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Psychics claim to have extrasensory perception and offer psychic readings to paid clients who want to see into their future. Ask questions about psychic abilities here.

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Is Sylvia Tartan a real grande psychic?

There is no such thing as a "Grande psychic", unless you're just calling her large. So, no. She's not.

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Who was the Frenchman who believed that he could foresee the future?

a man

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What are the three theams of reading?

It depends on what book you're reading

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Is psychic Irene Hughes dead?

No, she is 90+ and living in Crete, IL.

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Is Sylvia Brown the psychic a fake?

Sylvia Browne's claims have been debunked many times. She has declined requests to have her psychic powers verified by skeptical testers. She is good at cold readings and knows how to sell herself for a lot of money. Cold readings are something that stage magicians, who have no claims to magical powers, often learn how to do in their shows.

She has never correctly assisted in a kidnapping or homicide case. In fact, she's never been right in any such cases. A very common thing she does is ask a question, then pretend like she already knew the answer by either repeating back what the person said, or simply saying 'I know.' This is a common trick for cold readers to give the impression of psychic ability. Most of her readings are very vague or involve unverifiable things, like what a dead person says, or about spirit guides and angels. These common readings are what she does most of the time, however when she makes specific predictions about things like a homicide, they can be followed up on and verified.

One such reading, in which she was wrong, was when she told the family of Shawn Hornbeck, on the Montel show, that their son was dead, described the kidnapper and where they could find the body. The boy was later found alive. Browne had offered to 'help' the family further after the show, by telephone, at her standard fee of $700 per hour.

Every single reading she's given, that was later verifiable, has been wrong. Sylvia Browne is not psychic, she is a fake.

All psychics are FAKE they claim they have helpers known as (Guides) and they are meant to be in heaven and see all, well ask them when you have a reading what colour underwear you have on or how much money you have in your pocket I can bet you they will avoid the qusetion or say I only get told what they say.

Try it and see..From Sonnet

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What sign has the strongest psychic capabilities?

The Sun sign of an individual does not make someone psychic. Through the study of astrology you will see that the Sun sign is not the only factor making up the personality nor the most important . An individual's chart as a whole would be more indicative of whether or not a person has an inherent desire to study the esoteric arts or possesses any latent psychic power.

Generally, as a rule, the water signs, especially Scorpio, are associated with psychic ability. I believe that we are all psychic to varying degrees and that those with the strongest inclination to study or pursue this are those with astrological charts that show a heavy concentration of water signs in relation to: the rising sign, moon and planets residing in or aspecting the 8th and 12th houses. These are not all the indicators but something I would look at first when checking out someone's chart.

Personally I have Scorpio rising at 17°, the Moon in Cancer in the eighth house and the Sun In Virgo. I have many additional planets and aspects throughout my chart that indicate to any professional astrologer apparent psychic ability and an inclination toward paranormal study.

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How do you know if you or someone else is psychic?

Being Psychic Being Psychic isn't always "knowing" as it is "feeling". Psychics have the ability to "feel" thoughts, ideas, and emotions as well as "know" them. The hard part is putting these feelings into words and trying to connect what we feel to the physical world. Some psychics are much better at putting what they feel to words than others. Here are definitions of many different types of psychic abilities.

Empathy - The ability to feel other people's emotions.

Telepathy - The ability to read other people's thoughts and send them yours.

Clairvoyance - The ability to "see" beyond the regular senses; the "sixth sense".

Clairaudience - The ability to "hear" the thoughts of others as well as spirits.

Clairsentience - The ability to know about something happening in the past, present, or future through "feeling".

Channelling - The ability to receive information THROUGH a person from an outside source. A person who channels is often called a "Medium".

Precognition - The ability to see ahead into future events

Remote Viewing - The ability to see and describe people and places without being physically around them.

Psychokinesis - The ability to move something in the physical world with the power of the mind.

Automatic Writing - The ability to write through the subconscious mind, which can be sometimes guided through an outside source. This is my prefer method of

Divination, which of course is using psychic abilities to try and prophesize the future. It is also my preferred method of channelling. I enjoy writing out all the information I receive through channelling non physical entities.

One perspectiveHere is how to know--- Think "Am I psychic?" With your eyes closed in a room with only calming music or natural sounds, but with some sort of sound, and natural light, like fire or sun. If you have a vibe, you may be psychic. (A vibe is when your body vibrates and then your head feels funny) Also, if you have the sound of a voice saying yes, it is even more likely!

However, if you are older than 25 and when you were a kid, your parents told you that sort of stuff wasn't real, even if you kept believing, you might not want to bother with this method. Instead, fall asleep early, wake up late focus on your dreams, and meditate to calming music. You may not be so lucky to regain all your abilities, you may not be lucky enough to get any back, but most likely you'll get some. I hope I helped!

Here are more great answers from WikiAnswers' contributors:

  • When you can correctly foretell events, personal lives, make predictions, and read people.
  • Also, listen to your inner voice, intuition, discernment, prayers, daily signs, dreams, day visions, premonition, etc.
  • In terms of Chakras and Clair's: The Eye Chakra-clairvoyants, Ear Chakra-Clairaudient, Clairsentience,
  • In terms of Energy Chakras, this can make you psychic over time and practice.
  • The eight main chakras are: Root/Base/1st Chakra, Second/Seat of Soul, Third/Solar/Power Chakra, Heart/Fourth, Fifth/Throat Chakra, Third Eye/Sixth Chakra, Crown/Seventh Chakra, Eight/Aura Field.
  • We are known to have over 100 chakras in the body/Psychic Vortices.
  • It can take a while, but everyone can be psychic.
  • Some are extra psychic as children, but then lose it later in life. A life event such as sickness, workshop, class, or near death experience can trigger the Psychic path and daily connection.
  • Technically we all can use ESP telepathy telekinesis and manipulate energy and all that. anyone can. You dont need to born with it. You can just learn it by talking to other sorcerers or psions. on forums
  • Movies are not the same as reality and being psychic does not only mean you see into the past or future. There are many types and levels of strength of a psychic's power. And being psychic does not make you a freak as every human being has a psychic side to them, and sometimes are never aware of it.
  • There are many cases of unexplained visions, events, and intuition that are attributed to psychic abilities. Most cannot be proved or disproved.
  • We are all born psychic, some of us learn how to use it properly,others do not. And we are all psychic in different ways.
  • If you are a psychic (a sensitive) you will be able to define that. Do you have dreams that later come true (premonitions) Do you 'sense' the change in the atmosphere around you at times in different places (perhaps a drop in temperature) Do you see shadow people (when you turn to look at someone you saw out of 'the corner of your eye' to find no-one is there) All of these signs point toward you being a 'sensitive' (psychic) plus of course many others. If you do then perhaps look into the many different types of meditation, choose one that suits you and after a while you will find it easier to tune into your own natural abilities.
  • The best answer I've ever heard for this is "everyone is psychic just as everyone can sing. It's only on a scale from 1 - 10 how well one sings."
  • Allowing yourself to improve your ability of intuition, sensitivity or gut-feelings, eventually brings about the title of "psychic". Some start out very early in life with more ability than most. Look at your life and evaluate how many times you "know without knowing why". Has that never happened to you or is it a common occurrence?
  • There are numerous books you can read that take you step by step through a question/answer response to find out your abilities. Not all abilities are the same and abilities can be improved upon with practice.
How can you tell if someone else is psychic?
  • You can never know if someone else is psychic.
  • If a person is truly psychic, they should be able to make accurate observations without information from "normal" means. Their insights or counsel should be "on the mark" and helpful. Many trained therapists are psychic, while many psychics would make fine therapists.

There are many cases of unexplained visions, events, and intuition that are attributed to psychic abilities. Most cannot be proved or disproved.


We are all born psychic, some of us learn how to use it properly,others do not. And we are all psychic in different ways.

There are many cases of unexplained visions, events, and intuition that are attributed to psychic abilities. Most cannot be proved or disproved.

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How will This color test reveal your psychic ability?

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Do psychics fake their powers?

Their is no research to prove psychics to have true powers. However, there are those individuals that believe in the power of understanding your intuition and communicating by using different tools. Best advice is to use your better judgement especially when you are paying for these services.


Yes. knowing the answers in life is tough, and so we all naturally want to search for them any way we can. it's very easy to take stock and get taken advantage of by promises and guarantees from someone who claims to see the future. the only place you will really find those answers in from within yourself. no one else can know what you need besides you. and you don't need to give your money away to someone making claims to change your life completely. but not all psychics fake.


Anyone claiming to be psychic is a charlatan. No so called psychic has ever produced unequivocal and universally accepted evidence of their powers. For anyone who claims to be psychic, please go to the James Randi organization who offer ONE MILLION DOLLARS for anyone one who can demonstrate paranormal, supernatural or occult power under properly observed conditions. Unsurprisingly, no one has ever been able to win the one million dollar challenge<


Well, I do not think that all psychics fake, because there are a lot of psychics I know that are friends, TV stars, or even in my family and most of them don't fake. but some do fake for money, for example Most Haunted's Derek Acorah was kicked off the show for being too obvious on faking. the show is fake but entertaining. but if you want to watch a decent real ghost show then i recommend watching Ghost Hunt, or Ghost Hunters. Its very entertaining and fascinating at what you can actually find!


You don't think that all psychics are fake. Why ? Which psychics aren't fake and where's the indisputable evidence ? You at least recognise that some psychics are fake. <br /> It's a question of evidence and there has never been unequivocal and universally accepted evidence of anyone possessing psychic (or any other supernatural powers). As James Randi says "I'm prepared to believe" but let's see the evidence. <br /> If you know of some genuine psychics, point them in the direction of the James Randi Organisation. If I were a genuine psychic, I'd jump at the chance of proving to the world, beyond any doubt, that psychic powers did exist and win a million dollars at the same time. <br /> For anyone who claims to be psychic, please go to the James Randi organization who offer ONE MILLION DOLLARS for anyone one who can demonstrate paranormal, supernatural or occult power under properly observed conditions.


Yes psychic's do fake it only mediums and demons have magic powers.


I beg to differ! There are many people who have developed their spiritual gifts as Jesus taught that "all that I can do ye can do, even more so." I have had quite a few totally on-target readings that can not be denied or discredited. We make our own future with each thought and every action, but we do have spiritual gifts. I've had them all of my life since I was four years old. Some of these spiritual experiences were witnessed by others. It actually is a matter of a pure heart, correct focus, letting go as in getting into a theta brain wave versus the beta (stress of every day life) brain wave. It takes training, meditation, and/or prayer. Maybe that is why Christ taught us to "pray always" and to "seek and ye shall find." Never limit the human potential or you demonstrate your lack of faith and belief in God. Undoubtedly, some psychics fake it, but others are genuine.


How about some evidence for these "genuine" psychics ? Would you care to name some names. It's so simple to say "some psychics are genuine" but where is the unequivocal and indisputable evidence?


I too will never accept claims that psychics are genuine until i see solid, scientifically sound evidence to support claims. As has already been mentioned, the notorious $1,000,000 James Randi paranormal prize has been offered to ANYONE who believes they have supernatural powers and practice them. NOBODY HAS EVER CLAIMED THIS PRIZE IN THE 30 OR SO YEARS IT HAS BEEN AVAILABLE. It is sad as I have members of my family who are being taken in and conned out of their money by charlatans posing as mediums, clairvoyants, psychics and even astrologers and practitioners of these woo woo forms of con artistry, who take advantage of the loss of their loved ones. So you can safely and logically conclude that ALL psychics, mediums and clairvoyants are all fake, fraudulent hoaxers. Along with those who practice any paranormal activity, astrology, tarot etc. It is all fake. Some people are mentally ill and really believe they are psychic because symptoms of their illness manifests itself in delusions. Some have low intelligence. Most know they are conning you. It is because it is so hard to believe that they are conning you that is it so effective. There is a man who became a very skilled 'psychic' and was paid handsomely for his fraudulent services. After many years of being a professional psychic he retired from this work and after waiting a number of years, as he had signed a contract that obligated him to remain silent about the fraudulence of the psychic industry, he told of his involvement in it and its complete saturation of lies fakery and fraud.


Yes, unfortunately there are a large majority of "psychics" who are fake and of the true intuitives, many get caught up in the greed or ego part of it. However, there are true intuitives with pure intent who strive to help others and have never profited from it nor intend to. While everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, it does not serve to strike down or diminish that which you know nothing of.


You are all operating under the misunderstanding about what being a psychic really means. Let's start with what it isn't: Psychic power isn't magical or supernatural. Psychic abilities do not come from either God or the devil. Psychics aren't telepaths, or precognatives. Being a psychic isn't some kind of mystical gift. Anybody can learn to be one.

So what IS it? Being a psychic means being observant. It means opening some communication between the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious human mind forgets most of what it absorbs. However, the subconscious forgets nothing. It's all there. Everything the eyes have seen, the ears have heard or the body has experienced. The person sees something and the subconscious will react remembering something it learned before. The non-psychic person won't hear or react to the subconscious' attempt to alert the conscious mind. But a psychic has trained him/herself to be aware or alert for those subconscious messages. That "I had the strangest feeling" experience is the subconscious (your psychic self) trying to contact you with important information. <br /><br /> Are there fakes out there? Of course there are. And, also, no there are not. That's because the fakes are also very observant and use that same ability to tap into their subconscious selves that true psychics use. The difference is that they're doing it for personal gain. <br /><br /> How do you know the difference? If I had all the answers to that one I'd be a much better psychic than I am.


It is not that the psychic is "real or fake" - The job of a psychic is to simply access your subconscious...Your conscious is the literal counterpart to your subconscious. If you look past psychic's and religion, more toward it with science, i believe there to be some legitimacy with mental and spiritual connection with your consciousness in a 5th dimensional state of awareness that most humans do not see because of materialism...Physics are skilled manipulators really...only you can truly access your own subconscious.

Never ever employ a psychic that asks you questions about yourself! Cold readers are simply astute people who know the right questions to ask you in order to elicit the answers they need either verbally or via body language. A genuine psychic needs no leads.

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Is Gabriella psychic medium a fake?

Most people refer to Gabriella as a ripoff, and waste of money, because what she says will happen, has never happened. Unless it was a miracle. Or, put another way, anyone, including me can make one hundred predictions and one or two are sure to come true. If I published my successes, you wouldn't know about the 98 or 99 that failed. So I would say yes, she is fake.

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Is telapathy a psychic power?

Of Course, it's a power only special people get whe born

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Is there any website deals with psychic power?

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Advantages and disadvantages of a superstitious belief?


due to this superstitious beliefs there proved that there is a closse relationship betwn man and plants and protect the enviroment and establish a loving bond betwn man and plants and animals...

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What star sign are you if you are born on Jan 20th cusp and you have dreams about unimportant things in the future would you be psychic?

signs and dreams
  • Tux, the Penguin (January 20th ~ February 18th) Free and independent-thinking, those born under the sign of Tux the Penguin are quick with thoughts and ideas, even if the rest of the world might not understand the thoughts and ideas in question. Rather than express feelings and problems with loud and aggressive warning and error messages that are apparent to anyone, their inner settings may only be visible to those who know them and have learned where and how to probe for them. When it comes to romantic relationships, many people assume that those born under this sign would be incompatible or too complex, or that they simply wouldn't serve their needs, but with proper care and patience--and a certain amount of tweaking and experimentation--those born under the sign of Tux, the Penguin, are compatible with many platforms and star signs. NOTE FROM MARCY: People dream every 1/2 hour (or we'd go crazy literally) and if we aren't in a true REM state (deep sleep) then we can remember some of our dreams. While it is true that some people's dreams do come true, the percentages are extremely low. Stress, or unconscious remarks from a person or even a movie or program you saw on TV can twist and turn reality of the day into weird and strange dreams.
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Who is Cesar Millan's girlfriend?

caesar millan was last seenwith madonna kissing herand strip dancing withshakira

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Do you have psychic abilities if you get a shiver down your spine and get a bad feeling?

According to the best-selling book, Psychic Counseling (Harper-Collins)by Liz Hodgkinson, those people who are believed to be gifted or to have "second sight" usually have strong premonitions about something which is about to happen, whether good or bad. Similarly, in her book Mediumship Made Simple, Ivy Northage says that you are undoubtedly psychic if you dream prophetically, have hunches, see bright lights flashing across a book you are reading, have premonitions and/or hear voices. So your bad feeling or a shiver down your spine could mean that you have second sight. It could also mean that you are very aware of your surroundings and can quickly spot or tell if something isn't right. Not to poke fun at the subject, but a shiver down your spine could also be your body alerting you that you are cold. It will be up to you to decide which of the following most accurately describes your situation.

Maybe Something Else

It doesn't sound like psychic abilities, but it does sound like weak Empathy- not quite developed, you get something of a person's aura just by looking through them. When I say 'through' them, I don't mean literally. You're not looking at appearances, you're looking at the soul. When fully developed, you can feel and think everything the other feels and thinks. You're privileged. : )


(Note: In the below answer the experiences accounted for - such as the movie coming on, and the money being received are ones which portray the concept of "serendipity.")

I think all animals have probability of psychic abilities, but most of us (humans) dont tune into them.

I personally have had small insignificant prophetic dreams. I have also had the bad feeling many times, a sense of something just wrong and I feel terrible, it only lasted from a few seconds to a minute or 2.

I never knew and dont pretend to know what it is, so I do think the above posters thoughts are definitely a possibility, but I did always connect it to something psychic or spiritual.

I've also thought about something then noticed it the same or next day, (ie a movie I thought of, and it was actually on that night, (and no I hadn't read a tv guide or anything like that) thought of songs on the radio not on for years then its on, etc.

I think humans are capable of many things but dont usually take the time, or have the time and certainly I think our lives today make it difficult for people to tune into that part of us but I think it is certainly definitely there.


Agreeing mostly with answers above. Every human has psychic abilities, it is matter of exploring and concentrating upon them. Often modern human tries to rationalizes everything and believe what s/he can perceive by five senses. But sixth sense does exist but it cannot be explained to others. Just like you can show a picture of a orange to show how a orange looks like who has never seen an orange, but you cannot explain the taste of orange who has never tasted anything sour-orange like.

Psychic abilities can be achieved/improved like other activities. And it is not always bad feelings you get with psychic ability you can have good and joyful experiences too.

Psychic information comes to us in a variety of ways usually divided into 4 categories of extrasensory perception Intuition(empaths)-information through feeling "gut feelings", Clairvoyaince(clear seeing)-sight related info, visions and seeing auras for example, Clairaudience (clear hearing)-information that comes to you in words ranging from thought that sounds almost identical to your normal thoughts to messages you hear as a voice, and Clairsentience information you suddenly know without any idea how you know. Everyone has a little of each of these abilities and can with training improve them. Most people are strongest in one or two of the four, what sense comes most naturally to you is different for everyone. The more you pay attention to any extrasensory information and listen to it, the more you exercise that skill, the more often you will experience it and understand it.

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Is there people who have genuine psychic ability?


Yes everyone has some kind of genuine psychic ability's

you just have to know how to use them.

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Is Sylvia Browne a fraud?

Sylvia Browne (born Sylvia Celeste Shoemaker on October 19, 1936 in Kansas City, Missouri) is a self-proclaimed psychic medium, and author of numerous books on spirituality. However, since Browne declines to be tested under controlled conditions, and because her readings are indistinguishable from those achieved by mentalists (entertainers who create the illusion of being psychic by using techniques such as cold reading, warm reading and hot reading), skeptics believe Browne to be a fraud and confidence artist, callously making money off of the pain and suffering of those grieving over the loss of their loved ones. She has been convicted of investment fraud and grand theft. Shawn Hornbeck was kidnapped and found after 4 years. Atan earlier time, on a television show,Sylviatold his parentsthat he was dead.

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Are lillies bad luck in house?

Only if you believe in such things. There are many irrational superstitions, in many cases contradictory ones.

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How can you stop psychic ability or at least control it?

Psychic abilities are a gift and an ability. Admittedly they are not the easiest thing to live with, but like most abilities you have to use them to develop them.

If you constantly deny their existence and refuse to work with them, eventually they will go away, or at least atrophy to a point where they aren't around much. But like muscles you don't use often, when you do, it is extremely uncomfortable.

If you want to control them, you have to recognise and accept that they are real and yours, and then start working with them. The more you work with them, the more control you will have. The opperative word here is "more" control.

Do be aware, no amount of ignoring them will make them go away completely. Nor will working with them ever get you "complete control".

As I said before. these things are a gift, and they are not always easy to live with.

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Is Ruth Wade from ancient antiquities a real psychic?

Re: Dr. Ruth Wade/Psychic

She has a very compelling introduction in her mailings, promising incredible achievements of her own and for YOU. Her (really?) attractive picture stares out at you while you read her promises. She claims to be a Phd but it is not said in what field. I decided to send off since I would be receiving an ancient crucifix that has been around for 1000 years.

I got an envelope which had never been sealed. What had been lost I don't know. What fell out of the envelope (and onto the floor) when I pulled the accompanying letter out is a tiny, tiny, brass cross (not a crucifix) which are referred to in the jewelry business as "finding". In other words, a charm trinket for costume jewelry. I have been in the jewelry business and know these come out of China and India for a fraction of a penny and sold in quantity really cheap. Even though an angel from heaven has communicated with her directly about ME, I think I have been scammed again! 9-25-2010

If you have experience with this "psychic" or any others from whom you have had mail and/or contracts, please tell me your experience! Write to:

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What is Freuds psychic reality?

Who Is Sigmund Freud?Claiming he had discovered the "royal road to the unconscoius", Sigmund Frued published The Interpretation of Dreams at the turn of the 20th centry, and thus laid to foundation for his innovative technique of psychoanalysis. The raw material for The Interpretation of Dreams was provided by Freud himself. Spurred on by the death of his father, he bagan to analyzing his own dreams, in the process recreating lost childhood memories and uncovering the roots of his own neuroses. He concluded that dreams were filled with latent meaning, their bizarre imagery and peculiar narratives concealing deep-seated, instinctual motives and desires. By revealing how the seemingly trivial nonsense of dreams reflects important personal issues in the dreamer's present and past life. Freud created a key that unlocked the vital secrets of the unconcious mind. Quote-"As for the first, who could not confirm from his or her experience that, in the creations and weavings of the genius of the dream, there somtimes comes to light of a profoundity and sencerity of emotion, a tenderness of feeling, a clearness of view, a fineness of observation, and readiness of wit, all which we should modestly have to deny that we possess a constant property during the waking of life? The dream has a wonderful poetry, an excelent allegory, an imcomparable humor, and a charming irony. It views the world under the guises of a peculiar idealistation and raises the effect of its manifestations into the most ingenious understanding of essence lying at its basis. It represents for us earthly beauty in true heavenly radiance, the sublime in the highest majesty, the actually frightful in the most grusome figure, and the ridiculous in the indescribably drastic comical; and at times we are so full of one of these impressions after awakening that we imagine that such a thing has never been offered to us by the real world" - The Interpretation of Dreams
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Are psychics real?

The psychics you will see are not real. They aren't like Raven or creepy people. You can't make it happen and you definitely can't predict someones future.


Of course, I disagree with the above, as I have these abilities myself.

There is an entire community of folks who believe that they have psychic abilities, and train their use and control. The abilities are believed to be able to be developed as you would any other skill, though not all individuals have aptitude for all abilities (and in fact, some individuals cannot learn any at all, though this is rare). Some abilities are also more difficult to learn and control than others, in general.

These folks cannot (and have no desire to) prove to outsiders that their abilities are real, thus giving you an objective answer to your question is not possible. Skepticult folks will state that psychic abilities are not real. Psychics will state that, of course they are real. Each has had experiences (or lack of them) which supports their point of view. You will need to make up your own mind, based on your own experiences.

As for psychic readers--there are many charlatans, and a few people who are (perhaps somewhat naively) attempting to use real ability to help people, as best they can. The problem is, most people who go to psychic readers do not need someone to read them and tell them what they are thinking, or what the next most likely future course is--what they really need is some basic psychological counseling, and most psychics are really not very great with relationships or understanding social situations. They tend to be rather odd folks, as psi ability is accompanied by other abnormalities, both physically and mentally. So, taking relationship advice from a psychic who has had poor luck with his/her own relationships is probably not a great idea. In any case, the real psychics who are selling their ability as readers tend to get burned out on doing so after a few years, at most, as it is hard work, emotionally draining, and putting themselves into the public eye makes them a bit of a target. Those who don't do readings, but sell other skills, may last longer.

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Can you make yourself a psychic?

Opinions On Making Oneself Psychic:
  • There are certainly people with psychic abilities out there (the talented ones that were given this ability for good use only) but there are loads of crooks out there too. For example: If you meet someone at a party and want to fool them into believing you are psychic this is what you do: Look at the way they comb their hair, their skin, (you can tell if they are pampered or hard workers) are their finger nails super clean and manicured, or slightly dirty and are the palms of the hands calloused or smooth. By looking at the persons hands you can tell if they are an office worker or came from a privileged home and if the hands are rough with slightly jagged nails or a bit of dirt under the nails then they work hard with their hands (perhaps a mechanics or woodworker.) I've fooled people before by doing this by observing the person during the evening. I believe we all have psychic abilities but it is known we only use part of our brain and the brain has been the least studied organ of the body up until 15 years ago. There is much to learn about the brain because it's basically a circuit board to our body and without it we can't see, close our eyes, walk, talk, etc. If we were to study hard enough I do believe we are capable of becoming somewhat psychic. Think of this one. Often "instincts" or "gut feelings" are sluffed off as simply that, but in reality that's psychic ability. A mother may suddenly know something is terribly wrong with her child, while others around her will disagree with her. The mother is usually 99% right. We meet someone and we either really like them or a red light goes off and we suddenly just don't like them and are wary of turning our back on this person. Even walking down streets we may, without realizing decide one street makes the hair stand up on the back of our necks and we'll detour. The changes in our mind are so slight that we hardly notice half the time. Yoga or any type of meditating is good for a person as well as a belief system. Every living thing has an aura around it. I've studied auras and found the readings mesmerizing. I've seen my own as well and now medical science is using auras to find out where in the body the patient may have a problem. If the person is ill there will be a break in the body aura. Scientists also feel that when someone has lost a limb (especially a leg) the patient will often say they can feel an itch, but, the leg is not there, but the aura is! So, in reality the leg is not lost at all. The leg is physical, the aura I do believe is part of the soul. Once we die the energy leaves our body and the aura soars away. If we are more aware of what is around us, the 5 senses will kick in. Sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. Most of us are so busy we do things automatically, but if we took more time to "tune in" and use those 5 senses I think we could be more psychic than we realize.
  • It doesn't mean the psychic ability lies in the hidden parts of the brain.
  • Through the study and further development of mind, these things can be known. The brain is an organ of the body. it is not the mind. The conscious mind works in conjunction with the brain to gather information through the five senses. This information is stored in the brain to be recalled as needed for reasoning. It is through the use of the process of reasoning that intuition is developed. Intuition is a function of subconscious mind. The occasional psychic experience that we all have happens I see as a reminder of who we really are and serves to stimulate us to find out. Unfortunately, too often, it is kept in memory as simply a fascination rather than investigated so that further understanding could be developed. There is no such thing as coincidence or luck. By understanding how the mind works one can know how everything is caused from thought. To start with, everyone needs to keep a"psychic log, detailing impressions and the results", so as to see how it feels when the impression is correct, building trust in this ability.
  • I think anyone who is willing to learn and put in the work can do anything and I think the human brain is capable of a lot and yes, you can 'make' yourself psychic. I wouldn't rule out anyone just because they weren't born with this ability, but humans can learn and that is one of the things that got us where we are.
  • Some people don't believe in it or just won't listen they start to think its a joke and there's no such thing. People may think its a good thing and thinks its amazing but Iit can upset some people and can experience dreams which come true and having dreams about strangers who one doesn't even know should we say it's the Spirit world. Spirits also be seen as ghosts. Some people can see spirits or ghosts and many can't and no one knows why. Young children to teens are more open to seeing spirits or having psychic abilities and it can be quite frightening unless understood. You just need to keep attention and open be confident don't be scared. Everyone's psychic we would be all telepathic if we didn't have mobiles or home phones to contact each other.
  • Be very careful lest you risk making yourself sick, or even worse, psychotic.
  • There is a theory going on that we've had psychic abilities from the beginning on. This could explain how buildings like Stonehedge and the Great Pyramids have been built. The theory is about ancient people having psychic abilities, and by the use of tools, those abilities were used less and less, so it gets trained and maintained less and less so it degrades and gets worse. This can be compared to physical condition: when one trains, his condition goes up but when one doesn't exercise anymore, the condition goes down. So this means that the only thing to do is: exercise in psychic powers! And also, you have to believe, or you won't succeed anyway... For example, when you want to learn telekinesis, go focus on an object for at least 3-5 minutes and don't get distracted, then the only thing you see clearly is the object you want to move. Start small though, with things like pieces of paper and other light things. When you are focused enough, visualize the object floating upwards in your mind, moving without anyone touching it etc. You can also visualize the object standing on one side, as starter, and if you do this a couple of times, the object may just move once. The mind waves then are strong enough to move, or in a more related way, the mind waves (energy) is converted to kinetic energy and stored in the piece of paper. When enough energy is stacked up, the paper may move! I have tried this half a year ago myself, and one side already vibrated the first time!!

Answer: It has been proven that everything is made up of energy. The ability to be intuitive is within everyone. The secret is to raise your awareness/vibratory pattern to be able to access the energy of information. In addition, pure intent is also extremely helpful in working toward this goal. Remember, greed or ego will not only thwart or diminish the ability but can open you up to some regrettable consequences. Meditation is the best way to access your higher self, your inner self or whatever tag/name you wish to call it. Practicing deep breathing until you can reach that still part of yourself. Good luck!

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