Aphrodite (Venus)

Questions about Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty would be answered in this category. Her Roman name is Venus.

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Aphrodite (Venus)

What are Aphrodite's areas of expertise?

Making people fall in love. Peace and beauty, too.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Aphrodite (Venus)

What does Aphrodite look like in Percy Jackson?

aphrodite is not in Percy jackson.

If you're talking about the book, she is described as changing traits of Prcy's past crushes, and his vision of beauty.

Aphrodite (Venus)

What did Aphrodite's belt do?

It made her irresistible to any male near her. Though now, it is not commonly told as a belt, but a girdle.

Aphrodite (Venus)

Why Venus was angry of psyche?

Venus hated Psyche passionately because of her great beauty. People were beginning to ignore Venus's altars and they instead sacrificed to Psyche, calling her the new goddess of beauty. Furious at this mere mortal girl who was stealing the homage that Venus thought rightfully belonged to her, she attempted to have her son Cupid make Psyche fall in love with a horrible monster. When Cupid ended up falling in love with Psyche himself, this only served to make Venus even more furious; that her own son would adore her worst enemy.

Aphrodite (Venus)

What was Aphrodite's language?

she spoke latin mostly but ancient greek is what she was famous for because it came out as a charming whisper

Aphrodite (Venus)

Did Aphrodite have a temper?

yes she had a severe temper! she was often cruel whom she disliked

Aphrodite (Venus)

How do you get your new husband to understand what love really is?

In my 63 years I've never heard of a good explanation as to what love is. This word is the most popular word thrown around the world, but my adage is "talk is cheap, action speaks."

Sometimes two people have different ideas as to what love really is. Your boyfriend or husband may think as long as they provide for you, put a roof over your head and food in your tummy this is a sign of love, while yet another man may be very romantic and shower you with gifts and spoil you rotten. Both are love if that person does not harm you in any way and basically makes you happy. Sometimes true love is quiet and just because someone tells you all the time they love you doesn't make it so. I'll put my bet on the guy (like my own husband) who doesn't tell me he loves me every waking moment, but on occasion. I trust him, and I know he loves me. Love doesn't have to be explained.

I have no idea why you seem to think that you have the answer to what love really is, because the wisest men in the world haven't answered that question to date. I think love is what makes you comfortable, the joy of seeing that person, trust, respect and knowing you will be there no matter what.

Also, it is quite common when dating that each person puts their best foot forward to impress the other. Once marriaged it takes time to get use to each other. Some men almost right away feel they no longer have to impress their new bride. She's theirs! This is where communication comes in and you will need to do this throughout your married life. Being honest about your feelings to your mate is healthy, and if it bothers you I suggest you sit down and discuss it rationally.

It is also important as mates that we learn from each other. One person can be quiet and calm, while the other is very extroverted and "out there." It's a great balance if you learn from each other.

Good luck Marcy

You should have known these things PRIOR to getting married.

You can't and don't find out everything before you get married. My husband and I have been together for 8 years and married 3 of them. I'm still learning him, I don't particularly think people change, but they do change their ways.

Aphrodite (Venus)

Where did Aphrodite dwell?

Mount Olympus

Greek and Roman Mythologies
Aphrodite (Venus)

How do you spell goddess of love and beauty in greek letters?

Θεά του έρωτα και της ομορφιάς

Theá tou éro̱ta kai ti̱s omorfiás

Goddess of love and beauty

Aphrodite (Venus)

How did the Greeks feels towards Aphrodite?

  • i think since they named her after a planet they must of liked her. aphrodite is goddess of love and beauty named after venus.
Aphrodite (Venus)

What big things did Aphrodite do?

She was a big impact in the Trojan war. Aphrodite, Athena, and Hera all offered Paris something Athena offered him victory in battles Hera offered Power and Aphrodite offered the most beautiful mortal in the world Helen

off course he chose Aphrodites offer and there began the war

Disability Insurance
Social Security
Aphrodite (Venus)

If you are receiving full disability from your own work experience can you apply for your first husband's disability when you are divorced from your second husband?

Are you talking about Social Security Disability? It would depend on if you were married 10 years or longer and how much your receiving compared to what you might get on your husband's benefit. Check Social Securitys website. It's VERY extensive. If you can't find the answer, Social Security has a email inquiry section that responds PROMPTLY.

Aphrodite (Venus)

Why did Hephaestus divorced Aphrodite?

Aphrodite (goddess of love) was in love with someone else (Ares (god of war)) plus Hephaestus (lord of the forges) wasn't all that good looking, and for Aphrodite, that would be a disaster if she stayed with him for a millenia (just saying). I mean even Hephaestus' own mother (Hera) had her problems with him because he was so ugly, and she dropped him off a cliff of Olympus.


(1. The Lightning Thief, 2. The Sea of Monsters, 3. The Titan's Curse, 4. Battle of the Labyrinth, 5. The Last Olympian) AND THE HEROES OF OLYMPUS!! (1. The Lost Hero, 2. The Son Of Neptune, 3. The Mark Of Athena, 4. The House Of Hades)

Aphrodite (Venus)
Ares (Mars)

How did Hephaestus caught Aphrodite and Ares?

He waited and caught them with a net.

Ancient Egypt
Aphrodite (Venus)
Egyptian Mythology

What do Aphrodite and Hathor have in common?

Firstly, they were both the goddess of love, they were both married, and they both had fiery tempers. They also both loved making helpless mortals fall in love with each other, often against their will and they were both voted the most beautiful of the goddesses.

Aphrodite was a Greek goddess. Hathor was an Egyptian goddess.

Aphrodite (Venus)

What are Aphrodite's negative qualities?

She is negative if she dislikes someone; also she is tricky and very unforgiving and 'scary' if you have embarrassed or hurt her in any way

Aphrodite (Venus)

Who created a statue that Venus brought to life?

In Ovid's Metamorphoses (a long poem with many stories of magical transformation) Pygmalion is a Cypriot sculptor who carves a statue so beautiful that he falls in love with it. In despair he prays to the goddess of love (Venus). She brings the statue to life, and Pygmalion and his statue (who is called Galathea in later versions of the story, though Ovid does not give her name) have a son called Paphos.

It is just as well that no-one reads this story from its source anymore (Book X of Ovid's Metamorphoses). It is R-rated in the original version.

Aphrodite (Venus)

What is Aphrodite's Magic Girdle called?

The Girdle was called Charis

Athena (Minerva)
Aphrodite (Venus)

Did Aphrodite and Athena fight over beauty?

Yes, in the Judgment of Paris, she, Aphrodite, and Hera each claimed to be the fairest, though the beauty context was not so much about beauty as it was about which goddess offered the best bribe to Paris. This event would kickstart the Trojan War.

Poseidon (Neptune)
Aphrodite (Venus)

What are Aphrodite symbols and why?

Aphrodite was gorgeous, perfect,eternally young woman with a beautiful body.

Yes, but those are qualities, not symbols.


Aphrodite's symbols are the scallop shell, the dolphin, doves, lovebirds, swans, golden apples, pomegranates and roses.

I think the scallop shell and dolphin shows that she was born in the ocean from the foam. (One of the myths of her birth.)

The doves, lovebirds,swans,and roses show her power, love.

I suppose the golden apple is for her winning that apple thing against Hera and something. T.T; I forgot, it's one of the myths though.

The pomegranates for Hades giving the pomegranate to Persaphone which banished her to the underworld.

Aphrodite (Venus)

Why did Aphrodite and Hephaestus got an divorced?

um first of all i don't even think that they got a divorce i think Hephaestus lived his whole life having to know that his wife hated him and cheated on him with all the gods and even with mortal men.

Aphrodite (Venus)

What is Aphrodite's appearance like?

Aphrodite had worn white dresses and gold dresses.

Aphrodite (Venus)

What was Aphrodite's strength?

She controlled whether people would fall in love or not. Plus she could make most men do what she wanted because they wee almost "hypnotized", for lack of a better word, by her immense beauty.

Aphrodite (Venus)

What were Aphrodite's powers?

Aphrodite was the Greek goddess equated by the Roman goddess, Venus. She was the goddess of love, beauty and sexuality. She can make any man fall in love with her at first sight, make other people fall in love, and make anything beautiful or lovely. She was irresistible, so every man was in love with her. She also had a magic girdle that made men fall in love with her.
her power is to give love to one another to make the world a better place
She had mostly superhuman powers.
Love and Beauty like Venus
Aphrodite had the power to make people fall in love with whom ever they had chosen. She is considered the goddess of love and beauty in Greek.

Aphrodite (Venus)

What is Aphrodite's personalìty?

Full of love.


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