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Child Labor

Why does child slavery happen?

One of the reasons for Child Labor to occur, especially in undeveloped countries, is because it is needed due to poverty.

There is a difference between attitude and toleration between the Western World and the Developing countries. For example, a family in Sweden or America frowns upon child labor and believe it is not suitable for children to work; they should be educated and taken care of, letting children be children.
For a family in Bangladesh or Somalia education for children is a distant dream. However, the families poverty and need for sources may evolve in children working. It is not frowned upon, although schooling would be the preferable option.

Child labor is a cause of poverty, lack of resources, lack of money, but also the lack of schooling.

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Child Labor

How does McDonald's use child labor?

mcdonalds uses child labor in china to make happy meal toys. the children r under 15 and are forced 2 live with 15 other kids in horrible conditions and still pay for rent. the hav 2 sleep on wooden beds with no matresses and work 16hrs a day, and gets paid $2 US for the 16 hrs. hope it helped.

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Summer jobs for 13 year olds?

If ur 13 and need a summer job

i would say going out with newspapers

or working at a food stor


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What is the overall conclusion of child labor?

chea wizzz well child labor is a human rights issue and it should be stopped soon

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Child Labor

Write an Essay on bal shram ki samasya in Hindi?

Humhare desh mein jo log gareeb hote hai weh apne bacho ko padane likhane ke bajaye unse kaam karwate hai . Chote-chote bacho se majdoori karwate hai . yeh un bacho par anya hota hai un bacho ka sara bachpan hi unse cheen liya jata hai. main iska bilkul virodh karti hu or chahti hu aa sab bhi mere saath in bacho ke liye kuch kadam uthaye taki yeh bache bhi apna bachpan mooj-masti se nikal sake.............

Child Labor

What brands of chocolate use child labor?

The only ones that i know are Godiva, Kit-Kat and hershey. Though i am not sure sure if they do or not :P

Child Labor

Does Starbucks use child labor?

According to Starbucks' website and their Global Human Rights Statement, they follow child labor laws to the T and thus do not use child labor.

Child Labor

Which was not a negative consequence of child labor?

They earned more money than their parents.

Child Labor

Does Greece have child labor?

After all the research I have done in the past 6 years of my life, I still haven't found out the answer to the question you have asked ME. It truly is a unbelievably hard question. Try asking my old pal Saint Nicholas, I know him quite well. After all, he gives me all the presents I ask him for. Maybe he will grant a wish for you, the wish of finding out the answer to your question. Good luck on your journey to the answer my friend. :)

Child Labor

Does Pacific sunwear use sweatshop labor?

Pacific Sunwear isn't really a brand. It's the brands they sell that are the reason why they are so expensive. So to answer your question, Yes the brands Pacific Sunwear sells do use sweatshops.

Child Labor

What actions did progressives take to help the working poor?

Progressives supported limits on working hours, and laws restricting child labor.

Child Labor

Write an essay on child labour?

There is an old saying that goes 'The child is the father of the man' it simply translates that childhood is the formative period when a man's character is shaped, traits are built and values inculcated. Quality of life at this stage assumes great importance in the light that today's children are tomorrow's adults and would soon be key players or movers and shakers as we call them in the great new world all of us dream of. Unfortunately children as a segment remain a rather neglected and deprived lot in a fast and adult centric world which views everything from its own misconceived perception. Deprivation takes the form of lack of quality time with family, absence of personalized love and a sympathetic ear in the affluent countries while in the third world it is symbolized more starkly in terms of being denied basics like food, clothing, shelter, medical care and education. What is worse is that in the under developed countries children are not just neglected but actively exploited as a means of cheap labour.

Child labour is a crime against humanity, it is an inhuman practice that stunts the physical and mental growth and stifles the free roaming spirit of the child and simply goes against nature. Worse still the victims are too young to even comprehend that they are being exploited. It is among the most serious social issues facing the world today and also among the most complicated. As a practice child labour has existed since time immemorial, in a typical agricultural economy like India a man's worth in the olden days was measured in terms of the number of children he had as more children meant more hands to work in the farm and more produce to be reaped. While this was not certainly desirable, one should also consider that the children could have done little else if they were not working in their father's farm as there were no schools to attend during these times, besides they were not overly burdened with work and fairly well cared for in terms of basic necessities like nutrition and security. The industrial revolution and the resultant exodus to the urban areas in search of jobs and a livelihood marked the beginning of child labour assuming startling proportions and becoming a major social issue. Children on account of their innate innocence and helplessness became hapless victims in the new industrial era of increased production, competition and an unlimited opportunity to make money and businesses looking for a cheap and unquestioning labour force.

Most of us would recall the little boy with a twinkle in his eye cleaning the dinner table in our weekend eat out, a fiver pressed into his palm and a pat on his back being our two great gestures to assuage our guilt before we walk out uneasily groaning under the weight of a sumptuous filling. He is among the millions of this nation's underprivileged and exploited children running the looms in the zari embroidery works toiling in the dark and dinghy rooms, cutting his fingers and the silkworms infecting his wounds to keep our womenfolk fashionable and the merchants wealthy, he inhales the fumes and toxic chemicals in the marble quarries of Kota and match/fireworks industries of Sivakasi so we could have well polished floors and make merry during Diwali, he languishes in the wayside dhaba, polishes your shoes as you rush to work, accompanies the truck driver as a cleaner boy and engages in an endless list of adult activity to earn a square meal for himself and his family. Children are also employed in slaughter houses, pubs and cabaret halls in utter disregard to their sensibilities and the fact that they are in a stage where absorption of peer groups is fast and being exposed to such activity could leave a serious and permanent scar on their psyche. In the economically backward areas child labour takes the more exploitative and oppressive form of 'bonded labour', here they are sold like cattle to their benign owners who treat them no better than that. In a broad sense however all child labour is bonded, they may not be in chains and may be free to leave, but they are nevertheless under bondage, so long as they are in a place against their wish and will and discharging duties quite beyond their age and toiling for their survival.

Child Labour is a complex issue, it raises questions that are difficult to answer, it has no simplistic solutions and needs to be tackled at different levels. India is a signatory to the

both the UN Convention and the ILO (Intl Labour Organization) that strictly ban employing children below the age of 14, closer home we have the Child Labour Act of 1986. As in many other cases the law breakers do so with impunity with a corrupt and insensitive official machinery looking the other way and making a mockery of the legal process. The fact that the exploited have no other choice and are willing to readily give themselves up to the exploiters than starve makes it difficult to liberate them. Non Government bodies like the Centre of Concern for child labour, social awareness organizations and pressure from organizations from abroad in the form of banning import of products made with child labour have had a better impact in curbing the menace of child labour or improving their working condition than the child labour laws which exist only on paper or their enforcers.

In conclusion we could say that the solution to child labour could come only with a genuine change of heart and concern to fellow human beings until then we need to constantly educate the people on how unfair and unjust it is to employ child labour.Real liberation is possible only when the economic divide between the rich and the poor is narrowed and parents are not compelled to send their children to work as the only means to survive. While you may be able to deter employers from hiring children through strict implementation of child laws, policing and imposing high penalties on defaulters, how are we going to tackle the larger issue of making good the loss in revenue to the family whose only sustenance was the income the child was bringing in? Saving the child from an exploiting employer and leaving the family with no other option could be like a shift from the boiling water to the fire. While the exploiter would go on with his business with adult employers after paying the penalty it is the rescued child and his/her family that needs to face the uncertainty of loosing their source of income.

The least we could do as individuals when we come across a child in harness of any kind is to be considerate to him/her as we would be to our own young ones, we may not be able to save him or support him but a little kindness, forgiveness and generosity could make a world of difference to the unfortunate child and make his world a shade better.

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What is wrong with child labor?

Ultimately, with proper regulations, good conditions, and fair wages, nothing. But it was done away with because none of those three things could be insured.

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What kind of weekend jobs can a 14-year-old girl get?

in my experience i have worked with children a lot as baby sitting i have done waitrising and alot of cleaning.

well u can always work at publix on the weekends!!!

well, i have been working on the local market like just setting up and putting away the products i got paid �26 a day and that for 4 days isn't paid at all. if that isn't your thing then go for sweeping hairdresses or cleaning.


Get some 1 in your school to help you, like a youth worker. My youth worker is helping me to get 1.


If I were you I would get a job at a local store and see if you could like restock or something!

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Child Labor

What are the records to the factories act 1948?

Give a note on the Factories act of 1948.

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What are the best after school or summer jobs for a 15-year-old?

babysitting,cutting grass,fast food,some grocery stores

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What kind of jobs can a 14-year-old girl get in Alabama?

When You Turn 14 . . .

You can work in an: office, grocery store, retail store, restaurant, movie theater, baseball park, amusement park, or gasoline service station. And don't forget the possibility of baby-sitting or pet-sitting or yardwork for people around the neighborhood

You generally may not work in: communications or public utilities jobs, construction or repair jobs, driving a motor vehicle or helping a driver, manufacturing and mining occupations, power-driven machinery or hoisting apparatus other than typical office machines, processing occupations, public messenger jobs, transporting of persons or property, workrooms where products are manufactured, mined or processed, or warehousing and storage.

In addition, you may not work any other job or occupation declared hazardous by the Secretary of Labor.

Different rules apply to farms, and individual States may have stricter rules.

From other contributors:
  • I'm 14 and there isn't many jobs you can get. I've tried ringing around lots of places but I have a paper route which is about it really. Some restaurants can take you on to wash up and also you can help out cleaning in a hair dressers but it is hard to find anywhere!
  • None I know I am 14 & all the jobs we can get pay very little (Meaning you'd probably make more with allowance) Or the job ends up being something that you end up hating so much that you want to quit.
  • I just turned 14 in May and I been trying to get jobs in kennels and waitress but it is so hard because I live in Pennsylvania and there is nothing near by me. My mom doesn't drive and her boyfriend don't wanna drive me to work that is more then 2 minutes away. It drives me insane. So I thought I could try to take a bus to Stroudsburg mall and seek a job there. It is so hard to get money and when you get it, it is never enough. I am trying to save up for a working car so when I'm 16 I will be set because my family right now is so broke and it is going to be difficult to do the things I need without a job!
  • It's certainly not easy, but it is possible to get a job at 14. My advice would be to go to your neighborhood businesses (restaurants and stores), and see if they have any jobs. A lot of places won't hire 14 year olds because of the reputation of 14 year olds being immature, or because of the restrictive child labor laws (they vary by each state, do a Google search for "[your state] child labor laws" to see what the laws are for you). But, if you present yourself professionally, then you can certainly get something!
  • If there's a Winn Dixie in your area, try it. I did and you have to be 14 and up. I work there now
  • ~!*take my advice*!~
  • The best thing for your 14 year old girlfriend to do would be to excel in school, go to college and get a REALLY GOOD job. But at that age most children are too impatient to be "all grown up" and don't want to wait.
  • Start searching at your local grocery stores, restaurants, etc. Or you can even go to the Work source near you.
  • A couple of my 14 yr old friends found a job working in the snack bar at their pool (during summer) and some restaurants will allow you to waitress. all that you really have to do is ask around where u live. :)
  • Washing cars, babysitting, mowing lawns ... that about sums it up
  • You can babysit. Go around your neighborhood and tell peole your hours, how much you cost [per hour], tell them how much experience you have, and give them your phone number. Otherwise, I think due to child labor laws, you can't have a steady job that pays regularly until you're 15 or 16.
  • Im 14 loads of my friends work in hairdressers, helping out its good pay. Or go around asking shops I now work in a small shop helping making the hand bags :P just ask your parents friends someone is bound to need some help with businesses or something good luck :)


Child Labor

What are the advantages and disadvantages of child labor?

Child laborers can bring money to the family as well as the child gets to learn a trade that can be of use later in their life. The bad thing is that they are not educated so once they become crippled from working in fields or in front of a loom their whole life, they have nowhere to go.

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What are child labor laws for Illinois?

Well, Florence Kelley Helped push things forward for anti-child labor, she was a factory inspecter, Chief in fact. And she shut down a lot of factories in the early 1900's in Chicago, Illinois to be specific.

Child Labor

Where does Child Labor happen today?

Child labour happens mostly in poor and developing countries. 61% of child labourers live in Asia and 32% live in Africa and 7% live in Latin America. Here is a list of countries that use child labour:

India, China, Nigeria, Korea, Ethiopia, Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Angola, Argentina, Brazil, Uzbekistan, Columbia, Burma, and in many, many more countries around the globe.

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Female Models

If a child wants to model nude is it illegal?

Technically it's not illegal in the U.S.A., just highly controversial. Children modeling nude can be seen in the works of Jock Sturges, David Hamilton, and Sally Mann just to name three photographers. The photo books of these photographers can be purchased through out the country.

The controversy over children modeling nude stems from a dispute over what constitutes pornography. To some people any form of nudity or even a suggestive pose while fully clothed is pornographic. To others anything short of intercourse is considered erotic art and not pornography.

A general rule of thumb is if the subject of the art is not involved in any form of sexual act either with another person of on their own. Is not in a pose that causes the eye to be drawn directly to the buttocks, genitals or breasts, then it can pass as art and not pornography.

However each area of the country and some times each individual judge will have their own take on what is pornographic and what isn't. Thus if a child wishes to model nude, then it is best that it be done with a trusted artist, with parental consent and supervision and with clear set boundaries as to the type of poses allowed.

If a child wants to model nude is it illegal?

Beauty has no age. The female nude has always been considered the utmost beauty. An artist uses canvas, stone or wood whereas the model uses her nude to form beautiful figure. This is pure art and should not be related to sex or porno. I like to watch art nude work on Met Art, met models and Errotica.

I have a 13 years old girl. I noticed her interest in art and modeling. I want to be prepared in case she asks me to allow her to pose for nude art modeling. I am inclined not to object provided:

  1. work is only related to art
  2. no sex
  3. No explicit shots of genital area. This area to be obscure by shade, by her hands, a pillow or by posing her body to hide that area.

I would suggest that you practice some photagraphy with your child together to start. That way she can get used to it in a safe and secure environment without strangers. Begin with simple clothed photo shoots and see where it goes from there. If she desires to model nude, she will likely bring it up on her own if you are open to it, so there is no need to put any pressure on her in that regard.

O.k. nobody should exert pressure on a preteen whether she should or should not pose nude. But my question is that is there some legal and reputable pay sites that show art nude preteen models? I agree that I should start with Mary. She would feel safer with her dad. But I want to see more professional sites dealing with preteens. I believe that creating the suitable pose for the girl can hide her genital area and keeping it obscure. This is the most important issue. Adult girls can pose with very explicit details of their genital area. In some sites I saw them opening their lips and showing the details of the inside. This is very objectionable with a child. Such explicit images does not relate to beauty. Furthermore; the suitable pose is the essence of nude art photography.

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Can a 13-year-old get a job in Texas?

yes, of course. I'm a 13 year old girl that lives in Texas and i have a job. I work as a baby-sitter.Also, I walk dogs and work at a dog shelter. So, 13 and 14 year girls can have a job.


In the US you must be at least 14 to work for most companies. You could do extra chores for your parents, babysit, walk dogs, cut lawns, or do chores for neighbors for extra cash.

Well you can also work as a soccer ref at 12 and get paid about 14$ every 45min.....unless its winter you can get paid upto 50$ every 45min.

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Jobs for 14 yr old in Tucson AZ?

When You Turn 14 , You can work in an:

* office,

* grocery store,

* retail store,

* restaurant,

* movie theater,

* baseball park,

* amusement park,

* or gasoline service station. You generally may not work in: communications or public utilities jobs, construction or repair jobs, driving a motor vehicle or helping a driver, manufacturing and mining occupations, power-driven machinery or hoisting apparatus other than typical office machines, processing occupations, public messenger jobs, transporting of persons or property, workrooms where products are manufactured, mined or processed, or warehousing and storage. In addition, you may not work any other job or occupation declared hazardous by the Secretary of Labor. Different rules apply to farms, and individual States may have stricter rules. some people will hire you to do yard work, pet sitting, farm work, odd and end stuff. it's hard to hire someone below 16 because of the wage and labor department. you can only work 4 hours a day and if someone lets you work they might be afraid of you hurting yourself and sue. so it's hard unless you work for yourself with a yard service or some other kind of work you offer. if your parents are okay with it Do some business cards and pass them out in your local area. if your parents know some adults that need help with stuff get on the phone and call around. storage buildings can be built, garages can be cleaned out, fences put up, old building taken down, tree trimming, hedges cut, pressure wash house, driveways, sidewalks, clean gutters on houses, wash cars, wash window for houses and businesses, walk dogs, animal sitting while people on vacation, plant gardens, pick gardens, wash dogs, swimming pool upkeep, help with remodeling projects, etc.

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What kind of jobs can a 12- or 13-year-old girl get?

12 to 13 year old girls cant really get any jobs right now except for babysitting. Look around your neighboorhood to find someone who needs help with there children. You should know something about childcare before you start.


well, i think a twelve year old cant do a lot but there is certain things that a 12- 13 girl could do like a paperround or helping around the house or even helping yr mum and babysitting from chelsie Marie


They could get a paper route (not in the winter to cold tried it).


If anyone would like to find some jobs that 12-14 year olds could get there is a wide veriety. In some snowshack's (shaved ice) they hire this age group. There is of course the usual babysitting. Helping around the house. You can look around the house for things that need to be done. Write on a piece of paper what you did. Have your parents look at it. They should give you some money for your accomplishments. What i did was basically every day do another big thing that my family was too lazy to accomplish. I did it myself and they gave me an allowance. Also when parents give their teens everyday money, to go the movies, or even just go to the mall. Kids, Don't spend every penny! If you save at least $5 from what your parents gave you, you will have alot of money. It might take a while, But truley it works. Please take some of my advice. It really helped me. Also, Kids if you are wanting a big thing that costs alot of money just sit down and talk to your parents. Your parents will proably make some sort of a deal that will help you get that much closer to what you want. Say that I wanted a bran new x-box. They are around $200. I asked my parents if i EARNED half of the money they will pay for the other half. Your parents love to see you kids accomplish things and i think that if you earn half of the money you will able to convince them that you have earned this money on your own. Now they will be so proud of you that they pay for the other half. I know kids it is hard to find a good way to make some money, if you just try these ways then you will probably be that much closer to getting what you want.


Well i thinkk that there arnt that many jobs a 12-13 year old girl can get but there are things like paper round or babysitting. i suggest you look around to see what people need help with and apply. like me i what a job to do to get me out of the house and i am cossidering taking up baby sitting. or you could even get a job as a dog walker!!


Well, what I do is go and get friends', family's, and my own's stuff and sell, sell, sell on eBay. Sure, that doesn't always work, but depending on what you're selling, it could go as high as $50 or higher! And of course the classic babysitting is always there. And chores could do real well too.


i think that there are a few jobs we can do at this age. firstly, there are the usual jobs like house jobs/babysitting/paper round ect. but there are also jobs like in the country as sumtimes farmers oranimal carers like a little help and they pay good too!! also you could try and get a work placement from your school they can be good if you fancy a job but don't really know if you will enjoy or understand it so try these out you can be surprised. helpful hint: DO NOT STAND THERE DOING NOTHING WITH YOUR HANDS IN YOUR POCKETS!!


some people are giving the answer: theres not really any jobs for 12 year olds. but......... OF CORSE THERE IZ! - -help your mum around the house - wash peoples cars - walk peoples dogs for them - if your at a yard with horses and stuff offer them - muck out for them - poo pick there field - wash there cars and all stuff like that. come on you have brains well start to use them!


well what kind of a job can a girl get? you could aways babysitt or walk the dog and you can also do newspapers.look around and see who might need help with there kids or who needs there dogs walk and stuff like could also make things like cookies and cakes or even art there are a lot of things girls at the age of 12 or 13 can do.


well, i really think that it all depends on how resposible you are. i mean some people can handle the job of taking care of 1 or maybe 2 kids. their are baby sitting courses that you can take that the Elliote hospital offers, I'm gunna take one soon ( sounds fun! ). well i hope you take this information in clearly. JUST BE CAREFUL!


when you are 13 years old you can get a Saturday job,the law says that you are aloud to work for five hours every Saturday, but when you are off school on holiday you are aloud to work up to 25 hours. you work in places like: 1. aricultural or horticultural work. 2. delivery of newspapers, journals and other printed material. 3. shop work, including shelf stacking. 4. hairdressing salons. 5. office work. 6. car washing by hand in a private residential setting. 7. in a cafe or restaurant 8. in riding stables. 9.working in hotels.

i hope this will help everyone.


There is a lot of things a girl from 12-13 years old can do. You should look in the newspaper in the classified ads and look for job offerings. Or if there is a place you would like to work at, you should call the store and ask them if they needed any extra help around the store for extra money. They can't say no but they can say yes. Try it! Pipe up the courage and get moving!

Word of advice: Never give up on what you wish to accomplish!

This HELPED SO MUCH! There was a hair dresser, and i felt so comfortable with her! I called, and she said she can make arrangements! YAY!


i think that there are not many jobs for a 12-13 year old but like the others said babysitting is a good one when i was 12 i babysat for my parents and for the familys around my nighborhood they are always looking for a babysitter that they know and can relie on so if you know a family that needs a babysitter you could be the one


Hey I know not many 12 to 13 year olds can get a job but if you really need one there is always your parents or te familys around you nighborhood or maybe there is someone at church that could use your help


I think thet 13 year old girls should be able to babysit at there neighbors house or around the neihbor hood atleast! If you are a little kid lover and really want a job than you should make sure you have enough expierience around a younger sibling or friend. Maybe you could also have a friend come to meet the parent and find out important information than work together to babysit! I'm also 13 and babysit at my neihbors house and I must say I enjoy babysitting little kids. I'm really good with kids anyway and kids really like me


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