Olympics Volleyball

Indoor volleyball has been an Olympic sport for men and women since 1964. Beach volleyball became an Olympic sport in 1996.

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Olympics Volleyball

What is scrimmage in volleyball?

It is where you play another team, like a real game but you usually don't keep score. You play normal but sometimes the coaches get on the court and tell the players what to do, where in a normal game the coach cant stop the game to do that.

Olympics Volleyball

What is smashing in volleyball?

Smashing in volleyball is like hitting or spiking. It is called smashing because you are hitting the ball so hard and the ground it is like your are smashing something to the ground. Smashing/spiking/hitting is using great force off the attack line to score on your opponent. you can also hit from the back row

Olympics Volleyball

What are the measurements of volleyball play field?

30 feet by 60 feet

Olympics Volleyball

What are some good volleyball cheers?

One for good serves is : We want another one just like the other one *stomp**stomp**clap*clap*over !

One for spikes is: You hit it , we spike it , that's the way we like it !

One for blocking a spike is : You spike it , we block it , that just how we rock it!

Olympics Volleyball

What are the common faults in volleyball?

Some common faults are:

Foot faults: Stepping on or over the line when serving.

Touching the net, when hitting, blocking, or just moving.

Lifts: Using your flat hand to push the ball upwards is not allowed

Double hits: Players cannot touch the ball again after they pass it, unless another player touches it.

4 hits: Only 3 players are allowed to touch the ball when it is on their side of the court.

Back row attack: If a player is in the back row (5, 6, or 1 position), they are not allowed to jump and touch a ball in front of the 10-foot line.

Any of these faults would result in a side-out.

Olympics Volleyball
Beach Volleyball

What are the dimensions of a volleyball court?

The court shall be 60 feet (18 meters) long and 30 feet (9 meters) wide, measured to the outer edges of the boundary lines.

Olympics Volleyball

What are the sports lingo for table tennis?

Ping pong

Olympics Volleyball

Why does one volleyball team member wear a jersey of a different color than the rest of the team?

Volleyball VarietyThe wearer of a different-colored jersey is called the libero. This is a defense specialist, who is really good at passing and digging. A libero can't serve in high school volleyball, but he can serve in college volleyball. The reason why his shirt is a different color is to identify him when he goes on and off the court. A libero can also "sub" for anyone on the court.
Olympics Volleyball

What does Ace mean in the game volley ball?

An ace is a successful serve that is not passed or returned by the opposing team. Therefore, the team with the serve gains a point.

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Olympic History

When did basketball become an Olympic sport?


1936 for men, in Berlin, Germany.

Olympics Volleyball
Beach Volleyball

What is volleyballs made out of?

A volley ball is made out of "leather". They can be made out of leather, sincapated leather, or rubber ( those really hurt even of you have been playing or a while).

Olympics Volleyball
London 2012 Olympics

Who are the Current Indian volleyball team players?

[1] Y.subba rao {CAPTAIN} [2] Kapil dev [3] Srikant [4] Sube singh [5] Jitendra singh [6] Sanjay kumar [7] Shivrajan {LIBERO} [8] Mandeep [9] Pandiyan [10] Gurvinder singh [11] Avnish yadav [12] Raghuveer singh ALL ARE WONDERFULL PLAYER OF INDIA, IF INDIA WILL CHANGE THE COACH THAN WE CAN GET POSITION IN QUALIFING TEAMS FOR OLYMPIC.

Olympics Volleyball

What is the layout of a softball field?

Softball Field LayoutA softball field is the same as a baseball field. They're practically the same sport. They have a few minor differences like how they pitch and how big the ball is, but they're almost the same. The fields are different because unlike a baseball field, a softball field has no grass in the infield.

the softball field mound will be closer than a baseball field mound.

the softball field is in a diamond shape with 3bases and a home plate at the corner inside the diamond is all sand and behind the bases there is also some sand after the sand there is an outfield which is all grass.

there is also 2 fowl line that go from the left and right side corners of the home plate to the fence in the outfield (usually).


Football - American
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Canadian Football Rules and Regulations

How many players are allowed on a football field at one time during a game?

22-11 on each team (for American football it's 11)

Olympics Volleyball

What is rally scoring?

Rally scoring is today's standard method of scoring in volleyball. It gives the point and serve to the team who won the rally, regardless of which team that served the ball.

Marlin Firearms
Olympics Volleyball

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Olympics Volleyball
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Is the minimum age the same for all Olympic sports?


( at least 16 for all sports, some, such as Marathon, (20) are higher)

I think the minimum age requirement to join Olympic game is 16 and up. But still depends on what sports they are competing. There are some Junior and Senior Division if needed.

Olympics Volleyball
Olympic History

Who won gold in volleyball the first olympics in tokyo 1964?

Men: Soviet Union

Women: Japan

Olympics Volleyball

What is Majlis sukan sekolah -sekolah Malaysia?

Malaysian School Sports Council - The governing body that coordinates all sport related activities for tournaments between schools in Malaysia at the National Level.

Olympics Volleyball

What are some volleyball cheers?

One is :

Say "Every body hit the floor, (then your stomp ith two feet, hit the floor and then clap)"

And Just Cheer Your Heart Out!!!!!


for an ace: ahhhh ACE! A-C-E! ACE!


Another one is, (from a different person then above, Amhesse) is...

(If your a cheer leader,)

They got our ball, (clap, clap) we want it back, (clap, clap)

(louder) They got our ball, (clap, clap) we want it back!(clap, clap)

(Then ask the croud to answer we want it back after you say "they got our ball,) (Then once your team gets the ball back, (clap, clap) you scream,)

We got our ball, (clap, clap) they want it back...(clap, clap) x2.




Side out! Side out!

Keep an eye out!

Side out! Side out!

Hear everybody shout!

(while team banging on floor, scream slowly,)


PS. If you do not know what side out means, it means for the team to win the play, get the ball back, get a point so your team can serve!

Ace cheer- Ace Ace in your face

Spike/kill-Ah kill sh sh reload

free ball- f-r-double e we just burned you with a free - free ball (clap clap) teamname (clap clap)

Ace- Ah Uno Does Trace Ace!!!

Ace--uno, dos, tres, say what? say what? ace

side out--






heres another one so you:

spell out O-U-T with your hands as your doing it say the letters the as soon as your done with that pull you arms back and say out. For when they hit the ball out of bounds. Thats out thats out go ahead and pout when you here are team shout!

Olympics Volleyball

When is a serve used in volleyball?

A serve is used to get points. Like when someone gets a point that team gets to serve. You can served up to as many points as it takes to get up to 25. Anyone can serve depending on the rotation. *Yes, a serve is a technique of getting points. But, its used to get the ball over the net after a rotation. The server continues serving until their team loses the ball then it goes to the opponent's team and their server serves until they lose the ball, and the cycle contiues until the game ends.

Weight and Mass
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Squash (sport)

What is the weight of a squash ball?

since there are two different types of squash ball, they weigh in different but usually around the 125 - 175g.

when heated a squash ball also bounces higher because its elastcity has been increased, whereas if it was frozen the opposite would occur.

squash balls don't bounce very high either, this is due to their coefficient of restitution being low, meaning that they conserve much of their energy so that they travel faster and harder when hit making squash a fasst paced and high energy game.

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What sport has the most players on the field at one time?

The sport with the most players on the field at any one time is Australian Rules Football, with 18 men from both teams, meaning 36 players in total, With an additional 4 players on the interchange bench, who aren't considered subs as the bench is freely interchangeable during regular gameplay, at times reaching 100 rotations a game

Olympics Volleyball

What is the size of a volleyball?

The official size of a volleyball is between 25.6 and 26.4 inches in circumference and between 9.1 and 9.8 ounces in weight.

Olympics Volleyball
Beach Volleyball

What are the positions for beach volley ball?

Beach Volleyball

There are no formal positions for beach volleyball, the team consists of two players who do not have to rotate positions but do need to alternate serve.

the following is from wikipedia

  • Each half of the court measures 8 by 8 meters, not 9 by 9 as in indoor volleyball (this rule was instituted in 2002).
  • Overhand finger passes are called very tightly when receiving or attacking. Unless executed very cleanly and square to the shoulders, they are ruled illegal. The exception is receiving a hard smash.
  • When using overhand finger passes and hand sets, the standard for double hits is much stricter than in indoor volleyball, and the standard for lifts is less strict.
  • The block counts as the first contact.
  • Open-hand dinks, where a player uses his or her finger tips to redirect the ball into the opponent's court, are illegal.
  • It is legal to cross under the net as long as doing so does not interfere with the opponents' attempt to play the ball.
  • Players are not required to rotate positions; they must alternate service, but there are no 'rotation errors'.
  • Most players, either by choice or by requirement of the rules, play the game barefoot.
  • The ball is softer (lower internal pressure) and very slightly bigger than an indoor volleyball.

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