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Formula one is generally referred to or abbreviated as F1; this is the highest level of FIA-sanctioned bodies in opened wheel racing. FIA stands for Federationale de l' Automobile.

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Who is the smallest formula 1 driver?

Anthony Hughes

Formula One

What are the most popular spectator sports in the world?

Here is input from WikiAnswers contributors on sports' popularity:

  • In the world: Soccer, Basketball, Ice hockey
  • Soccer, Basketball, Rugby, Cricket, Auto Racing, Field Hockey and Table Tennis
  • Soccer, Basketball, Auto Racing, Football, Cricket, Baseball, Hockey, Rugby.
  • Football as in NFL?, baseball, ice hockey? Those are predominantly all North American sports. Let's take a look; population of Canada + US = rougly 300 million! India (pop 1 billion) - just by itself can put cricket and field hockey above baseball and ice hockey. Looking at the international scene, cricket is more popular than baseball. And field hockey is a lot more popular than ice hockey! NFL shouldn't even be counted in this category!
  • Ice hockey is also popular all over Europe east and west, plus Russia plus the US plus Canada. That's about a billon and a bit enough to give it some distinction.
  • After soccer I think it is Basketball.
  • I think its soccer, basketball, table, tennis, vollyball, baseball and rugby.
  • I think its soccer, volleyball, tennis and cricket.
  • Soccer is the most popular with over the half of the world's population watching it. (3.3 Billion). Cricket is the next. Everyone would be probably surprised. But, about half of the world's population lives in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Moreover Cricket is the national sport of England. Australia's most popular sport is cricket, even new zeland. Total cricket fans are 3 to 3.3 BILLION. Hockey is also very popular. Then comes Volleyball, Tennis. American sports like baseball and basketball are not played anywhere in India, China, Pakistan, so they do not have a lot of fans.
  • 1. Football (i.e. soccer), 2. basketball, 3. Swimming, 4. tennis, 5. Motor Racing, 6. Ice Hockey, 7. Cricket, 8. Golf, 9. Baseball, 10. Snooker (i.e. pool or billiards). These ratings are based on people following the sports, teams participating and popularity.
  • Thai kick Boxing is the most seen and followed sport in china officilally 1 200 000 000+ people
    • Football first. No argument with that. (Americans note: By football, I mean what you people call soccer) Basketball next. It's already the most popular sport in china too. .
    • After football (soccer) and basketball would come boxing. Boxing generates a little bit of interest in many countries in the world which eventually adds up. Countries like Pakistan and the U.S. (both heavily populated) have many prominent boxers and the people have some interest in the sport too.
Popularity of Sports1) Football Soccer. The most important and popular sport in the world. In Europe and Latin America is the number one sport in all countries, in Africa is almost the most important sport as well its becoming a mayor popular sport in China, Korea, Japan and the Middle East. Weakness: Its no so popular in India, USA and Canada. Women Football is not as popular as men. 2) Basketball The second most popular sport in the World. Its one of the most popular sports in USA, Canada, the second in importance in Europe, Brasil, Argentina and China. n?1 sport in Lithuania. Weakness: It?s a sport for tall people, not so popular in Africa, the middle east, India, and East Asia. 3) Car Racing (F1, Rally, CART etc). The highiest TV rating sport in the World. Weakness: Some people don?t consider this to be a real sport. 4) Tennis. A worldwide sport, played everywhere. Wimbledon, Roland Garros, US Open, Australia and the Davis Cup and mayor world sports events. For Women it?s the most popular sport in the World. Weakness: It?s a sport for middle and high class people. 5) Athletism (includes swimming) The World Cup is the third in importance after the Soccer World Cup and the Olimpic games. Weakness: Its being constellation of sports in which Capitalism fought peacefully against the Communist countries. In Latin America and the Third World Countries, this kind of sports are not that popular. 6) Golf Another Worldwide sport, played everywhere. Specially in USA and Europe. Weakness: Its a sport for very high class people. 7) Boxing. Some people consider Boxing the second sport in popularity. But it depends too much on the actual boxers in activity. Weakness: It?s a danger sport, only occasionally there is a fight that stimulates the worlds attention. 8) Baseball. The n?1 sport in USA. Weakness: It?s a local sport, only being popular in USA, Venezuela, Central America, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Japan. It doesn?t have a World Cup, and the best players never attend in the Olimpic Games. 9) Volleyball (includes beach volley) A Worldwide sport. Being played in every corner of the planet. It?s the second most popular sport in Brasil. Women volley is the second sport for Women in the World. Weakness: Many people practice it, but doesn?t follow the professional tournaments. The best players are not known by the people and the mass media. 10) Hockey (ice, land and roller). Another Local Sport. Land Hockey: It?s the National and Second in Popularity sport in India and Pakistan. Also a mayor Olimpic Sport. Ice Hockey: The National Sport in Canada and very popular in USA, Russia and Northern Europe. A mayor sport in the Winter Olimpic Games. Weakness: It?s a sport being played in few countries with no big popularity. In Latin America its only being played in Argentina where the women version of Land Hockey is more popular than the men s one. 11) Water, Wind Sports. (surf, wind-surf, boating, etc) Too many and of different kinds. Only popular in the high class people. Surf is a very popular sport everywhere. Weakness: competitions doesn?t awake the worlds attention. 12) Skiing. A Sport for high classes in USA and Europe. 13) Cricket Another Local Sport. Played almost in the British Colonies, it?s the most important sport in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and the West Indies (Bahamas), and its the national sport in England and the third in popularity in Australia and South Africa. Weakness. Its just a Local sport with no existence in the rest of the World. 14) Rugby (union, league and seven) A Local Sport. Played in the British Colonies and in France. It?s the most popular sport in New Zealand, the second in England, France and South Africa. And very popular in Australia. Weakness: Its not an Olimpic Sport. In some parts of the World, specially in the whole American continent, East Europe, Asia and Africa this sport is don?t even known. 15) Table Tennis. It?s an important Olimpic sport. The National Sport in China. Weakness: In most parts of the World its just a game. 16) Martian Arts (Judo, Taek Won Do, Karate, etc) Another important Olimpic Sports. Weakness: The ordinary people doesnt understand its rules, so its difficult to see it if you have never practice them. 17) Cycling A Mayor Sport. Important in the Olimpic Games. The n?1 sport in the Basque Country (Spain). Weakness: It?s a boring sport to watch it on TV. 18) American Football A Sport only being Popular in USA 19) Handball A Sport only important cause its an Olympic Sport. 20) Waterpolo. A Sport only important cause its an Olympic Sport. Only popular in Spain. 21) Bull Fighting Only popular in Spain and Mexico. 22) Badminton A Sport only important cause its an Olimpic Sport, in many countries its just a game. 23) Polo It?s a sport for Aristocrats. Only Popular in Argentina. 24) Australian Football. N?1 Sport in Australia. 25) Hurlingham. Only played in Britain and some parts of USA. 26) Paddle Tennis. Only Popular in Argentina and Spain. 27) Chess. This is not a sport 28) Turf. Gambling not a sport. 29) Shooting. For fight not a sport AnswerFootball is certainly popular in Latin America and Europe and Africa - but it is not the 'national' sport in any meaningful sense of the word in China, India, the United States, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh or Japan. Football carries an enormous amount of gravity in Brazil, of course, and Mexico, I guess. I'm not really sure if Russia and Nigeria identify soccer as the national sport. So, I'll grant that two and maybe four of the largest countries on earth are deeply invested in the sport. Almost half (if you count the countries, not the people). And you can keep working your way down the list of countries with a lot of people in them - Philippines, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Turkey, Iran and Thailand - not really soccer fans in the same way Germany and France take up the sport. It sort of makes you wonder why they call it the World Cup :) AnswerFootball (soccer in the US) is by an enormous margin the most popular sport on Earth: 1) It is true that more countries have a soccer league than actually are members of the UN 2) Only a handful of countries do not attempt to qualify for the world cup. 3) total tv viewing figures for the last world cup add up to 12 times the worlds population. 4) It is the most popular sport by far in all of south America, Europe, Africa, most of Asia and the middle east. I believe the popularity of basketball has been grossly overstated. It has virtually no viewing public in most of Europe. World's Top 10 Spectator Sportssoccer, basketball, formula 1, rugby, Olympics, golf, wrestling, running, cricket and American football I beilive that the top 2 sports in the world is Football(soccer) and then rugby. Because where ever you go in the world if you travel to a semi-major country you can find a rugby team. And i totally disagree with you sources on how rugby is hardly know in East Europe, AFRICA(i disagree with most) and some others. South Africa's rugby team is ranked #2 or #4 in the world, so i seriously doubt that it is hardly known there. Also just because they don't have an international rugby team doesnt mean that they don't know what it is. So next time please try to get more repuatable sources, thank you.
  • *** I also have to disagree with the (un)popularity of rugby. First, to WHICH American continent are you referring? There are TWO, you know. In Argentina and Uruguay, it is actually the second most popular sport (after soccer). I teach alongside an Argentinian, and play rugby on a team with a Uruguayan. Try telling HIM it's not a popular sport in South America...
  • To me, the number one sport in the world is soccer, of course. Then it's basketball. Why basketball? Because of Yao Ming, Basketball is number one in China. It's also growing up in Europe, and South America, like Argentina and Brazil.

    cricket second most popular sport in the world if u haven't noticed

i think it is volleyball. that's what I've heard to

Hello! In all this talk I am amazed that no-one has pointed out that actually there are two different forms of Rugby - in Australia during the summer cricket is the most popular sport, but during the winter Rugby League is top dog - in terms of playing numbers, attendances and tv viewing figures. In Britain domestic Rugby League is the second most watched team sport NOT rugby union - it is only the international matches in rugby union which pull in bigger crowds.

Actually during the winter, Australian Rules football is the number one sport by a long shot in every category. Whomever made the comment about rugby league being number one is completely untrue. In terms of live attendance the AFL draws the second highest average attendance of any sporting league in the world and gets well over twice the spectators rugby does. In terms on participation, more than 530,000 Australians play Aussie rules compared to 196,000 for rugby league. Aussie rules not only wins but dominates in winter.


It's Soccer/football first (with the World Cup being the most higly watched sporting event in the world) followed by the Olympics. Of course those are every four years. The most widely watched event world-wide year after year is FORMULA ONE auto racing.


#1 Is Soccer (Football) #2 is Judo!! Yes Judo, Americans do not realize this but it is very true....

#3 is Rugby, #4 is Baseball, #5 is Cricket and #6 is Football


Soccer, yes. Cricket, rugby, never. Did anybody mention horse racing? Or NASCAR?


Cricket is the Second Most Popular Sport in the World

Source :


Top 3 sports In terms of number of people crazy about it.

1. Soccer (By far the most popular in South America, Europe, Africa and middle east. Somewhat popular in East Asia. Least popular in South Asia(India, Pakistan, Srilanka).

2. Cricket (By far the most popular sport in India with >90% of the billion population crazy about it just like soccer in Brazil. It's also number one sport in Pakistan, Srilanka & Bangladesh. Its a number two in Australia, NewZealand and South Africa. It's also popular in UK and Several African countries.

3. Lawn tennis. This is the sport which is played everywhere in the world and is popular among elite and middle classes throughout the world.

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Do formula 1 cars have power steering?

As per the Formula 1 website 2012/08/04: " Power steering systems are allowed, but these must not be electronically controlled or powered. Four-wheel steering is forbidden. The car's steering wheel, steering column and steering rack all have to pass an FIA impact test."

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What happens if formula 1 drivers champion ship is a tie?

If there is a tie, the driver that has won the most races in the year is named the champion.

If there is a tie for number of wins, the driver with the most second place finishes is named the champion.

If there is a tie for wins and number of second place finishes, the driver with the most third place finishes is named the champion.

The tie breaker rules work their way down the finishing order until the tie is broken.

Going into the final race of the 2010 F1 season, Fernando Alonzo has 5 wins and 246 points, Mark Webber has 4 wins and 238 points, and Sebastian Vettel has 4 wins and 231 points. Incredibly, it is possible that all three drivers could be tied after the final race in Abu Dhabi.

For example ...

If Alonzo finishes 5th and gets 10 points, Webber finishes 2nd and gets 18 points, and Vettel wins and gets 25 points, all three drivers would end the season with 256 points.

The first tie breaker would be number of wins. Alonzo and Vettel would have 5 wins and Webber would have 4 wins so Webber would be eliminated and Alonzo and Vettel would still be tied.

The second tie breaker would be number of second place finishes. Alonzo and Vettel both would have 2 second place finishes so they would still be tied.

The third tie breaker would be number of third place finishes. Alonzo and Vettel would both have 3 third place finishes so they would still be tied.

The fourth tie breaker would be number of fourth place finishes. Alonzo would have 2 fourth place finishes and Vettel would have 3 fourth place finishes. Alonzo would be eliminated and Vettel would be named world champion.

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What is faster an A1 GP car or a formula 1 car?

The A1 GP uses technology based on F1 cars. Rules state that A1 GP cars must weigh 700kg dry and usually make 540bhp or 600bhp for short periods of time.

F1 cars weigh 605kg wet and make up to 780bhp.

A Honda F1 car with it's aerodynamic effects adjusted for top speed, managed to hit 415km/h(258mph) in the Mojave desert.

Based on known statistics, the F1 car will accelerate fast, brake faster and turn faster and in all likelihood have a higher top speed

Formula One

What is the shortest formula 1 circuit?

The street circuit in Monaco

Formula One

Who is winner of recently held Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix?

British driver Lewis Hamilton driving a Vodafone McLaren-Mercedes MP4-27.

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Who was the heaviest Formula 1 driver?

Charlie Dudloey

Formula One

How many laps do they do in the Formula One Grand Prix in Melbourne?

The 2010 Australian Grand Prix went 58 laps (307.6 km) around the Albert Park street circuit in Melbourne.

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How much does a race car clutch cost?

Average road racing clutches range anywhere from $350 to $600+. These clutches differ from drag racing clutches though. And the average F1 clutch style ranges from $500 to well over $1000 without a flywheel going with it.

Formula One

Who is Dorothee Schumacher?

dorothee schumacher is a German fashion designer

Formula One

What is a parabolica at Monza Race Circuit?

Curva Parabolica is the name of the long, sweeping 180 degree turn that ends at the beginning of the front straight of the Circuit.

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What English race car driver had a car named after him?

Graham Hill did set up his own racing team called Hill racing the year before he died in 1975.

(Bruce McLaren was from New Zealand by the way).

Frank Williams was previously a racing driver, he currently runs the Williams F1 team.

3 Time F1 world Champion Jackie Stewart previously ran the Stewart F1 team

Ken Tyrrell was a British Formula 2 racing driver who previously ran the Tyrrell F1 team

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What is the most popular sports team in the world?

without doubt a football team is the largest club i the world....begins with M and ends in has to be a football team because such sports as all the American sports are only played in or around there own borders...where as us English invented the rules of football....every single country which has embraced football..have re-invented the game of football...and know one nation plays a similar sort of game..and that is the beauty of the game...the reason that football is the the sport of kings is because it is cheap and you can it any where without forking out large amounts of money..or even large amount of can be played with ...way over a hundred....saying that i wouldn't fancy being in the net for the latter....

AnswerManchester United would probably be, seeing as they are the richest club in the world, in the hugely popular club football scene. They also have legions of diehard fans on every continent, that's hard to beat. AnswerManchester Utd have the widest fan base of any team in the world, especially in China and Indonesia - and you'd have to say that anyone who has those places has the world, since 20% of the world is Chinese and 4% is Indonesian (cp 7% EU, 4.6% USA, 1.9% Japan).

Of other soccer teams, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Arsenal, Inter & AC, Juventus and of course now Chelsea, have international followings, but not even Real can match Man U's sales of shirts and TV rights around the world (it helps that Man U are playing in a truly exciting league, but that's another matter).

US sports teams fail to make much impact outside of America and former American colonies/occupied territories (such as Cuba and Japan), which is partly a result of the structure of US sports: with no relegation/promotion and with spending caps, no team dominates for more than a season or so, meaning that it's hard to pick up an international following. As well as, of course, the fact that they have so many ad breaks that no international viewers ever stick around for the end of a game. New York Yankees might appear popular on the streets of Europe and South America, but really its their caps that are.

And it's from South America that the world's most popular team truly comes from (though it lives for the most part in Europe): Brazil's national football team, without doubt the most graceful, charismatic and successful sports team in the world. They're everyone's 'second team' and make wearing yellow look good.

AnswerAgree with some... popularity.. Mexico is a soccer country, ask about Manchester United, nobody will tell u is a popular team, Real Madrid now, 2005 is most popular, as Brasil Natl Team also is.Anyway like it or not NY Yankees are known everywhere around the world even if baseball is only a minor sport. Of course because of the movies, caps.. but the REAL TRUE IS that is far more known. Can't say that of Manchester U. (try to ask a farmer from Nebraska or Idaho..). AnswerI have to agree with one of two of the previous posts. The most popular and well known athletic team in the world would have to be either the LA Lakers or the NY Yankees.

The person who claimed than Man Utd. was more popular simply based on the total population of China and Indonesia? Well, their argument would be more valid if the majority of people in those countries - especially China, were wealthy enough to own televisions or purchase tickets to soccer games. I know there are plenty of people living there who do not live in poverty, but the fact remains that many, many people in these overcrowded, poor countries don't even have electricity or running water.

Just because a country is very heavily populated doesn't mean that ''everyone'' who lives there has the same tastes or preferences either.

So the ''population'' argument is moot.

While soccer is ''finally'' gaining popularity over here, the only reason so many people in the US are familiar with Manchester, is because Beckham and his Spice Girl were/are plastered all over the tabloids so often. Even then unless the reader is a soccer (of football) fan, someone might recognize his name ("Mr. Posh Spice" LOL)or his face yet still have no idea what Manchester United is.

AnswerI think as far as having the most FANS probably Man U takes it. However as far as overall popularity or recognition... no one comes close to the Yankee logo. You can go anywhere in the world from eskimos up north to islanders in the south pacific and you will find SOMEONE wearing a Yankee Cap or T-shirt... even in Manchester and Liverpool!!!

The same cant be said about Man. U. Like I said, I do believe the most numerous, loyal and rabid fans of anyteam in the world.. but I don't think they are the Red Devils are the most RECOGNIZABLE...

The only team that I believe comes close is the BRAZIL National team. That yellow and green jersey is unmistakeable.. AND it has become a big fashion statement to wear... particulary here in New YOrk and in Miami..... I wear it myself and I am not from Brazil

AnswerI'm from China and i want to clarify that Basketball and not soccer, is now the most popular sport here. The Rockets(Yao) or the Chicago Bulls followed by Real Madrid and then Manchester City (Chinese player Sunjihai plays there) would be the most popular teams here. AnswerAlthough I stand on saying that Yankees are the most KNOWN sports team in the world there's no doubt about that on the soccer side Real Madrid is the most important Club Team and only Brazil is at the same level. Ask any player: there are great teams in the world but only TWO that any professional player dream to face or play in, REAL MADRID and BRAZIL'S NATIONAL TEAM. The rest, Milan, Manchester U., Bayern Munich, etc are just great teams. the problem is that living in an anglosaxon country make u have a missperception of the reality (UK case is a good example). Real Madrid has followers all around the world, Europe, America, Asia... You wouldn't find a Manchester fan in the whole LatinAmerica which is, as far as I know, SOMETHING in the soccer world. AnswerThe worlds most popular team has to come from the worlds most popular game, so it has to be Football "Soccer"....The World Game. My choice is Real Madrid as the most popular and successful football club team in history and Brazil as the most successful and popular country team in history. Both are widely supported right across every corner of the globe, especially Europe, Asia, and South America. Manchester United would be 3rd on my list, however does not have the reach in South America and Real Madrid have overtaken them in Asia. Real Madrid having just overtaken Manchester United as the biggest club earner in football is further proof of their popularity. AnswerThe awnser is right under your fingertips...the internet will tell you that the most searched far is the Dallas Cowboys..there has to be something to be said for that...and the Manchester united argument...the population of china completley blows out the population of the entire European area...china is a very loyal no Manchester united is not the most popular team in the world...Yankees or Cowboys is number 1 by merchandise salesz worldwide...look it up! AnswerTo the last person that said the cowboys or the Yankees were the most popular team in the world...

Fact 1: The number of internet hits and merchanise sale is not a true reflection on the popularity of a team. The sheer buying power of the US alone would dwarf many many countries. Football is "the world game" and most countries in Africa, Asia and South America simply don't have the money to buy these little luxuries that we enjoy. American sports are big money sports, unfortunately the vast majority of it's following and popularity are very much confined to the US.

Fact 2: The Football World Cup is the largest single sporting event on the planet, watched by even more people than the Olympic games, which is the 2nd largest sporting event, therfore it is crystal clear where the most poular team in the world would come from.

AnswerWhat the Cowboys person said, as I do, is that Yankees are probably the most KNOWN sport team. Of course this doesn't mean most popular -no one argues soccer popularity worldwide- and opposed to what you state, no soccer team is as known simply because there are too many popular soccer teams. Contrary to this, Yankees capitalize most of the following outside the US, from baseball fans, same can be said about NFL Cowboys. Yankee logo is unbeatable.I live in Europe so have a litle perspective on this. AnswerYou guys have the wrong idea. Really even though soccer is the most popular sport in the world, by viewing power and cheering power it has to be the ny Yankees. The Yankees have grabbed players from all parts of the world, (ie: hideki matsui from japan, chien-ming wang from tawian, Jose contreras from cuba, mariano rivera form panama, just to name a few)they grab the interest of every culture with a tv. While in America our football is the most popular sport and the green bay packers are probably the most popular team, in the world the Yankees are a staple. You couldn't go to a country with a tv and find no one who knows the Yankees. Besides although man u is popular in America no one knows them. We do have quite a few people here.
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How far can a car go at 45 mph in 5 seconds?

45 mph = 45 miles in an hour = 0.75 miles in a minute = 0.0625 miles in 5 seconds = 0.1 km = 100m.

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How do you make u the subject of the formula 1 over f equals 1 over u plus 1 over v?

1/f = 1/u+1/v

Subtract 1/v from both sides:

1/f-1/v = 1/u

Multiply all terms by fv:

fv/f - fv/v = fv/u => v-f = fv/u

Multiply all terms by u:

u(v-f) = fv

Divide both sides by v-f which will then make u the subject of the formula:

u = fv/v-f

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How do race car drivers draft?

Great question. The easy answer here would be to say that the front car punches a hold in the air, and the second follows through that hole, then requiring less power to go the same distance. If you notice when jets fly, they fly side by side. A plane requires air to propel, and for lift under the wings. If they flew one behind the other, the second would not have air for these issues. Thus, falling out of the sky. Now, this is where things get a little deep. As the air passes over, and down the side of the car, when t gets to the end of the vehicle, the air swirls, like a whirlpool, thus "sucking" backward on the car. The second car keeps the air going straight over, or down its panels, and removing that "dirty air," or suction, from the rear of the front car. This is why two cars hooked up going down a straightaway, can go faster than one. You can model this at home with a small fan, a couple of model cars, and a smoke emitting object. Chuck......

Formula One

2007 formula 1 world championship table?

The Drivers championship standing was as follows.

1. Kimi Raikkonen - 110 points (Champion)

2. Lewis Hamilton - 109 points

3. Fernando Alonso - 109 points

The Constructors championship standing was as follows.

1. Ferrari - 204 points (Champion)

2. BMW - 101 points

3. Renault - 51 points

McLaren actually had 218 points but were disqualified by the FIA after the spying scandal and hence Ferrari won the constructors title.

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What do race Car Drivers Like to do?

They like to "xlr8"

Formula One

Why formula one is so popular?

Grand Prix racing was always popular in various countries in Europe, even before it changed its name to Formula 1.

Initially, in the early 1900s, there was a great enthusiasm in the automobile and automotive racing.

So the first official Grand Prix was held in 1906 as sort of an Olympic Games or World Cup for automotive manufacturers.

The governments of Italy, Germany and France even subsidized racing teams for reasons of national propaganda.

By the late 50s most of the auto makers were gone and specialized racing teams were dominating the grid. Only Ferrari and Lotus were making cars.

Drivers, witch are seen as national heroes and great athletes, became the reason why many watched the sport.

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How tall is Sebastian Vettel?

5 ft something.

He's not that tall.

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Who owns formula one?

Bernie Ecclestone

Formula One

Why does a race car driver wear arm restraints?

To keep the driver's arms within the car to prevent flailing and cut down on the prospects of arm injury in the event of a rollover incident.

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How many Australian's have won the formula 1 driver's championship?

Through the 2009 F1 season, 2.

Jack Brabham in 1959, 1960, and 1966 and Alan Jones in 1980.

Formula One

What is KERS in f1 car?

KERS stands for 'Kinetic Energy Recovery System' and is where energy produced from the rear axle when the driver applies the brakes is stored in a battery. The driver can then use this energy from the battery for an extra boost of power when attempting to overtake another driver or when defending from being overtaken by another driver. Each car equipped with KERS may use this extra energy, approximately 80 horsepower and activated by pressing a button on the steering wheel, for a maximum of 6.6 seconds per lap.


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