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'The Outsiders' was written by S.E. Hinton, and published in 1967. It is narrated by the story's main character, Ponyboy.

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The Outsiders

What happened to Sodapop's horse in The Outsiders?


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The Outsiders

What idioms are in the book 'The Outsiders'?

Pens bitchs

The Outsiders

What figure of speach is grinning like a Chessy cat in The Outsders?

It is a simile.

The Outsiders

How did johnny feel in the burning church?

he felt good that he was saving those kids but he also felt bad for risking his life.

The Outsiders

Is Dally and Dallas the same person in the book the outsiders?

Did you even read the book?! Jk! Yeah, they are the same person, Dally is just a shorter way of saying Dallas, so is Dal.

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The Outsiders

How old is sandy from the outsiders?

Well since Sodapop is 16 years old you'd think he'd date someone around his age... I'd say she's about 15 or 16 years old.

The Outsiders

Why is Johnny Cade so special to his friends?

Johnny Cade is so special to his friends because he is the gangs pet. Johnny is very sensitive and is very quiet ever since he was jumped by the Socs.

The Outsiders

What does Sodapop Curtis like to do?

Sodapop Curtis in The Outsiders, is a happy-go-lucky guy who likes to hang out with his friends at Jay's and the Dingo. He likes cars and girls, especially Sandy, who eventually moves to Florida. Moreover, he loves to joke around. He dislikes the Socs.

The Outsiders

How many copies of The Outsiders have been sold?

13 Million

The Outsiders

What did Johnny learn in The Outsiders?

he found out what the guy in the poem was talking about. it meant your gold when your a kid, everythings new like dawn, and he learns that fighting doesnt do anything or help anyone.

The Outsiders

What is a good title for an essay on The Outsiders?

Personaly i like "stay gold"

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The Outsiders

Who is Soda's girlfriend in the book the Outsiders?

Soda's girlfriend is Sandy, but at the end they still broke up.


They broke up because Sandy got pregnant, and her parents sent her to live with her extended family, in another area. Soda was crushed.

The Outsiders
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Does randy de puniet have a girlfriend?

yes, it's Lauren Vickers, officialy since sachsenring moto gp Germany

The Outsiders

How was Johnny Cade Good-hearted?

When him and Ponyboy got back and went back up to the church. Johnny got out the of the car to rescue the little kids that were trapped in the burning church. He didn't have to, and he knew it was possible for him to get hurt or found by the cops, but he did it anyway. He knew it was his responsibility because either he or Ponyboy didn't put out their cigarette all the way, and he knew he was going to have to take responsibility for those actions. That shows that he is good hearted. And doing that good deed is precisely what makes the newspapers think that Johnny is a hero.

The Outsiders

What are four traits that best describe pony boy?

Humble, courageous, strong and sencetive.

The Outsiders

At the end of johnny got his gun does joe die?

No, the doctors just keep injecting him with drugs because they can't kill him.

The Outsiders

What are some themes in The Outsiders?

brotherhood, empathy, individuality, Preserving childhood innocence, self- Sacrifice and Honour

The Outsiders

Who fought with dally for slashing his tires in the outsiders?

i believe that it was Tim Shepard

The Outsiders

What does Johnny say when he kills bob in the outsiders?

i killed that boy pony. i killed him.

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The Outsiders

Who was in the ambulance with Ponyboy in The Outsiders book?

the man who was at the fire and said he was brave for going in thr fire to save those kids.

The Outsiders

Why was the court hearing important?

because the curtis brothers would find out if they would be split up or if they would stay together.also it would decide how long johnny would be in jail if he lived

The Outsiders

Why did the Socs do to make Johnny kill bob?

the Socs were trying to drown ponyboy because him and Johnny were with the Socs girlfriends at the movies and the Socs got upset.

The Outsiders

Why does dally like to fight?

because it is his character, he is a greaser, and tired do anything except fight, he wants to display he is strong because he is very weak in his heart, he just want to seemed like very tough and hide the inner word of the heart

The Outsiders

Where can you find hair greaser gel?

Try to find "Murrays Pomade." You can find it at most stores like WalMart.

There's also BrylCream (a little dab'll do ya!), and Groom&Clean.

The Outsiders

How did dally manage to show up for the rumble?

he threatened the nus with two bits ten inch switchblade


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