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Physical Therapy (physiotherapy)

A primary care health profession, physical therapy (physiotherapy) is the treatment of disorders of the muscles, joints or bones using physical agents like exercise, and manual and electronic massage. Common conditions treated by physical therapy include arthritis and nerve damage.

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Where can you buy Sandhi Sudha Oil in Bangladesh?

Sandhi Sudha Plus-5200/- Hydroxycut: for Weight Loss capsule USA: 6000/- MetaSlim - Weight Loss powder+oil: 5200/- No Addiction - Back from any Drugs to normal Life: 5500/- OrthoGuard - Specially Joint Pain relief: 5200/- Tab. Osteomed = 500/- Tab. Concavit = 550/- Cap. Enrich = 450/- It can be purchased in Dhaka. ...
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What does setup mean in physical therapy?

I am a PTA from the south and we do not use set up help to document a patient's support. It is a nursing or an occupational therapy terminology but I do know it means to prepare the area for the patient prior to ADL's like eating, bathing, transfers or dressing. For instance, you may have a patient who has difficulty opening up a milk carton or has to be positioned in their bed prior to eating but does not need...
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How much does a physical therapist earn?

hello According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the estimated mean annual wage for a physical therapist as of May 2008 is, $74,410. This would amount to $35.77 an hour. I'm a new grad and started at 63000/yr and have gotten 2 raises and now make 68000/yr I am currently a new Physical Theapist grad (BS/MS degree) working in an orthopedic outpatient clinic making $50,000 at start maybe in a few years reach $60,000 Around $36,000 to probably $44,000 range depending upon...
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Can you wear scrubs as a PTA?

Yes you can. In fact it's a requirement in some locations. Our university even requires those in the PTA program to purchase scrubs. ...
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What does a physical therapists job entitle?

Making muslces more fexible and strong gettin full range of motion.
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Is physical therapy hard?

Hi I'm in physical therapy and i really don't think its hard. One place i would recommend is the "Training Room". I go to the one inside Velocity by USA Flooring or something by the McDonald's off of Route 73 or 70 and i would ask for Mandy i love her shes awesome! ...
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Is physical therapy considered BS or BA?

It is a Bachelor of Science degree.
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Who is the father of physiotherapy?

Per Henrik Ling, "Father of Swedish Gymnastics,"
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Full form of first aid?

F-first I-investigation R-relief S-symptom T-treatment A-arrangement I-immediately D-disposal ...
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What is quadriceps inhibition?

Quadriceps inhibition is a fancy term given to the inability to fully activate the quadriceps for whatever reason, the idea being that the quadriceps is "inhibited" in some way. This can occur after knee injury in general and it is specifically associated with ACL injury. ...
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Who invented physical therapy?

I believe pt was born out of chiropractic medicine Um, no, not even close. Conceptually, PT started in Sweden in the early 1800's, led by Per Henrik Ling. Sweden began registering the early version of Physical Therapists in 1887; in 1894 the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy was founded in Great Britain. The polio epidemic and World War I brought the need for extensive rehabilitation to those affected, and modern PT was born in the US. In 1921 what is now known as...
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What does the medical abbreviation CNT mean?

The medical abbreviation CNT stands for Carbon NanoTube. It is a method of administering medications, especially in cancer patients, with the ability to target pathologic cells, thereby sparing healthy, unaffected clusters. ...
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What is someone called that is missing both legs?

parapaleghic Actually the term is PARAPLEGIC but that means PARALYZED in both legs. If you are missing both legs you are a double or bilateral amputee. Even if they were not actually AMPUTATED but lost in some other way. ...
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What causes chronic pain on the left side under the rib cage?

There are many problems that could have caused pain under the left side of the rib cage from gas trapped inside the colon to a broken rib, kidney disorder or IBS(Irritable Bowel syndrome). Also pain under rib cage can be a symptom to any disorder of the organs inside the rib cage from spleen, kidney, stomach or intestine. If you think if it is due to some kind or physical stress or gas, try to get some rest and try to expel...
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How is a kaltenborn wedge used?

It is a tool used mainly by Physical Therapists when performing joint mobilizations. ...
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What is the importance of first aid training?

First Aid is responding to an emergency situation - heart attacks, bleeding, drowning, choking, poisoning, electrocution, spinal injuries, eye injuries and scalds and burns are typical situations where having a basic knowledge of what to do- knowing proper first aid procedures- you can be the hero. Accidents happen, always unexpectedly, having a basic knowledge of first aid is just being wise. And having a first aid kit or disaster preparedness kit is just good common sense. ...
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What is the cost of a total knee replacement?

The cost of total knee replacement varies depending on age, type of surgery, brand of replacement, and other factors. In the United States, an uninsured patient can expect to pay upwards of $45,000. In most other places in the world, the cost is far lower. Patients can take advantage of globalization and receive total knee replacement surgery for a low price in a number of destinations. The following is a chart of the estimated cost of knee replacement around the world: Country Estimated...
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What is hippotherapy?

Hippotherapy is a treatment method involving horses as a means of working on physical, occupational, and speech-language goals. Impairments that can be improved with hippotherapy include: impaired balance responses, coordination, communication, or sensorimotor function difficulties; poor postural control; and decreased mobility. The word hippotherapy is derived from the Greek word hippo which means horse. (The word hippopotamus also comes from the Greek and means River Horse.) Therapeutic use of equestrian mounts was pioneered by the Germans in WW2. They called it Reittherapie (ride therapy, implying horse...
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Which medicine should you keep in the first aid box?

Basic pain relief such as paracetamol should be kept in the first aid kit. If you have any medications for a medical condition that should be kept. Examples are asthma, angina diabetes etc. Some families like to keep a selection of over the counter antibiotics. This can be possible if desired. ...