“Beowulf” is an Old English heroic poem comprised of 3,182 alliterative long lines. It was considered one of the most important literary works of the Anglo-Saxons between the 8th and 11th centuries.

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Why is Grendels trip to Herot a miserable Journey?

Grendel's trip is miserable because Grendel carries God's wrath. He is joyless and is aggrivated by the men of Herot who celebrate often. He was spawned from evil creatures and has only disappointment and anger to deal with. Grendel does not like the celebrations because of the noise.


How is grendel cruel?

he comes and murders then eats inosent danes

The Odyssey
Similarities Between

What are similarities in Beowulf and The Odyssey?

both contain monsters, the hero seems to be 'supermen' , both heroes must travel far drom home.


What is so fantastic about Beowulf's journey to the lair?

He is going in to Kill Grendels mother and is almost killed multiple times.


How did Beowulf injure Grendel?

He climbed on his shoulders and punched one of his "ear-like" extremeties until it burst. (Movie). In the poem it simply said that "tendons snapped and off came Grendel's arm) Grendel then somehow in the struggle got a chain rapped around his arm. Grendel tried to flee through Herot's door, but was stopped as

Beowulf grabbed the chain. He attached it to a tunrstile, which he attached to one of Herot's support beams. (Grendel's arm wrapped around chain, chain wrapped around 2 support beams and a turnstile). Beowulf closes the door on Grendel's arm, severing it.


What is the dragons view of man?

Man is a nuisance and should possibly be disposed of if it cannot be Reasoned with.

whats your beef bro?

That's not how all dragons see humans. I, for one, see humans as fairly intelligent beings. Of course, most dragons are much smarter, but humans are relatively intelligent compared to most species in existence. My sister, on the other hand, sees humans as nothing but an easy target for prey and/or killing for fun.


What does Beowulf take from grendel's mother?

Grendel's head and the hilt of the giant's sword (the blade melted from Grendel's blood).


Does Beowulf become a prince?

Beowulf does not become a prince, but a King. After Higlac (Beowulf's uncle) dies and his son dies, Beowulf's heir to the throne of Geatland. He leads the people for fifty years. He dies after battling a dragon that terrorized the Geat people.

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How much time does the epic Beowulf span?

Over 50 years.


Did Beowulf defeat Grendel by himself?

Yes, Beowulf defeated Grendel by himself. He did it without the aid of his weapons or armor as a show of hubris.


What does Beowulf carry out of the lake?

Grendels arm

If its after the fight with Grendel's Mother then he took Grendel's head, the sword-hilt of the sword he used to slay Grendel's mother and cut off Grendel's head, and of course Hrunting the sword he originally brought to slay Grendel's Mother which was ineffective against her tough hide.


In Beowulf which two cultures were involved?

Anglo-saxon Culture And viking Culture.

sources:(Further Analysis of the literature, Me)


Is Hrothgar was Beowulf's uncle?

No, Higlac is Beowulf's uncle. Beowulf is on of the Geats and Hrothgar is the king of the Danes. Beowulf just helps Hrothgar, although they become very good friends, and Hrothgar seems to become a sort of father figure or role model to Beowulf when he leaves. Beowulf is also a role model to Hrothgar in the way that he is fearless.


Where was Beowulf from in the story?

Beowulf was a Geat, from Geatland. Geatland existed around modern day Sweden.

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Why recommend the film Beowulf?

There are a couple of screen versions of Beowulf, but neither of them are very good renditions of the poem. The best way to "see" Beowulf is in your mind's eye whilst reading the poem yourself.


When Beowulf realizes that the battle with the fire dragon goes against him what does he do?

Beowulf did not fight a great fire dragon. He went against a scaly dragon of the abyss, which he beheaded, but then he slayed the creatures mother after its serious of deaths. Beowulf himself eventually leaves the city before being crowned king, against his wishes.

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What attempts were made to rid the land of the beast Grendel?

12 years, Hrothgar made many attempts to rid the land of the beasts and successfully did that when he gathered many warriors onto a ship and sailed the waters and walked the lands of the beast.


How is Beowulf a great leader?

because a man that needs to wear a shirt constantly can never be king


What is the dragon's ambition in Grendel?

I Think his aim was to get a decent meal after being asleep for so many years and to destroy the people who woke him up from his lair in the forest.

Though to be certain I would check the book.

I hope this Info is useful.

The Difference Between
Similarities Between

What are the differences between Beowulf the movie and Beowulf the book What are the similarities?


I read the epic poem and saw the movie. The movie stays pretty close to the movie except for two main points. Warning, these are spoilers.

In the book Beowulf goes back to (the land of the Geat's) Geatland to become king of his uncles kingdom. In the movie he stays in (the land of the Danes) Denmark and becomes king of Hrothgar's kingdom. In the poem Beowulf kills Grendel's mom. In the movie they make love and have a human beast like creature son (a dragon as a son). Although, in the film Beowulf returns and says he kills her so I guess one could argue it stays in line with the poem that way. In the book she could be still alive and they do the same thing but it doesn't say so we will never know. Also the in the poem there is a larger social backdrop of this type of society that wants peace and stability but that is at odds with a heroic culture of honor and revenge. In the movie they only touch on that very briefly when Beowulf comments on that the age of heroes is giving way to Christianity.

What is Grendel's theorem?

"Any action of the human heart must trigger an equal and opposite reaction." pg.113


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