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This category contains all questions regarding cheating and everything it entails, whether it is emotional or having physical relations with someone other than your significant other.

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What do dreams about cheating on your partner mean?

Cheating To dream that you are cheating on your spouse, mate, or significant other, suggests feelings of self-guilt and self-betrayal. You may have compromised your beliefs or integrity and/or wasting your energy and time on fruitless endeavours. Alternatively, it reflects the intensity of your sexual passion and exploring areas of your sexuality. It is a reaffirmation of your commitment. To dream that your mate, spouse, or significant other is cheating on you, indicates your fears of being abandoned. You may feel a lack of...
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How does dyslexia affect relationships with other adults and partners?

No my sister is dyslexia and she loves her relationship
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Does Taurus cheat?

There's no surefire answer; but lets go by facts here: 1.Taurus is very sweet and very genuine. Capable of the deepest of loves, Taurus is generally one of the most faithful zodiac signs. 2.Taurus hates hurting those he/she loves. This being said, Taurus aren't ones to stray away from the heart of a relationship. 3.Taurus has a lot of love, typically for more than one person. A Taurus' heart may belong to more than one person, but they will most likely stay physically faithful. ^Some...
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What are some signs to look for if you think your spouse is cheating on you?

Signs from the car: They let you do the talking most of the time. They are using more gas. The mileage in their car is too high. Check the mileage for them to and from work. Is there a lot of unexplained mileage? They want you to wait while they clean out their car before you get in it. There are two empty cups or containers for food for more than one person in their car. The music stations in their car have changed. Signs...
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What does iwi mean to Maori?

Extended kinship group, tribe, nation, people, race - often refers to a large group of people descended from a common ancestor. ...
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Why do women get curious about other men while in a committed relationship?

women naturally want to improve their men(of which most men dont want) so they want to know what other men have that others that their man doesn't have Answer Not all women do that. One should only be in a committed relationship if one really loves the other person. When you really love someone, at least in my opinion, you do not get curious about other men, under any circumstances, even if separated for long periods of time. ...
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How can you tell if your wife lies about where she's been and what she's doing?

Vague question...leads to vague answers. Aside from the physiological changes associated with lies - it is tough. If you're married, you're more than likely going to pick up on some tell-tale signs that are out of place - but if you're really concerned: you can hire a private detective to track her. If you're expecting an affair to surface, you can do things like: Check milage on her car in the morning and then ask what all she did... add up...
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What do you do if your wife cheats on you?

If you both want to save the marriage, your wife needs to admit to the affair and end it as of this moment. She needs to have no contact with the man she was having the affair with, even if this means quitting a job. She needs to explain why she had the affair--what were the issues she had in your marriage that made her decide to be with someone else? She should also agree to marital counseling with you, or at...
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Should you stay in a marriage with a jealous husband even though you've never cheated because you have young children?

Answer It sounds like you are only currently staying with your husband now because of your kids. If the situation is that unpleasant or if there is any verbal or physical abuse involved, get out of the marriage. Your children could be more damaged by witnessing the anger between you and your husband, rather than living with you in a one parent household. Children are far more aware of what is going on between than parents than the parents would like to believe. I...
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What is dogging you out mean?

I take dogging someone out as mistreating them or using them or making a fool of them. When someone is dogged out they are mistreated to the point where they're at their lowest, and most of the time, they don't even realize it because they are so used to it. Someone can be dogged out sexually, mentally, or emotionally. ...
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If you have chlamydia does that mean your partner cheated?

Certainly the situation merits a frank discussion with the partner. If you've had genital-genital contact with someone else during that time, it's possible you brought the infection into the relationship without having sex with someone else. It's possible your test was a false chlamydia test result. A more obvious and common explanation is that your partner brought the infection into the relationship. Sorry for your trouble, whatever the cause may have been. ...
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What does it mean if your husband dreams you were murdered?

Could mean nothing or so much,if you belive in supernatural things it could be a preminition of something to happen but the best answer is that is you love someone your always worried about there safety and sometime dreams bring out your worst fears also he could of watched a movie earlier that night were someone gets killed and the dream was replaying that and used people hes familer with to replace ...
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Had a dream that your ex-girlfriend cheated on you?

To be frank, it doesn't matter-she's already your ex-girlfriend. An ex is an ex for a reason, so leave it alone. A dream is neither a valid argument or proof she cheated & regardless of whether or not she did, wondering about or accusing her doesn't matter since you're no longer with her, anyway. Don't take the dream to heart or let it stress you out! ...
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Why do secretaries fall for their married bosses?

Sometimes , it's just a kind of " idol " worship. Sometimre it's more calculated , and she may be looking for monetary advantages, or a way to manipulate her boss. There is always a possibility SHE is being sexually harassed , and doesn't or can't stand up for herself. ...
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What is the definition of teenage relationships?

During the teenage years, the youth does not have a firm understanding of the role of dating. To teenagers, dating only consists of someone the feel attached to, spend time with, and/or a personified experiement. The teens, may have curiosity in the emotions and tasks involved in a "relationship". The lack of understanding of what a true relationship consists of is ehy the teenagers these days are so distorted. Dating's purpose is to first step into marriage...that is its sole purpose. Teenager...
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What are the solutions to the negative influences of the media?

The only solution to stopping negative influences of the media is to either be wise enough to believe half of what you hear or ignore the media altogether. It is true that the media dwells mainly on the bad news (bad news travels fast) and little about all the good things people do in this world. It is because a high percentage of the public demand details and are interested in the blood and guts of a story with all the...
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What does it mean when a man calls you sweetie?

It either means that he is trying to holla at you or he is trying to be sweet and impress you....:) Answer It is an old fashioned way of paying a compliment to you. It does not mean that he is trying to have an affair with you, but that you are an attractively nice person and he wishes to let you know in the kindest way that he has noticed this. Accept the compliment gracefully but do not encourage him. The...
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Is that cheating if a girl kiss you that has a boyfriend?

It is cheating; if you are involved in a relationship and you show *unnecessary affection, such as flirting, kissing, or sensual or suggestive touching, or becoming involved sexually with another person other than your partner or spouse is considered cheating, no matter what form it comes in. However, the 'rules' of cheating vary from person to person; for example, some people believe it isn't cheating if you are flirting over the internet, while others believe that groping or touching those other than their...
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My boyfriend got another girl pregnant what do i do?

It really depends on how you feel about him. I personally would break up with him after finding out something like that because that'd make me guess he's the irresponsible type to bail. If he's a good guy though and is taking care of the girl he got pregnant then it shows he's at least the type to handle his problems and not run away from them. If he got her pregnant WHILE you were dating then dump him! You can...
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What is a woman getting married called?

BRIDE In Spanish, she is called la novia. La novia can also mean the girlfriend, and the fiancée. After the wedding, she is la esposa - the wife. ...
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What do you do when your best friend leaves to another state?

ANSWER: First of all, its not a big deal that someone you care will be moving. Best friend will always be best friend no matter what. Do you believe that distance is what makes a heart fonder? This best friend of yours is not abandoning you, he or she is only transferring to another state. You can look at this way, you will have a place to go to, just like a vacation. So don't let this makes you sad because your...
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How do you find out single guy likes married woman?

Ask him, or if you're a bit shy try bring up the subject. Good luck :)
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What are the signs that your boyfriend is cheating on you?

Some clear signs that your boyfriend is cheating, is when he starts changing; like coming home late, or not telling the truth about minor stuff. When he is getting messages on his phone, or if he deletes incoming and outgoing calls. If you try to reach him and he doesn't answer, or if he goes out but doesn't want you there, or if he is dishonest about where he was and who he was hanging out with. If he loves you,...
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Why is it that my husband always accuses me of cheating he always threatens me he is going to leave me which happens very often?

I go through this allot myself. Most recently he accused me of cheating because a pack of lighters on too of our dresser was moved from the position it was in when he left for work. I stay home all day with our four year old son, and I believe that does not think that is a real job and that I sit around all day doing nothing. I don't know why he would think that I would have an...
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How do you end an affair and reconnect at home?

I think the first thing that has to be done is for the cheater to let go of his partner that he has cheated with. I MEAN it; don't accept any emails, phone calls, ect. It will be difficult since you have become so used to this addition. Secondly, being the wife who got cheated on, if she doesn't know DO NOT TELL HER! It will only bring disaster and turmoil. Get yourself past the affair and vow to NEVER have...