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Stephen Edwin King (born September 21, 1947) is an American writer of contemporary horror fiction, science fiction, fantasy literature, and screenplays. In 2003 the National Book Foundation awarded King the Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters.

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How long is the book Cell by Stephen King?

Stephen King's book, "Cell", is 355 pages.
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What does pennywise do to gorgie in it?

George is killed and drowned by IT, also known as Pennywise. The recurring phrase "We float, we all float here" is first heard at this point in the novel. ...
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What part did Stephen King play in 1408?

None. He didn't make a cameo appearance in 1408.
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What was Pennywise really?

Pennywise (the dancing clown) was a character in Stephen King's IT -a book, later a film. He first appears in 1740, removing 300 people from a Derry township. It was destroyed in 1985 (apparently) by the second Ritual of Chud. The book implies that just as there was a creator of things, and the Turtle, so there was also a destroyer of things, as there is always a balance. This is what Pennywise is. ...
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What part did Stephen King play in the movie IT?

I don't believe he had a cameo appearance in IT (1990). First of all, he is not listed on the imdb (Internet Movie Database) entry for the movie, in the "Full Cast & Crew" section. Second, there is a website (see the Related Link below) which lists all the cameos he has done, and IT is not listed on that page. And third, I've seen IT several times myself; the last time was just a few months ago, so I'm fairly...
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What year did Andy Dufresne escape from Shawshank?

The Novella states he escaped in 1975. In 1975, Andy Dufresne escaped from Shawshank. He hadn't been recaptured, and I don't think he ever will be. ...
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Where can you find printable Stephen King stories?

try your local library. -.-
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Does Percy mean to keep the sponge dry during Del's execution in the movie The Green Mile?

Yes, he deliberately left the sponge dry, but it is implied -- through his reaction to the execution -- that he did not think it would be as horribly gruesome as it turned out to be. ...
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What is the target audience of Stephen King?

well his target is to slightly frighten the audience(viewers and readers), but at the same time he wants them to be entertained and well that's just my opinion ...
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What is the setting of Stephen King's book IT?

'It' is set in the ficticious town of Derry, ME.
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What does the tree house symbolize in the movie stand by me by Stephen King?

Stephen King did not actually write the film; instead, the film was loosely based on his short story "The Body". This story, incidentally, was inspired by King's real life experience of seeing a friend hit and killed by a train when King was very young. If the treehouse can be said to symbolize anything, perhaps it would be the idyllic comfort and safety of childhood in a small rural town. King's stories often treat childhood as the most sacred, vital part of...
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What was the title of Stephen King's first novel?

Stephen King sold his first novel "Carrie" to Doubleday in 1973 when he was teaching high school English at Hampden Academy in Maine. He has since written over 50 books. Gurjot Singh Sodhi ...
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What was Stephen King's most recent printed novel?

doctor sleep to be announced the latest was under the dome
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How many words was in Stephen King longest book and what is it called?

This depends on your definition of book. I would argue that The Dark Tower Series can be considered on Book (story), which is seven volumes and counting which has about 3700+ pages. However, the previous answer was incorrect the longest single volume story (book) written by King would be his uncut version of The Stand not It. ...
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Is Stephen King the author Jewish?

No. But he's NOT Catholic either. Stephen King was raised in the Methodist faith. But the rest of the stuff you wrote is pretty accurate. He "does not regularly attend Mass". And Mr. King does not consider "himself to be religious, and not in the sense that he attends church and preachers." No. Stephen King is Catholic, but does not regularly attend Mass. King considers himself to be religious, but not in the sense that he attends church and preaches. ...
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What was the plot in Stephen king's it?

The Plot Was To Kill All The Kids In Dariy
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What does all work no play makes Jack a dull boy mean?

It is a quote popularized in the movie The Shining. But, the phrase in it's self means: If you work all the time and do not take the time to relax, let go, and play then you will become boring. ...
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What authors are similar to Nicholas Sparks?

No one, because he is one of a kind ; the best author ever
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What is the main conflict in It by Stephen King?

The main conflict is man vs. the supernatural, in this case it is the kids vs. Pennywise the clown. This movie is actually not that popular anymore. ...
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When is jj abrams dark tower movies coming out?

The project has been moved to Ron Howard, and the first is supposed to come out in the summer of 2013. ...
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Are the two writers Stephen King and Marlene King related?

No, they are not related. I know Marlene personally from before she "made it", we use to hang out as well as work together, so I know her back ground. No family history. ...