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Often, we have a general idea of what a job entails, but have questions about the specifics. The Job Description will give those specifics, though there might still be questions which can be asked in the job interview. Questions here may connect you with people who work in the field and with first-hand knowledge about the work involved in a specific position.

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Job Descriptions

What are the duties and responsibilities of an accountant?

Accountants keep track of the money in a company and make sure that there is money to pay salary and to keep the company in operation. They do the books for each department and make sure that every dollar is accounted for that was invested into the company. In short we can say that the duty of an accountant is to make sure that the company has a sufficient amount of working capital (the amount required to meet its daily operations) for its smooth running and to keep the transactions into record.

Specific duties of an accountant are:

  1. Prepare profit and loss statements and monthly closing and cost accounting reports.
  2. Compile and analyze financial information to prepare entries to accounts, such as general ledger accounts, and document business transactions.
  3. Establish, maintain, and coordinate the implementation of accounting and accounting control procedures.
  4. Analyze and review budgets and expenditures for local, state, federal, and private funding, contracts, and grants.
  5. Monitor and review accounting and related system reports for accuracy and completeness.
  6. Prepare and review budget, revenue, expense, payroll entries, invoices, and other accounting documents.
  7. Analyze revenue and expenditure trends and recommend appropriate budget levels, and ensure expenditure control.
  8. Explain billing invoices and accounting policies to staff, vendors and clients.
  9. Resolve accounting discrepancies.
  10. Recommend, develop and maintain financial data bases, computer software systems and manual filing systems.
  11. Supervise the input and handling of financial data and reports for the company's automated financial systems.
  12. Interact with internal and external auditors in completing audits.
  13. Prepare the financial statement of a business, they also determine if the company is making profit or not.
  14. Other duties as assigned
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What are some downsides of being a welder?

It's hot. Your work is not usually in a climate controlled environment The use of a fan is limited as it will blow away the gases in a mig type weld. You are breathing allot of gases and residues that are not the best for you. There is a potential for may types of job related injuries - burns, eye related injuries from grinding and the light produced from cutting and welding.

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What does it mean 'enter your desired job title'?

It simply means what your looking to be for ex. Cashier

Most companies use standard job application forms so they just need you to identify the role you wish to apply for. Sometimes there is a job reference number too which will appear in the job advertisement and it is important to quote this in your covering letter and on the application form if it is required.

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Burger King

What are the responsibilities of service crew?

Cleaning up after you, taking your order, etc. But if theres a nasty employee, probably not washing their hands after using the restroom, and then making the food. :p

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What is a wildlife warden?

its true its nothing

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What are the duties of a data entrant?

A Data Entry role involves entering data from various sources into the company computer system for processing and management. A candidate working in data entry will need to efficiently manage a large amount of information that is often sensitive or confidential. The integrity of any company is based on the data they produce which validates the importance of the Data Entry position. Any information inputted by the Data Entry team will then be used by other people for reference or reports.

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What does a working knowledge of something entail?

Knowing basically how to use it, without being an expert.

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How much annual leave does a nurse get?

It depends on the job, some hospitals offer 120 hours or you earn a certain amount of time dependent on how often you work.

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Is quitting your job over the phone good or bad?

It is considered good practice to give a written two-week notice or letter of resignation in person. In many cases, failing to do so will put you on a do not hire list and you will not be eligible for re-hire. This may also mean that you would not get a good reference from the company.

It is always best not to burn bridges, so to speak. You may think that you wouldn't want to return to your job but may later realize that you need to do so. To be put on a do not hire list is not good for your career.

If you must quit over the phone due to circumstances, I would suggest stating that the circumstances are the reason why and that you will follow up with a letter of resignation in person, if possible.

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Is world christian youth assembly a scam?

I am a computer specialist I have analyzed the WCYA website and I think they are genuine, Unless they are very stupid to give all the information they have given on their website. However, if you think they corned you of money please report to the nearest Australian embassy or report the CEO, Mr. Thomas Gale to the nearest interpol Center and seek warrant for his arrest or you can sue the Australian Embassy in court of law to pay the Damages if they refuse to produce him in any court of law. You can also move to civil court to attach the properties of the Australian Embassy. This is because the officials of this organization is known by the Australian Authorities. They know Mr. Thomas Gale is known and his officers have turned to be frauds-tars.

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Obstetrics & Gynecology

What does obstetrics nurse do?

For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (U.S. Department of Labor) indicated directly below this answer section.

Physical Therapy (physiotherapy)
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Can you wear scrubs as a PTA?

Yes you can. In fact it's a requirement in some locations. Our university even requires those in the PTA program to purchase scrubs.

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What is a fisherman's daily routine?


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What is an airport luggage carrier called?


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What main job do the Maasai women do?

Maasai women collect water, wood for fire, collects the crops, look after the cattle (milking and feeding them) and often build their house made of cow dung.

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What is an ICS manager?

ICS Manager stands fro Internal Control System Manager, a very demanding job in Europe and US. The ICS Manager handles entire ICS activities of the organization...

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What is organizational awareness?

Organizational awareness is a level of understanding for both the organization and its leaders regarding current capacity, abilities, potential, and results.

Leader-directed, positive change is not about direction but transformation. The degree of organizational awareness is the single most determining factor in managing effective change [Leadership management institute, 2009].

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What does a paraplanner do on a daily basis?

A paraplanner ( ) can have a varied role but the general duties are as follows:

  • Prepare Financial Plan / Statement of Advice documents (ranging in length from 15 pages to 150 pages). These reports include technical graphs / projections, client information, costs, strategies and a disclaimer or two or 200.
  • Research technical strategies
  • Research new products
  • Update approved products lists with funds that are see as, subjectively, quality investments
  • Complete investment / insurance application forms
  • May attend client meetings
  • May prepare review reports
  • May send correspondence to clients
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Advantage and disadvantage of unstructured interview?

An advantnage of unstructed interviews is that firstly it looks indetail and givesa overall picture. Secondly it is cost effective.

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Computer Security Law

What is the job description of an IASO?

IASO stands for "Information Assurance Security Officer." In general terms they are responsible for managing and enforcing DoD Information Assurance rules, regulations, policies, and procedures - in particular those of the US Army.

According to AR 25-2, section 3-2 f, the responsibilities an IASO are:

(1) Enforce IA policy, guidance, and training requirements per this regulation and identified BBPs.

(2) Ensure implementation of IAVM dissemination, reporting, and compliance procedures.

(3) Ensure all users meet the requisite favorable security investigations, clearances, authorization, need-to-know, and

security responsibilities before granting access to the IS.

(4) Ensure users receive initial and annual IA awareness training.

(5) Ensure log files and audits are maintained and reviewed for all systems and that authentication (for example,

password) policies are audited for compliance.

(6) Prepare, distribute, and maintain plans, instructions, and SOPs concerning system security.

(7) Review and evaluate the effects on security of system changes, including interfaces with other ISs and document

all changes.

(8) Ensure that all ISs within their area of responsibility are certified, accredited and reaccredited.

(9) Maintain and document CM for IS software (including IS warning banners) and hardware.

(10) Pre-deployment or operational IASOs will ensure system recovery processes are monitored and that security

features and procedures are properly restored.

(11) Pre-deployment or operational IASOs will maintain current software licenses and ensure security related

documentation is current and accessible to properly authorized individuals.

(12) Tenant IASOs will support and assist tenant IAMs (or the installation IAM if no tenant IAM exists).

(13) Report security violations and incidents to the servicing RCERT in accordance with Section VIII, Incident and

Intrusion Reporting.

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What elements of your job interest you the most and the least?

There are various element that most interest me in my job I enjoy solving the problems that are complex, handling the customer queries in hepdesk environment and learning new things that are connected to my job

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Information Technology

Is koti IT is a subsidiary company of reliance information technology?

yes Koti Information Technologies is a subsidiary company of Reliance Information Technologies INC

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Contus support interactive pvt ltd is a MNC? is multi national have a main branch in U.S

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What was the average annual income in 1936?

In 1935-1936 the median family income was $1,160.

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What do you call people that cut down trees?

Lumber Jacks


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