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Q: Where can I get a picture of Batista's stomach tattoo?
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What does a stomach tattoo symbolize?

There are an infinite number of meanings that a stomach tattoo may have. Maybe someone's loved one died of cancer found in the stomach for example.

Marty Stuart is there a picture of his tattoo?

Yes, there's a picture of Marty Stuart's tattoo. If you go to his official website or his IMDB website, you can see this picture.

Who batistas girlfriend?

he has no gf

Why is a tattoo across the stomach called a rocker?


What tattoo does pimp c have on his stomach?

His sons name

What does rey mysterio's stomach tattoo say?


What does that tattoo on Nelly's stomach say?


When was Batistas first match?


Is Dave Batistas daughter dead?


Did Russell brand get his tattoo removed?

He doesn't have a tattoo on his stomach. That was for his characters in the films Get Him To The Greek and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

What does the tattoo on cm punks on his stomach say?

Straight Edge

What does cm punks tattoo say on his stomach?

Straight Edge