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Q: What is the importance of friendliness in physical education?
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What is the meaning and importance of physical education?

Physical education is the systematic education to develop a man physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially through the medium of Physical Activity.Physical education is the systematic education to develop a man physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially through the medium of Physical Activity.

What are the problems of physical health education in Nigeria?

There are many types and challenges in physical and health education mostly in Nigeria. Due to my explanation you would see the harmful and the importance of it. Douglas Yakubu.

What is fitness education?

Is a component of movement education. Can be defined as that part of the curriculum that emphasizes the importance of physical activity and physical fitness to a healthy and productive quality of life.

What are importance of MAPEH in your daily lives?

MAPEH, which stands for music, arts, physical education, and health, has great importance in every day life. At the very least, music and arts provide an outlet for relaxation. Physical education teaches the importance of keeping the body active and moving. Health helps to teach one how to stay well and things that they should and should not do to their bodies.

Significance importance of physical education?

physical education is very important becuause it relive stress,keep our bodies heathy and free from sickness,it develops our psychomotor and cognitive skills,reduces obesity and a whole lot more

What are the Importance of sports sociology for physical education teachers and coaches?

give me answers not questions, arent yiu answers .com

What are the issues and problem of elementary in teaching physical education related in Philippine setting?

Some issues related to teaching physical education in elementary schools in the Philippines include limited resources for sports equipment and facilities, lack of trained physical education teachers, overcrowded schedules with academic subjects taking precedence, and insufficient emphasis on the importance of physical education in the overall curriculum. These factors can hinder the effective delivery of quality physical education programs to elementary students.

What is the importance of first aid in physical education and sports?

First aid is important in physical education and sports. It is important because medical care is needed promptly when someone is injured while doing PE or playing a sport.

What is education for physical?

Physical Education

The role of general education in physical education?

role of physical education in genral education

What is the difference between physical education and adapted physical education?

adapted physical education is in reference to physical education with special needs children

Importance of environment education?

The importance of environment education is that it creates awareness on the conservation of the environment.