This is the category where your questions about witches and witchcraft as a spiritual path should go. Based on an ancient shamanistic way of life, witchcraft is a spiritual system known as "The Craft of the Wise" and were a valuable part of villages and communities. Practitioners were the healers and leaders of their people. Modern witches follow the cycles of the sun, the moon and the seasons of the earth for guidance and knowledge. Most, but not all witches practice some form of magic in its true meaning.

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What is the opposite gender of witch?

When addressing either male or female it is still Witch. The word Warlock translates to "oathbreaker". If you call a male Witch a warlock, he's going to get angry at you. The word Warlock was made popular by movies and media. (There is no such thing as a "warlock"). It sounds very mysterious and magical and makes for good movies. *shrug* As usual, Hollywoods poetic license I suppose.

Another answer

* WITCH is genderless- it applies to all who practise the craft. Also the term Warlock, if it is used, would refer to an alchemist. An old form of magic and science that was blended together and studied the natural laws of the planet and nature and ways to change one thing (lead) into another (gold). Now days warlock isn't really used anymore and so the word Witch is used for both genders and is universally excepted.
There is no gender for the term Witch. Both male and female the word Witch is used.

The words Warlock or Wizard have different meanings than the word Witch means.


What do witches have as pets?

Witches are human beings, just like everyone else. We have our likes and dislikes. We have our preferences. We have phobias and allergies-just like anyone else. I know some witches that have ferrets, birds, rats, dogs, rabbits and cats. Some have lizards. Some have spiders. Some have no pets at all. What kind of pet do you have?


Is there a real witchcraft school?

Witchcraft schools tend to be more group/club designs in the workshops and modern wiccan designs, claiming themselves as eclectic witchcraft models...

True there are few that teach properly....

but if you care to reach out to see what is here.. go here...


the rest will be your journey ahead...

Master Golden Wizard

Luxas R...

Magic and Illusions

Where to get wands in the Philippines?

Your best shot is the internet, you can find cheap hollow plastic ones in toy stores, and if you can find a magic shop they may have nicer versions but the selection won't be quite as extensive. Also look into making one yourself or repurposing an item into a wand. Wands should not have gimmicks or 'tricks'; They function merely as tool to enhance the presentation of your illusion, that being said It is a fancy stick.


How do you get rid of pain used by witchcraft?

You realize that you can only be harmed by witchcraft if you allow yourself to be harmed. Once you understand that the pain is coming from within yourself, you have to power to stop that pain. Perform a symbolic act or ritual to express your breaking free from the pain. For example, you could bath in water scented with rosemary and sage, symbolically washing away all evil influence. Another powerful symbolic act would be to write the name of the pain on a piece of paper - or draw a symbol representing the pain - then burn the paper with a prayer of joyful thanksgiving. Then imagine a powerful, invisible curtain woven of prayers between yourself and any evil force: only blessings can reach you, and nothing harmful may pass the curtain of prayer.

BUT - be aware that your pain may not be caused by witchcraft at all. It is always a temptation to blame pain or other harm on an imagined evil-doer instead of honestly examining oneself. Any evil or cruelty you have done to or wished upon others must return to harm you. So before blaming anyone or anything outside yourself, be honest and "repent" of your own evildoing.

Finally, your pain could be nothing more than the normal lot of all human beings; pain, sickness and misfortune need no witchcraft or evil cause beside the reality of infection, injury and accident. Do not be quick to look for a witch to blame, but take responsibility for being healthy and strong within your self.


How did witches come into existence?

A Pagan Perspective

Paganism, Witchcraft & magic are as old as mankind. Anything, beyond your understanding or comprehension can be considered magic. A cell phone to a primitive is magic.

When mankind first started being self aware, we looked beyond ourselves and needed answers to things like, where does the sun go at night? How do we insure it will come back? How do we heal wounds and illnesses? How do we find food?

Eventually members of the group who discovered things, like which plants helped an upset stomach, where to find water, what the migration patterns of the local animals were and other things, became the ones others turned to for answers. These were the Wise Ones...

The cycles of the seasons where in our blood and instincts, as they governed our survival. The wise ones were the ones who kept track of the right time to plant, and harvest, ensuring the continuance of the people.

As we became more evolved the amount of knowledge expanded, and those with the answers learned a few tricks of their own.

If someone tells you a certain herb will cure your cut, you may or may not believe them, if they are well respected and do a little spell/prayer over the cut at the same time as using the herb, you tend to believe... Particularly if it works... you then tell others of the "power" of the Wise One... Eventually a name gets made, and expectation are raised...

It is a commonly accepted fact that your mind has a strong influence on your body... If you believe in something it has a better chance of working. the Wise Ones figured this out early on, so a little "showmanship" helped their reputation...

As spell/prayers/magic/ became standardized and passed on from generation to generation, the words became of equal importance to the practical application...

Magic became accepted as something that worked...

Science is today what magic once was, a practical, evolving set of standard results from repeated experimentation...

Even modern medicine can't tell us everything the mind is capable of, so some of us still believe in and practice Magic...

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How do you spell pity?

That is the correct spelling of the word "pity" (to have sympathy for the unfortunate).


What is a member of a coven called?

A coven member, probably. Depending on the nature of said coven, they might consider themselves to be a witch or a Wiccan or something else completely. It's most likely best to just ask them- most don't bite.


As a member of a coven for some years now my reply would be:

Coven members can be witches, wiccan, pagan, some even call themselves heathens. But regardless of what title you place on yourself, you are refereed to as a "covener" in a coven. There are also Priests, Priestesses, High Priests, High Priestesses and Elders but that only refers to their "station" in the coven and it's ceremonies.


What do limes have to do with witch craft?

You use limes in spells for healing, love, and protection. You can also use them to send someone back their sour Karma.


How would you know if a spell has been cast on you?

Sudden change in your life.

Usually people will only notice a sudden negative change in their lives. For example, every time I run into a certain person on the street the following few weeks will be filled with bad luck for me. I would just pass it off as a normal fluctuation in my luck, health, relationships, etc. It took me years to realize that seeing "Liz" and having bad luck follow our meeting was linked. Her sister finally revealed to me that "Liz" is a black magic practitioner and enjoys passing bad luck onto all her female competition (she tried to seduce my husband once upon a time and still holds a grudge that I caught her). Now that I know, I simply cast a counter curse and protection spell upon myself and my home every few months to keep things smooth (not abundantly luck but not unlucky either, just normal).

However, spells can also bring you luck. For example, if you suddenly see an abundance of luck enter your life, it could be the result of someone casting a spell of luck, good fortune, health, wealth, etc. upon you. I've received requests from clients to cast a spell on a friend or family member of theirs to help them trough a rough patch. Though I don't like casting spells on unknowing "targets" as long as the spell is of positive energies, I don't really object (though I do prefer that they ask the person's permission before I cast).

An Alternate Thought

Much as the idea of there being people out there (witches or other) who randomly and secretly cast spells on others has a fascination for many people, the truth is there really are not that many who: A) can, B) would.

Most ethical practitioners who regularly cast spells do so only with the express permission and full knowledge of the person. Hence, if you asked for a spell, you would know it had been cast.

If you have engaged someone to cast for you, the effects are usually quite subtle, more of an appearance of things going "a bit more to your liking." This depends on the type of spell cast of course, but magic rarely if ever comes like a "bolt out of the blue."

- A prosperity spell does not generally result in an instant lottery win, but more often manifests as a great new job offering.

- A love spell will not have Brad Pitt or your favourite sports figure walk up to your door with flowers in his hand, but may manifest as a new person in your circle of acquaintances who shares your interests and is looking for a new friend.

- A protection spell may not "blast" a burglar who is about to break into your house, but instead send a police cruiser down your block, discouraging the thief from hanging around your neighbourhood.

If you are suddenly experiencing a "run of bad luck" I would suggest that the cause is more likely internal than external.

There is such a thing as cause and effect. If your thoughts and actions tend toward the negative, you are more likely to attract negative energies.

Should you find yourself in such a situation, stop and reflect, be willing to take responsibility for your own thoughts and actions and make an adjustment in your outlook.

Do a few "good deeds," be a bit more charitable (in words and actions) to others, look less to lay blame and more to changing the way things are.

It shouldn't take long before your "luck" will change, good things (that you may not have noticed before because of negativity) will become more evident.

Magic (the real magic, not the "movie magic") is available to everyone, it is in you as well as me and if you channel the positive and let go of the negative you will not need to wonder if someone else has cast a spell on you, because your own magic will be balancing your life.


Can you get possessed by evil spirits if you are doing white magic or wicca?

If you are a believer in that sort of things then I'm not going to lie to you, yes, you can. I know people who have been through this sort of thing and have had to have their houses cleansed. One of my friends aunts is a ghost whisperer.

Witches who do not cast the circle properly (when it is necessary) are at a high risk of getting possessed.

Witches who work with Goetia, or those who summon spirits often, or those who communicate with spirits using Ouija-boards, mediums etc. have a risk of possession.

If you work with lesser entities, you shouldn't work alone and you could be able to banish them at the drop of a hat.

If someone does their magic without the help of lesser entities or spirits, and uses sources of energy such as Natural energies, Personal Life force, Crystals etc. have a very low possibility of getting possessed. Casting the circle properly and not lighting candles on bare floor (using small candle stands) minimize the such risks. Protective amulets, talismans and banishing rituals are added protection for an occultist.

A Pagan Perspective.I have been an ethical practitioner of magic for more than 40 years, and I can say with a fair amount of certainty, that the conscientious and ethical practice of magic and witchcraft does not put you in danger from evil spirits.

The belief that magic and its practice, is basically wrong/evil/bad is usually espoused by those with little true knowledge or understanding of the craft.

Most practitioners are good/honest/caring people who follow one of many spiritual paths that are not that much different from other spiritual paths.

Outsiders, dabblers and the uninitiated (by that I mean the uninformed) can and often do get themselves into difficulties by not following the basic rules, not being honest about their motivations and goals, or undertaking works they did not write themselves and/or research carefully enough to be certain of the outcome.

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What is a indigenous magic spell?

A spell practiced by a group of local people. Voodo would be a good example of indigenous magic.


What did witches do for fun?

They have always done like everyone else. We are no different then anyone else, we just walk a different path spiritually.

A witch is a normal human being in everyday life, and being a witch inside the circle, with the coven. Inside the circle, there are many games we can play in celebrations of nature. You can find the Witch specific fun games in Raymond Bucklands Complete Book of Witchcraft.

The Maypole dance is a Ritualistic game where they dance around a decorated pole with ribbons in hand, one end tied to the top of the pole. At the end, the ribbons are woven to the pole in a nice pattern.

Passing the Candle is a game for the Candle-mass celebration where everyone sits in a circle and a lit candle is passed around, and another running outside the circle trying to extinguish it.

There are many of these Witch specific games that are common to both Eastern and Western traditions. For an example, the Maypole dance could also be found in Sri-Lankan pagan tradition.

Outside the circle, witches would play any game other people enjoy.


What is luciferian witchcraft?

Luciferian Witchcraft is a fundamentally Wiccan in terms of practices (general beliefs and ruituals) however, rather than being pagan/earth-based, its primary God is Lucifer (the angelic/pre-fall name of Satan) where he is worshipped as a Promethean type figure, bringing wisdom (the tree of knowledge in Eden).

There is a close relation between Luciferians and Gnostic Christianity, where YHWH (The old-testament creator God) is actually viewed as the "bad-guy" since he created an imperfect world that allowed for pain and suffering, and Lucifer as a messianic figure, working to free mankind from its slavery.

While some Luciferians do go in for the whole "goth" aesthetic, where Satan/Lucifer can be depicted as the traditonally monstrous figure depicted by Christianity and who grants power and favours on earth in return for one's soul, they are actually a small (but loud) minority.

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How do you spell adaptability or adaptibility?

From the verb to adapt, the form is adaptability(flexibility or accommodation).

Supernatural and the Occult

What do you call a group of witches?

a coven

a convocation

a circle

Coven is what a group of witches is called. It's pronounced 'kuh-vehnz'. There can be more than one coven. So the plural form is 'covens'.


Do witches sleep?

The lighter sideSince the average human needs at least 4 - 8 hours sleep per night, then yes. Otherwise they'd be very grumpy bunnies (witches) in the morning.

What is a blood witch?

A blood witch is a witch that uses blood magic. Basically they drink the blood of a human to get power, they predominately use babies and infants as the younger the blood more powerful. It is considered more powerful than Bone magic.

Setting the Record StraightThe term "blood witch" has two basic meanings.

The first is - any practitioner of magic who uses blood (their own or the blood of others including animals or other humans) in the practice of their magic.

- Not all blood magic is as ominous as it sounds, for example; Blooding a blade or candle - adding a drop pf your own blood to the oil used to anoint the object- is considered blood magic and all it does is enhance the bond between the practitioner and the object.

- Blood is one of the most powerful essences of life and has many legitimate uses.

- However, the idea of witches draining the blood from sacrificial animals or "virgins &/or babies" is part of the negative propaganda used by some of the old organised religions to cast aspersions on practitioners of the more ancient Paganism paths.

- The ideas do however linger today as they make for wonderful, frightening and imaginative fodder for the people who write fiction, create computer games and make movies.

The second and more commonly used meaning of "blood witch" describes a practitioner of any of a large number of pagan spiritual paths who has come to their knowledge via a "family tradition" or a "blood-line."

- It is not necessary for a modern day practitioner to have a family tie to their spiritual path, although it certainly can be helpful.

- Most neo-pagan paths have their origins in the early part of the last century, which makes them very new.

- Family traditions often can trace their roots and practices back to the "old world" and some can claim an unbroken line from before Christianity.

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Is there spells how to switch bodies?

No, I am sorry to tell you there is no such spell.

Although a body switching spell/curse is frequently the subject movies, books and television shows, they are all fictional.

There are some Shamans who can "see" through the eyes of another, most frequently an animal or spirit, the actual transfer of spirit from one body to another is impossible.


Is a male witch a wizard or a warlock?

they are called a wizard.sourcerer, or a witch

worlocks are deamons not nice ppl

Warlock- A malel witch or wizard

Warlockess- Evil Witch Or Wizard

wizards can be both male and female

None of the listed...male Witch is a Witcher (or Vedmak - Witchman).

Both Wizards and Warlocks can be males or females (Wizardess or Warlockess).

Witches use magic of nature while Wizards use more "scientific" magics like Alchemy.

However, Warlocks mostly use dark or chaotic magic...the meaning of the word Warlock is "deceiver", "betrayer" or "oath breaker".


Can kabbalah be used as witchcraft?

Neither Kabbalah nor any other field of study in Judaism can be "used" for any

purpose other than personal spiritual enlightenment, nor does any of them

impart to the student any unique ability to influence events or other people,

except by example. If the study of Kabbalah moved a student to "use" the

knowledge gained in order to improve his pursuit of witchcraft, then it's

probably safe to say that in his study of Kabbalah, he just didn't get it.

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How do you spell you?

"You" and "ewe" are sound-alike words.

"You" is the second-person pronoun (singular or plural).

"Ewe" is an animal, a female sheep.


What is a stereotypical witch?

What they call as a steriotypical Witch is the type of Evil, Green Witches you find in fairytales. The only type of Witch known before 1950's.

This term is used in contrast of the Real Witch, a normal human being who is not any specially evil than any other human being, having Magical knowledge and Practices Witchcraft


What are witchcraft and Wicca must haves?

Firstly, it depends upon nwhether you're a witch, Wiccan, or both. It also depends upon what things interest you; for instance herbs, oils, stones, energy-working, candle magick, etc.

I always recommend books; no matter what you want to delve into, books are the best resource coupled with the Internet. If you are a witch maybe you could start by buying a few essentials. Herbs (lavender, rosemary, thyme, etc, are a good starting point) essential oils, candles...whatever takes your fancy, where you pull from. A pentacle would be good and if Wiccan, your God/Goddess representation.

For those who use magick I would recommend Tarot cards, a pendulum, runes, a scrying ball/glass, as well as various odds and ends. Remember, at the end of the day, you are the largest instrument, in more ways than the literal one. You determine your life. Lavendar oil can't work its magick unless you're there to wield it.

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How do white witches use magic?

White witches use magick in a helpfull way only, never to do anything that could harm anyone/thing.


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