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Arm yourself with information before you have that first contraction. Ask questions here about the delivery process, signs of labor, procedures done during labor, medications given and safety precautions.

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Are there natural ways to bring on labor?

One of the few natural ways to stimulate labor that actually works is sexual intercourse. Seminal fluid contains prostaglandins, the same hormonal substances used by doctors to for cervical preparation and stimulation of contractions. Sexual intercourse should be avoided if the membranes are ruptures (bag of waters has broken) or if there has been a problem with bleeding in pregnancy (placenta previa, etc.). If you are not sure if it is safe, ask your doctor or midwife. Folk remedies should probably be avoided....
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Why cant you eat before labor induction?

It's due to the fact that if for some reason you wind up needing emergency surgery (or any other reason that renders you unconscious), you won't vomit while unconscious and suffocate. ...
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Is premature birth a preexisting condition?

No, premature birth is not at all a preexisting condition. Premature birth becomes imminent when the doctor thinks the condition of both mother and child would be safe to allow premature birth. In this way it will not be considered as a preexisting condition while applying for Medical insurance. ...
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Can you lose your mucus plug in early pregnancy?

Depends what you mean by "early pregnancy" since it doesn't start to shape until after the first trimester. Yes you can lose it in early pregnancy, or parts of it, and see your doctor if that is what you think. It regenerates though if you lose it early. If it was the mucus plug it should have been some brown or maybe even red in it. Sometimes the normal discharge (the milky white stuff) can hang up in the vaginal area...
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What would happen if you take castor oil and you are 34 weeks going on 35 weeks?

more than likely nothing it will just make you poop,because your body is not ready to have the baby yet,and you will cramp really bad don't try it ...
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What does it mean when the baby is measuring three weeks bigger than he should?

I had gestational diabetes with my first pregnancy and when they first found out they did a sono and told me the same thing...but when i had him he was only 5lbs 10oz, They told me sometimes measurements can be off. But if big babies run in the family or if you have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes than it would be completely normal. It depends on when the ultrasound is done. An early ultrasound will show a growing fetus, since we...
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Can you get pregnant 20 days after your period?

yes, sexual activity without any protection is always a bad idea unless looking to get pregnant. it is always a possiblity despite the time of ovulation. ...
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Does starfish die after giving birth?

Yes a starfish does die after giving birth to baby starfishies.
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What does stillbirth mean?

When the baby is born dead.
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Can You Be 9 cm Dilated To Start Pushing?

You should only begin active pushing at full dilation (10cm). You may have an urge to push at 9cm but you need to try not pushing to allow the cervix to fully dilate. If you push before full dilation, you can cause the cervix to become swollen and this could slow down the dilation and the delivery, as well as possibly causing trauma to the cervix. If the urge to push is really strong then try some entonox (gas and air...
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What happens if you do not push during childbirth?

You will want to push, the body tells you to. It's harder not to push. Also if it takes too long it can get dangerous and end with a c-section. ...
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Will jasmine tea make a woman go into labor?

I've never heard of inducing labor through tea, but... who knows, I guess that since there are certain chemicals that can induce labor (i.e. Castor oil, or natural oxytocin) but I think that only rose-hip tea has castor, and only sexual means (usually via intercourse or nipple stimulation) causes oxytocin releases... My guess is that jasmine tea'd be fine, but one would need to consult their doctor (OB-GYN, family dr, etc...) first. There are certain herbs that should be avoided during pregnancy but...
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What does it look like to have a baby?

If you do a websearch for "birth videos" you will find a wealth of links to different videos of birth, natural, epidural, c-sections and more. It's a search results page so have a look at the titles and watch what your looking for or watch them all. ...
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Why is Hct below normal after giving birth?

Hematocrit is measures your bloods ability to carry oxygen. The less blood you have the less oxygen it can carry. You bleed about 350ml when you have a vaginal delivery. That is about the amount in a 12oz can of soda. ...
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When does a baby take its first breath?

when it comes out
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35 weeks pregnant and cramping?

If the cramping starts and stops you could be experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions which are normal and not indicative of labor. However, if your amniotic sac breaks and your water starts escaping you are in labor. In either case you should see your doctor. ...
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You are only 29 weeks your doctor just told you i am half a centimeter dilated and 75 percent effaced what does this mean?

Your cervix must dilate (open up) to 10 centimeters before you can essentially, 'push' the baby out. So half a cm is good progress, though it seems a bit early at 29 weeks? 75% effaced: you have to be 100% effaced (thinned out) for the cervix to fully dilate & ready to deliver the baby. So you're just about finished there. ...
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Can stress and upset prevent labor?

prevent i dont think so. stress can make you go into labor . calm down and take it easy .. ...
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What is the act of parturition for sheep?

This is when the ewe is giving birth, you can also call it lambing.
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Can a man be a midwife?

Absolutely, but it is not very common. There are male nurses, which is similar but male midwives will specialize in attending/assisting births. ...
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What is a transverse lie?

Transverse lie is when the baby is laying sideways in the uterus. Sometimes you can get them to change positions before labor starts. Sometimes your care provider can do what is called an external version where they manually scoot your baby into a better position. ...
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Can your sexual position increase your chances of becoming pregnant?

You can, of course, get pregnant having intercourse in almost any position. However any position where the female is sitting, standing, or bending over should be avoided when you're trying to conceive. The sperm may have a very difficult time, if not impossible, getting to your lady's cervix. On Top Woman on top, bottom, sideways, upside down, it doesn't matter. Healthy, motile sperm along with fertile mucus that secretes from the woman will guide the spermies right up to where they should be. I...
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What makes you dilate during pregnancy?

When your body contracts it causes your cervix to open more to allow the baby to come through. ...