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Australia is the sixth largest country in the world, and located south of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, in the Southern Hemisphere.

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What is the current exchange rate of the Australian Dollar?

Since 1966 there are 100 cents to the Australian Dollar (AUD). See link to Universal Currency Converter. Using the Universal Currency Converter, you can convert any denomination from any current currency, into the equivalent value of any other current currency. It is updated regularly, so whatever you see will be relatively current. ...
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When was Arthur Phillip born?

Arthur Phillip, the British Naval Captain who brought the First Fleet of convicts to Australia, was born on 11 October 1738. ...
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What country southeast of Australia is made up of two main islands?

New Zealand is an island country 2,000km, or 1,250 miles, south-east of Australia, in the Pacific Ocean. Two large islands, called the North Island and South Island, make up most of the country, which also includes numerous smaller islands, including the more substantial Stewart Island to the south. It is to be noted that New Zealand is not part of Australia, despite its relative proximity. ...
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What was the reason for the Australian Flag?

In the 1901 Federal Flag design competition many designers in australia were given the chance to design the new australian flag with a big cash prize waiting for the winner. The winner was then chosen by a committee of British Officers and the design was submitted to the Imperial Authourities for approval . The reason for this competition was the need for an official federal flag. The Union Jack was for the obvious reason that Australia was at the time a British Colony...
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What is the current population of Australia?

As of September 2017, the estimated population of Australia is 24 642 683 , according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 'Population Clock'. ...
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What is an Australian Bird beginning with p?

Plumbed Whistling- Duck Pink- eared Duck Paradise Shelduck Partridge Pigeon Papuan Frogmouth Papuan Spine- tailed Swift Polynesian Storm- petrel Pink-footed Shearwater Piping shrike Pelican Painted firetail Peregrine falcon Pheasant coucal Pied butcher bird Pied cormorant Powerful owl Port Lincoln parrot Purple swamphen ...
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What is the sea between New Zealand and Australia?

The name of the sea that lies between New Zealand and Australia is the Tasman Sea, named for Dutch explorer Abel Tasman. It is considered to be in the southwestern region of the South Pacific Ocean. ...
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What age do you have to be to buy a lighter in Australia NSW?

There is no age restriction on purchasing a lighter in Australia.
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What is the capital of Australia?

The capital of Australia is Canberra, which is in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). Many incorrectly believe Sydney is Australia's capital, because it is the largest city in Australia. Canberra became the capital of Australia in 1927 and is located in the the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). A project to find a national capital was commenced in the 1890s prior to Federation. The on-going rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne prohibited either city from consideration as the national capital. It was decided that, following Federation...
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Is Tasmanian sea between New Zealand and Australia?

Not quite. The name of the sea that lies between New Zealand and Australia is the Tasman Sea, named for Dutch explorer Abel Tasman. ...
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What do Australians call a sheepherder?

Someone who musters (rounds up) the sheep is usually not distinguished from those who round up cattle. They are generally called jackaroos or, if driving the animals over long distances, they are known as drovers. Someone who owns a large station with thousands of head of sheep is simply a sheep station owner. This is not strictly true. In the old days people were actually employed to camp out with the sheep to guard them from dingoes and theft. They were called shepherds....
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What military roles did Australian women have in World War 2?

Women worked in the aircraft and ship building industries doing mechanical and maintenance work. 40 per cent of the work force in munition factories were made up by women. Some women went to work on the battlefields as nurses. Women took part in the auxilliary Services which were basically organizations during war time that took over male jobs. Some examples of the organizations are the Womens Land ARmy, Womens Royal Australian NAval Service and the WOmen's Australian Air Force. ...
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Where is halfway between Australia and Dubai?

The halfway points are the points which mark the half distance covered by the flight. These lie in the mid of both the above mentioned places. These points change for different locations. Halfway points for the above mentioned places are - Sri Lanka. ...
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What is Adam Gilchrist's jersey number?

The jersey number of Adam Gilchrist is 99, becasue he believed this number is his lucky number. ...
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Can you bring nuts to Australia?

Foodstuffs cannot be brought into Australia unless they are heavily processed, such as jars of spreads. These items must all be declared. Some nuts are permitted. Check the related link below for more information. ...
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Where can you buy Australian money for your trip?

You can usually call a major commercial bank and ask them to get what currency you need. Alternately you can try currency exchanges such as American Express or Deak. However, these firms will not give you a very good exchange rate and usually charge a hefty commission too. Depending on the kind of ATM card you have you may do better just getting a small amount of Australian dollars before you leave, and take the rest out of an ATM when you...
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Why did the Europeans come to Australia?

There were a number of reasons. The Dutch explored enroute to where they traded goods in the West Indies, and came across the continent by accident. The British explored with the aim of increasing the size of their Empire. The British then sent convicts to the Australian continent because their prisons were extremely overcrowded, and the US colonies were no longer accepting British prisoners. Once initial settlement occurred, people of other cultural groups moved to Australia for a better life, or to...
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Did Captain Arthur Phillip have a brother?

Possibly. Captain Arthur Phillip had a sister, Rebecca, born in 1737, and it is said that he was the "second son", though no information appears to be available on the first son. ...
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What does toil mean in the Australian National anthem?

"Toil" means "work", which a connotation that the work is physically tiring. "With wealth for toil" suggests that work is well-paid or well-rewarded, suggesting that opportunities are available. ...
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How do you describe Australia and New Zealand?

two separate south pacific (oceanic) countries Australasia.
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Is Australia part of Asia?

No, it is a separate continent, but it has maritime borders with Asia. Australia is a continent which is also the smallest continent and Asia is the largest continent. ...
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How many times does South Korea fit into Australia?

Land area of South Korea: 100,032 sq km. Land area of Australia: 7,686,850 sq km. 7,686,850/100,032 = 76.8 So, South Korea will fit into Australia about 77 times. ...
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Is an Australian plug the same as a New Zealand one?

Yes both have the three flat pins, in the shape of an arrow.
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How were rabbits introduced into Australia?

Rabbits were brought to Australia on the First Fleet but, for whatever reason, they did not breed prolifically or cause any problems for the first few years of the colony's settlement. There is absence of any evidence that they were either eaten or hunted for sport in the Sydney area. Rabbits were popular as pets and for sport around Sydney in the 1840s, but again, there is no evidence that their population proliferated. It is believed that the carnivorous marsupials of the...
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What does flog mean in Australian?

The word "flog" originally meant to whip someone, and was used in regard to convicts being flogged as punishment. Nowadays, the term means to push something too hard, e.g. "flog the car" means to push a car beyond its limits. ...