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Holidays, celebrations and festivals from around the world. This category covers religious and non-religious holidays and their associated traditions, as well as some multicultural events.

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What is your Halloween costume this year?

I'm dressing up as Link from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, my favorite video game!...
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What is the origin of boxing day'?

December 26 is called Boxing Day in England and other countries in the Commonwealth, but it is unknown exactly when it first began. Boxing Day seems to have originated in the mid nineteenth century in England. Some historians believe the name 'Boxing Day' came about because the boxes placed in churches where parishioners deposited alms (coins) for the poor and needy were opened, and the contents were distributed on December 26, which is also the Feast of St Stephen. (St Stephen was the...
Stefanie Raynor asked in Christmas, Holidays and Traditions

How early do you start celebrating Christmas?

Typically the day after Thanksgiving is when the Christmas decorations go up! The elf on the shelf makes his appearance on St. Nicks Day and the friends and family celebrations take place all throughout December....
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When is town park flower show huda faridabad 2011?

It is held annually in the month of January. Faridabad is a town 25 miles from Delhi, India. ...
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When is children's day celebrated?

Some say it is on march first others the second Sunday in June...... I choose to believe it is on march first......... Happy children's day no matter when you choose to have it ...
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What month is Ash Wednesday?

Ash Wednesday is sometimes in February and sometimes in March. It is not on a specific date. ...
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Did they use a badger or a hedgehog instead of a groundhog on Groundhog's Day in Europe?

Europeans do not have an equivalent of Groundhog Day. In Canada and the US, Ground Hog Day is a silly annual festival, held in late winter, to 'predict" how soon Spring will come to the area, Groundhog Day in the US (as seen in the Bill Murray film) is 2nd February. Early in the morning, of the " Day ", a tame Ground Hog, is observed, to see if there is enough daylight for him " to see his shadow "....
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When is Singapore's Racial Harmony Day?

21st July every year. 1964 is when it started.
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What are important holidays in Mexico?

Mexican holidays include: Observed by law: January 1: Año nuevo / New year's day February 5: Dia de la constitucion / Constitution Day March 21: Nacimiento de Benito Juarez / Benito Juarez's birthday - honors the most beloved president among Mexicans. May 1: Dia del Trabajo / Workers' day September 16: Independence day's military parade (Mexican Independence was declared on September 16, 1810 and the celebration usually begins on the late hours of September 15 at the Grito de independencia). November 20: Dia de la Revolucion / Mexican Revolution...
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Do Christians have major holidays in the year?

Yes! Christmas IS a Christian holiday. as is Easter, Valentine's Day, and Saint Patrick's day! These are also hoildays that are celebrated by Christians: Ash Wednesday, Lent, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Advent, and Epiphany. ...
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What are the Ice Man Days in May?

The period from May 12 to May 15 was noted to bring a brief spell of colder weather in the Northern Hemisphere under the Julian Calendar. With the change to the Gregorian Calendar, however, the equivalent days would be May 19-May 22. ...
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What do bunnies and eggs have to do with Easter or the resurrection of Christ?

Nothing, actually. People have been celebrating spring for as long as weather got cold in the winter, and food supplies dwindled. Birds usually lay their eggs in the spring, so eggs were a natural symbol for spring, rebirth, and new life. Rabbits are very fertile animals whose babies scampered about in spring, so they also became symbols of spring. Many ancient cultures celebrated the coming of spring with religious ceremonies. When the Romans were spreading across Europe, there were a lot of different religions,...
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What percentage of people show for a party?

I think it is a matter of your social circle. Obviously, I am one of those whose guests arrive early and leave early, don't show or find something better to do. Reading online, it seems like it may be a matter of the invitation. Online hints include: Contact them at a good time (like after dinner) Bring in personal interest during your conversation inviting them Give them a role - bring something, guest Recontact them later if they cannot give you a yes...
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Can a baby girl be named a junior when born?

As far as I'm aware a baby can be pretty much be named anything if it be Emily Junior or Marshmallow. ...
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What was the first holiday ever celebrated?

Unfortunately this would be very pre-historic times and something we will never know. The closest answer that could be given would likely be the celebration of the seasons such as the winter solstice. Civilizations around the globe all tend to have ancient traditions to celebrate the coming of a season. ...
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How do the French celebrate Labor Day?

The 1st of may is a day off in France. Some left-wing and syndicalised population used to march in the main cities. ...
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How many festivals do Thailand have this year?

in Thailand we have 2 festivals are 13-15 April is Songkran festival Day and 10 November is Loy Krathong Festivals Day. ...
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When is National Metric Week celebrated?

On the 10th month in the week containing the tenth day.
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Who celebrates Ash Wednesday and Lent?

Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists, Presbyterians, and Anglicans.
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At what age should you stop trick-or-treating?

some kids stop tricker treating at 12-16 butmost people stop at the age 18-19....