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How do you answer 'Why did you apply for this position' in a job interview?

The best way to answer this question is to research the company first. Whether you are applying at McDonald's or applying at a Fortune 500 Company, once you know about the company, you can answer this question more easily. For example: "I've read about how this company's growth is on the rise and also how involved it is in the local community.")

Researching the company helps you to find likable things about them. Have they won awards? A leading provider of ....? Perhaps they have multiple locations and you like the relocation possibilities - maybe they are spread globally even. Is the company internationally recognized, or a well known brand? A variety of roles/products to ensure ongoing challenges? If you have heard fond things of them from friends or other companies - you can note that as a plus too. Perhaps there are good career opportunities within the company, and they look after their employees well.

Do NOT make the answer all about you. The employer does not care if you want to advance your career, make more money, or get better benefits. In this portion of the interview and with asking this question, they want to know what YOU are going to do for THEM.

Pick reasons that sound good, and are not false. For example,, don't say the relocation possibilities to foreign countries are desirable if you couldn't bare to leave home!).

After you tell them why you're a good fit for them, THEN you can talk about the company being close to your home or allowing you the time to see your kids or finish school, etc.

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Comment faire un bon CV en Anglais?

Quelques conseils pour ecrire un CV en Anglais ici:

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Veterinary Medicine

How do you become a veterinary technician?

This will vary depending upon the location in which you want to work. In the United States, most states require a veterinary technician to be formally trained and credentialed while other states have no requirements. Either way, most veterinary technicians start as veterinary assistants and get some experience, then go to college (either a 2 year or a 4 year degree program) to receive an associate's or bachelor's degree. In states that require credentialing, they are then required to take and pass the Veterinary Technician National Exam and possibly a state jurisprudence exam and apply to be credentialed.

For specific information on becoming a credentialed veterinary technician, contact your state veterinary technician association or the state agency that credentials veterinary technicians (commonly the state veterinary licensing board).

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How do you email a boss about work done?

You get his e-mail address, then email him

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What jobs do people have in Vietnam?

80% is still agriculture, however manufacturing and fishing are growing fast.

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Como aplicar para empleo en Publix en espanol?

Es importante que incluir todos de sus datos cuando se aplica por empleo--su nombre, numero de teléfono, información de correo electrónico, y otras formas de communicación. Experiencia de trabajo pasado y cuálificaciones como educación son necesarios. Tambien, es una buena idea incluye el razón por que usted está aplicando por el puesto. Generalmente, hay un solicitud con información que ellos necesitan.


What is a job where you might get sunburn?

Landscaper, life guard, trash or recycling collector, street cop, crossing guard, construction flag person, construction, delivery person.

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What jobs can an accounting and finance diploma holder get?

They get basicly any banking job that involves communication with costumers (teller).

They can get a job as treasurer or in all accounts or finance department of every company or in any institute.

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What are some related jobs to a teacher?

Do you mean jobs that a teacher could do? If so you have the obvious K12 Teachers and College Professors, but you also have many other opportunities. Teachers can work at boarding schools, as private in house instructors, online education, tutors and many other things. You just may need special certifications if you choose to not teach within a school system.


When is Bring Your Kid to Work Day 2013?

April 25, 2013

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How do you answer 'How did you handle a time you prioritized a personal matter over work' in a job interview?

Some sample answers from our contributors:

  • I can handle it by acknowledging the need to balance home, life, and health, and indicate that i am capable of doing so, without sacrificing job responsibilities.I could guarantee you my three traits which is:My commitment, decisiveness, and coping ability to the company.
  • This is another one of those trick questions that may involve a bit of fibbing. They are asking if your personal life is going to interfere with your work life. If you say you call off work every time one of your kids is sick, forget it. But if you say you came in an hour late to get a baby sitter to sit with your sick kid, and then stayed two hours late that day to make up for the lost work time, THAT will impress them. I have to be honest, however. Any company that asks about a time you put personal life before work isn't a company I'd want to work for. A company is just a company. They can hire you or fire you at will. They can downsize your job or lay you off in a second. Your family should come first.
  • Interview questions try to find out particular traits a candidate may or may not have and so continue/halt the interview process as a result of the candidate's answer. Here, at least three traits are being queried: commitment, decisiveness, and coping ability. This question wants to know if the candidate can cope with a crisis involving home and work; whether the candidate is well enough organized so that only true emergencies interfere with his/her performance at work; and, if the candidate is being interviewed for a supervisory job, can the candidate recognize legitimate crises of work/home in subordinates and handle them with appropriate responsiveness?
  • The key to a good answer is to acknowledge the need to balance home, life, and health, and indicate that you are capable of doing so, without sacrificing job responsibilities. Here, a best answer would show the candidate was faced with an issue that could not have been forecasted/prevented by previous planning/organization, but when the issue arose, s/he was able to quickly re-prioritize office responsibilities in order that no losses occurred at work, but that home problems were also addressed.
  • Time management, you must know your priority between work and personal needs. you couldn't handle both problems.
  • I am an individual who is highly effective in separating my professional and personal life with excellent prioritizing skills. In a 9-5 schedule the priority is for professional work. Only in exceptional situations,where there is a personal emergency that I would consider doing the personal job first and only if in my task schedule-it got top priority. Then you go about describing a personal emergency crisis-if this is the case.

What job helps people with their problems?

  • Therapist
  • Clergy person
  • Tech Support/Help desk technician
  • Customer service rep
  • Consultant
  • Plastic surgeon
  • Assassin
  • Bartender
  • Teacher
  • Planned Parenthood Coordinator
  • Attorney
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What career cluster does personal trainer fall under?

Education and Training


How can someone with dyspraxia get a job?

Many successful people had/have Dyspraxia and thrived including: Daniel Ratcliffe!

and supposedly Albert Einstein

What job's are not best suited and why ?

Looking for a job with dyspraxia can be very difficult as it affects every person with the condition in a number different way's.

  • job's with lots or medium amount of group/team effort are not best suited (as dyspraxic's can feel more alone and lost when i a group causing confusion)
  • job's with high amounts of loud noise are not best suited yet precautions can be took to make these jobs more pleasant.

job's which may suite many dyspraxic's

  • out door job's or one's with plenty of space to work with.
  • job's working with a very small amount of people like window fitting for example only having a team of 2-3 people will help the person feel more relaxed in the work environment.

Who is the Chief financial officer of Dollar Tree?

Kevin S. Wampler is chief financial of dolllar tree

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Is journalism a craft or a profession?

Craft-> if you are in it for fun and as a pass time

Profession-> if you take it seriously. So seriously you believe you are good at it and can mKe money out of it.


What do you want to learn from this job?

This job has the potential to teach patience and thoroughness. It shows a wide variety of specific knowledge and gives the opportunity to research. In addition it offers practice of writing skills.


Should women continue job after marriage?

my opinion is yes offcorse they should because it helps in the growth of income in the house and makes the future of they children more brighter.

Also improved happy married life

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Do sociologist travel in their job?

A sociologist studies human life on various levels, with a strong emphasis on political systems and how life changes for human beings over time and from place to place.

Most jobs for sociologists are in research organizations, colleges and universities, and state and local government.

It is not usual for sociologists to travel in their job but there are some jobs that include field research and travel.

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Good places for work experience?

The best place to gain work experience is to find an entry level position or internship in an industry that you are interested in. For example, if you are interested in going to school for Law, then chose a position as a Runner for a Law office. If you are not sure what you want to do, then you could work at a Temp Agency to try out some jobs.


Why are employees so important to businesses?

Employees are important because without them who would take care of the business and the owner will have to do it all by himself. There is too much work. Also, employees perform specific task that helps the business succeed.


Does Icicle Seafood hire probationers?

Icicle Seafood has a very liberal policy when it comes to hiring those with criminal records. New hires are evaluated on a case by case basis depending on need and time of year. There is usually a big hiring rush in December to go process Opilio for the Star Division. Candidates would most likely be turned away for crimes involving violence. Other types of crimes, especially drug and alcohol related offenses are of relatively little concern. Icicle Seafoods rarely drug tests low level employees because of the tremendous turnover found in the seafood processing industry. If the rules of your probation allow you to travel to or be in Alaska, it would definitely be worth your while to turn in an application.


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