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BBC, or the British Broadcasting Channel, is one of the most popular channels in the UK. They also do American based broadcasting.

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British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

When is season 5 of hero's being shown on BBC?

I'm sorry to say that Heroes was canceled after the 4th season (5th Volume) and they will not air another season. They are however planning on making a 2 hour long final episode or movie to wrap everything up or maybe even leave something open for the future.

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British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

When Merlin season 4 start at BBC?

Season 4 airs in 2012

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Who sings BBC advert - hello hello?

'Hello' by Martin Solveig

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What is the music in BBC Drama Toast?

Dusty Springfield. The following tracks are used in Toast:

Wishin' & Hopin'

Ne Me Quitte Pas (If You Go Away)

I'll Try Anything To Get You

The Look Of Love

I Only Want To Be With You

Little By Little

Yesterday When I Was Young


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Robin Hood
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Where can you get the BBC Robin Hood soundtrack?

Good luck with that! I searched everywhere and found it on There were only 2 copies available and both were used and at a hefty price of 70.00. I had also checked with the bbc shop and they couldn't ship it to the U.S. (Never understood why not) Also tried to purchase from amazon UK. It showed they had 1 available, but when I purchased it, it came back "unavailable at this time" and I waited several weeks to hear if I was ever going to get it. Of course, I rec'd confirmation that it was no longer available. I'd say in order to get this soundtrack now, you'd have to hope that someone puts their personal copy up on eBay or back on amazon, and it probably most likely won't be a new copy. I lucked out with my copy, it was like new, and I am very pleased with my purchase. except the 70.00 price tag. This has been about a month ago, and I now see that the other copy that was for sell is also gone. Good luck in your search.

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British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

What does BBC mean in email?

I think you mean BCC in which case it stands for Blind Carbon Copy, it is a function which allows you to send an email to a second person, without them seeing who else has received the e-mail

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British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Was 24 ever shown on the BBC?

Yes the first two seasons were shown on BBC2 before it was bought by Sky

Human Origins
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

How did BBC film an Australopithecus Afarensis?

They used actors in suits.

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British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

When does sambuca kelly die?

Sanbuca Kelly dies in series 7, episode 6.

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Is Georgie Palmer of BBC South Today pregnant?

yes - she may have even had it by now. i emailed a while back and asked and they confirmed she was pregnant.

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Is jannat jalil who is a bbc news presenter Bangladeshi by born?

No - She is of Arabic origin.

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British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

How does the BBC esp test work?

This is how the bbc esp video works. Every time you have to make the guess at which card it is, a play button will pop up to see if you guessed right. Depending on where you click the play button, that will be the answer. If you click the top left of the box (the play box), you get the circle. The top right is the cross. The bottom left is the triangle. The bottom right is the square. The center is the star. To remember this, think about 1 line is the first corner, 2 lines is the second corner and so on.

o =top left

+ = top right

waves = botom left

squar = botom right

star = midle

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British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Why do you write 'the BBC' and not 'the CNN'?

Asking "Why not 'The CNN'?" is like asking "Why not 'BBC'?" The official names of these two companies are probably what determined their nicknames. In legal documentation, Cable News Network calls itself "Cable News Network" (or just "CNN"); the British Broadcasting Corporation was incorporated as "the British Broadcasting Corporation" (or "the BBC"; see its Royal Charter). Whether the nickname has a definite article or not is determined by whether the full name has a definite article.

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British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

What is the theme song for 'The Chase' on BBC?

Its called:

Reach for me by Kirsty Hawkshaw

~ pokemaster

Britain in WW2
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

What was the name of the magazine launched by the BBC in 1929?

The magazine was called "The Listener" and it lasted till 1991. It consisted mainly of printed versions of fairly "high brow" talks originally given on the BBC.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

How old is jemma cooper bbc weather girl?


British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Did the BBC have a fire during the one show?

No. The fire alarm was set off after an incompetent employee microwaved their tea and the had to evacuate the building.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

What wavelength is BBC Radio Suffolk?

95.5 FM or104.6 FM


British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

What does BBC in dating mean?

Best Before Cremated

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

What wavelength is BBC Radio 4?

FM: 92 MHz - 95 MHz

LW: 198 kHz

MW: various

DAB: 12B

Freeview: 704

Virgin Media: 904

Sky Digital: 0104

UPC Ireland: 910

Internet: Streaming Audio Real/WM

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What does CC and Bcc stand for in an email program?

The term cc stands for carbon copy, and bcc for blind carbon copy. The cc addressee is visible in the email, but the bcc is not. These are old terms that originated with the use of typewriters to type letters. To make a copy before photocopy machines, you had to use carbon paper. Carbon paper is thin paper with a dark coating on one side. You sandwich it between two pieces of paper with the coated side down. When you type on the paper sandwich, the coating on the carbon paper comes off on the bottom page, which becomes a carbon copy of the top page, the original. It is customary to put cc in the address part of the letter to let people know who received it. If you wanted to secretly send a copy of a letter to someone without telling the addressee, you asked your secretary to make a blind carbon copy, or bcc.

Think about the ethical and moral questions associated with sending information using CC and BCC.

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British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

What does a photographer do in the BBC?

Takes pictures of real news

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Is BBC's 'EastEnders' England's longest-running soap?

No, Coronation Street has been running 25 years longer.

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Who sings it's a new day it's a new dawn on BBC advert?

Nina Simone

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Is the BBC Muzzy language learning series for children worth its hefty price?

* I used to watch these as a child. They work well and children tend to respond to them. * This product is a series of connected stories over which multiple languages have been dubbed. My experience has been with Chinese and a multi-lingual child age 5-years. She responded marginally as her basic vocabulary was not sufficient to comprehend the meaning or context of the stories. However, she returned to the series at age 8-years and appeared to benefit from the exposure. Thus, it appears that children should have a basic vocabulary (possibly 200 words) in the language area of the chosen program prior to exposure.

* excellent and effective overall design for language learning, as one should expect from the BBC, and i indeed yearn for such to be available for language learning with my young children. however there are major role model problems, which, coming from the BBC, is a major disappointment, and i am not at all pleased to present such role models to my children.

muzzy, the revered protagonist, strikes casual backhanded blows to those who annoy him.

the 3 main confidence roles and the 2 main evil roles are all male.

female roles are accessory roles, queen is obese, princess is twirp and quickly a mother.

dark skin tones appear only for character roles of evil or insignificance.

i do like that albert models choosing to ride a bicycle, that at least is appropriate for our times.


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