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Memory cards, also known as flash cards, are small units used for the purpose of data storage. They are commonly used in handheld devices such as cameras or mp3 players.

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How do you remove write protection from a mini SD card?

Removing the Write Protection Depends on the Source of the Problem.

Broadly speaking, it can be any of the following scenarios

  1. There is a write-protection tab on the mini sd card HOLDER. Every time you insert this into your PC or card holder, this tab slides to the write protect position. Either keep resetting, inserting & reinserting until it doesn't slide or tape it down.
  2. There is nothing wrong with the mini sd card. Simply locate the write protection key and push it.
  3. The mini sd card has some error: Go for a low level formatting.
  4. The card has virus: Remove the virus. The link for the steps is present in the related link at the bottom of the article.

There is an easy way to solve this problem: Simply put the yellow lock in the middle of its slider. No sticky tape required, as shown below. But if your still having the same problem i suggest you try the sticky tape.

Problem is only that small moveable yellow lock switch is not making, just put sellotape over it maybe two layers needed to make switch.

Even though what is written below may work, the problem is probably that on the card reader (if you have one) there is a small switch that has lock written on the side. If this is pushed down, the drive is write protected, push it in the opposite direction and it may fix your problem I had the same problem with several cards but eventually found a way around it. DON'T buy a new one!

Make sure the SD card lock is 'off' and then use thin, opaque sticky tape (ie non see-through; eg insulation tape) to cover the whole gap but keep clear of the metal contacts at the back.

Your card should work fine now.

Additional Information:

  • Reason #1: The mechanical lock switch accidentally moves to the "locked" position during insertion due to the poor quality of the switch. Hence, by taping it, you are actually preventing the lock switch to travel towards the lock position. i.e. downwards.
  • Reason #2: If the above fails, it is likely your SD card reader/writer's fault. But don't discard it or buy a new one yet. Allow me to explain the mechanical design of the SD card lock mechanism. So that you may choose to repair it if you want to. You will need a small paper clip and screw-driver to open your card reader. (Don't proceed if your card reader is still under warranty, please return/exchange with manufacturer) There is a mechanical switch very much like a micro push button (I wish I could show you the picture/drawing). Anyway, depending on the position of the lock switch. You either push or release this micro push button inside the SD card reader.

Due to mechanical wear and tear, or some forceful insertion of the SD card, the micro push button is in its "open" circuit position, i.e. write-protected. In order to make the SD card reader writable, we will need to "close" the circuit. (Note: this is an irreversible process as I will be telling you how to remove the write-protection feature of your SD card reader. Once you do this, you would be unable to use the SD card lock switch to lock your data. So, just be careful not to accidentally delete your data)

To proceed, you need to remove the main circuit board from the SD card reader/writer enclosure. The location of the micro push button switch is the same location as the unlock position of the SD card when inserted in the SD card reader/writer. From the BACK of the exposed SD card reader, insert the unfolded paper clip (same way when you try to poke something like a device reset button) except, that it has to be long enough to allow the micro switch to touch together for contact. Then insert the SD card. Once the contact is "closed", your SD card reader/writer can write again. I understand that without a drawing, this may not be very helpful. Please provide suggestions or better explanation if you can. Thanks.

Or, just tape the lock switch to unlocked. This also works for SD cards in normal size. back up all the files u have on ur card then follow these steps

1. Go to Control Panel

2. Go to Administrative tools

3. Go to Computer management

4. From the tree menu on the left select Disk Management

5. Now on the right side you will have a list of all storage devices connected to your computer. Select the one that is your mini SD card. BE CAREFUL WHEN CHOOSING THIS BECAUSE YOU COULD FORMAT YOUR HARDDRIVE. Double check the name in My Computer

6. Right click on the SD card and select format. A new window will pop up showing format options. Select FAT32 from the file system drop down and check the quick format option and then click on OK

7. Enjoy your mini SD card without that annoying write protection

Memory Cards

Can you transfer a virus through a memory card?


if the card has enough memory

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How do you unlock memory card in Nokia 5130c-2?

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What is the largest mini sd card?

The largest mini sd card is 32 GB

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Is memory card an example of an IC?

Well, I would say so since it is an integrated circuit with all the characteristics of an IC.

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How do you turn off the write protection on your mini SD card?

On the Mini SD adapter, there is a lock tap you push down usually when you put your mini SD card in to it, then into the USB adapter. To turn off the write protection on your mini SD, simply do not lock your mini SD in its adapter.

If that doesn't work, the write protection sensor in the device reader is not reading the card's lock switch properly. First, try moving the lock switch on the card slightly towards the lock position - this worked for me. Another trick is to put a piece of tape over the lock switch area on the card. It seems the fail-safe position is write protected, unless the switch is closed by the tab on the card in the 'unlocked' position, signaling a writable card.

If these simple tricks don't work, the 'unlocked' sensor in the device reader may not be working; it's likely to be a mechanical switch that my have failed. Some have claimed success performing micro surgery to permanently short the switch in the closed position, essentially removing the write protection. This would require more skills that the average person has. Proceed at your own risk of damaging the device.

Just go to Best Buy and ask someone

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The disk is write protected Remove the write - protection or use another disk How are you going to remove it?

There are several possibilities:

  • Check if there is a physical write protect switch on the side of the flash drive. If there is set it to the opposite position it is in now.
  • Your operating system may be set to prevent writing to USB drives. Google how to change this setting for the appropriate operating system.
  • Your flash drive needs a low level format. Check with your manufacturer's web site for details.
  • Your drive is toast and should be replaced.
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How many times can you overwrite an SD card?

As many times a you want.

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How do you remove write protection on a flash memory card?

1. The memory stick may have an actual physical switch to enable and disable write protection. Mine slid forward and back, very much like on a 3 1/2" floppy disk.

2. If your flash drive works fine at home and not at work it is likely your IT people have set security policies to prevent their use. This is to prevent people from copying company files and taking them somewhere.

3. If your flash drive is prepared ("formatted") to run in Windows and you put it in an Apple it will appear to be read-only, and vice versa. There is only one way to prepare a drive to be used on both systems simultaneously: it is called FAT (specifically FAT32.) Be aware FAT32 is old and you may run into its limitations.

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Do nokia 2360 have a memory card slot?

No it doesn't

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If you forgot your memory card password for your Nokia 2690 how can you unlock it?

Abey maderchod tari mayiya chud rahi hai idher

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Can you add more memory to your memory card?

It depends on how much more memory you need and how much you're willing to pay for the convenience of a larger card. You might consider either replacing your memory card with one with greater capacity, or purchasing a MicroDrive. A MicroDrive is a mini hard drive that offers up to 4 GB of storage space. While the additional storage space is appealing, they are often slow and fragile, meaning a drop on the sidewalk could cause significant damage and loss of data.

One disadvantage of large memory cards or mini-hard drives is that all your pictures are stored in one place. If the card or drive is lost or destroyed, you lose a very large number of pictures. This could mean losing all the pictures from your vacation.

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How do you unprotect your SD memory card?

Every SD card should have a write protect switch located on the right edge, about 5mm from the top of the card. In order to unlock the card slide the switch upwards.

Note that with Mini SD and Micro SD (Transflash) these switches are not present. The card is always unlocked. A switch may however be present on an SD card adapter.

Because of the position of the switch they can often be switched accidentally on inserting or removing the card.

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How can you transfer files from an old Toshiba Satellite T2130CS to a PC if it will not recognize an ethernet card and does not have a disk drive?

I use a parallel port Zip Drive...

If your computer doesn't have a network card you can still move your data or files utilizing your serial port. You will need software to do this but it is very simple. There is a software bumble called PC Re locater and is available at STAPLES for about $15 this includes the software that you will need and even comes with a cat5 cable and a file transfer cable or serial cable. The software is awesome it does everything for you. You just basically tell the software what file you want to transfer over to your PC and it does the work for you. It' that simple. Take the hard drive out of the laptop and connect it to the other computer. You will need to get a converter device so you can plug the 2.5" drive into the ribbon cable designed for 3.5" drives. Or you can get USB drive en closers made to hold the smaller drives that you can simply plug into the USB port of the computer.

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What type of memory card does the tom tom navigation system use?

== == if you've got tom tom go 720 or 730 the memory card is sandisk SD ultra II,try to get one on e-bay (it does not matter if it's a second hand one it can be erased anyway)

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Can you use mini SD card in normal SD reader and how?

Yes we can,by using the mini SD adapter.

Don't buy a mini without the adapter.

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How do you remove micro sd memory card password remove on nokia 2730 classic?

im have micro sd memory stick. Im dont now how its my passworld

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How can i format my memory card when i Forgot password on micro sd of nokia 3110classic?

If you use a Nokia mobile, fortunately, you have an application which can find your previous forgotten password or lost password. You may have heard of 'FExplorer'.

It can be used to go through (Search) your disk and see your lost password.

Just Download the application, transfer it to your phone and install it.

Once installed, go to 'C' disk and then click on the 'system' folder. Scroll down to find 'mmcstore' and open it using the editor (click on options -> file ->Editor/Viewer).

There you go, your saved password is right in front of you which made you mad all these days.

Note: This method only works when the 'phone memory' has not been formatted since the password is lost.

t is possible only if you have Nokia's s60 phone (eg: 6600, 6610, N70,N73,E63,E71,N95)

The thing you got to do is download and install "Fileexplorer" software.


After installing follow the steps:

1. Open FExplorer and access the c: drive.

2. There u will find a file named 'mmcstore'

3. Rename the file to: 'mmcstore.txt'

4. The file will now open in notepad

5. U will get your password written in the notepad file

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Forgot password on mini sd any way to remove it tried formatting and it asks for password nokia 6280?

If your phone doesn't lock just format it from pc.

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Removing write protection from flash drive?

when im keeping music or softwares into my usb drive it is not allowing by saying it was write protected

There may be a button on you pen drive , pull that button on the opposite side i.e. if it is down then push it up and if it is up pull it down.

That button is for write protection on/off.

And then plug the usb drive on the CPU's usb port again.

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How do you remove write protection on a USB mobile disk?

Try right clicking on it in control panel. Go down the list and see if there is anything about write-protection. If not select properties at the bottom of the list and look through the tabs for w-p. Finally look on the device itself. Sometimes there is a smal switch. You may need comething long and thin to get at it. It is often well hidden. Hope this helped!

Arun Jaganthan-Whether your USB is write protected,If there is no switch or in registry u can't find Storage devices.

A common security concern at organizations is allowing users to plug in a usb flash drive, because they could so easily copy corporate data.

Since Windows XP SP2, you can disable writing to USB devices altogether using a simple registry hack. Here it is:



You should also check your dive letter assignments (hit run and type diskmgmt.msc) Make sure that your drive letter is set correctly!

You can also just download registry tweaks to enable or disable writing to USB drives.

Ery this to enable or disable writeprotected USB.It works for me Kingston pendrive.

For Information for difft USB plz mail me

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Where do you sell your micro SD cards?

Ebay and craigslist

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When the merchant swipes your card on the card reader who validates the card?

The card info. usually goes to a payment gateway processor. The processor checks to see if the card is valid, if it is approved the funds for payment are held in the cardholder's account. At the end of the day (week) the merchant performs the transaction via the processor again, and the payment is transferred from the account holder to the merchant.

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How many songs can a 32gb SD card hold?

About 8,000

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How much is a ps1 memory card now?

Amazon has a 1MB memory card for $5.44 that is not a Sony product. Sony product are much higher with few under $20, but one is available for $14.98 and used ones are $4.98


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