any tank rocks or fake plants because when there a baby if the get hungry they'll eat what ever he can get. I feed them earth worms minnows, and when they get older you can feed frogs to them, pink mice too.But don't worry if he doesn't finish it in one meal.

I feed my snapping turtle chunk cat food, and he eats aquarium plants and guppies too but he was a little slow to catch the guppies at first and was fun to watch him try! but cat food is the best thing

I have a baby snapper. He is one year old. he eats so much. is that normal? He is so fat but healthy i have his tank like a clean swamp real nice he loves crickets, raw chop meat and turtle shrimp what do you think?

i found a baby snapper have no idea how old it is very small (about the size of a quarter) i put it in a ten gallon tank with a little pond looking thing with gravel and rocks. im not sure what to feed it, it ate these pellets i got at the local pet store but it stopped. right now im trying lettuce and next im gonna try fish. (guppies)

The other day i was walking down a street in my neighborhhod and I found 9 baby snapping turtles. I intend to keep one but i think I will bring the others to a shelter or something. I will by them some worms , but i have only had them since yesterday, so for now its just bologna. I only have 2 plastic tubawairs for them for right now. But, hey atleast I saved their lives. I am not sure how old they are, but theye are about the size of a quarter and still have shells that are alittle squishy.

I found a wee little snapper, but I don't know how old it is. it still has its egg tooth... Anyway, I've been trying lettuce and bread, partially from an experience I had four summers ago(I was ten) in Florida where there was a huge snapping turtle and I dropped my slice of bread I was feeding the birds.... It stared at it for a second and then..... I didn't know turtles could move THAT fast!!! Anyway, i think I'll try next what you guys all said!

My grandfather found a little snapper turtle on his step and brought it inside. He gave it to us and we had no clue how to take care of it. We fed him a turtle food stick. We think he ate it because it is gone. We also read on this web sight that we should try to feed him guppies. Right now he is only 3 inches long. He moves very fast so we think he can catch the live guppies.

I found my cute little snapper 5 days ago and i fed it little pieces of bread. He loved it! My snapper is about the size of a half dollar. He is so cute! I put him in a reptile shelter cage with a rock and he loves it I can't wait to see him grow!!

My cute little snapper's name is woodchip because i found him lying under a woodchip!! I found my cute little snapper 5 days ago and i fed it little pieces of bread. He loved it! I don't know how old he is but he is about the size of a half dollar. He is so cute! I put him in a reptile shelter cage with a rock and he loves it I can't wait to see him grow!! HE IS AWESOME AND I LOVE HIM!!!

I found a baby snapping turtle in my pond.It is about the size of a quater.My friend and I are taking care of it.We feed it fish flakes and plants.

I have formed a club called "Save A Turtle".If you find a turtle in a street, you have to put it in a safe place,but if you find a baby turtle in a street, you have raise it,or you have to give it to me to raise.I found a baby snapp- ing turtle,but it was in my dad's pond.

Raw meat and vegetables, but they are also fond of fingers, so feed them carefully.

Pet stores also carry food for water turtles that you can use. do not get land turtle food.

my mom found a baby snapping turtle and gave it to me about a year and a half ago, he is very fast, he loves grapes and minnows, but try to avoid feeding them gold fish. you can also try raw meat, cooked meat, earth worms, meal worms, grubs, basically any insect. or if you dont have alot of time to buy sorts of food for him/her then after you eat dinner give them alittle bit of you're left over meat and vegetables.

I just found a turtle a couple days ago and i put lettuce in its tank and it did not eat it so im gona go to the store and buy some earth worms to see if it will eat them.

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Is turtle shell plates falling off normal?

yes as long as its only one or two pieces at a time and not covered in fungus

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What are baby turtles called?

A general (non-breed specific) baby turtle is called a hatchling. When they are still in shell, a group of hatchlings is called a clutch. If they have been born, a group of them are called a bale. A bale of hatchlings will grow into a bale of yearlings (juveniles).

Terrapins are actually small edible turtles with lozenge-shaped markings on it`s shell, from the Malaclemys terrapin family Emydidae, mostly found in coastal marshes.

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Painted Turtles

Can painted turtles lay unfertilized eggs?

Yes, they likely won't hatch however many species of turtles will retain sperm from up to several years before.

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How old would a 4 inch red ear slider be?

"Unfortunately, you can not tell the age of a turtle by it's size. Turtles grow depending on how big their environment is."

Actually, no. A red eared slider does NOT grow to their environment. If you feed it, it will grow. If not it will, obviously not grow then die. But there is no way to tell how old a RES is unless you hatched it or know who hatched it. It does not matter how big it is. Some owners over feed or under feed their turtles so there is no way determining it by size either.

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What is the adjective in three turtles swam in the pond?

The words three and the are both adjectives in that sentence.

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Marine Biology

How do baby turtles find the water?

If you are talking about sea turtles, they just head out to the sea even though they never saw anyone do that besides themselves or their brothers and sisters. It is an inherited behavior. They just do it automatically. And pet and freshwater turtles just go inside. They get out of the place they were hatched, and then they go into the water to cool and wash themselves. This behavior is inherited.

Baby sea turtles use the presence of natural moonlight to find their way to the coast at night. This is why coastal light pollution is such a problem because it disorients the baby turtles.

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When should you choose your baby's name?

When you find out you are going to have a baby pick out a couple boy names and a couple girl names. Make your decision when you find out if it is a boy or girl.

Maternal instinct is very root instinct among all. Whenever the couple ,specially mom gets positive pregnency test, they start thinking about the name of baby. At initial stage sex of baby is not known ,(in many countries sex determination test is banned like India) therefore couple decide the name of baby in both cases. Like girl will be Milly or boy would be Om or so on.

Girl Boy

____ ____

Madlen, Alexander

Veronica, Oliver

Zoey, Perry

Miley, Gordan

Vanessa, Andrew

Abigail, Amjad

Skye, Tanner

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Can turtles go in with tropical fish?

My turtle is in a medium sized tank with some tropical fish including a cat fish and they are all fine together but all the tropical fish are big (well over 7inches). When i put some small zebra fish in he ate them and it's difficult to buy fish that are big already and i would recommend putting them in the tank in a net first so the turtle can get used to them.

Some people look at me funny when i say they are in together but they are all absolutely fine, however i don't think any pet shop would recommend it.

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Do turtles have emotions?

i do believe that turtles have some sort of emotions. i have a red eared-slider turtle. his name is Arnold. i have had him for about 5 years. when i got him, he was the size of a U.S. quarter dollar. now... 5 years later he is about 15 inches long, from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. i have kept him in a water filled aquarium his whole life (of course with land that he can access at any time he'd like). when he was about a year old, give or take, i put a small empty glass shooter (a single shot of liquor) bottle, with a metal lid in his tank, filled with random rocks, stones and pebbles that i had found. i find the answer to be wrong because from that day to the present day, whenever i turn my music on loud, he gets down at the bottom of his tank, and he extends his front legs out as far in front of his head as they can go, and he taps his claws on the lid of the bottle repetitively with the beat of the song. the louder the music, the more he does this. when i tap my nails softly but fast on the glass, he knows that i am wanting to give him attention and he comes up to the top and sits on the land so i can attend to him. when i tap my nails louder on the glass, but not as hard, he knows its time to eat! But yes, i do think turtles have emotions.

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Are turtles friendly?

it depends how you treat the animal though turtles can be pets there are still wild turtles,so the majority is yess they are.....!

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How do you call the baby turtles NOW?

With as special whistle.

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Your mice live in a fish tank and sometimes it fogs up why does it do this?

Condensation . This is because you need more ventilation in the tank itself. Fit it with a wire mesh lid, and make sure the wire is close together or the mice might squeeze their way out !

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How Much Sleep do baby Turtles need?

2-3 hours

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Red Eared Slider Turtle

What do you do when your baby red ear slider has not eaten all week and sleeps all the time?

The most likely cause of the problem is that the weather is getting cold. Turtles are cold-blooded animals, meaning, they cannot create their own body heat. They use the sun's heat and light. A captive turtle living indoors does not get much (if any) direct sunlight, so you have to provide it artificially, using a UV heat lamp.

Furthermore, turtles go into hibernation during the winter months, meaning, they slow down their metabolism to the point where food energy is not required. This is not healthy for a captive turtle. In the wild, turtles bury themselves deep in the mud to hibernate, and this obviously isn't possible for a turtle that lives in a tank.

Since most baby turtles are hatched in the spring and summer, people typically do not notice that their turtle is suffering from lack of heat and light until the weather starts getting colder. That's when the turtle stops eating and starts acting sluggish and sleepy.

What you need to do is prevent the turtle from going into hibernation, by buying a UV heat lamp to put/hang over the tank. This will provide the turtle with the heat and UV light that it is not receiving from the sun.

When I first got my baby red-eared slider, she started doing the exact same thing you are describing, once the summer ended and the weather started getting colder. I bought her a UV heat lamp and she perked right up (well, it took a few days), and I've never had that problem since.

You can buy UV heat lamps at Petco and other pet stores. You can also buy a timer for the lamp, so you don't have to be home to turn it on every morning, and off every night. I have included two links, one to the Petco webpage where you can buy Zoo Med Reptile Basking Spot Lamp Bulbs, and a lamp to put those bulbs in, and another to the website where you can buy a timer for the lamp.

Do NOT wait to buy a UV heat lamp. Once the symptoms start, you have about 3 weeks to provide the turtle with heat and UV light, before it may die.

Once the UV heat lamp is set up, you should leave it on all year round, even in the summer months. The turtle may not need the extra heat in the summer months, but it still needs the UV light.

However, note that hatchling turtles typically do not eat for the first 1 to 2 weeks out of the egg. While it still has its "egg tooth," it most likely will not eat, as it is still living off of the placenta of the egg. If it does not eat after 10 days of birth you need to see a vet (or about 5 days after it loses it's egg tooth, which normally occurs 5 to 7 days after birth.

There are also underlying medical problems that could be the reason, but would also accompany other signs, i.e., difficulty breathing, eye infections, shell softening. Most vets that deal with reptiles can help.

The turtle could also have a respiratory infection. This is mainly caused by it being kept too cold. Other signs are crooked swimming, not swimming away when it sees you like it normally does, bubbles coming out of it's nose and mouth, and the very unpleasant opening of the mouth like if it was trying to breath out really hard, floating, and not being able to swim down.

This is bad because it can die, but if you notice it early, then a shot from the vet and making the water much warmer will help it recover just fine. You have to slightly spoil them with treats to encourage them to start eating again. Cooked, wet, ground beef was the only thing mine ate when she was in the late stage of floating. Try small live earth worms too. But most importantly, you need a UV heat lamp.

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Horse Isle

Where is leather found?

AnswerLeather isn't found. It is made by "tanning" the hides of animals. In other words, it's skin, normally taken from cows although it can be made from the hides of many other animals.
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How do you get rid of gravel dust in aquarium?

The best way to get rid of gravel dust is to prevent it from getting in there to begin with. You should always rinse new gravel in a colander, running your hand through it, until no more dust runs off of it. You should do the same with new charcoal or other rock based filters. All new medium added to an aquarium should be thoroughly rinsed previous to being added.

If you weren't aware of this, and you wound up with some dust in there, it is OK. You can still get rid of it. First, when you change your water, use a gravel vacuum. There are some that are powered. They are very effective, but can be a little more expensive. There are less expensive options. I use a Siphon Kleen. It uses a siphoning action, but is still very effective. They run between about $4 to $12 depending on the size you need. If there is large amount of dust, you can also use a fine filter. Many of the more serious aquarium enthusiast keep a fine particle filter on their aquarium at all times.

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How much does an alligator snapping turtle cost?

It depends on where you live... Usually between $45-$60

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Do red ear slider turtles bite?

Previous Post: No, they nibble. DUH.

Slorg165: ...that was a retarded answer,how the hell can turtles nibble!? MICE nibble,RATS nibble,TURTLES snap (bite,more of a snap though). ,':\

...but yes,red ear slider turtles do bite,so I'd suggest you dont put your fingers near its mouth. But MY turtle doesnt bite,Herbert,hee hee. :) I think Its because when ever he tried to bite,I just blew in his mouth and then hed stop. :p My turtles weird. :3

They bite because they are scared!! :)

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How many babies can a red ear slider have?

Average clutch size can be anywhere from two to thirty eggs.

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Can Australian fresh water snake head turtle eggs hatch under water?

the australian snake head turtle does not hatches the eggs as like other turtles their eggs needs a normal warm temprature . but the snake head turtles cover their eggs with the sand ,after breaking the shell it's offsprings needs water to live.

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Red Eared Slider Turtle

What if your red ear slider is sneezing and hasn't eaten?

Your turtle may not be eating because he is new, but if he is sneezing too he may have PNEUMONIA. PNEUMONIA Symptoms - refusing to eat, sneezing, bubbling at the nose/runny nose, raspy noise when breathing & lethargy. Possible Causes - Pneumonia is caused by damp, cold, draughty conditions. Having warm water & cold air can also cause it, & visa versa. Solution/Prevention - FATAL IF NOT TREATED - TAKE TURTLE TO VET! Immediately move turtle to warm dry housing. Use a tungsten light to warm air temperatures. Fix problems in regular enclosure by ensuring land & water temps. are both warm. Stop draughts from windowa and doors. In Winter place a lid over the basking area of your turtle's enclosure. With thanks to TJ Thornton's book: 'Keeping Red-eared Turtles in New Zealand'

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Is it true that turtles can breathe through their rear ends?

It isn't called breathing but they can absorb oxygen through the mucus membranes of their rectum. It is possible for the turtles to sustain an oxygen supply for an extended period of time through this process.

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What kind of turtle is brown with yellow spots?

a box turtle i have caught about 15

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What do water turtles eat in there natural habitat?

Depending on the species, most eat algae, seaweed and jellyfish


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