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In 1866 Oliver Winchester bought control of New Haven Arms Company and changed the name to the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. Model 1866, called the Yellow Boy lever action, was the first gun to bear the Winchester name, and was known as "the gun that won the west." The company is still producing quality firearms today.

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Look up serial numbers on gun?


Winchester Firearms

What does bbl mean when describing a gun?

It has a bolt

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How old is a Winchester Model 94?

This is the correct Winchester Serialization record table for the Model 1894 as verified in the historical records held by the Cody Firearms Museum:

Year - Ending serial number

1894 - 1674

1895 - 14222

1896 - 18571

1897 - 33108

1898 - 53941

1899 - 80148

1900 - 103932

1901 - 137058

1902 - 168420

1903 - 204565

1904 - 249782

1905 - 291706

1906 - 331895

1907 - 381524

1908 - 429757

1909 - 449102

1910 - 479073

1911 - 534429

1912 - 591281

1913 - 645304

1914 - 722280

1915 - 825186

1916 - 840846

1917 - 873425

1918 - 882032

1919 - 895365

1920 - 926851

1921 - 935778

1922 - 951501

1923 - 964709

1924 - 974121

1925 - 987148

1926 - 997938

1927 - 1012753

1928 - 1038665

1929 - 1060899

1930 - 1071420

1931 - 1079689

1932 - 1088141

1933 - 1092328

1934 - 1095364

1935 - 1099625

1936 - 1118780

1937 - 1158835

1938 - 1198405

1939 - 1216165

1940 - 1259563

1941 - 1313301

1942 - 1343183

1943 - 1343183 (no production in 1943)

1944 - 1343196

1945 - 1352066

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How many Winchester model 94 44 cal rifles were made in 1995?

Go to and scroll down the index on the left side, click on the link to Winchester manufacture dates. Then select Model 94 and enter your serial number.

Website Winchester 1894/94 Serial Number List1894 began with serial number 1 and ended with 14,579.

1895 ended with number 44,359.

1896 ended with number 76,464.

1897 ended with 111,453.

1898 ended with number 147,684. This is the last number that is antique according to BATF regulations.

1899 ended with number 183,371.

1900 ended with number 204,427.

1901 ended with number 233,975.

1902 ended with number 273,854.

1903 ended with number 291,506.

1904 ended with number 311,363.

1905 ended with number 337,557.

1906 ended with number 378,878.

1907 ended with number 430,985.

1908 ended with number 474,241.

1909 ended with number 505,831.

1910 ended with number 553,062.

1911 ended with number 599,263.

1912 ended with number 646,114.

1913 ended with number 703,701.

1914 ended with number 756,066.

1915 ended with number 784,052.

1916 ended with number 807,741.

1917 ended with number 821,972.

1918 ended with number 838,175.

1919 ended with number 870,762.

1920 ended with number 880,627.

1921 ended with number 908,318.

1922 ended with number 919,583.

1923 ended with number 938,539.

1924 ended with number 953,198.

1925 ended with number 978,523.

1926 ended with number 997,603.

1927 ended with number 1,027,571.

1928 ended with number 1,054,465.

1929 ended with number 1,077,097.

1930 ended with number 1,081,755.

1931 ended with number 1,084,156.

1932 ended with number 1,087,836.

1933 ended with number 1,089,270.

1934 ended with number 1,091,190.

1935 ended with number 1,099,605.

1936 ended with number 1,100,065.

1937 ended with number 1,100,679.

1938 ended with number 1,100,915.

1939 ended with number 1,101,051.

1940 ended with number 1,142,423.

1941 ended with number 1,191,307.

1942 ended with number 1,221,289.

1943 through 1947 numbers are not available. The following serial numbers assume an equal number produced each year.

1943 ended with number 1,267,741.*

1944 ended with number 1,314,193.*

1945 ended with number 1,360,645.*

1946 ended with number 1,407,097.*

1947 ended with number 1,453,549.*

1948 ended with number 1,500,000.

1949 ended with number 1,626,100.

1950 ended with number 1,724,295.

1960 ended with number 2,469,821.

1963 ended with number 2,586,000. This was the end of the classic Winchesters made with hand-finished cast parts.

Numbers 2,586,001 through 2,699,999 were not used.

1964 began with 2,700,000 and ended with 2,797,428.

1965 ended with number 2,894,428.

1966 ended with number 2,991,927.

1967 ended with number 3,088,458.

1968 ended with number 3,185,691.

1969 ended with number 3,284,570.

1970 ended with number 3,381,299.

1980 ended with number 4,892,951.

1981 ended with number 5,024,957.

1982 ended with number 5,103,248.

estimate after 1982 by adding 100,000 per year.

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How do you disassemble a 1967 Sears model 3T 22 rifle?

The Sears Model 3T 22 rifle is a clone of the Winchester 190. Someone has posted a video to YouTube demonstrating the disassembly process. It can be found here...

There is a second video that demonstrates how to reassemble the weapon here...

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Can you find information about a Ted Williams Model 300 semi-automatic shotgun from 1983?

This is really a Winchester model 1400.

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What is the age and value of a Winchester Model 94 30 30 serial number 1697559 with original finish and parts in great shape. Used sparingly?

Unfortunately, by the early 1960s the production costs of the traditional Model 94 with all of its forged steel parts had risen dramatically. Winchester executives realized that soon the Model 94 would have to be priced beyond the reach of the average hunter. This is exactly the fate that befell the classic Mannlicher-Schoenauer carbine, and eventually spelled its doom. To save the Model 94 and restore a reasonable profit margin, Winchester redesigned the action for cheaper manufacture, substituting stamped sheet metal and roll pins for parts previously machined from forged steel. The steel buttplate became plastic and a less durable metal finish was substituted for the traditional bluing. The new guns still worked and shot just fine despite their aesthetic flaws, but the credibility of the Model 94 took a serious hit, and examples manufactured prior to the 1964 changes became instant classics. Most of the shortcomings of the post 1963 Model 94s were eventually corrected, but the pre '64 versions remain the most desirable of all Winchester Model 94s. Which brings us to the subject of this classic gun test, a Model 94 carbine manufactured in 1961. This example is in excellent condition. It shows practically no wear, inside or out. The barreled action is finished in a polished blue, and the black walnut stock wears its original gloss lacquer finish. Your gun was made in 1960. Assuming a plain sporting rifle in NRA Very Good condition (95% original finish and all original parts), the price guides suggest a value of $1675. A realistic price given that it is in good condition is around $450-$600. I've had many come thru the shop, they are not scarce. I believe you are wrong on the year of this Winchester, closer to 1950 It was made in 1950, not 1960 and $400 to $500 would be more in the ballpark during this DEPRESSION. Answer 1950 is the correct DOM. You can verify this by removing the forend stock and locating the 2-digit date stamp on the bottom of the barrel near where it entered the receiver frame. Bert H. 1950 is the correct year. If 100 % original finish, a price of about $600. would be in order at the retail level and a dealer might offer you $300. They have overhead to pay for so cannot pay retail.

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How do you take apart a Winchester model 88?

You need a copy of the owner's manual for your rifle- trust me- parts of the bolt are tricky. You can get a copy for free from Winchester is you are in the US. The link below will take you to their order form on their website.

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What is the serial number for rig n roll?


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How can you find the age or year of manufacture for Winchester 1894 and 94 rifles?

You can contact the Records Office of Cody Firearms Museum at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. The Cody Firearms Museum holds the records of 3.5 million individual Winchester firearms and many LC Smith and Marlin firearms.

Information that may be in a record includes the date the gun was received into the warehouse, the configuration of the gun, and the date the gun shipped out. The company to whom the gun was sent may be available for very late Model 1873s and 1886s and most of the run of the Model 21. There are no records for the Models 42, 12, 54, or 70.

There is a charge for Factory Letter information but this and any other questions should be answered by contacting the Records Office.

Cody Firearms Museum Records Office

720 Sheridan Avenue

Cody, Wyoming 82414


Winchester 1894/94 Serial Number ListDetermining date by serialization has become confusing as it has been determined by the staff of the Cody Firearms Museum that previous work by George Madis is incorrect. This is not due to the quality of work performed by Mr. Madis, but by the questionable data provided to him. The following list includes the data held at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody Wyoming (CFM) and the previously understood figures (Madis). It is up to the collector to make the best use of this data that they can.

1894 end of year serial number was 1674 (CFM), 14579 (Madis)

1895 end of year serial number was 14222 (CFM), 44359 (Madis)

1896 end of year serial number was 18571 (CFM), 76464 (Madis)

1897 end of year serial number was 33108 (CFM), 111453 (Madis)

1898 end of year serial number was 53941 (CFM), 147684 (Madis)

Any gun manufactured prior to January 1, 1899 is legally an Antique and is not affected by any federal regulations regarding the ownership or transfer of firearms.

1899 end of year serial number was 80148 (CFM), 183371 (Madis)

1900 end of year serial number was 103932 (CFM), 204427 (Madis)

1901 end of year serial number was 137058 (CFM), 233975 (Madis)

1902 end of year serial number was 168420 (CFM), 273854 (Madis)

1903 end of year serial number was 204565 (CFM), 291506 (Madis)

1904 end of year serial number was 249782 (CFM), 311363 (Madis)

1905 end of year serial number was 291706 (CFM), 337557 (Madis)

1906 end of year serial number was 331895 (CFM), 378878 (Madis)

1907 end of year serial number was 381524 (CFM), 430985 (Madis)

1908 end of year serial number was 429757 (CFM), 474241 (Madis)

1909 end of year serial number was 449102 (CFM), 505831 (Madis)

1910 end of year serial number was 479073 (CFM), 553062 (Madis)

1911 end of year serial number was 534429 (CFM), 599263 (Madis)

1912 end of year serial number was 591281 (CFM), 646114 (Madis)

1913 end of year serial number was 645304 (CFM), 703701 (Madis)

1914 end of year serial number was 722280 (CFM), 756066 (Madis)

1915 end of year serial number was 825186 (CFM), 784052 (Madis)

1916 end of year serial number was 840846 (CFM), 807741 (Madis)

1917 end of year serial number was 873425 (CFM), 821972 (Madis)

1918 end of year serial number was 882032 (CFM), 838175 (Madis)

1919 end of year serial number was 895365 (CFM), 870762 (Madis)

1920 end of year serial number was 926851 (CFM), 880627 (Madis)

1921 end of year serial number was 935778 (CFM), 908318 (Madis)

1922 end of year serial number was 951501 (CFM), 919583 (Madis)

1923 end of year serial number was 964709 (CFM), 938539 (Madis)

1924 end of year serial number was 974121 (CFM), 953198 (Madis)

1925 end of year serial number was 987148 (CFM), 978523 (Madis)

1926 end of year serial number was 997938 (CFM), 997603 (Madis)

1927 end of year serial number was 1012753 (CFM), 1027571 (Madis)

1928 end of year serial number was 1038665 (CFM), 1054465 (Madis)

1929 end of year serial number was 1060899 (CFM), 1077097 (Madis)

1930 end of year serial number was 1071420 (CFM), 1081755 (Madis)

1931 end of year serial number was 1079689 (CFM), 1084156 (Madis)

1932 end of year serial number was 1088141 (CFM), 1087836 (Madis)

1933 end of year serial number was 1092328 (CFM), 1089270 (Madis)

1934 end of year serial number was 1095364 (CFM), 1091190 (Madis)

1935 end of year serial number was 1099625 (CFM), 1099605 (Madis)

1936 end of year serial number was 1119104 (CFM), 1100065 (Madis)

1937 end of year serial number was 1158835 (CFM), 1100679 (Madis)

1938 end of year serial number was 1198405 (CFM), 1100915 (Madis)

1939 end of year serial number was 1216165 (CFM), 1101051 (Madis)

1940 end of year serial number was 1259563 (CFM), 1142423 (Madis)

1941 end of year serial number was 1313301 (CFM), 1191307 (Madis)

1942 end of year serial number was 1343183 (CFM), 1221289 (Madis)

1943 end of year serial number was 1343190* (CFM), 1267741* (Madis)

1944 end of year serial number was 1343196 (CFM), 1314193* (Madis)

1945 end of year serial number was 1352066 (CFM), 1360645* (Madis)

1946 end of year serial number was 1407097* (Madis)

1947 end of year serial number was 1453549* (Madis)

1948 end of year serial number was 1500000 (Madis)

1949 end of year serial number was 1626100 (Madis)

1950 end of year serial number was 1724295 (Madis)

1960 end of year serial number was 2469821 (Madis)

1963** end of year serial number was 2586000 (Madis)

1964*** end of year serial number was 2700000 (Madis)

1965 end of year serial number was 2894428 (Madis)

1966 end of year serial number was 2991927 (Madis)

1967 end of year serial number was 3088458 (Madis)

1968 end of year serial number was 3185691 (Madis)

1969 end of year serial number was 3284570 (Madis)

1970 end of year serial number was 3381299 (Madis)

1980 end of year serial number was 4892951 (Madis)

1981 end of year serial number was 5024957 (Madis)

1982 end of year serial number was 5103248 (Madis)

Estimate after 1982 by adding 100000 per year.

* Some serial numbers produced during and after World War II were not recorded. These serial number figures assume an equal number produced each year of these gaps in the record.

** 1963 saw the end of the classic Winchesters made with hand-finished cast parts.

*** 1964 began with 2700000 and ended with 2797428. Numbers 2586001 through 2699999 were not used.


Correction to Kennedy's Information The following Corrections to David Kennedy's data given about are submitted by:


The information by David Kennedy and posted here are of great value to Winchester collectors and the following corrections should in no way take away from his valuable work. He is now aware of this error and has not had time to make a correction. He just assumed that the tables published by others were taken from Madis information.

The dates attributed to Madis by Kennedy do not agree with those in Madis' books: The Winchester Book & Winchester Handbook. They do agree with the dates in Schwing, Pirkle (and most "Others") books & tables. The differences are:

1894: 1674 (CFM); 14579 (attributed to Madis, really "Others" 14759 (actual Madis)

Notice the transposing of the "57" and "75" in these dates? Which is correct?

Then in 1933 the dates attributed by Kennedy to Madis start varying from what is published in his books, and by 1936 take a major deviation:

1933: 1092328 (CFM), 1089270 (attributed to Madis, really "Others") 1,089,271 (actual Madis)

1934: 1095364 (CFM), 1091190 (attributed to Madis, really "Others") 1,091,192 (actual Madis)

1935: 1099625 (CFM), 1099605 (attributed to Madis, really "Others") 1,099,608 (actual Madis)

1936: 1119104 (CFM), 1100065 (attributed to Madis, really "Others") 1,112,194 (actual Madis)

1937: 1158835 (CFM), 1100679 (attributed to Madis, really "Others") 1,138,781 (actual Madis)

1938: 1198405 (CFM), 1100915 (attributed to Madis, really "Others") 1,169,370 (actual Madis)

1939: 1216165 (CFM), 1101051 (attributed to Madis, really "Others") 1,197,211 (actual Madis)

1940: 1259563 (CFM), 1142423 (attributed to Madis, really "Others") 1,238,584 (actual Madis)

1941: 1313301 (CFM), 1191307 (attributed to Madis, really "Others") 1,287,648 (actual Madis)

1942: 1343183 (CFM), 1221289 (attributed to Madis, really "Others") 1,317,830 (actual Madis)

1943: 1343190* (CFM), 1267741* (attributed to Madis, really "Others") 1,348,192 (actual Madis)

1944: 1343196 (CFM), 1314193* (attributed to Madis, really "Others") 1,378,554 (actual Madis)

1945: 1352066 (CFM), 1360645* (attributed to Madis, really "Others") 1,408,916 (actual Madis)

*Some serial numbers produced during and after World War II were not recorded. These serial number figures assume an equal number produced each year of these gaps in the record.

Also, the numbers given by Kennedy, attributed to Madis, for 1951 - 1962 are those given by "Others," not Madis.

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Where can you sell ducks unlimited shotgun?

Gun shop, gun show, pawn shop,

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What is the value of a Winchester Model 94 cal 38-55 made in 1894?

The value of a Winchester Model 94 Value will depend on configuration and condition. Some are rifles with a 26" barrel and some are chambered for the 30/30 cartridge. There are also carbines (20" barrel) and trapper carbines (14-16" barrels), different magazine lengths, a variety of cartridges, deluxe models, etc.

If you have the most common, a standard sporting rifle, one of the most popular cartridges, and NRA Very Good condition (95% of the original finish and all original parts). For guns made before 1964, all models (rifle, carbine, trapper's carbine) are close to the same value for the basic gun without special features EXCEPT the "Eastern" carbines made without a saddle ring from 1940-1964, which are much less.

A very rough estimate for a 94 from the first year of production, with a serial number less than 14579, would be from a low of $2,000 for a beat-up, barely working gun to a high of $10,000 and up for a gun in excellent condition both for appearance and operation. A better reference for Retail Values of Winchesters and other guns is Schwing's STANDARD CATALOG OF FIREARMS. It has better layout, and more information, and it is easier to interpret and understand.

When I quote a value, I am quoting from one of the standard books, but books don't buy guns. The true value is the amount a willing seller will accept from a willing buyer. Of course, one reason a gun could bring more than the guide books suggest is some documented association with a famous person or event. If you can prove it once belonged to Buffalo Bill or one of the original Texas Rangers, there is no established value guide. Even a connection to a Texas law enforcement officer in the 1900-1930 period would add a significant amount.

Value is determined by a number of factors in addition to age, e.g., condition, documentation, etc. To get a reliable estimate of the value of your gun, see a professional appraiser. If you just want a basic estimate, buy yourself the current Blue Book of Gun Values. This is considered the most accurate source book for gun values. You will need to determine the condition. Look up the NRA Condition Grading Definitions For Antique Firearms. You can find these in a number of places. Try searching for "NRA Condition Grading Definitions For Antique Firearms" using the Google search form. Be realistic in your appraisal. Ultimately, though, value is subjective. Value is based on the worth to an individual collector. What's more, the sentimental value of the gun to you could be much higher than what a collector will pay for it.

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I have an old 22cal Ithaca Gun Co lever action cocking hammer with a very short barrel. The serial number is 490449352 can anyone tell me when it was made and if it has any monetary value?

"The same serial number can be replicated over several models of firearms. Serial number alone tells nothing as far as what model you have.

I am guessing that you have one of Ithacas old 22 caliber saddle guns /. production ended in the mid 1960's, IIRC."

It sounds to me like a model 49 (it should say on the barrel end closest to the trigger) Ithaca Gun Co. .22 saddle rifle as stated already. Production of these guns started in 1961 and ended in the late 60's or late 70's (I've heard 1979 from one source). As far as monetary value goes, they are not extremely valuable. In excellent condition they can sell for $150-$200 to the right buyer. Unfortunately, most people won't pay that much for it. Most buyers will buy this gun for nostalgic reasons for the fact that many of these guns were used by young boys growing up.

It is a Model 49 given that the serial number begins with 49 and also indicates it was one of the later rifles made in the 70's. Early models do not begin with 49. They were mfg by Ithaca from 1962 thru 78 according to the catalogs I have. I've seen them as high as $250 recently at shows in VG condition. Ithaca also made a .22 Mag version which is marked on the barrel and they also put a white spacer between the stock and butt plate. But make sure the barrel is marked .22 Magnum to be certain.

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Decade - 1950s

What is the value of a Winchester model 94 30-30 octogonal barrel and made in 1950 very good condition.?

Depends on what year it was made. What is the barrel length? Round or octogon? You need to give out more info on codition and such. Could be worth $75 up to $75,000

AnswerCanadian centennial model with hexagon barrel

The Canadian Centennial model, like any commemorative Winchester, has to be absolutely new in the original box with all paperwork and accessories to have any appreciable value over a standard shooter-grade Model 94. If you do have all of the original paperwork, box, etc, and the gun is still truly unfired, you might realize up to around $600. ANY flaws, and the gun is back to $150-$200 tops.

AnswerI just sold a Winchester Model 94 Ser # 1393112 for $270.00 on 7/28/2005 at a public auction. Answer94 30 30 Winchester with octagon barrel AnswerI have a '94 Winchester, saddle ring carbine, round bbl, mfg. in 1912. It has perhaps 30% of original blue but is mostly case color steel. The gun has been used over the years but the bore is clean and bright and the wood is in good shape with the normal number of scratches and dings expected in 90+ years use.

At a gun show in Dallas recently, a fellow offered $850. for the gun but it has sentitmental value and I intend to keep it.

Winchester model 94 with serial number 1145676 does not have an octagonal barrel and has a 24 inch barrel including the chamber

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What is the history of Winchester US model cf 1917?

The U.S. Model of 1917 Winchester is a Model 1917 Enfield Military Rifle manufactured from 1917 - 1918, in this case, by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company of New Haven CT. It is a modified Mauser-type bolt action rifle chambered in 30-06. It has a 26

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Model 0-32 cal 32 auto?

You have not yet asked a question. If you give us all markings, and what information you are looking for, some of us MAY be able to answer. Darned crystal ball is in the shop for repair again. Sorry-

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Where can I find parts for cbc 22 rifles?

Gun shop, gun show, pawn shop, want ad, for sale ad, estate sale, garage sale, egunparts, Brownells, MidWay USA

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Winchester model 62 22 rifle age?

The Model 62 was produced from 1932 to c.1938, when the model designation was changed to 62A.

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What are the ballistics of Ruger m77 270 cal rifle 150 grain Winchester?

Winchester lists the ballistics of the ammunition it sells.

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What is the value of a Winchester Model 63 rifle?

A pre-1964 Winchester model 63 in truly excellent condition would be worth $750-$950. It's all about condition. If you have the original box, add $100, or if it has never been fired, add $300-$400 to this estimate. If it's not pre-1964, Winchester resumed production of the model 63 for a while in recent years, and these are not worth as much.

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What is the history and value of a Model 60 22 rifle?

You did not specify the MAKE, only the model. The Marlin Model 60 is one of the most popular .22 rifles made, in production since 1960. A new one sells for about $175.

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Information and approximate value of a pair of Winchester Model 94 Theodore Roosevelt Commemorative ONE G 9454RM-ONE G 9455?

The Blue Book says $450 for a rifle or $425 for a carbine. The prices for commemorative firearms assumes that ALL ORIGINAL packaging and literature is included and everything is completely as-issued. The slightest scratch from cocking the hammer once, a crease in the accompanying certificate, etc. will reduce it to the value of a non-commemorative in excellent condition, which is approximately $275-$325 depending on the exact configuration.

interesting answer. i hope they didn't offer to buy them from you after an answer like that. you have consectutive serial numbers. that is rare. if you have the boxes and paperwork in good condition you should expect to get well over 1200.00 for the pair and perhaps more if the buyer is a fan of model 94 comms. quite honestly the best thing would be to store them in a good enviormentally controlled safe and let your kid benifit from them unless you get an offer far greater that what i told you. this type of firearm while made to be collectible carries the burden of its intentions. no one buys them to shoot cans or deer with, so all of them are still in mint condition and each owner secretly hopes by a freak accident the other2,3,or 5,000 of them will magically vanish and his\hers will be the one and only worth tons of money. as an investment they are alot like savings bonds, slow to mature and show a real return, but safe and will steadily rise in value however slowly. most important of all is to enjoy them, show them off to close friends and take them out and fondle and then clean them every now and then.

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Savage Arms and J. Stevens
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What is the age and value of a Winchester 22 pump model number 1906 Serial number 585xxx?

Manufactured in 1919. The Blue Book of Gun Values says "seldom encountered in over 90% original condition". Value in 70-80% is listed as $500-$600. manufactured from 1906 to 1932 collector value used $400to$500 Without detailed information as to condition, it is impossible to answer the question. Mismatched Model 1906 rifles with little to no finish can routinely be purchased for $150, while pristine rare versions bring 10X that.

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How you find the value of an 1897 Winchester?

Determine the exact model, any modifications from it's original configuration, and the percent of the original finish remaining. Then look it up in The Blue Book of Gun Values, The Standard Catalog of Firearms, or Modern Guns. A standard 1897 lists (in the Catalog) for $400 in NRA Very Good condition. A Brush Gun or Trap Gun, $550; Tournament Gun or Riot Gun, $600; Trench Gun, $1200; and a Pigeon Gun, $2200.

I have no argument with the thumbnail quotation on value of 1897 Winchesters. Perhaps I'm wrong but there seems to be several considerations missing, such as: 1. Date of manufacture 2. Type barrel; e.g., full or cyl or both

Do such considerations affect value?

Bob Durbin

Bob - The major variations of this shotgun are differentiated by the model names given in the first answer and the Standard Catalog doesn't suggest any premiums for barrel lengths, chokes, gauges, take-down features, or even antique status (pre-1899). The post-1964 deductions wouldn't apply to any 1897's if I am correct that production ended before that. None were small gauge (20 or 28 ga or .410) which seem to bring extra $$. 16 gauge will be a plus in some markets and a minus in others. Antique status should increase the selling price because it makes a gun easier to sell across state lines, and I believe the US Post Office will ship an antique long gun. The other differences are more of a personal preference and what attracts one buyer may turn another away, so have little overall effect on the value.

I might add - the above statements do not apply to all firearms. For instance, Winchester 1885 or 1894 rifles have a gazillion different configurations that add or subtract from the basic values, especially on guns with 90% or more original finish.

Winchester Firearms

What is the receiver on a rifle?

The main body of the rifle/weapon into which the barrel is attached.


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