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Philosophy is the rational study of fundamental and general problems, including knowledge, reason, values, existence, and language. Philosophers, such as Aristotle and Plato, are persons who act based on the rules of practical wisdom. They are considered “lovers of wisdom.”

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What is the meaning of life?

Here are a variety of answers from WikiAnswers contributors (in no particular order of priority): To live in many different ways Life is short enjoy it while you can! The importance of life is to live it to its fullest. To live it to its fullest and stop trying to figure everything out. Life's meaning is what it means to you! The meaning of life, to me, is to live life anyway I choose: What do you value in your life? Everyone has...
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General philosophy of Swami Dayanand Saraswati?

Swami Dayanand Saraswati did not spell out any new religion, faith or philosophy. He preached only to go back to true original Vedas - to follow their teachings and lessons to become Aryas- the Shreshtha men or the perfect men. For that he founded Arya Samaj and gave the Ten Principles of Universality. Dayanand preached for Total and Absolute faith in God and Truth. By adopting these Principles of Sarvey Bhavantu Sukhina, Sarvey Bhavantu Niramaya ( May all the people be happy, comfortable and stay healthy...
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How different is human acts from acts of man?

Human acts are imputable to man so as to involve his responsibility, for the very reason that he puts them forth deliberatively and with self-determination. They are, moreover, not subject to physical laws which necessitate the agent, but to a law which lays the will under obligation without interfering with his freedom of choice. Besides, they are moral. For a moral act is one that is freely elicited with the knowledge of its conformity with or difformity from, the law of practical...
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Why do we die and not just live forever?

Please note: None of these answers are written by Kunth. He wrote one. Someone edited it beyond recognition. Kunth then removed his answer (the 2nd ANSWER) altogether. 1st ANSWER Many religions believe that we do, indeed, live forever. That is to say, our body dies, but a part of us, known as our soul, continues living. According to some religions, our soul would continue living in a different world. 2nd ANSWER (This answer was written by Kunth. However, it was 'edited' by someone else and...
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Can you explain Science without philosophy is blind and philosophy without science is empty?

Science without philosophy has no guide (is blind). It researches pointless things rather than what we want to know, like the origin of the universe and how to stop global warming. Philosophy without science has no substance (is empty): As an example, more than 2000 years ago, the Grecian philosopher Democritus came up with the idea of atoms, but it was just an idea without meaning until science developed to support his theory. We are just in a position to understand what...
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What is the one word for freewill or decision making?

Opinions from contributors: Atheism. Perhaps the word Agency? "Time". Choosing how you spend your time, or life is the only freewill we have. Others dictate what we do with time, work, education, watch, etc. If others dictate how we spend "Time" we are not using Freewill or our decision making. How do you spend your time? (life) ...
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What are immoral deeds?

Opinion A deed can not become moral or immoral because we consider them so. It is beyond the way we feel some thing good or bad. A deed of moral has to pass that bill in the court of nature. A deed defined through a set of rules is immoral at the first place. immoral deeds are the deeds which have one or more contradictions with the law of nature. Therefore a moral deeds do not go against the law of nature...
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What year was Platonism founded?

Platonism was born exactly in 399 B.C. in a prison cell in Athens in an evening, when the 28 year old Plato wept over the drinking of poison by his master in that prison. Then after travelling for twelve years through Egypt, Sicily, Italy, Judea and India he returned to Athens in 387 B.C. Forty years old and tamed. It was then that Platonism was formally founded. ...
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Is there more happiness or sadness in the world?

Happiness and sadness are both emotional responses to a person's current state, or situation. Each person has, at times, more of one than the other. Seldom does anyone have only complete happiness, or complete sadness. --- Thoughtfulness is a sea of which happiness and sadness are the waves. All waves of happiness and sadness recede finally into thoughtfulness. It is so because happiness and sadness are reliefs and relapses provided to man by nature so that the concentration, gravity and longevity of thoughtfulness shall...
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Is perfection achievable?

Not in this world. We can and should approach perfection.
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Why do we need healing and forgiveness in your lives?

Answer 1: It allows people to see their wrong doings. It improves the quality of our lives by knowing somebody can forgive you. Answer 2: This is not a religious forum. Answers must not be one sided, it's rude. Answer 3: I'm sorry... but what about the first answer was inherently "religious?" Or rude? And, also, did the 2nd answerer not notice that this is the "Religion & Spirituality" area of this web site? How is rudeness, then, on account of a religious answer...
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Why did René Descartes believe in god?

One of his reasons for believing in god is that he knows (or thinks) that God is perfect. Since perfection includes existence, he therefore assumes that God must exist. Answer: Descartes made a series of increasingly unsupportable suppositions to back up his beleief in God: 1. I exist (A supportable statement for an individual - Cogito ergo sum) 2. I have in my mind the notion of a perfect being (The idea that anyone can develop an idea of a perfect being is not...
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What do you do if you really hate your life and you cry everyday and want someone to talk to and seriously think about ending your life?

ANSWER 1 Why do you hate your life?I find when I'm depressed, making someone else's day helps me feel better; give someone a hug, smile, talk to them, ask them about their day...I try empathizing with whomever I'm talking to and that helps me see beauty in many things, including life.When you think about ending your life, just give yourself another chance. Give life another chance and know you won't feel that way forever. ANSWER2 Go to psychiatrist at the earliest before...
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What are the negative traits of the Filipinos?

Answer 1: they have a bad habits like smoking etc. Answer 2: Considering the americans virtually colonised the philipines during and after WWII I would assume that their 'bad habits' arise from that section of the globe. To even ask that question with regard to another race or ethnic group is at the very least in bad taste and shows ignorance of any equality issues. Answer 3: Wow, I hope that at least the asker, and the first answerer are Filipino, else...
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What are the motives of philosophy?

a system of principles for guidance in practical affairs. It is a system that attempts to understand the fundamental principles of the sciences, the arts and the world that sciences and the arts deal with. It has many branches that explore these principles such as knowledge, reasoning, being in general, beauty and human conduct ...
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Doubt is the key to knowledge to what extent is this true?

This is true to an extent in that, being doubtful or unsure about something gives one the desire to research and find out as much as they can about it. So, in essence that individual will become more knowledgeable as he seeks the answers to his doubts. ...
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How do you create an inductive argument?

you start by creating premises that make the conclusion probable but not necessary (as is the case with deductive arguments). For example, Socrates was Greek Most Greeks ate fish Therefore, Socrates probably ate fish this is an inductive argument, because it is based on probability. the natural sciences frequently use this type of argument Answer First pick your subject and have ready certain facts which can be put forward for discussion. The facts may be argued for or against, but in the end all come to a general...
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What is the fertilization process for chicken eggs?

The male mounts the hen from behind and stands on her back. The rooster's cloaca transfers semen into the cloaca of the hen. The cloaca is a common receptacle for the intestinal tract, the reproductive system and the urinary system. A spermatozoa sac makes its way up the oviduct and is stored in accessory sex organ in the female. There, the sperm is nourished and released over several days. So the rooster does not have to mate with the hen each...
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Example of philosophy in life using honesty?

Honesty has been always the best policy. A peaceful mind is a valious treasure. ...
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Why is it bad to judge people?

Because when you do, it reflects on yourself and that would also be part of God's job. Answer: The matter in question of "not judging someone" is in the context of "condemnation"... not in the matter of "discernment." Paul tells God's church to "be discerning" about the things they see, hear and do, all the time... in accordance with the Righteousness of the Scriptures. He tells them to PREPARE themselves for their future responsibility to BE THE JUDGES OF THE WORLD when Jesus finally appoints...
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Are transgender women created by God?

There are individuals who are born with a variety of syndromes and genetic conditions that involve the sexual organs. This is obviously something over which people have no control. Rarely, there is ambiguity about what most of us take for granted: a clear distinction between physically male and physically female characteristics. How would believers determine that this and other sexual anomalies do not come from god? Answer There are no sexual anomalies, the answer to creation of Male and Female is defined in Genesis...
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What does it mean in philosophy and perceptual psychology to ask 'If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound'?

The question in philosophy and psychology is that while a tree falling "should make" sound, the existence of the sound can depend on its ability to be perceived (now or later). While physics states that a tree falling will create the vibrations we call sound, their existence as sound is only recognized when perceived (heard) and cannot be absolutely postulated unless and until this occurs. This can be extended beyond this example, as far as the metaphysical concepts of existence and perception,...
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Who are some famous people with three names?

Some famous people with three-word names : John Quincy Adams Louisa May Alcott Hans Christian Anderson Melissa Sue Anderson Tammy Faye Bakker (now Messner) Alexander Graham Bell Meredith Baxter Birney Mary Kay Blige Lisa Hartman Black Shirley Temple Black John Wayne Bobbit John Wilkes Booth Camilla Parker Bowles Lara Flynn Boyle Elizabeth Barrett Browning Mary Chapin Carpenter Helena Bonham Carter George Washington Carver June Carter Cash Steven Curtis Chapman Mary Higgins Clark Andrew Dice Clay Hillary Rodham Clinton Rachel Leigh Cook Francis Ford Coppola Cathy Lee Crosby Jamie Lee Curtis Billy Ray Cyrus Terence Trent D'Arby (Howard) (now known as Sananda Francesco Maitreya) James Fenimore Cooper...
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Is time endless?

In theory, it is infinitive, as there will always be the next second, even when there is no one around to see it. I personally take the stance that time itself does not exist, and therefore cannot be limited or endless. ...