Catering is the business of providing food and service at hotels, houses, and other locations. The service may include simply dropping off the food or actually setting up the tables, serving the food, and clearing it away.

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How much potato salad do you need to feed 300 people?

A serving being 4 oz. you should need 1200 oz for 300 people but considering there will be overeaters, you should probably bring 1400 to be sure to have enough.

Manners and Etiquette

Do you ask for RSVP for open house?

An 'open house' party or day is just that: open house, for people to come and go as they like. The whole idea is to provide relaxed hospitality, and the hosts must be the most relaxed people there, or appear to be.

You can't ask for rsvp, but to get an idea of catering it's okay to ask close friends whether they think they'll be coming. Explain you need a rough estimate so there's enough finger food and drinks for everyone.

But don't be annoyed if people don't turn up, or those who said they couldn't be there do arrive; it's an open house, after all.

Make sure the food and drinks are all things you can bring out in small quantities: finger foods that can stay in the fridge and be served cold, or heated in the oven quickly. Ahead of time, cut a bunch of curly parsley into sprigs and refrigerate them in a plastic bag: last-minute crisp green garnish gives food that appetizing just-made look.

Drinks are easy: have bottles of wine and so on ready to open, and don't even think about making a great big bowl of punch.

Keep glasses ready out of sight, just bringing them out as you need them. It's off-putting to arrive at a gathering to see rows of glasses ready but unused, and food that's clearly too much for the numbers gathered.

It's a far better look to just bring out what's needed when it's needed.

Have fun!

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What is organizing in food service?

First of all presentation of food, food taste, hygiene, good looking, etc.
Organizing a food service requires [1] suppliers, [2] transporters, [3] stockers, [4] inventory takers, [5] order placers, [6] equipment and property quality controllers, [7] cleaners, [7] inspectors, [8] processors and preppers, [9] pricers, [10] packagers, [11] employees [such as customer service, food, management], [12] money handlers [such as accountants], and [13] promoters [such as community service, coupons, specials].

Wedding Planning

How much does catering a wedding cost?

Wedding caterers usually charge for catering on a per head basis. So the cost of your wedding catering will depend on the number of guests that you expect to have at your wedding. Some other factors that can influence the cost of catering are:

  • Type of food: If you have regular American fare at your wedding then it will cost you a whole lot less than if you go in for any exotic or international cuisine such as French, Mediterranean, Thai or perhaps even Indian. The number of dishes that you wish to have will also affect the catering costs.
  • If the caterer is in charge of the wine and the wedding cake, then your catering cost will increase as opposed to if you were taking care of these items on your own.
  • Type of catering service: If you want to have a sit down dinner where your guests are served by waiters then it is likely to cost you more than having a buffet style of catering. Even in a buffet if you need people to serve the guests instead of the guests serving themselves, then your catering costs are likely to increase. Whether the hors d�oeuvres are to be circulated or kept stationary for guests to help themselves will also affect your catering costs.
  • Set up and Clean up: Most caterers have the set up and the clean up included in the per head costs. But if these are to be charged extra, then your catering costs are bound to increase. Also if the caterer is in charge of supplying the required linen, silverware, china, glassware, and serving dishes, then this should be included in your basic catering cost and should not cost you any extra money.
  • Children: Most catering services have special rates for children, which helps to reduce the catering cost. Ask your caterer about any such discounts and reduced rates for children.
  • Also they think that it is cheap but you can't even do it.

Inquire about any overtime costs, gratuities or taxes that may all have an impact on the final cost of your wedding catering.


What does self - catering accommodation mean?

Establishments that advertise self-catering accommodation usually provide fully equipped accommodation that will enable guests to prepare their own meals. This relieves the accommodation owner of the responsibility and enables the guest to have a more economical holiday then might be the case if you are staying in a hotel or a bed and breakfast.

Most self-catering establishments will also expect that guests take the responsibility for cleaning and servicing their accommodation.

For more information you can refer to the link that I have provided that will give you information about self catering accommodation in Cape Town, South Africa.xx

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Explain the difference between internal and external customers?

Internal customers can are any persons who either works for an organisation & serve people that are not employed by that organisation. The Staff.

External customers are those whom do not work for the organisation, which are buying a product/service to fulfill a need.


How much money does the catering industry make?

$25,000 or $250,000

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What is banquet management?

A banquet manager ensures that all contract terms are met and that guests receive the highest quality of service.


Differentiate catering from banquet service?

The actual difference is between the cost and the sale price of an item. .... Catering Event Order or Banquet Event Order as per hired.

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How much money does a cosmetologist director make in Columbia SC?

a nice livingmy guess would be in the 40-50 thousand a year range, but in Columbia that would be a very nice living. homes are from 90 thousand and up depending on the area and i loved the area.
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How much should you charge for catering a party?

whats the menu charge per person it depends on the items that how much items are in the party

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What are duties and responsibilities of senior captain in hotel cofeeshop?

To look up the day to day operation. Make sure the hygine standerd. Making the duty rota. Codinating with the guest/Host in the party


What is the definition of wedding catering?

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Can a 16-year-old sue a company for selling a product that doesn't work?

No, a minor cannot file a lawsuit for recovery of funds spent or damage compensation. However, their parent(s) or legal guardian can possibly file a lawsuit in small claims court. There needs to be supporting evidence to prove the claim unfortunately, that is often difficult to obtain. You can also file a complaint with your state's Consumer Affairs Department.

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Is it proper to say the demised premises is or the demised premises are?

In a Lease agreement for a Building being constructed, it may say:
'said premises and the building and other improvements thereon, upon completion of construction, are hereinafter called the "demised premises".'

Etymology and usage: 'Premises' is from Medieval Latin praemissa, a plural word, meaning the "things mentioned before" and was used in legal documents. In Middle English, premises was defined as being "that property, collectively, which is specified in the beginning of a legal document and which is conveyed, as by grant, …". In due course premises was also legally extended to mean "a house or building with its grounds or appurtenances," a usage which was recorded before 1730.
In a general sense today, premises means a piece of land together with the building(s) on it, or even just a building with all its parts. Therefore the word 'premises' is always plural when used in this way.

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Factors that contribute to successful baking?

you shoul be a honesty.

a maneger of the bank he/she should correct the erros whichare in the account of the trial balance and also balance sheet.


What are the seven functions of catering?

  • First Function: Planning-The Basic Catering Management Function
  • Second Function: Operations-Execution of Tasks
  • Third Function: Organizing the Event
  • Fourth Function: Equipment
  • Fifth Function: Implementing
  • Sixth Function: Controlling
  • Seventh Function: Understanding Insurance and Legal

Catering control system?

This is a mechanism put in place to ensure that the cost and quality related goals of the business are met.

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Why do plants grow better in Brazil than Greenland?

as Brazil is near the equator in the southern hemisphere where it is much wetter yet still warm at the same time


What are the advantages of a catering management system?

Catering Management System relieves you from extra pain and burden regarding any food services. Catering easily manages to provide food service at any location in specific occasions such as wedding events, birthday party's, corporate events or any other events you are organizing for a get-together. They are well trained and highly skilled in managing food department.


What is meant by the term welfare catering?

Welfare catering is generally the type of catering service offered to welfare organisations like old age homes, orphanages, mid-day meal schemes in schools, etc.


How many pounds of potato salad is needed for 130 people?

Between 30-35 pounds should serve 130 people.


What is the full form of mfi?

Micro Finance Institution

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What is catering management?

cater foods for people.

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How much does an apartment in Beijing cost?

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