Physical Education

Loved by some and hated by others, phys ed or gym, as it is sometimes called, is a class taken by primary and secondary school students. The course focuses on learning team work and competitive games such as basketball, volleyball, kickball, etc., in a fun environment. Questions about physical education can be directed here.

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Physical Education

What are the 4 objectives of physical education?

Physical Education

What does Speed mean in PE?

it is the pace at which you perform each exercise. it also includes the restime time between exercises.

Physical Education

What are 5 objectives of physical education?

Physical education has lots of objectives: weight loss, increasing maximum heart rate, getting your blood around your veins in order to clear arteries which in turn makes you less susceptible to heart attacks, and increases your fitness through muscle building/toning and endurance.

Physical Education

Pictures of Physical Education during the Dark Ages?

Two things are wrong with this question. First, there are no pictures of physical education since there was no physical education in this time in history. It wasn't needed. There is some works of art that do show knights in battle and on the fields of tournaments as well as showing weapons practice, but that is as close as you can get. These are often in tapestry made at the time.

Physical Education

When did physical education came to begin in Liberia?

What is physical education in Liberia

Physical Education

What is the History of physical education in Ghana?

physical education started in Ghana in1944.

Physical Education

In physical education what is meant by objective scoring?

it is based on fact. An example is football where if the ball goes into the net everybody knows that it is one point.

Subjective scoring is based on the opinion of a judge like in dancing where you can see them hold up a card with their grade from 1 - 10 written on it

Physical Education

Why is basketball related to physical education?

it's a physical activity and it's sort of like exercise only fun. Basketball is a sport which needs a high level of energy, stamina and flexibility. Owing to all these reasons, it is in relation with physical education.

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Physical Education

What is the medical term meaning lying face-down?

Prone means lying horizontal with the face down. Pronation is the action of lying prone.

Physical Education

What was the physical education during the dark ages?

There were very few people in the Middle Ages who underwent anything link what we might call physical education. But there were a few.

Boys training to be knights learned to handle weapons and practiced this intently.

Archers trained with bow and arrow. This was not insignificant training and the longbow took years of hard work to master. Its arrows could go through the armor of a knight.

I suppose there was training for performers, and this could have been intense, too.

Physical Education

Who is the father of physical education in Nigeria?

James Hardwin Ekpering started it in Nigeria

Physical Education

What is the History of physical education in ancient time?

what is the history of physical

Physical Education

Do universities look at your physical education marks?

lol no not unless itslike the militarty acad or west point

Dissertations and Theses
Physical Education

List of title of physical education thesis?

comparitive study of physical fitness variables among basket ball team and hand ball team

Physical Education

What are the components of physical education?

Components of Physical Education:

A. Health Related

  1. Cardiovascular fitness - allows body to excersise for long periods of time
  2. Muscular strength - how much force your muscles can produce
  3. Muscular Endurance - using your muscles many times without tiring
  4. Flexibility - using your joints through a wide range of motion

B. Skill Related

  1. Agility - the ability to change the position of your body quickly and to control body movements
  2. Balance - keeping an upright posture while standing still or moving
  3. Coordination - using your senses together with your body parts
  4. Power - the ability to use strength quickly
  5. Speed - covering a distance in a short period of time
  6. Reaction - the amount of time it takes you to move

The components of physical education are:- Anatomy/physiology and coordination

-Games that use both ;

cricket, football and tennis

-track and field

-health and nutrition

-aquatic (water sports)

-gymnastics (balance beam, floor exercise)

-movement education/education gymnastics

-outdoor pursuits (outdoor activities)

Coordination Speed, Agility, Power, Accuracy, Muscle endurance

Physical Education

What is the definition of Physical Education?

Physical education is an integral part of educational program design to promote the optimum development of an individual physically, socially, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually through total body movement in the performance of properly selected physical activities .

Physical Education is the process by which changes in the individual are bought about through movements experiences.Physical Education aims not only at physical development but is also concerned with education of the whole person through physical activities.

Physical Education

Importance of anatomy in physical education?


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Physical Education

What can you do with a interdisciplinary studies degree with a minor in physical education?

Depending on the requirements for your state, you should be able to teach Phys Ed in any grade. You may also be able to work for a company as a writer or researcher, something health related perhaps. You can also consider grad school to specialize in something. There are many Master's programs that don't require a Bachelor's in that major to get into (example, many psychology Master's programs only require a few classes in psych, not necessarily a major in it).

Physical Education

What is the importance of anatomy and physiology to physical education and sports?

anatomy is the study of body while physiology is the study of structure both have a close relation and nothing without one another.physical education is the depth of sports through this we know that what is on the back of every game .the game and body has co relation because a sound body can perform a good sports and in sports we need to have an idea or knowledge about our muscles,bones and all other body systems.for this we need knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

thanks i think at least i provide u an idea about that............

Physical Education

Types of activities in physical education?

Outwiitng an opponet i.e water polp, netball and basically winning

Physical Education

Identify the different objectives of Physical Education?

Physical Education, often referred to as PE, has an objective to teach the importance of exercise and maintaining physical health. PE teachers often do this in lessons including playing an array of sports and games to gain physical exercise. PE can also teach the importance of maintaining a healthy diet in order to stay physically and mentally fit and alert.

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Physical Education

What is physical development?

Physical Development is development of the body. As physical development proceeds, the child acquires various skills such as - Motor Skills - Which require co-ordination between brain and muscles. These Skills often require a great deal of practice and before becoming automatic Gross Motor Skills -Use the large muscles of the arms, legs, hips, and back such as when sitting, walking, catching, climbing, kicking a ball, throwing etc… Fine Manipulative Skills - Involve the co-ordination of the smaller muscles of the hands and fingers for pointing, drawing, doing up buttons, using a knife and fork, writing etc…

Physical Education

What are the branches of physical education?

sports medicine. orthopaedics. gerontology. pediatric orthopaedics. food sciences

Physical Education

History of physical education in japan?

physical education is sports :) be nice

Physical Education

What are the principles of physical education?



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