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Bill Gates is the chairman and co-founder of Microsoft Corporation. He was once the richest man on Earth.

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Where is elementary school of Bill Gates?

Ridge Elementary

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Bill Gates
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When did Bill Gates invent Microsoft?

April 4, 1975

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What is your greatest accomplishment?

This is one of the types of question that you may get at an interview; they are intended to get you to talk about yourself in a fairly informal manner. The questions are usually about some aspect of your own life so it is not possible for anyone else to answer them for you.

You should think carefully, before attending the interview, about such questions as this so as to be prepared when asked. There are several such questions and there is a great deal of information on the internet and elsewhere about techniques to employ when attending interviews.

They do not want to hear our accomplishments -- they want to hear yours! You are the only one who knows what your own accomplishments are!
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Bill Gates

How much does Bill Gates earn per day?

1.6 billions dollars

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Bill Gates

How much is Bill Gates business worth today?


Microsoft Corporation
Bill Gates

Does bill gates make money when he is sleeping?

If Bill Gates sleeps for 8 hours every night, he will have made $264,000,000 ($260 million) by the time he wakes up.

Bill Gates

How much is bill gates werth in pounds?

More than most people can count. When wealth gets into the billions, the actual figure is almos irrelevant.

Bill Gates

Is David gates still alive?

yes David Gates of bread is alive!

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Bill Gates

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Generally, no, you should not link to your own website. Open forums like this one can easily be overrun by spammers if we are not careful. However, if your website genuinely provides valuable information for people who want to find the answer to a question, it may be appropriate to link to your site. These links go in the Related Links section. Please don't take offense if another contributor disagrees and removes your link. If you want to advertise for your own business, website, or cause, use your Bio Page. Commerical links are completely welcome there and they can be a great form of free advertising. See the Related Link on Bio Pages. Please do not post a question or answer that has to do with an advertisement.

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Bill Gates

Who are famous lunatics?

Howard Hughs

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Healthcare Coverage While Pregnant
Bill Gates

Is a 19-year-old dependent daughter covered for maternity care?

it really depends of each individual insurance. If the 19 year old is a full time student, she would be fully covered under your insurance. Also, some state laws require parents to cover a dependant child until a certain age (thru age 19 or sometimes even 23).

if the child is covered under the insurance, a pregnancy would be covered.. meaning all prenatal care, post natal for the mother and delivery, including hospital and physician fees. The baby however, will not be covered. The dependant of a dependant is not typically a eligible covered dependant on any insurance plan.

I've seen insurance plans that would cover a 19 year old child dependent, but, when you check the maternity benefit, she won't be covered unless there is a complication with the pregnancy.

If your insurance plan covers her as a dependant or student then she will be covered for her maternity. Most insurance policies will not cover a dependant grandchild, it depends on your individual plan. I have not seen any plans in my company that do. You may need to look into applying for Medicaid for the grandchild.

As stated above if the 19 year old is a qualified dependent then it should be covered **IF** the parents policy covers maternity. Maternity is not automatic coverage in all circumstances and is a benefit that is being made optional with much greater frequency in those states where the insurance company is not obligated to include it.

Bill Gates

What is Bill Gates profession?

Philanthropist. He retired from Microsoft years ago and doesn't work anymore.

Bill Gates

How did William Henry gates III accumulate his fortune?

well he created microsoft and sold is company to his companions so he could earn money.

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Did Bill Gates steal ideas from Steve Jobs and use it as his own?

Apple licensed part of the Macintosh operating system to Microsoft which they used to create their Windows operating system. With subsequent releases of Windows Apple felt that Microsoft were using more of Apple's ideas than had originally been agreed under the licensing deal and started legal proceedings against Microsoft. It was later discovered that Microsoft had based their Media Player on the software Apple had written for QuickTime which resulted in further legal action. These disputes ran on for many years and were finally resolved in 1997 when Apple agreed to make Internet Explorer their default browser on the Mac, to the detriment of Netscape. Microsoft agreed to continue developing Microsoft Office and other software for the Mac over the next five years. Microsoft also purchased $150 million of non-voting Apple stock, helping Apple in its financial struggles at the time. Both parties entered into a patent cross-licensing agreement.

Bill Gates

How do you describe Bill Gate's leadership?

Like a man who new he had to grab the devil by the horn's before he could wrestle him to the ground.

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Does bill gates own a silver mine?

No he does not it is a popular roomer but he does not T-pain does.

Bill Gates

How did Bill Gates get his nickname tre?

he got this nickname because he was bill gates the third

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What are the passwords for Sarah fincher com?

what are the pass words for the videos?

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How much does Bill Gates make per year month week day hour minute and second?

Bill Gates earns £3,356,100,000 (£3.4 billion approx) a year,

which is £279 765 000 (£279.7 approx) Million a month,

which is £62 150 000 million a week,

which is £8 878 571.43p million a day

which is £369 940.48p thousand an hour,

which is £6 165.67pa minute,

which is £102.76 a second.

(This is for a 7 day week and a 24 hour day. A 5 day work week and an 8 hour work day would give different values.)

Note that as founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill and Melinda have donated enormous amounts of the the money they earn to internationally recognized causes.

please note also that he earns the money in $ so it may be slightly inaccurate and my calculations are roughly rounded

thanks for taking this into mind!

Bill Gates
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What is Bill Gates' net worth?

- Forbes Magazine's List of Billionaires for 2015 declared that Bill Gates is the wealthiest person in the world, with a net worth of approximately $79.2 billion dollars.

- Carlos Slim Helu is the second wealthiest person with a net worth of approximately $77.1 billion dollars.

- Warren Buffett is the third richest person with a net worth of approximately $72.7 billion dollars.

Bill Gates

Which company is the world's largest resources-company?

B.H.P. Billiton

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Does everyone dream in color?

Dreaming in Color

Here are opinions and answers from WikiAnswers Contributors:

  • Here's a toughie...Firstly, i think it depends on the person. If a person is old enough, it may occur as black and white. Otherwise though, I'm pretty sure it's mostly color dreams.
  • People dream in color, even when they think that they dream in black and white... if you ask them what color something was, they will know.
  • No, I don't dream in color and I am normal - as normal as possible.
  • Same for me. Sometimes I dream in color, but very often, I have a dream or two in black & white or sepia. And I'm still in middle school, so I don't think you'd consider me "old!"
  • Everyone dreams in color. The thought that we don't dream in color is the result of misinterpretation of very old research. Think about it: We see in color. In fact, we have six senses at our disposal during the waking day. There's no reason we wouldn't have access to those senses during sleep as well, particularly since many scientists believe dreaming is a natural way to recall events and emotions from our waking hours and play out solutions as a means of catharisis.
  • I should add that some people dream much more vividly than others. Those who don't recall dreams at all or very well may be lead to believe they don't dream in color.
  • Humans actually have five senses. Some have fewer -- for example, blind people only have four. People who are blind due to the failure of brain regions devoted to vision do not dream in vision at all. Their brain is unable to create or process visual images. Thus, congenital blind people are indeed unable to dream in color, or in vision at all. It should also be noted that this kind of dream research can only be based on reports from individual.. even if some people do say that they dream in black-and-white, we may never know if that's true, or if they just are unable to remember their dreams vividly enough.
  • No. I dream in color and in black and white. My step father only dreams in black and white and my mother only dreams in color.
  • No one would probably have dreamt of this question if we never had colour tv. As it is, I seriously doubt that anyone who isn't colour blind or has some similar visual disorder, dreams in black and white.
  • This answer really depnds on the person and the circumstanses. Everybody has different ways of dreaming, so many people would have their dreams set in different times (eg. daytime or night time). This may effect the colour they see. Obviously dreams which are set in the night time will be drained of much colour and may be interpreted as 'black & white' dreams. From my experience, dreams of which are set during the night time tend to be black and white as that is all I can make out of colour in the dark.
  • i always dream in color or the dreams i remember are always in color.
  • I read a book about dreams. It's called: Book of Dreams By Sylvia Browne. The color dream is a prophetic dream. Prophetic dreams are always in color! They tell the future. But they only give you hints!
  • Who knows if you dream in color or not? When you remember the dream, you are more likely to remember it in color, since your daylight vision is in color. If you claim to dream in black and white, the chances are you just dreamt a dark dream.
  • Mostly dreams occur in different colours it need not be black and white only sometimes people dream in single colour like red,blue and green but it depends on how the person want to see the brain doesn't rest at all that is why dreams occur so as we think inturn the brain thinks and manipulates and gives it in the form of dreamz...
  • I am color blind, my brother is blind, we both dream in color.

mostly, but some dream in B/W too...
Bill Gates

Is bill gates tongue has a taste?


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How did Bill Gates and Paul Allen affect the development of computers?

Bill Gates and Paul Allen created Microsoft Corporation that create DOS (Disk Operating System) for PCs and the rest... So I would say yes. Even though Microsoft was all software related the hardware was designed to follow.

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Bill Gates

Who is the richest person in the world as of June 2008?

According to the London Financial Times as well as Forbes Magazine, Warren Buffett of Omaha, Nebraska USA is the world's richest person on earth with a fortune of $62 billion USD in 2008.


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