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Volleyball is played both indoors and on the beach. Teams get three chances to hit a ball over the net in hopes of grounding the ball on the opposite side. Ask questions about volleyball rules, techniques and teams here.

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How do you get sent off in a volleyball game?

There are many ways of getting sent off in a volleyball game, First the referee shows you a yellow card as a caution, then he/she shows you a red card, which means you must leave the game. You cannot re-enter teh game if you have received a red card. You can get these cards for arguing, violence, unlawful actions. etc. The coach can also get kicked out for arguing with the referee and agressive behaviour ...
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How big is a standard volleyball net?

The standard size of a volleyball net is 32 to 33 feet long or about 11 meters long. ...
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What is smashing in volleyball?

Smashing in volleyball is like hitting or spiking. It is called smashing because you are hitting the ball so hard and the ground it is like your are smashing something to the ground. Smashing/spiking/hitting is using great force off the attack line to score on your opponent. you can also hit from the back row ...
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How big is the circumference of the volleyball?

The circumference of a professional sized volleyball is about 66 cm.
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Is an underhand volley forearm pass and bump the same skill?

Kind of, Bumping and forearm passing have similarities with each other, Bumping a ball doesn't require any movement with your legs or arms, you just keep your arms in a locked platform until the ball contacts your arm. Forearm passing involves movement from both arms and legs, to power the pass. ...
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Can you earn a varsity letter in volleyball?

Yes, you can receive a Varsity letter in Volleyball, For more information, please visit the links in the "Related Links" section. ...
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Why do you need coordination in volleyball?

Due to the introvertical side of the game you need coordination to be able to kick the ball hard into the air. Digging or passing the ball is essential in volleyball and in order to pass the ball you need to have good coordination. In other words you can't be tight, you need to be loose. ...
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What are some single person volleyball drills?

Well to start of, make sure you are stretched and ready play and have appropriate shoes and clothes. Next you will need a volleyball, one of my favorite ones is called "x marks the spot." take some duct tape and put x's all over your yard (around 3-6) and start at one X. Next toss the ball up to yourself and pass to another X. Now run over to the other X and pass the ball to another X. Keep doing...
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What is carrying in volleyball?

Carrying is almost like catching the ball then setting it..a set should be like pushing the ball quickly, not catching it then pushing it... If u take your hand or hands and lift the ball it is considered a carry. Carrying can also be called on a bad tip. If the player's hand starts vertical with the palm facing up and ends either upright or completely flipped over, then a carry should be called. ...
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Is there a triple-double in volleyball?

yes there is you must have three of the four: 10+ points, 10+assists, and/or 10+blocks in fact, 10+ saves. In fact one time I got a quadrupel double when i was playing at the university of tennessee. But good luck with the triple double let me know though if you get quadrupal double though. ...
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What does attack line mean in volleyball?

The front hitters and the ten-foot line
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How is a blocked used in volleyball?

To stop the other team from spiking the ball at your face or other team mates. ...
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What is a center line in volleyball game?

The center line is the line underneath the net that a player cannot cross at any time during the game and it splits the court in half. ...
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Who is the tallest female volleyball player?

Two of the tallest players are twins. Their names are Anne and Clair Recht. They're 19 year olds from Camby, Oregon and stand just over 6ft. 7in. Nelly Fonova and Yekaterina Gamova are both Russian professional volleyball players listed at 6'9". Colleen Smith is probably the tallest female professional beach volleyball player at 6'7" Height is tricky with volleyball and basketball. It is usually listed in shoes if the sport is played with shoes and barefoot if not (beach volleyball). But many...
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What are two things volleyball players are not allowed to do on a serve?

You are not allowed to throw the ball, kick the ball or head the ball over the serve. You also only have 8 seconds to serve, if you take longer than that, you will be given a delay penalty and the opposition will be given the serve. ...
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What are some gift ideas for volleyball senior night?

This year we had two seniors, and all of the younger members had to get two things each to put in gift bags. We got: deodorant, body wash, lotion, picture collages, picture frames, flowers, candy, balloons and photo albums. ...
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Where can you find very cheap volleyball knee pads?

You can find cheap volleyball kneepads on popular websites like Amazon or eBay. Or you can try going to your local department store and look for kneepads. ...
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What is a forfeit in volleyball?

A forfeit in volleyball, as in any other sport, is when one team gives up the game therefore causing the other team to win automatically. ...
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What is a spike in volleyball?

After a ball has been passed up and set to a hitter, the hitter spikes the ball to the other side. Therefore, a spike is another term for a hit from the hitter. To spike in volleyball you need to have the right clothes and shoes. Now when the ball is set you need to start your approach when the ball is starting to come down (for right handed hitters do left foot right foot left foot and for left handed...
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What The original name of the volleyball?

Mintonette was the original name
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Can you wear volleyball knee pads in football?

NO,because football and vollyball are 2 difrent sports and they have diffrent pads than eachother vollyball has its own pads and football has its own pads. got it? ok ...