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What does the Zija diet program consist of?

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Zija is a dietary supplement program. There are day capsules, night capsules, tea, premium tea, smart mix, super mix, meal replacement, and a several other items that may be purchased with the system. It is made from extract of the morninga "mircale" tree and other ingredients. The plus side of the program is they do seem to encourage changing to a healthier diet and more exercise. Their website contains a lot of pics of people working out, and talks about eating boxed food versus fresh. It is said to increase energy and provide vitamins and minerals. There are several testimonials saying that the product worked for them, and that they lost weight. The down side is that is contains some ingredients that may be problematic. Phenylethylamine is sometimes used recreationally and can have addictive properties when used regularly. It is also said to cause "crashes" as levels drop. Low amounts caused toxicity during animal testing. Before it is processed, the morninga tree is actually a food source in some part of the world. It is said to aid in a number of things from sex drive to asthma. However, the roots and extract are documented to have negative side effects. According to WebMD, it has been reported to cause paralysis, miscarriage, and death.
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Are Bad-Dragon toys awesome?

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Wise Westie = Awesome Bad-Dragon toys = Awesome Wise Westie + Bad-Dragons toys + Awesome
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Can a vaginal bacterial infection clear up on its own?

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Bacterial vaginosis is likely to clear up on its own if a short-term problem caused the vaginal imbalance. If the symptoms continue, seeing your health care provider for treatment options makes sense. Treatment of bacterial vaginosis, however, is not an emergency if the patient has no pelvic pain or painful intercourse; taking time to see if you can get back into balance is a reasonable approach. Avoid douching, avoid the use of strong/fragranced/deodorant/antibacterial soaps in the vaginal area, don't use "wet wipes" after using the toilet (plain water is fine). Stop the use of thong underwear for a little while, using it only for the outfits that really require it. If you have any kind of anal sex play with a finger, sex toy, or penis, be sure it's washed well before it goes into your vagina. Avoid fragranced tampons or pads, as well as those that contain baking soda. Consider using condoms for a while, not because the problem is sexually transmitted, but because semen changes the pH of the vagina and may make it harder to get back into balance. The answer below, which talks about bacterial vaginosis resulting from "yeast overgrowth" is not an accurate view of the vaginal flora. While both yeast and bacterial vaginosis can result in vaginal symptoms, they are different problems with different symptoms, natural histories, and etiologies. While either may result from a dearth of normal vaginal flora, In addition, in contrast to the information below, antibiotics do not kill all bacteria indiscriminately. There are broad spectrum antibiotics that may affect the vaginal flora, and others with a more narrow spectrum that are less likely to increase the risk of vaginitis. Many women note an increased risk of yeast infections, for instance, after using amoxicillin. Nitrofurantoin, in contrast, is unlikely to cause such disturbances. Some women have an increased risk of yeast infections when using hormonal contraception. Changing the mix of hormones to one with a different balance of progestin and estrogen may be helpful. There are effective nonhormonal methods available as well. If you feel that you have more vaginitis since starting hormonal birth control, talk with your health care provider about options that meet your needs.
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Name an oil used as a medicine?

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codliver oil, lavender oil, fish oil, apricot kernel oil
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Do Kinoki detox foot pads work?

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The best answer is probably: As far as I can tell, there doesn't appear to be any legitimate research done on this product, but it is unlikely that they are effective, as is typical when something has this much marketing behind it and no formal research. Their website just cites testimonials, one of which references an article in the Journal of Immunity, which despite its name is not an actual medical journal, and is actually another compilation of testimonials. A little research into how the body detoxifies (the liver) will tell you that the whole idea of removing "toxins," "parasites," and even "cellulite" from the bottom of the feet is completely false. The surface of the pad picks up dead skin and dirt, and a chemical on the pad ensures the color. Repeated use of this pad will clean your feet, but nothing else. It is known that when water is applied to the pad, it will turn brown. It may be only affective is slowly hindering the sweat glands in the feet over time. It would be an explanation for the lightening each day. From other members of the community: No. Well I used it once and I felt much better. I used the footpads and believe they work, because one night I placed the pads on my heels and the parts of the pad that were against the sides of my foot remained white. Only the part against the bottom of my foot turned brown. No they do not, bogus. I have never used them, nor do I think they work. I think many of the testimonials and other positive feedback about them works with the placebo effect. You believe a desired reaction will occur from a treatment, so your body reacts the way you expect it to when you use above said treatment. Who cares if it acts a placebo as long as you "think" it is going to work than that is the end result everyone wants. Does anyone really care how we get healed as long as we are healed? While the placebo effect may result in people feeling better, it has no bearing on the claim that the footpads remove any toxins, therefore any change in toxins cannot be explained by the placebo effect After using the footpads one night, there was brown in the pad. Yuck. I guess it does work. However, I didn't feel any differently. Maybe I need to use them until they are clear of all brown. I'm going to try the epsom salt water. However, I won't see if any brown (toxins) are being removed to determine if it does indeed work. I must admit I have never personally tested the products, but if they are anything like other foot detox cures the reason the pads turn brown/black is because ferrous (iron-based) particles oxide (rust) when they come in contact with the sweat coming from your feet. As the particles change from their original state there will be less iron to react the next night than there was the previous night, leading to impression that your "toxin level" is decreasing. The footpads do not work. The discoloration on the pad is just an iron reaction with your sweat (basically creating rust on the pad). The change in time of the color of the pad until it is white is due to a layer (Im not sure of what yet) being deposited on your foot by the pad. When you dont wear the pad for a few days (ie, building up toxins) your socks, shoes, etc rub this layer off and when you wear the pad again after not having worn it for a few days, it will turn dark again, gradually build up another layer on your foot and the cycle repeats.. Any feeling of health obtained by the use of this product is the same as with a clinical placebo trial. It prays off the power of the mind. When you buy into the claims that it works, your expect it to work. You use it (expecting to feel better in the morning) and because you see a reaction (the pad turns dark) you think you are getting healthier and feel better. I would be willing to bet if you went to the doctor, had a blood tox screen done before using the pads, and without changing anything in your daily life, used the pads and had another round of blood tox screens done after the pad turned white, they would be virtually identical, even with the dark pad color. I just order the Kinoki foot pads and will tell you if they work or not in a later posting. If toxins can be eliminated through the skin and/or through perspiration, why would this not work to eliminate toxins? Which toxins are eliminated is the big question, but it seems to me that the basic premise is a simple and proven one. The "foot pad" is white but contains a brown powder. When the pad gets wet, the brown shows through. You attach the pad to your foot with unbreathable adhesive, so, of course, your foot sweats during the night and wets the brown powder. I took a pad a put a tiny bit of distilled water on it and it turned brown. I feel so stupid. A friend of mine is a doctor, and I'm a Chef. We went to a free massage session in a nice part of San Diego. As a trial gift/thank you we were given "foot pads." She laughed later. She told me it doesn't take much to turn a "foot pad" to a different color. I tried it and yes they were brown. She told me that you can't remove toxins through your feet via a foot pad (not do you need detoxifiers, your body does it naturally). She told me this was in 2004!!! They may work on the technology called Chelation Therapy- which can have serious side effects and requires close medical supervision, and is very misleading. Chelation therapy is a very safe and effective therapy. It has been used since WW2 for standard therapy for the removal of heavy metals and is very popular in alternative medicine. Clinical studies are now being done for use in clearing up blockages. Doctors with experience have had very good results with Chelation Therapy. The white pads contain a light brown powder. When the powder gets wet, the powder/pad turns brown. You use unbreatheable adhesive to attach the pad to the bottom of your foot. Of course your foot sweats at night while you sleep and makes the pad wet -> brown. I put 5 drops of distilled water on one of the pads and it did the same thing - dark brown. I've read all these comments.. and some of you are doing JUST WHAT THE KINOKI people want you to do.. BUY THEIR SCAM PRODUCT. I'm laughing my head off - and at the same time, trying to figure out what kind of scam product I can create that gives just enough results "of some undefined type" to question whether or not it really works, then charge people for it and make a million! 20/20 Investigate Report. No, they don't work. It's a scam. They just had a special on 20/20 about how they don't work. They had scientific studies proving that it is not possible and did tests on the pads. The dark stuff that acts as toxins is merely placed in there and is even activated by distilled water. Why not try? I do not believe there is any published data--proving or disproving--on the Kinoki foot pad approach, but I see no harm in one trying it. Certainly, it would be safer and cheaper than many of the commonly prescribed drugs that cause hundreds of thousands of terrible side effects and early deaths in the United States each year. Today, we have kids down to age 5 being drugged for acting like kids who aren't being fed or raised right, suicides in all age groups increasing five-fold as a result of using SSRIs, a four-fold increase in cardiovascular disease since statin drugs were introduced in 1997, and hyperinsulinemia causing an epidemic of obesity and diabetes, at the total disregard by an entire healthcare field. Healthy people who are merely semi-dehydrated are put on diuretics at the peril of hypoxia and microvascular hypotension, those who need dietary changes are put on anti-reflux meds that cause terrible nutritional deficiencies, causing the loss of myelin and a host of idiopathic conditions that are mistreated with anti-convulsants, anti-seizure, and addictive pain killers. So, I say, why not Kinoki? Try it and see if it helps you. I read where one woman said it brought down the swelling of her ankles when conventional medicine only made it worse. Another said the pain in their feet resolved after only a week of using it. Another claimed they slept better and woke up feeling refreshed, something prescribed drugs failed to do. Placebo effect? Who knows? But then myriad studies show the placebo effect to be more powerful than many of the drugs commonly prescribed today, and without the side-effects. As a long-time researcher, I can attest that gentle is always better than forced, natural better than synthetic, and true health better than artificial health. As far as hard metal toxicity, our population is loaded with it. Most cases are chronic, causing a host of chronic diseases and deterioration states; some acute, needing immediate attention, but not getting it, except in the form of psychotropic drugs. EDTA oral chelation appears to the best solution for both chronic and acute cases, with lots of small-scale assay studies backing it up. Properly prepared and utilized there have been no reports of side-effects using EDTA oral chelation. But those with an interest in perpetuating the failed treatments of allopathy and Big Pharma are skeptical of it. Again, I say the gentle long-term effects of alternative is better than the bullying short-term results of allopathy; natural is better than synthetic; real healing is better than artificial appearances of healing. To those who have to break outside the box to find effective treatments, more power to them. Certainly, they could do no worse by doing so. Positive results. I have a tendency to try things out first before I decide if they are legit. Sometimes I get burned and throw my money away, so to speak, but when that happens, believe me, I let all my friends & family know and my money never goes in that direction again. I purchased the kinoki footpads because my feet would hurt so bad when I would stand up and put weight on them, anyway they did not help me for the first 3 days but I kept putting them on each night, they were more of a black brown in color than I saw on TV. The fourth morning after I got up and I walked down the steps and I could tell the difference right away. I have been completely pain free in my feet until recently, these last two days (I used them a little over a month ago) my pads never went to a white color. I used them the whole 2 weeks and the pads went from a large black brown portion of pad to a smaller lighter brown portion of the pad by the end of the 2 weeks. I have been waiting to receive more as I thought I was to receive them every month and I haven't yet. I am going to call the company and get more, I thought they were to be a lifetime supply. I'm not sure why exactly these work but I've contacted the Better Business Bureau in my state before to complain about products that don't work and I've received my investment back before. I just hope I don't have a hassle receiving more of these. I've soaked my feet in epson salt before and I've gotten relief for tired sore feet when I was younger but there definitely is a difference when I used these pads and less the water mess hassle. Response to "why not try?" and "Positive Results." The "why not try" posting reiterates that real healing and effective treatments are better than artificial ones--that is our point. The best that these foot pads offer is an artificial feeling of well-being. The color change on the pads is from the sweat on your feet reacting with iron within the pad. When iron reacts with oxygen, it forms rust (a brownish hue). Iron also produces a black color upon reaction with many other elements/compounds that your feet could pick up. This effect is evidenced by pouring pure water on the pad--the pad still turns brown. This is from the Oxygen from the water (H2O). It turns out the foot pads are actually using heavy metals as "indicators" of "the release of heavy metals and toxins" on the pad. The absorbant material does result in the uptake of some chemicals, but you may in fact be introducing more toxins than you are releasing. The fact that you are having trouble receiving your monthly shipments of your "lifetime supply" should be the finalizing proof that these detox foot pads are a rip-off, just another TV scam. Just type something like "iron oxidation in foot detox pads" into google and you will get plenty of feedback. For example, the publicized study on Kinoki foot pads can be found at ( The question remains how they can sell a product that does not work. Its called fraud and deception. In the past, the government would put a stop to this but then that's when we had a government. Debunking footpads. There are three minerals (rocks) in nature that naturally emit heat. One is uranium (NOT safe to use!) They include ground up pebbles of one of the other three rocks that is harmless to the body). The heat from the rocks plus the natural heat from your feet (your feet are among the warmest parts of your body (that's why feet smell sooner than other parts of the body!) increase the sweating of the feet generating extra sweat. The type of tree bark and root they use turns to yucky brown gunk when subjected to salt water at a relatively low temperature (i.e. 98.6 degrees). Dip a pad into simulated human sweat (98.6 water with a certain amount of salt and other minerals) and, walla!, the pad will drip with brown yucky gunk! All ads are CAREFULLY written to skirt the edge of FDA rules of advertising product. LOTS of glowing testimonials but few reports from accredited labs of what is in that brown gunk. Some are worthless but with lots of charts and graphs. Like what the pad cloth is made of! Boy is that important! Totally bogus but what I've told many people who are zealots to these pads, if it makes you feel better, do it! It may just be "sugar pill" relief but, sometimes, sugar pills are worth the price if you are frantic for relief. I know. I was. I have been fighting Lyme disease for many years and have finally found real answers. These foot pads were among the many things I tried. I'm also a research engineer so I know how to do proper testing. I also debunked ion foot baths if you've tried one of those. HUNDREDS of glowing reports but the relief wears off after a few hours. Put your feet into warm water and relax for 30 minutes and you will feel better with or without the foot bath. There are so many bogus products preying on desperate people that the small percentage of non-FDA approved products that DO help get lost in maze. What a shame! And extra shame on those who prey on people who are just seeking medical relief! I am normally a very skeptical person. I am a doctoral candidate in cognitive science. I am non-religious and non-superstitious. The footpads may be a scam but I decided to try them because my wife ordered them anyway - and maybe there's something to them. I've used the footpads during two runs of consecutive nights. The first time I used about five pads total and then quit using them. I am now on my second run. One thing I have noticed is that I use the bathroom (solid waste) several times a day when I have been using them. I go significantly more than I would normally, and the stools seem to be getting lighter. I don't know if a placebo effect could cause such a drastic change in bowel movements. I don't know if I necessarily feel better, but I certainly don't feel any worse. To the most recent poster, if they make you feel better, by all means use them! They are not expensive but be careful not to pay the huge markup of some brands ("As seen on TV"). They all come from one of a few factories in Japan and there is NO difference despite the HUGE difference in prices. There are hundreds and hundreds of resellers. Everyone from no medical training to Naturopathic accredited doctors. Buying on eBay is a good source. When I was trying them out, I bought from several eBay resellers. The resellers all truly believe in what they sell and often use the pads themselves. But you may wish to take some and subject them to simulated human sweat (look it up - 98.6 degree water, some salt, etc. - not hard to make) and then compare the yucky brown gunk from the ones from your feet and ones subjected to imitation human sweat. The texture, smell, taste (yuck!) and any other comparison you can think of. You'll find the two to be identical. I have about $200 of unused pads (I bought way too many wholesale all at once before I figured out the truth) but cannot bring myself to sell them on Ebay convinced they are worthless. Taking someone else's money for something I consider worthless. BUT it does seem to provide relief to some users even if it is a "sugar pill" effect. Time will tell. Here are some new updates. My wife purchased the pads. I am a believer of both sides of medicine (natural or clinical). And I believe I am fair. What I agree with is this. Chemical reaction, absolutely. Why It can be sold. Because technically it does end up with detox properties, so It makes its claim. I was not looking for a cure for anything, so I Im not claiming miracle. I did feel a little better. I have no explanation. I am waiting for someone with a microscope to investigate exactly what was in the pad after the use. That should answer all the questions we are looking for. If it is above and beyond a bandaid left on over night,,,,,then we have a winner. Simply compare the two. Last but not least, I do not believe that it is effective enough to be sold as a positive life saver. Comparing it to this: If I had a bullet wound, would I use an aspirin as a cure. NO! Therefore, using KINOKI pads to cure an element as extreme as cleansing the body...not effective enough. So no, not a good purchase. Do they work? A little bit. Lets face it, I live in Los Angeles, and I suck up a dozen pads worth of junk each day!! If anyone does buy these pads (worthless to me but do what you want!) I strongly suggest you buy on eBay. Search for detox foot pads or the like. There are dozens of sellers. Dozens of varieties that claim to cure everything from bad breath to cancer. Have fun shopping! They are a tenth !!!!!! the price that Kinoki charges. They all come from ONE factory in Japan. You can become a dealer for the Japanese company for not too much money. But paying the Kinoki price is crazy. After you get suspicious cut one open and look for the tiny rocks that emit heat that make your feet sweat and makes the tree bark turn yucky brown. I forgot the name of the Japanese tree bark that does this - emits gunk when hot and wet. I found it somewhere. Do not ask any seller for lab results as all you'll get are testimonials. It's a scam but if it makes you feel better -- do it! Just do it cheap. Buy on eBay. SAME EXACT FACTORY and product. Yes, all true. If someone buys the fairly prices ones on eBay and makes sure to get good quality from Kenrico that's OK. They are still worthless but the quality is very good and, on eBay, shopping around gets you a good price. But be sure to ask if they come from Kenrico. I was wrong about only one factory making them all. That was last year. There now seem to be others. Some are OK and some are not much more than saw dust in a bag. Then enough tourmeline to heat up the foot. If it makes you feel better it is worth the money. Worthless but feeling better mentally is worth something. It seems so many people here are seeking ways to detox please let me list how I detoxed plus rid my body of heavy metal. I hope it helps you. I took cilantro for two months and the high level of many metals in my body were then GONE (tested by an infectious diseases doctor and an accredited lab). Cilantro from a pharmacy - NOT in the grocery section. I've had so many people ask about how I detoxed I posted it on the Internet. I was suffering from Wilson's Syndrome My body temp was 92 degrees and body pH 4.7. My metabolis has STOPPED so they "bad stuff" was getting in but not getting out. Now I'm OK. All the hundreds of detox herbal meds are worthless. Your body has to detox itself. And it will if you get your metabolism working again and treat your body well (no smoking, drink lots of water, avoid acidic foods and junk food). I am NOT a doctor so I am NOT giving medical advice. Just do what you want. It worked for me. One final note, the effect of armour thyroid is beginning to wear off on me so I'm going to see a thyroid doctor (endocronologist) and get a prescription for pure compounded (meaning the pharmacist makes it fresh right then) T3. There are compounding pharmacies in most cities. Ask around. Good luck! Some thyroid doctors are aware of this and some are not. Some just push synthroid on patients which makes them worse as it is all T4 and no T3. The body overdoses on T4. The body NEEDS T3. These pads are 100% bogus. But if they make you feel better - do it! We all swear by "miracle cures" that make no sense. The simple answer is, "No." Kinoki detox foot pads are a scam no matter how you look at it. They simply can't do what is claimed. Some of their claims are so far over the top, nothing does what they advertise. And they pile it on like no other quackery has. Viewing the advertisements with even the slightest skeptical perspective should be convincing enough. To make matters worse - but clearer - the product itself is designed to deceive. A drop of pure distilled water will turn the pads dark. A person's natural sweat will activate the ingredients in the pads to turn dark and smell. Please read this report from John Stossel of ABC News: a summary article here: "Editorial: It is a shame that retail stores such as CVS, Walgreens, Bed, Bath, & Beyond sell this quackery. Their brands imply an integrity that is tarnished by selling scam healthcare products."
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What can icy hot be used for?

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icy hots can be used to soothe backs, necks. shoulders, sore throats and other physical pain.
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Is force factor good?

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It is not "Bad" for you. But it must be used properly, go by the directions on the package. Drink plenty of water(64-128oz), and keep up your physical exercise! I personally do not like Force Factor because of its price. There are some cheaper alternatives, such as N.O.-Xplode.
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Where did acupressure come from?

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Legend has it that acupuncture and acupressure evolved as early Chinese healers studied the puncture wounds of Chinese warriors, noting that certain points on the body created interesting results when stimulated.
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Wise men who gave incense?

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Matthew's gospel records that wise men came from the East bringing gifts. Nowhere does it say there were three of them, nor their names - only that they brought three gifts. Each gift was symbolic. Gold symbolised that Jesus would one day be a king. Frankincense (a pure form of incence) symbolised his divinity as incense was used in the Temple at the times of prayer, and myrrh was an ointment used to embalm the dead and symbolised Jesus' suffering. Both frankincense and myrrh are obtained as dried resins from plants. Myrrh is still used today for its medicinal properties, and incense is still burned in many (especially Catholic and Orthodox) churches as it imparts a sweet fragrance to the air. It is also burned in homes as 'joss sticks', although this is a cheap form of incense and not as fragrant as pure frankincense. We are not told in scripture which wise man gave which gift, nor indeed even how many wise men there were.
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Does paw paw ointment help sunburn?

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Yes, it can. However pure organic aloe vera gel repairs damaged skin and is easier to apply to large areas.
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What is the purpose of hydrotherapy?

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Hydrotherapy can soothe sore or inflamed muscles and joints, rehabilitate injured limbs, lower fevers, soothe headaches, promote relaxation, treat burns and frostbite, ease labor pains, and clear up skin problems.
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Is reduplicative paramnesia treatable?

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Sometimes. Various treatments have been tried in clinical trials, from drugs to ECT. However, how patients responded to treatment was varied. (Burgess et al., 1996; Ellis & Szulecka, 1996; Lewis-Lehr, Slaughter, Rupright, Singh, 2000; Weinstein; 1996; Young & Leafhead, 1996)
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How many pills of 5mg-Melatonin can cause absolute and certain death?

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Melatonin is routinely taken by cancer patients at a rate of up to 80mg's (per day) an hour before bedtime, so an overdose would be difficult. We're talking bottles of it to even begin to cause a problem. And experimental (unpublished) studies show that AIDS & cancer patients are taking 100's of MG's per day, but this is a strictly 'under a doctor's care' situation (not only would it be a prescription situation at that point but the patient is in a hospital bed). There are studies done on mice that increased their life span by 25% by adding melatonin to their water bottles, and it was saturated in some mice to an equivalent of a human swallowing a melatonin pill the size of a house brick. Suicidal teens are given melatonin to lessen depression (they also get more sleep by taking it, as do colicky babies to get more sleep, which may reduce SIDS, plus not putting a fan directly on a sleeping infant as this triggers a gasping-to-exhaustion situation, putting them in stress and they later dream of when they were back in the womb when they did not breathe [the autonomic system reverts back and they stop breathing]). So if you are thinking of taking enough melatonin to kill yourself because you are depressed, you would not be able to do it, and in fact the joke would be on you because you would feel better than ever after taking it for a while, because by increasing the percentage of melatonin in your blood you would no longer want to kill yourself. Colicky babies, depressed children, and ADAH situations can have a lower-than-normal producing pineal gland (which produces melatonin), so simply taking melatonin can raise the level and bring back an infant (from crying so much), wild child, teen, or ADAH situation without harmful 'drug the kid into a coma' type pills. For more information about melatonin see the related questions below. A little more.. Studies at U of Maryland have shown that melatonin may act as an antagonist to certain antidepressants. Regarding lethality, the lethal dose seems to be unknown.
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What would cause your right arm to ache and your arm and hand and fingers fell very tingly?

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Lack of Potassium. Trying tomato sauce, or any tomato-based product. You could also drink Garorade or Orange Juice. Not enough information is given to make a deduction. Likely possibilities are carpel tunnel or a pinched nerve. There could be a sports injury, such as a pulled tendon. With any of these cases, a slight amount of low-impact exercise should increase your recovery time, so long as the exercise is not repetitive. The fact that it is localized to your right arm decreases the chance of this being related to a chemical, or diet. If this were your left arm, it could be a sign of heart problems. Answer I once had the upper part of my arm ache and the bottom have and hand numb. The doctor said it was muscle fatigue.
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What is the difference between 'wholistic' and 'holistic'?

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Wholistic means whole body. That means medicine is not organ specific. Its action lies on the whole body. Holistic means medicine based on physical, mental, as well as spiritual aspects of life. .
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How did people preserve substances before you had artificial preservatives?

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Naturally occurring substances such as rosemary extract, hops, salt, sugar, vinegar, alcohol, diatomaceous earth and castor oil are also used as traditional preservatives. Certain processes such as freezing, pickling, smoking and salting.the classic example you can refer to is-mummy from egypt.
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Can you apply tea tree oil to an open wound?

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Tea tree oil is best NOt to be used on an open wound! Could make you immune to the benefits of the oil, or could irritate/cause bad reaction.
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What does 2 iu equal in ml?

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An iu, or international unit, is a measure of "how much active ingredient there is per mil". As such, it can not be converted into mils because it is not a liquid measurement, it is a drug measurement (for measuring tiny amounts).
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Can you collect disability insurance while under treatment for cancer using alternative medicine?

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You would have to review your policy and see if it requires that you are under an MD's care.
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Can you take Noni juice every day during 365 days a year?

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For many people, it would be fine to drink noni juice on a regular basis. There might be times this would be questionable is if there is an unnatural, and possibly harmful ingredient. For instance, most health-concerned consumers would not wish to drink high fructose corn syrup every day, nor would it be good for you (though many people do it). Thankfully though, most noni juice is completely pure. The main ingredient, of course, being the noni (morinda citrifolia) itself. Noni juice contains high levels of proxeronine, a precurser to xeronine, an alkaloid which is known to actually heal cells. Unfortunately, noni does not taste good on its' own, so noni juice also contains the ingredients of other juices. Common juices include apple, pear and beet, and it is then sweetened with a natural sweetener; usually honey. So, in conclusion, for most people it might be okay. Check the ingredients list, just in case. Noni juice may not be safe for people who need to restrict their intake of potassium-rich foods like tomato or orange juice. Brands vary but typically, juice made from noni is high enough in potassium that many kidney patients are advised by their doctors to avoid it. no, and yes, there has been some instances of people getting ill off of noni products and I have read in the following article of an individual dying.
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Is there a Vitamin supplement that repairs torn cartilage?

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Torn cartilage repairs itself with time, usually not too long. If you've damaged a ligament while exercising this will be fine. However, repetitive tearing can possibly lead to arthritis in later years. From the age of about 50 the ability for the body to repair itself is reduced, and this is when the cartilage, as with many other things, will not be repaired properly and arthritis can happen. There are a couple of treatments which can be beneficial. The main one is DMSO, a natural substance derived from wood bark. DMSO can ease muscle pain, and help in the healing process. Its cousin, MSM, also helps in much the same way. It can readily be rubbed on the skin, and will sink through, or you can take it in pill form. It provides fast healing from a natural substance. While DMSO is fairly difficult to get (except through the Internet), MSM can be found at a health food store. The most important mineral for cartilage repair is copper. This is because copper is required for lysil oxidase, the enzyme that cross-links connective tissue. It is not so crucial for tendons since they are not likely to rupture because of lack of cross-links. They can stretch though, and this is rather disadvantageous. However for elastin connective tissue it can be disastrous because elastin depends on its strength from the cross links themselves. A deficiency can be lethal because the blood vessels are formed of elastin. It can also be embarrassing because of hemorrhoids. It can be crippling because the spinal discs above the sacroiliac are formed from elastin.
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Where do you purchase tea tree oil?

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Tea tree oil (from Australia) is usually available in health food stores; a 1 ounce bottle can cost about $10. It's a natural antiseptic. We've used it with good effect on cancer sores. There are also several natural deodorants containing tea tree oil. In Canada I have seen it in drug stores like Shoppers Drugmart, even in Wal-Mart in the pharmacy department. You can also get it on an online store. In America, you can get it at any Walmart, grocery, pharmacy, or health food store. In the UK, you can buy tea tree oil in health food stores, pharmacies and many supermarkets. In California, you can get Tea Tree Oil at Henry's Markets, Whole Foods, or Trader Joe's. Answer2: In addition to the above, check out many online stores, Target, TJ Maxx, Home Goods and Marshall's and Burlington always have on hand.
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What is frankincense essential oil used for?

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== == Frankincense is one of the oils that can really calm and soothe the whole body and mind. It eases all aches and pains, clears the lungs and acts as a skin tonic. * Burners and vaporizers ** In vapor therapy, frankincense can be used for bronchitis, colds, coughs and voice loss, as well as to calm the mind, reduce anxiety and cultivating internal peace and placing past obsessive states into perspective. * Blended massage oil or in the bath ** Frankincense oil can be used in a blended massage oil or diluted in the bath for colds, coughs, bronchitis, rheumatism, chilliness, poor circulation, exhaustion, nightmares, heavy periods, respiratory problems and mucus congestion. It also has a good astringent effect on the skin and perks up older more mature skin and helps wounds, sores and ulcers heal properly. * Creams and lotions ** Frankincense oil can be added to a base cream or lotion to help with general skin tone and condition while reducing oily skin, rejuvenating more mature skin, while at the same time helping wounds, ulcers and sores heal better. * Wash or use as a compress ** To promote healing and prevent ugly scarring on wounds, add a few drops to the water when washing the wound. For cracked skin and bed sores, apply gently (suitably diluted) directly on to affected areas or use as a compress. Frankincence Essential oil is popularly used in aromatherapy. Eassential oils are known antiseptic agents plus the soothing effect. It is used extensively as aromatherapy agent in most hotel spa resorts and wellness centers around UK.

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