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Any of a number of earth-centered spiritual paths and faith systems, including but not restricted to: Asatru/Norse; Blended (Christo-pagan, Judeo-pagan, etc); Celtic (Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Faerie, Druidism); Ceremonial Magic (Golden Dawn, Rosicrucian); Eclectic; Egyptian; Italian/Strega; Shamanism (North American, South American, European, Asian); Voudoun/Santeria; Wicca (Gardnerian, Dianic, Alexandrian, Solitary, Family Tradition).

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Where did black magic first start?

from the egyptians time
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What do witches have as pets?

Witches are human beings, just like everyone else. We have our likes and dislikes. We have our preferences. We have phobias and allergies-just like anyone else. I know some witches that have ferrets, birds, rats, dogs, rabbits and cats. Some have lizards. Some have spiders. Some have no pets at all. What kind of pet do you have? ...
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What does the pagan star mean?

The pagan star, called the Pentacle, is symbolic. Each point represents the five elements: (going clockwise starting at the top) Spirit, Earth, Fire, Water, Air. The Pentacle is often mistaken for a symbol of devil worship. However, the dominant point of the Pentacle points upwards, showing faith in powers above. If the dominant point faces downward, making the star inside inverted, the symbol becomes the Pentagram, a Satanic symbol. ........... A five pointed star, pentacle or pentagram with a dominant point facing downward may...
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Do pagans believe in fate?

Some do, some don't. I am a pagan, and personally I don't, but I belive that there are forces at work that changes what happens sometimes, but that the choices that WE make are really what makes things happen in our lives. ...
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When did shamanism start?

It is theorized that the earliest knowledge regarding Shamanism comes from Russian anthropologists when they studied tribal nomadic herders in Siberia in the 19th century. Their detailed descriptions of the spiritual practitioners the tribesmen called Shamans, led to the term being continued by anthropologists and historians. Knowledge has since come to light which has furthered the study of the history of Shamanism, some of which is discussed below, and in the book Dawn Behind the Dawn: A Search for the Earthly Paradise, by Geoffrey...
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What do wiccans wear?

Whatever they want to, unless they're in a coven that requires a certain dresscode. ...
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How did witches come into existence?

A Pagan Perspective Paganism, Witchcraft & magic are as old as mankind. Anything, beyond your understanding or comprehension can be considered magic. A cell phone to a primitive is magic. When mankind first started being self aware, we looked beyond ourselves and needed answers to things like, where does the sun go at night? How do we insure it will come back? How do we heal wounds and illnesses? How do we find food? Eventually members of the group who discovered things, like which...
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What do pagans believe about medicine?

Mostly herbal medicines and such. I'm a wiccan and I try to stick to herbal teas and pills or ointments made from plants and such rather then drugging myself up, but I do realize it's no substitute for medical treatment, if I know I'm sick and nothing I have is working, I see a doctor and bite the pill. Western/Modern medicine (pills and such) mask/hide the symptoms but don't actually heal you. Herbs and natural cures work to heal the body and...
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What is a member of a coven called?

A coven member, probably. Depending on the nature of said coven, they might consider themselves to be a witch or a Wiccan or something else completely. It's most likely best to just ask them- most don't bite. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As a member of a coven for some years now my reply would be: Coven members can be witches, wiccan, pagan, some even call themselves heathens. But regardless of what title you place on yourself, you are refereed to as a "covener" in a coven....
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What do limes have to do with witch craft?

You use limes in spells for healing, love, and protection. You can also use them to send someone back their sour Karma. ...
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How would you know if a spell has been cast on you?

Sudden change in your life. Usually people will only notice a sudden negative change in their lives. For example, every time I run into a certain person on the street the following few weeks will be filled with bad luck for me. I would just pass it off as a normal fluctuation in my luck, health, relationships, etc. It took me years to realize that seeing "Liz" and having bad luck follow our meeting was linked. Her sister finally revealed to me...
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What is the occupation of a diviner?

They divine. They may use various forms of divination such as but not limited to: tarot, use of a pendulum, astrology, etc to find what they seek. This could be anything from 'where are my keys?' to 'which job should I take?' to 'what is this persons ailment?' and so on and so forth. The uses of divination are limitless. ...
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What do you need for a basic Wiccan altar?

There is really nothing that is required for an altar, but here are a few suggestions. You will need Two Candles for the God and the Goddess: If you can find, two iconic figures to represent the God and the Goddess. A Pentacle: You can get a metal pentacle made, or a pentacle made with wax, or even a pentacle drawn on a paper. Some people carve the pentacle on the alter itself. A saucer of Water and Salt: Representations of the elements Water (water) and...
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What did witches do for fun?

They have always done like everyone else. We are no different then anyone else, we just walk a different path spiritually. A witch is a normal human being in everyday life, and being a witch inside the circle, with the coven. Inside the circle, there are many games we can play in celebrations of nature. You can find the Witch specific fun games in Raymond Bucklands Complete Book of Witchcraft. The Maypole dance is a Ritualistic game where they dance around a decorated...
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What is a coven?

A coven is a gathering, usually of witches, though it may also be applied to such things as vampires. In Wicca, a coven is a group of individuals who worship together. ...
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What is Brujo used for?

Brujo is the spanish term for a male witch (the female witch is called bruja) ...
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Where did paganism originate?

The word paganism refers generally to any religion that is not of or related to the three world religions that descended from Abraham - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Some "pagan" religions pre-date even the earliest Judaic beliefs, and can be considered to have originated anywhere and everywhere that humans originated. Neopaganism refers to the recent growth of alternative faiths based upon or attempting to reconstruct ancient pagan beliefs. This is a newer movement, typically considered to have began at the earliest in the mid-1900s...
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Do witches sleep?

The lighter side Since the average human needs at least 4 - 8 hours sleep per night, then yes. Otherwise they'd be very grumpy bunnies (witches) in the morning....
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What is Pagan Pride Day?

It's one of the annual festivals celebrating paganism, modern witchcraft, and Wicca. See the links section for more details.. ...
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Is a male witch a wizard or a warlock?

they are called a wizard.sourcerer, or a witch worlocks are deamons not nice ppl Warlock- A malel witch or wizard Warlockess- Evil Witch Or Wizard wizards can be both male and female None of the listed...male Witch is a Witcher (or Vedmak - Witchman). Both Wizards and Warlocks can be males or females (Wizardess or Warlockess). Witches use magic of nature while Wizards use more "scientific" magics like Alchemy. However, Warlocks mostly use dark or chaotic magic...the meaning of the word Warlock is "deceiver", "betrayer" or "oath breaker". ...
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What is a stereotypical witch?

What they call as a steriotypical Witch is the type of Evil, Green Witches you find in fairytales. The only type of Witch known before 1950's. This term is used in contrast of the Real Witch, a normal human being who is not any specially evil than any other human being, having Magical knowledge and Practices Witchcraft ...
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Is being born on the seventh day magical?

No more so then being born on any other day. (ex. Does being born on December 25th make you more holy?) It's not when you are born that matter but what you do with the life you have been given. ...
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What is witch plant?

The plants in a "witch's garden" are as diverse as the people who plant them. My own includes a number of plants used for medicinal purposes, some that are used for magical purposes as well as some of the old "traditionals" They include (a partial list only) Melissa - lemon balm, used in tea as a relaxant, Feverfew - used to treat migraine headaches, Comfrey - used topically for healing. Basil - to mend quarrels, Dill for prosperity, Mugwort for predicting the...
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Do love and money spells really work?

Of course not. By all means have fun, but never pay anyone claiming to cast spells or practice mystic powers. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spells can work, but not in the way you would think and my theory is they work based on the power of attraction. Look up the laws of that to better understand. Research completely about what kind of spell you want to do, and ask yourself, do you need what you are asking for or do you want or desire it?...
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Why do pagans believe in nature based religions?

Read the first chapter of Romans carefully and run the references. All what we call religion today comes from man's wisdom and God informs that the wisdom of men is a foolishness before him and he will take the wise in their own craftiness. There is only one time religion is mentioned in the bible, like this: true religion and undefiled before God is that a man visit the widows and orphans in their need and to keep himself unspotted from...