There are two main types of Satanism: theistic Satanism (the worship of Satan as a deity) and LaVeyan Satanism (an atheistic, anti-religious movement). This category is for questions about either type.

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Willow Smith

Is Willow Smith a satanist?

No, she's a Christian


How can you join devil worship?

Worship the devil.

Barack Obama

How can you join the church of Satan?

The Church of Satan does not solicit membership. Those who wish to affiliate can become Registered Members for a one-time registration fee of two hundred dollars ($200) in United States currency.

Taken from the Church of Satan's official website:

Registered Membership

We don't solicit memberships; however, if you wish to join us to show your support or appreciation you can become a Registered Member. For a one-time registration fee of two hundred dollars in United States currency, you will receive an embossed crimson card declaring you a member of the Church of Satan. This card is your means for identifying yourself as a genuine member of the Church of Satan to other members. If you expect to meet another member for the first time, be prepared to produce your card.

No further dues will be expected. There are no further obligations. You must be legally an adult in your nation of residence.

Chris Brown

Is Chris Brown a Satanism?

No he's not He believes in God and gives Him praise whenever he can. And another side note whoever came up with that really needs to get a freaking life and stop trying to ruin his because he's worked hard enough to prove himself to his fans and I think it's about time that we flip and let his fans prove themselves to Chris Brown! Da Dun Dun!


Is there a satanic church in Colorado?

Yes, there are few, but they aren't public. I knew of one in Greeley, but it's now an Elderly Home.

Wiz Khalifa

Is wiz khalifa a devil worshiper?

Wiz Khalifa may or may not be a devil worshiper, the only one who would know this Wiz himself.

WWE World Wrestling Entertainment
Fall Out Boy
Bruno Mars

Does ICp worship the devil?

Listen to "Thy Unveiling" and you shall be answer.

They believe in God.


Was Walt Disney satanist?


He is a Nazi though.

Lagos (Nigeria)

Where is church of Satan located in lagos nigeria i want to be a member?

I want to join


Is telekinesis satanism?

No it is not. It isn't Godly, but it's not satanism. It might be considered witchcraft, but I consider it science(it's real I tell you. I've done it several times!), but I quit because I'd rather be on the safe side.


Is satanism a religion or counterfeit faith?

Satanism is a religion.

It has its roots in Paganism. There are different types of Satanists, just like there are different types of Christians.

Spiritual Satanists are Pagan and worship Satan and the demons of Hell.

LaVeyan Satanists, or those who follow Anton LaVey's type of Satanism are more philosophical in nature. They take the notion that the Devil represents the seven deadly sins and revelling in the flesh and basically living life to its fullest and not fighting human nature.

Heavy Metal Music

Is the band korn satanist?

No, in fact three of them don't even drink any more, and two of them are professing Christians.


Is therion satanic?

No. "Therion" literally means "beast" as in an animal. However, this name was popularized by Aleister Crowley As "Mega Therion", or Great Beast, referring to one of the monsters in the Book of Revelations. Crowley himself, while DEFINITELY anti-Christian, was not a Satanist or Satanic.


Are the members of the band disturbed religious?

In the song avarice, Dariman refers to the Hebrew word for god, Elochai. This may imply that David Draiman is Jewish. He's also born into a Jewish family. However, his piercings, tattoos, and very un-jewish lyrics, imply that he may be atheistic. This makes it likely that the other band members are also atheistic.


How do you contact lucifer?

You can pray to him like you would god or allah or some one or there is many methods if you want to meet him on a person to person bases it can will and has happened where people find a way to get a hold of Lucifer with out dying one way is if you join the masons and work your way up through it eventually the closer you get to becoming Illuminati supposedly you should get to meet him or one of his angels another is through much prayer and spells and yet another is by way of ouija board, getting to know some one who has and can tell you what the best method is as far as meeting him personally would help you a long ways.There is also supposed to be chants i think u can do as well.


As Satan does not have a body but is a spirit, and if your desire to contact him is strong or sincere enough, then he may contact you through another Satanist. If not through another worshiper of him, he has the power to influence evil people who would be receptive to his promptings. As I have said, because he does not have a body then he has to use a third person to speak on his behalf. There is another thought that I would like to put to you. If by chance he does materialize himself before you he will still be in spirit form proven by shaking his hand, your hand will pass through his.


Is akon a member of church of Satan?

The Church of Satan's membership list is not public, therefore, Akon may or may not be a member of the Church of Satan.


Does the movie V for Vendetta have satanism?

No, V for Vendetta is about Anarchy and Fascism, nothing to do with Religion whatsoever

Avril Lavigne

Is Avril lavigne a satanist?

No, she's a Christian.


Can Christians 'save' Satanists if they don't want to be?

It is not humankind's job to 'save' anyone. Only God saves.

A repentant and baptized Christian, begotten by the Spirit of God, is to lead a life doing God's good works which He has established for them from the beginning (see Ephesians 2:10 and others). A Christian is to be an 'imitator' or disciple of Jesus which by this perfect example will draw others to seek the who, what, why and how. By their lives examples, the curiosity of others will spike perhaps leading them to the Scripture in search of knowledge and wisdom.

What we must always remember though is that only God calls each of us to His Son at the best time for us by His Will. No human can bring someone to Christ:
John 6:44

No one can come to Meunless the Father who sent Me draws him; and I will raise him up at the last day.

John 6:65

And He said, “Therefore I have said to you that noone can come to Me unless it has been granted to him by My Father.”


Is Jared Leto a satanist and why or why not?

He is not and why he does not worship Satan he has never said. Maybe because Satan is evil.

Supernatural and the Occult

What is the devil worshiper symbol?

The pentagram is the most iconic symbol i can think of, but there are other symbols that could be used.

Voodoo and Santeria

How do you join in antichrist?

You have to be an antichrist yourself.

Ancient Religions

Why do Satanists call themselves Satanists?

Answer from a Satanist

For the most part, we feel that it was the name that was put on us.

For example, we believe in breaking all of "the 7 deadly sins" as it leads to physical, mental and emotional gratification. In previous years, the Church would have had us tortured and killed for being Devil worshippers because of the philosophies we believe in and live by.

Also, it's no secret that some Satanist perform Black masses, which again in previous years would have earned us the title (as well as an early death) of a devil worshipper, disciple of evil or a Satanist. Now that times have changed, and the Church can no longer kill us or torture us we kept up the title.

Lastly, LaVey went into some detail (which I'm not going to get into here) about how 'Satan' means the adversary. Since we oppose a lot of the Christian dogma it was a suitable title.

Satanism is, in a sense, a genre of different religions put together. Some people consider Pagans, Occultists, Wiccans, Luciferians, and Atheists to be under this category.

Answer from a Luciferian

Satanism is a very broad description. Satanism includes Luciferianism, LaVeyanism, Occultism, and several others. Satanists were considered satanists because we are considered adversaries of the Christian church.

Many LaVeyans are atheists, while all Luciferians believe in God and Lucifer (Satan). Luciferians worship Lucifer as a good deity. This is where the name came in, since Lucifer (after his fall from heaven) became Satan.

Answer from a Theistic Satanist

Our beliefs vary but we all agree that Satan is the deity we worship what differs is our belief about that deity. whichever way Satan is what we call who we worship and the reasons vary as one must get to know Satan personally.

Answer from an outsider

The name Satan simply means adversary. LaVeyan Satanists are mostly atheists and thus consider themselves adversaries to organized religion. Theistic Satanists call themselves Satanists since they worship the deity who was maligned with the name Satan and who, by nature, opposes the god of the Bible.

Religion & Spirituality

How do satanist recruit people?


Very discreetly and never under the name of "Satanism". Look up Temple of Set, there's one branch of Satanists. They acclaim themselves with great "intellect" and insight into things.


Then there's The Order of Nine Angels. They recruit based on how discreetly one can murder another person. Apparently, the founder switched to Islam, but from one with such strict beliefs, it is actually doubted what the founder's true activities are.

Although, it should be assumed that religions don't recruit people, rather people choose their religion. At least, that would be the preferred method of finding yourself in a religion.


What is Satan's camaro?

Statan's Camaro is what Sam Witwicky call Bubleebee before he knows fully what he is. He calls his friend Miles and talking tohim on the phone he says. "Satan's Camaro. Its stalking me." This happens after Bublebee goes to the scrap yard. and returns to Sam thenext morning.


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