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If there is a historical event shrouded in mystery, then there are probably several conspiracy theories on the topic. This category contains questions and answers about alleged secret plots and the furtive co-conspirators behind them.

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History of the United States
Conspiracy Theories
John F. Kennedy

Who assassinated John F. Kennedy?

Lee Harvey Oswald

Conspiracy Theories

Who are illumanati?

It was a secret society in Bavaria (Germany) back in the 1780s. The group was disbanded over 200 years ago, but some people currently believe they, the Freemasons, and/or the Lizard People secretly rule the world today, all of which is nonsense.

Conspiracy Theories
John F. Kennedy
Lee Harvey Oswald

Was Oswald convicted of killing John F. Kennedy?

No, but he was arraigned for his murder of JFK, and Officer Tippet. After he was already dead, it was learned that he had also tried to shoot a general who lived in Dallas, but missed.

Given the vast amount of evidence, both physical, witnesses, and circumstantial, there is no real doubt of his guilt, especially since there has never been any physical evidence of anyone else being involved... and innocent men don't murder police officers during a getaway.

Conspiracy Theories

When did crop circles start appearing?

In one of the earliest records relating to crop circles, British scientist Robert Plot called them "fairy rings" in his book titled The Natural History of Staffordshire, published in 1686. He suggested that they could be caused by airflows from the sky.

Some say that people began making them as a joke, and they are manmade, and duplicated by people using things like a rope and a board. However, although they received considerable publicity since about 1991, they are first recorded in the 1600's :-

In his article "Crop Circles 2010 The Twenty Year Curve" (in "Nexus" magazine Vol. 17 No.6 for Oct-Nov 2010 page 57) Andy Thomas states:-

For something that has been subject to so much dismissal and misrepresentation, the circular puzzle has had an extraordinarly tenacious presence. Although it has its roots going much furthur back, as archive records of circles dating from the 1600's onwards (and photos from the 1930's) clearly demonstrate, it was the early 1990's that saw a surge of new complexity in the fields with "pictograms", after what had just been circles and rings.....

(see links for furthur details)

Conspiracy Theories
The Difference Between

What is the difference between attempted conspiracy and actual conspiracy to pervert the course of justice?

Attempted means an effort to organise something, but not having time or the means or the wit to carry it out. Actual means the conspiracy was actually done.

Conspiracy Theories

What is illumanatti?

Historically the Illuminati was a group of individuals who made up an Enlightenment era secret society. This group broke up around 1784.

Nowadays, the Illuminati is considered to be a group of individuals (unknown and unproven) who supposedly are a part of the New World Order, purportedly attempting to control world politics and economics. This "Illuminati" appear to be purely fictional, the product of the imagination of conspiracy theorists. Not one person this side of 1784 is known and proven (in a court of law or otherwise) to be a part of any "Illuminati" organization.


Conspiracy Theories
Area 51

When did area 51 take place?

'Area 51' is in reality a US government facility in Nevada, about 83 miles northwest of Las Vegas. As part of the Nellis AFB built in 1941, it's designated purpose is the development and testing of experimental aircraft and weapons systems which includes restricted airspace.

The suspicion that the government had also been hiding more than military secrets began in 1955 when the CIA designated additional land area to test the U-2 and the Dept. of Interior withdrew and additional 60 sq. mile rectangle of land beneath the airspace in 1958. The speculation went into high gear in 1989 when a Las Vegas TV station broadcast a series of interviews with a self-proclaimed aerospace engineer, Robert Lazar, who said that he had been hired to help examine an alien spacecraft at the facility. He claimed that the government had recovered an extraterrestrial spacecraft which it kept stored in an underground bunker.

That's how the whole thing started and since Mr. Lazar's interviews, there has been no end to the stories and speculation involving Area 51 and the surrounding area.

Conspiracy Theories

Who are the producers of the ring of power conspiracy documentary? tells a lot of information about this documentary.

Conspiracy Theories

Does it mean your emo if you have an emo haircut?

actually. no. hearing this from someone who is emo will help a lot.(I'm emo)Iit does NOT mean your emo if you have an emo haircut.
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Consumer Rights and Protection

Are Tesco plotting world domination?


Conspiracy Theories
Political Science

Who proposed the rimland theory of geopolitics?

John Augelli

Conspiracy Theories
Planetary Science
Dwarf Planet Pluto

What is Pluto made of?

Pluto is the only planet in the solar system that has not been explored with a spacecraft. What is know about the dark, frozen world is the result of many years of work by scientists. It is thought that Pluto is made up of a mixture of rocks and several kinds of "ices". Scientists believe that most of the ices that make up Pluto are frozen methane and ammonia.

History of the United States
US Presidents
Conspiracy Theories
John F. Kennedy
Lee Harvey Oswald

What date did lee Harvey oswald get shot?

Sunday morning, 24 November 1963

Conspiracy Theories
Area 51

Are there aliens in Area 51?

My friend said he went to Area 51 before. He can see a alien in a testing thing

Conspiracy Theories
Barack Obama

Is it true that Senator Barack Obama refused to put his hand on his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance and refused to say the Pledge?

No. There are videos and pictures available on the web that show Barack Obama saying the Pledge of Allegiance on numerous occasions. This false rumor was spread with a picture that shows Obama standing next to Bill Richardson and Hillary Clinton. In the picture, Richardson and Clinton have their hand to their heart, but Obama does not. However, this was not taken during the Pledge of Allegiance, but rather during the singing of the National Anthem (which can be verified by watching a YouTube video of the event). This was during an informal, outdoor event for Democratic candidates. Although protocol suggests that the hand should be held to the heart during the National Anthem, observing any sporting event will show that only some Americans do so. But regardless of hand placement, most Americans stand respectfully during the National Anthem, which is what Obama was doing in that photograph. When his aides were asked about this, they replied that sometimes Obama puts his hand to his heard during the Anthem, and other times he does not. Regardless, there is a YouTube video showing Obama leading the Senate in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and his hand can clearly be seen on his heart.

Conspiracy Theories
US Constitution
Bill of Rights

Are the CIA watching you at every moment?

Yes! No! Well, we would never know what their satellites are really pointing at would we? Look at how America surprised Osama! They may show up ANYWHERE!

Unless you are talking about the Eye in the Sky and the Big Brother theories, then that should not be happening because if it is, well we are screwed.

Hope I Helped

Conspiracy Theories
Perfumes and Colognes

What is perfume hoax?

I am not sure if this is what you are referring to but I have heard about people who will stand in car parks and come up to you with a bottle of 'perfume' and ask if you would like to try it. When you say yes they actually give you a whiff of chloroform which knocks you out for a bit and they steal your wallet or bag etc.

Fortunately, this one is still in the hoax stage as no actual incidents have been reported to authorities.

Conspiracy Theories

Is it possible that the moon is made of cheese and the USA government is hiding the facts about the cheese and secretly launching spaceships to harvest that cheese and then bring it back to earth?

* Think about it. Where would there be enough cows to produce enough milk to make a cheese that big? * There would be on another planet somewhere in the multiverse. * Yet I wonder if they actually use cows there ... * Everyone knows the moon isn't made out of cheese, I mean come on, it's the moon we're talking about. * Alien farmers. * OH YEAH DEFINITELY in fact. * NO. * I went there on Tuesday, and I got the best cheese! You should go there some time ... in fact I have a beach house up there for rent! Perfect! * NO. * Really? Can I get in on that? Who's your real estate agent? Please tell me!

* *SNORT* -- Cows producing milk, multiverses, alien farmers, how could anyone believe this? * YES IT IS POSSIBLE. * Do i want to? * Oh yeah the real estate agent for it: 1-800-BUY-MOON * The moon is not made of cheese, i mean get real!

* I just went to the moon to harvest some tasty cheese it was awesome! Just kidding! * If the moon was made of cheese I think scientists and the government would soon tell us. And the right answer to this question is NO, the moon is not made of cheese! * Of course...that's why they call it the moo-oon! * You are all wrong, the moon is really just a big cheesy ball of white cheddary goodness. * Watch Wallace and Gromits ' Grand Day Out'; all your questions will be answered.

* :: grin:: We should -so- have a fun 'conspiracy theories' section. * It was discovered in the early 1970's that moon rocks retrieved by the Apollo astronauts were mostly composed of silicate material, but a little less than half of them, appearing as white lumps of dry material, were comprised of lactose, glucose, galactose, nonvolatile acids, some free fatty acids, diacetyl, and acetoin. An organic chemist at NASA was quick to realize that these were key components of goat cheese, and experiments immediately commenced with applying moisture and microbes to complete the transformation of lunar material into cheese.

Using a simple isocratic HPLC method this chemist was able to accurately predict the time which would be required to ripen lunar cheese, about 2 years. Slightly different microbial organisms were used in the experiments, with the best and fastest results going to Streptococcus thermophilus, popular for Italian cheeses.

However, the process of converting the basic lunar ingredients into cheese was, at that time, laborious, time-consuming, and very expensive. Therefore, NASA did not initially propose any further lunar missions for cheese harvesting purposes.

NASA geologists now propose that the source of the raw material was probably an incredibly large herd of goats from the constellation Capricorn. One of the stars there went "supernova" about 4.8 billion years ago, they theorize, destroying the great herd of goats and scattering the milk through the galaxy, and helping to create new space bodies, such as our moon.

Neil Armstrong and his ex-wife Janet and their two sons were the first humans ever to taste 'Lunar Mozzarella', in a lasagna that Janet baked, five years after the first lunar rocks were returned to earth. * Thirteen years after these initial findings, it was determined by an independent research team working under the National Defense Readiness Industries Council that advances in space flight and chemical processing could allow for harvesting and processing of Lunar Cheese Base Elements (LunCase) at a significantly lower cost than cheese could be produced by American dairy farmers.

After an exhaustive set of situation analysis projections, it was feared that re-tooling the American Cheese Industry could backfire substantially in the event that a future war siphoned resources from LunCase harvesting operations, and terrestrial farmers in the U.S. were no longer prepared to produce cheese on the levels that the American market demanded. This would, it was feared, leave the U.S. unacceptably dependent on foreign markets for cheese supplies during war-time.

After much top level deliberation, the plan was scrapped, and the NSA consumed all remaining LunCase capable moon-rock in a top secret pizza and fondue party held at a suspected safe house and front known as Luigi's Pizza in Greenbelt, MD., midway between CIA and NSA headquarters. * OF COURSE IT'S TRUE! That's what flying saucers are all about. It's the Moonies bringing their cheese to Earth and selling it at flea markets.

THAT'S WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE ECONOMY! All our hard-earned dollars are ending up on the Moon.

Conspiracy Theories

Could life that is not carbon based exist somewhere in the universe?

Although other elements do form a variety of molecular structures, carbon has a unique tendency to form a very wide variety of long molecular chains and rings that form the basis for organic compounds (with hydrogen and oxygen) that at some level of complexity begin to self-replicate.

It has been speculated that some element other than carbon could be used as a basis for the kind of complex molecules that are thought to be required by life. Silicon in particular is sometimes suggested. since it (like carbon) is capable of forming up to four covalent bonds per atom.

However, it's not energetically favorable for silicon to bond to another silicon instead of oxygen, meaning complex molecules like you get with carbon ... and which are probably necessary for life... are not likely.

For a really full treatment of the subject, I recommend the Isaac Asimov essay "The One and Only" which appears in his essay collection The Tragedy of the Moon.

US Presidents
Conspiracy Theories
Barack Obama

How many executive orders has each American President had and who has had the most?

Here is a list of US presidents and the number of executive orders each has signed. The president with the most executive orders was FDR with 3,522.

Barack Obama - 144 (so far)

George W. Bush - 291

Clinton - 364

George Bush - 166

Reagan - 381

Carter - 320

Ford - 169

Nixon - 346

Johnson - 325

Kennedy - 214

Eisenhower - 484

Truman - 907

Franklin D. Roosevelt - 3,522

Hoover - 968

Coolidge - 1,203

Harding - 522

Wilson - 1,803

Taft - 724

Theodore Roosevelt - 1,081

McKinley - 185

Cleveland II - 140

Harrison - 143

Cleveland I - 113

Arthur - 96

Garfield - 6

Hayes - 92

Grant - 217

Andrew Johnson - 79

Lincoln - 48

Buchanan - 16

Pierce - 35

Fillmore - 12

Taylor - 5

Polk - 18

Tyler - 17

Harrison - 0

van Buren - 10

Jackson - 12

Adams - 3

Monroe - 1

Madison - 1

Jefferson - 4

Adams - 1

Washington - 8

See the related link for the Executive Orders Disposition Tables Index at the National Archives.

Conspiracy Theories
Barack Obama

Is the US hiding something sinister in Area 51?

Unfortunately, no one knows. Area 51 is a military base located in Nevada which, from the satellite images, looks like some aircraft/laboratory. Recent updates show that the base is rapidly expanding. What we do know is that Area 51 tests new military equipment. This is why its in the middle of a desert. Things called 'Black Projects' are in Area 51. It is said that these black projects test out completely state-of-the-art weaponry.

The answer to this question is that Area 51 could be holding something sinister but no one really knows unless your really good friends with the CIA!

Conspiracy Theories
Area 51

Is there such a place as Area 51?

Yes. Area 51 is located in the southern part of the east central area of the Nellis Air Force Test Range. Area 51 (so named because of its designation on a BLM topographical map) was a secret military test facility located on the Groom Lake Dry Lake Bed area, built after World War II. Famous aircraft, including the U-2, SR-71, F-117 Nighthawk (Stealth Fighter), and the B-2 were all flight tested there prior to activation for military and civilian use. The base has had many nicknames over the years, including the title Watertown. You can view the base from Google maps, though you may not see much activity in the shots as they shut the base down whenever a photographing satellite passes overhead. You may spot some interesting structures throughout the dessert facility though.

Initial Radar cross-section tests were performed there on the F-117's initial design - the results were so astonishing that the program was immediately classified above Top Secret, code named "Have Blue", and existence of the program and its capabilities limited to only a handful of key personnel. As stated by former head Ben Rich, in his book about the Lockheed Skunk Works, which built the plane, the radar operator during the Groom Lake facility testing, who was doing the first tests on the first F-117 model initially believed there was an equipment malfunction, as there was no radar data coming back from the model. It wasn't until a bird landed on the model and reflected radar waves back that the officers in charge of the test fully realized the significance of the design - virtual radar invisibility.

The USAF/US Navy's Foreign Technology Division within DoD also regularly used the Groom Lake facilities to test and evaluate captured Soviet aircraft.

(Reportedly) The Groom Lake facility was recently "closed" however, without any notification to the public. Though not confirmed, the reason is believed to be one that was unforeseen during the Atomic Bomb tests of the '50's in that area -seepage of underground radiation to the surface, making it even more dangerous to work there. Other speculation is that toxic waste from exotic propellants and other classified material which was routinely burned there has caused the area to become an extreme toxic waste hazard. Either way, the area was (supposedly) no longer safe for human operations. The recent satellite images still seem to show the place in use though.

In addition, even though for years the facility was routinely denied as existing by the Government, even though it could be see from afar and photographed, a now famous civilian satellite hi-resolution photograph took pictures of the facilities there in detail. It wasn't long after that the military did acknowledge the base did exist, but clearly plans have been underway to move the facilities and operations to another area of Nevada that is even more remote and secretive than Area 51. One day we may know where the new facility is, but I'm sure it's in a very remote area. The military have many remote facilities in order to keep safe and secret the new technologies they develop for war. Or at least, that is what we hope is true. Unfortunately, any large human organization tends to corruption, so who knows what really goes on in any facility.

Other facilities used for government secret projects in the nearby states are the Las Alamos Labs, Edwards Air Force Base, The Antelope Valley, and the Tahachapi Mountains in California. And there are many more. If you are curious, just search. The truth is always waiting to be found.

AnswerYes there is. Area 51 is a top secret restricted Military Base situated at Groom Lake Navada. There are many signs that says there is no trespassing.

Also, sometimes you can go on a image search engine and if you type in "Area 51" or "Area 51 sattelite photo" you will be able to see pictures of it. Last time I checked, Area 51 is so public now that you can get the coordinates to it. Aha. But don't even think about going there. Military personnel are authorized to shoot trespassers on sight.

Conspiracy Theories

What does emo mean -?

It has three meanings, one of them is emotional, the other means you cut yourself it is just what they do Emo people and last you have a sense of stlyle in music


Pearl Harbor
Conspiracy Theories
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Was Pearl Harbor a conspiracy made by Franklin Delano Roosevelt?



Simply stating YES or NO to the question; "Was Pearl Harbor a conspiracy made by Franklin D. Roosevelt?" is an inadequate answer by all means.

Hundreds of conspiracy theories have been elaborately developed over the years, however they all hinge on some fundamental key issues that cast doubt over the President's foreknowledge of the attack.

The conspiracy theorists have indeed had to work hard at this, as it appears, in real life, no hard evidence of a firm intention or date was in Roosevelt's hands.

The question is, "Did Franklin D. Roosevelt know of but do nothing to stop the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor because he wanted the USA to enter the Second World War?"

Here are some of the key issues that speak to this statement:

Roosevelt desperately wanted the US to enter the war. He states to William White, a close friend in 1939, "If Germany or Russia win the war or force a peace favorable to them, the situation of your civilization and mine is indeed in peril..."

However he needed the US public's backing. He spent a total of 12 years in office, completed revolutionary new ideas and introduced the first women ever to become a member of a Presidential Cabinet. He knew he needed the public support. A crisis like Pearl Harbor unites the nation in an act of revenge and war.

It is more likely however, that the information critically needed to be known in advance of the Japanese attack slipped through America's nets. With so much information around, much of it was intercepted. HOWEVER, it is probable that the information was cast out the system as it passed up the ranks; the most important information would go to the most important officer. Much information on Pearl Harbor was found in the 'pending' boxes of interception offices.

Finally, it is impossible to tell if Franklin D. Roosevelt knew in advance that the attack was coming. However we can use the weight of evidence to suggest one way or another.

I believe that America had the POTENTIAL to discover the Japanese attacks, however the poor system of sorting information led to the crucial pieces being discarded. Although a terrible tragedy, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor worked in Franklin D. Roosevelt's favor.

If Roosevelt wanted to use the attack as a means of bringing the United States into the war, he could have launched a counterattack early in the morning of December 7. This would have prevented much of the damage and achieved the same result without sacrificing such a huge part of our fleet

because they found proof that FDR knew about pearl harbor, and still did nothing. and guess what family profited greatly form this war. the Morgan family. guess who was part of the Morgan family through marriage? FDR was he made millions of of this war, oh and did i mention we provoked the Japs in almost every way? doesn't"t say that in the history books does it? We froze all Japanese assets in USA banks, we halted petroleum trade, we gave military support to great Britain, and gave financial support to capitalist china, both were enemies of japan in the war. and then on December 7 1941 Australian Intel warned FDR that a Japanese task force was headed tword pearl harbor, Franklin ignored it. so you tell me was there a conspiracy behind pearl harbor?


I'd love to see the "proof" (no after-the-fact anecdotes) you speak of. I seriously doubt the Japanese were all that interested in pleasing the Morgans, who, we may assume, were in no danger of going hungry, with or without the war.

We did our best to give Japan (who started it) good reason to end its war on China. We did indeed freeze their assets and do what we could to keep war materials out of their hands. They knew all they had to do was leave China alone and go home, and this deprivation would be ended.

When was the alleged Australian message placed in FDR's hands? Who sent it? I doubt anyone would wake the President up on a Sunday morning because of an unconfirmed report of possible maneuvers by the Japanese.

Perhaps you could name a (real, non-revisionist) historian who believes this?

yes i can, sir, Jauce Fresco and Robert Stinnet. I never said that the Japs were interested in pleasing the Morgans, you made that up yourself, the proof? due to the freedom of information act, and Bill Clinton, Robert Stinnet wrote a book called "day of deceit" this book proves that FDR knew about Pearl Harbor, and also proves your ignorance on the subject, and you unwillingness to accept any information that speaks against the government. You see FDR wanted to help England as it was and still is a major trade value and they buy millions of dollars worth of goods and store there money because of which man? our good friend JP Morgan. The problem was that FDR's campaign slogan was that we were not going to go into anymore wars, so in order to keep public support he had to make sure that japan fired the first shot. He planned this for months in advance with the ambassador of England, and if you need more blatant proof one of the generals serving at pearl harbor was worried that japan would attack the U.S., as they had seen the japan fleet coming tword pearl harbor. So in turn he orders a few battle ships to be sent out to protect the tankers and carriers. But a few days before the attack the white hous orders that they be sent back immediately. and then as hoped and expected on December, 7, 1941. the Japanese attacked pearl harbor which launched us into world war two.


You were the one who brought the Morgans into it in the first place. Since we are exploring Japanese actions, why did you do this? Is it wrong for a family that provides goods and services to be paid? Either the Morgans were conspiring to profit or they weren't, and Japanese actions would be required for the Morgans to profit.

I asked for REAL, NON-REVISIONIST historians. I am still waiting for you to find one.

I am posting a link below so that you can see all the lies this so-called "historian" has to tell to prop up his ridiculous notion. I couldn't find anything on Google about Jauce Fresco, whom you mentioned. And again, if you don't think the Morgans conspired, why did you even mention them?

Simply claiming, off the cuff, that "all the evidence was covered up" is the hallmark of a Conspiracy Theorist, not a genuine historian-- unless you have a signed confession of the person who did it. As has been established, your source is someone real historians have long since disproven. He's just plain lying to you.

Conspiracy Theories
Fables and Folklore
Urban Legends

What are some Mexican urban legends?


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