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Also known as simply swing, it sprang from ragtime and is a form of jazz. Swing uses a heavy rhythm with a medium to fast tempos. Swing was popular from the 1930s to the 1950s and bounced back in the 1990s. All questions concerning swing music history, bands, artists, musical instruments and sheet music can be found here.

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Swing Music

What are Brian Setzer's children's names?

dane n dd

Swing Music

What is swing music?

Swing is a type of music that traditionally features classical/orchestral instruments. Its sound is mainly a jazzy or bluesy feel. Swing artists include Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr and many more. For whoever answered Elvis Presley, Elvis was a rock n' roll artist.

Swing was born out of the 1940's era mostly from WW2 on. It started with the Big Band Era when these groups began to experiment with black music in America and started to duplicate the shuffle beat into Boogie Woogie. Hence the Jitterbug, Zoot Suit Era and early forms of Rock & Roll began to developed thru the late 40's & 50's. These early big band musicians were all classically trained and schooled in Jazz, this was their interpretation of what the very early blues and jazz singers were experimenting with.

MAJOR CorrectionSwing grew up in the early 1930s and matured in the 1940s. It was mostly performed by "big bands", jazz orchestras with anywhere from 8 to 20 musicians. The instruments were usually trumpets, trombones, reeds (saxophones and clarinets), and rhythm (drums, piano).

The big-band format actually dates back to the 1920s when leaders such as Duke Ellington and Paul Whiteman assembled groups that were larger than the typical jazz combo of the time, with 3 to 6 members. The early bands still mostly played in a style more associated with traditional jazz, but by the mid-1930s a number of factors converged to create swing. First, radio allowed many more people to hear the bands via broadcasts; second, post-Depression economic recovery gave people more disposable income so they had cars for travel and the option to spend money on entertainment.

The start of Swing Era is traditionally dated from a 1935 concert when Benny Goodman's band, fearing public rejection, decided to "fail with a bang" by playing many of the more uptempo arrangements the musicians enjoyed instead of the more mundane tunes the promoters wanted. Instead of failing, the performance was a wild success and swing soon became the most popular music form in the country.

The typical form of a swing tune is what's called A-A-B-A. That is, it opens with a melody performed twice with slightly different variations. That's followed by a second, different melody, and the tune closes with a third variation of the original melody. Unlike traditional jazz which is played free-form, most swing music is arranged. That is, the notes that the musicians play are written out in advance to harmonize multiple parts. But within that framework, individual performers would play improvised jazz solos with the rest of the band in the background.

It's almost impossible to provide a comprehensive list of swing musicians but here are a few names to search for:

LeadersBenny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Tommy Dorsey, Artie Shaw, Glenn Miller, Count Basie, Charlie Barnet, Lionel Hampton, Chick Webb, Claude Thornhill, Harry James, Bunny Berigan Sidemen and soloists(Many also became leaders later) Buddy Rich, Chris Griffin, Tex Beneke, Roy Eldridge, Harry Edison, Abe Most, Buddy Morrow, Ziggy Elman, Buddy DeFranco, Billy May SingersFrank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Dick Haymes, Martha Tilton, Helen Forrest, Helen Ward, Ivie Anderson, Joe Williams, Bob Eberly, Helen O'Connell, Connie Haines

and hundreds more ...

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Swing Music

What is DeVante Swing's birthday?

DeVante Swing was born on September 24, 1969.

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Swing Music

Who sings the swing song in the Hewlett Packard commercial?

This is from the HP website. Hope it helps. I also pasted a link at the bottom of the page for you.

Music from HP TV ads � Company information

� HP Ads � Everything is possible campaign � You + HP campaign � Change + HP campaign � Music from HP TV ads

� Newsroom

You + HP: digital music

Mash Up

Song: "The Boogie That Be" Artist: Black Eyed Peas

Song: "Mr. Lee" Artist: The Bobbettes

Song: "Work It, Shake It" Artist: DJ Assault Song: "I Love to Polka" Artist: Jimmy Sturr

Song: "Orange Blossom Special" (Live) Artist: Charlie Daniels Band

You + HP: digital photography

Song: "Picture Book" Artist: The Kinks Song: "Out of the Picture" Artist: The Robins

You + HP

Flipbooks (cinema version) Story #183: �I am Immune to Gravity� by David Nadeau Song: Weight of the World Artist: Reservoir

Song: Pictures of You Artist: The Cure (from 1989�s �Disintegration�)

Change + HP

Change Song: Blue Skies Artist: Written by Irving Berlin; performed by Maxine Sullivan

Constant Change Song: Baba O�Riley Artist: Written by Peter Townshend; performed by The Who

Customer + HP

Digital Crime Fighting Composer: Jason Johnson for Stimmung (New York, NY and Santa Monica, CA)

Bang & Olufsen Song: Song #1 Artist: DJ Krush

One Day in the Life (Business version) Song: Perpetuum Mobile Artist: Penguin Caf�

One Day in the Life (Arts version) Song: Section # Artist: Polyphonic Spree


AnswerOut of the Picture by The Robins AnswerI am listening to The Cure. It ISN'T the same song from the commercial. Off to find The Robins version. Answeractually, yeah it is.

ANSWER - to the HP commercial with the baby in it: Brand New Key by Melanie Safka

Swing Music

What is moderate swing in music?

  • Prestissimo - extremely fast (more than 200 bpm)
  • Presto - very fast (168-200 bpm)
  • Allegro - fast and bright or "march tempo" (120-168 bpm)
  • Moderato - moderately (108-120 bpm)
  • Andante - at a walking pace (76-108 bpm)
  • Adagio - slow and stately (literally, "at ease") (66-76 bpm)
  • Larghetto - rather broadly (60-66 bpm)
    • Fast Swing: (264, 276, 288, 304, 320, 336, ...)
    • Up Swing: (208, 216, 224, 232, 240, 252)
    • Medium Up Swing: (160, 168, 176, 184, 192, 200)
    • Medium Swing: (120, 126, 132, 138, 144, 152)
    • Moderate Swing: (104, 108, 112, 116)
    • Slow Swing: (88, 92, 96, 100)
    • Medium Ballad: (72, 76, 80, 84)
    • Slow Ballad: (..., 60, 63, 66, 69)
Swing Music

Who is DeVante Swing baby mama?

Katrina Burton, Shannon Pace and Arlene Delvalle

Swing Music

What is the name of that famous swing song?

Sing, sing, sing by Benny Goodman

Swing Music

What film is would you like to swing on a star from?

Going my Way, featuring Bing Crosby.

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Swing Music

In the movie almost famous what is the name of the song they sing on the bus?

Tiny Dancer - Elton John

Swing Music

Is Western Swing musician Tommy Morrell still alive?

No he is not. He died last year, in 2006,. He was very distraught about finding his son dead a year before. He quit eating and went into a severe depression.

Swing Music

What is the tempo of the song swing swing?

around 130

Swing Music

Which was true about swing music?

it was the most popular form of music in america.

Swing Music

What is another name for swing music?

Swing music is a fairly specific term, and doesn't really have many other names. You could call it Swing Jazz.

Swing Music

Who sang would you like to swing on a star in the 60's?

Swinging On A Star _Big Dee Irwin & Little Eda

Swing Music

Do you use swing rhythm in ragtime music?

I do not, and it probably shouldn't be done---but that's only if you want to preserve the original feel of ragtime.

swing rhythm did not exist at the time of the ragtime peak, which was roughly from 1897 to 190?.

As near as I can tell, swing rhythm started appearing by 1912 or 13. By about 1927 or 1928 rag time was gone.

There are piano rolls from 1917 with swing rhythm, and records from 1926 with straight--"rag"---time. I suspect that swing rhythm existed before 1917.

Swing Music

Who sang would you like to swing on a star?

both bing Crosby and frank Sinatra has sung this song, originally bing Crosby in the film going my way(1944) together with some boy orchestra.

Swing Music

Can you swing all the way around on a swing?

No. Yes, if it is a tire hanging from a rope.

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Swing Music

When was DeVante Swing born?

DeVante Swing was born on September 24, 1969.

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Swing Music

What are the top ten opera overtures?

Purely subjective and in alphabetical order -- Beethoven -- Leonore #3. Mozart -- Don Giovanni. Mozart -- Magic Flute. Nicolai -- Merry wives of Windsor. Rossini -- William Tell. Verdi -- Aida. Verdi _ La Forza del Destino. Wagner -- Die Meistersinger. Wagner _ Flying Dutchman. Weber -- Der Freischutz.

Swing Music

Do devante swing have aids?

That's my nephew ,no he does not have aids and he has never had a cocaine habit

we've all partied in our days so don't judge for ye shell be judged! just because people look like something never assume the worst.Life has its trials and hard ship on everyone ! they are all doing fine especially dalvin and devanta,( that's blood- family)

mike duce ,aka duce

Germany in WW2
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Why was swing music banned in Nazi Germany?

The Nazis considered it to be "entartete", meaning "degenerate" in German.

Jazz and swing were thought to be lowbrow and not worthy of a supposedly superior civilization, but what offended the Nazis sense of "purity" was that the styles developed in the black community and had been taken up by many Jewish performers as well. Jazz venues were some of the few places in America where people of all races and faiths came together to enjoy themselves with far less prejudice than existed in the rest of society. That kind of equality was utterly antithetical to the Nazis' views of racial, religious, and social separation.

Despite being officially banned, many civilian Germans secretly listened to jazz. See the excellent movie "Swing Kids" for an interesting view of how young Germans rebelled through jazz.

Swing Music

No work is done on an object unless there is a force along its direction of motion This being so does the string that supports the pendulum bob do work on the bob as it swings to and fro?

billy joe

Swing Music

Did Devante Swing of Jodeci die of a overdose?

Swing Music

What are Mr Dalvin and DeVante Swing doing these days I know Jodeci was on in Europe in 2006. Are they coming out with anything this year?

Mr. Dalvin recently wrote a script for a television show and he is working with a couple of new artists. Jodeci finished picking the songs for the new release, but has not given a release date. All I have heard about DeVante us that he is working on the new release with his group.

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What songs have the word George in the title?

george of the jungle


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