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Asked in Miscellaneous, Geometry

If you double the diameter of a circle what happens to the area?

It becomes 4 times as large. Here is a simple example: A = πr2 For diameter 2, A = π For diameter 4, A = 22 * π = 4π. ...
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What is CAYTOA?

CAYTOA is the International Mail Processing Centre in Toronto.
Asked in Miscellaneous, Clothing

How much do tights cost?

The price of a pair of tights depends on the brand. Department store tights can cost $20 a pair or more. A pair of tights at a drugstore, Target or Walmart will cost you about $5-7. ...
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What is Blancita?

I've modified the previous answer here because it disregarded Spanish spelling, but was otherwise correct for the pronunciation "blahn-KEE-tah": "Blanquita", with "qu" instead of "c", means "little white girl" in Spanish. The root word is "blanco"/"blanca" which means white. and the -ita is used to show affection or it could also mean little. Most people think this is derogatory or mean, but in reality, it's not. it just depends on what way it's used. If you were asking about a word or name...
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How big is 36x24?

36x24 what value? inches, feet, yards, miles,metres,centimetres, millimetres? It's impossible to answer in that context. If you only mean 36x24 as a multiplication problem, then it equals 864. If you want to simplify 36x24 ( like a ratio, I guess), then it becomes 18x12, 9x6, and 3x2. * * * * * I disagree with the last sentence because a ratio is denoted by ":" or "/", not "x". ...
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How can you write your address on a postcard?

The more common approach is to use a pen, however, pencils are also acceptable. A more unorhodox method is to use a crayon, which is frowned upon. For the actual writing of the address, you should write the street name, followed by the town name, followed by your county/state. If you are in a foreign contry, you will also need to put the country on. However, why anyone would want to send a post card to themselves is beyond me. ...
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What is something both wrestlers and models do?

They both pose for the camera. They both must maintain or project a certain "look" and identity. They both have to face up to the fact that age will limit their career. They both require good lighting and P.R to stay employed. They will both be chewed up and discarded by the "cruelty" of the "industry". They will both have lot's of pictures to look back on, in their dotage. ...
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Where does the expression get off the stick and get it done come from?

Could mean . stop resting on the shovel handle or spear and get to work.
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How do you not freeze up in a fight?

Practice Fighting with your friends, use pads. Study various fighting arts such as Jujitsu, atemi waza, etc., as well as some of the more modern teachers of street fighting tactics and techniques, and incorporate from whatever you study only that which is useful to you. For example, if you're not very strong on kicking techniques or joint locking techniques then do not incorporate them. You want simple, easy to use tactics and techniques that are applicable to a wide variety of different...
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Where did people live before they evolved to live in buildings and houses?

Initially people lived in the open or under the canopies of trees or in caves or in any sheltering hole they could find comfort suiting to the prevailing weather conditions. As the population multiplied they felt the need for creating shelters using broad leaves, tree branches, stones, soil, etc. Gradually they developed building many varieties of structures as their needs increased. ...
Asked in Miscellaneous, Famous Quotations

What is the meaning of doesn't exist in a vacuum?

The popular idiom "life doesn't exist in a vacuum" means that everything is in relation to it's context. Everyone lives in a different culture, society, family, etc. that alters and shapes the way they see the world. This is a lot why people are fascinated by the few "feral children" (i.e. children dropped off in the woods or whatnot, without living with other humans.) These children have lived without being conditioned by society, so scientists are very interested in them because they...
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What are the effects of an improper drainage system?

Improper drainage can cause major foundation problems and water damage. There are companies that will install French drains to pull water away from the foundation. ...
Asked in Miscellaneous, US Marine Corps History and Traditions

What is a zero bubble military order?

When piloting a submarine- Zero bubble means sailing level in the water, with no up or down inclination. An order 'To Zero Bubble' means to return the craft to level in the water. ...
Asked in Miscellaneous, Sociology

What are the characteristics of a loyal person?

A loyal person is someone who will stand by someone else, or a cause, no matter what happens. ...
Asked in Miscellaneous, Shopping

What type of lunch box is good for a 14 year old girl?

i would suggest that if you want a plastic bag, thats fine. but it will cost a lot of money since plastic bags go quick. a lunchbox will be fine too. it doesn't really matter. whatever works good for you, and whatever you want. :) don't stress about a lunchbox. Well... if your just gonna keep it in ur school bag and only open it to get food, then a simple coloured plastic one should do. But if ur more of...
Asked in Miscellaneous, Biology, Genetics

How is a test cross set up?

Organism to be tested is crossed with a homozygous recessive . If all progeny is similar to tested organism , it is homozygous and if 50% progeny is similar to tested organism , it is heterozygous .Classic Mendelian example is cross of a tall plant to check its genetic make up by crossing with homozygous recessive dwarf plant . ...
Asked in Miscellaneous, The Hunger Games

Why do the Peacekeepers beat up Cinna?

The peacekeeper beat up Cinna because he was ordered to. Cinna designed a dress and told Katniss to spin around in it, when she did so, the dress turned into a mockingjay - the symbol of the rebellion. President Snow couldn't allow Cinna to go unpunished and sent a peacekeeper to beat him up. President Snow planned it so that Katniss would see Cinna being beaten up just before she entered the arena, providing her with a disadvantage. the peacekeepers beat up cinna...
Asked in Miscellaneous, Pigs

What is the diminutive of sow?

there is no true diminutive for sow, hog, etc, as these terms are used for adult animals. i.e. those capable of reproduction. The name for a non-mature pig is piglet, so one could have a sow piglet. btw the diminutive for a fountain pen is inkling. It may well be that is only for humans that we have gendered names for the juveniles. girl/boy, lass/lad ...
Asked in Miscellaneous, Dragons

What are the age groups for dragons called?

Same as normal human years. Supposedly they live from 400 to around 90 thousand years or so, but since not a single one exists in a "modern" world, they don't have a certain type of name for their age. ...
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Did somebody say shenanigans?

Who didn't say shenanigans is the real question. Shenanigans is pretty much the best word ever. Not to mention, shenanigans are just fun! Yes. Farva did. ...
Asked in Miscellaneous, Algebra, Factoring and Multiples

How is a unit rate calculated?

for example, if the question is 24 pineapples per 3 waffles, you divide 24 by 3 and you get 8 pineapples per waffle(the mathematical-ish way to write that is 24 pineapples/waffle.). ...
Asked in Miscellaneous, Jobs

What do you want to learn from this job?

This job has the potential to teach patience and thoroughness. It shows a wide variety of specific knowledge and gives the opportunity to research. In addition it offers practice of writing skills. ...
Asked in Miscellaneous, Cleaning

How do you get rid of gasoline smell that spilled on concrete floor?

Concrete is porous! It Will go away by its self! I work in the oil industry, and getting rid of smells, stains etc.. is a routine for me. The product I use to clean, remove smells from oil based products, gasoline, is called "Citrol" you can do a Google search to find a supplier. I purchase it from a local vendor called Howard Supply Co., they are located in many states, so perhaps one near you. It comes in a aerosol, so...
Asked in Miscellaneous, Fashion Design

Where can I design my own pendant?

You could always go to you favorite jewelers website and see if they have their own designers tool. Also you could design any type of pendant you want, then collect the materials as to craft one for yourself from a hobby store or crafting department. ...