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A casino is a public building where some types of gambling activities are held. Some casinos are also used for entertainment such as hosting for live events like concerts, sporting events and stand-up comedy.

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What is the gambling age at harrah's casino?

Harrah's has casinos in several states, so it would depend in which state the casino is most casino that i have been to the age is 21 years old to enter a casino but it depends on the state. ...
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Does Coushatta Casino have a party bus?

that company does not provide one. But one can be purchased or rented to drive to that location for any period of time. More info can be found on their site also. ...
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Did Casino win any Oscars?

No. However, it was nominated for only one: Best Actress, Sharon Stone.
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Is there a casino on Grand Turk?

I visited Grand Turk 2 months and it is really nothing at all. Just a couple of restaurants for tourists, a tiny locals bar, and a few extremely crappy souvenir shops. I've never been to such a ghost town. ...
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Which Reno casinos have blackjack switch?

Blackjack Switch is not dealt anywhere in Reno.
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Why do Las Vegas Casinos Always win?

They do not always win. There is a chance for the players to win as well, but the casinos everywhere gets some profit from any type of gambling, for example, Blackjack, Texas Hold 'em, Slot machines and such. It does indeed look like the casinos always win, but in reality, they don't. ...
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Can you cash in casino chips by mail?

Yes, I've done this before.
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Which Vegas casinos have swim-up blackjack?

The Tropicana Hotel was the first. Now Casinos Like the Hard Rock and many others have swim up Blackjack gaming areas in the pool. Only the Palms have the Floating Blackjack tables that you can get at ...
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What Ohio casinos allow 18 year olds to gamble?

There are no casinos in Ohio! there is one being built that will open in may ...
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Can a minor go into a casino in Las Vegas in they have parental supervision?

Minors can only be on the casino floor if going to or from a restaraunt or other amenity where minors are allowed to be. They must be with a parent or guardian and may not stop or loiter in any gaming area. This assumes the casino has a hotel or child care facility, otherwise there is no reason for a minor to be at the casino at all. Rick The Slot Guru ...
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What happens to santoro at the end of Casino?

He and his brother are beaten with baseball bats and then are buried alive ...
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How much is Collector casino silver?

The usual $10.00 ".999 silver" tokens have about 0.5 to 0.6 troy oz. of silver in the center. The rest is brass. They are not worth much more than face value. ...
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How old do you have to be to go into a casino in Las Vegas?

You have to be 21 years old to gamble or be in the gambiling area of a casino in the state of Nevada, as per Nevada Gaming Commission. Someone under the age of 21 can walk through a casino in order to get to a restaurant, guest rooms, restrooms, or kid's arcade, but they can not linger in the gaming area. There are some hefty fines, up to $10,000, if a minor gets caught gambling. Fake IDs do not pass the...
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What Las Vegas casinos have video blackjack?

All major casinos on the Las Vegas Strip have video blackjack
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Where was the Percy Jackson lotus and casino hotel filmed from in Las Vegas?

The lotus hotel and casino was real. It was closed in the 70's. A movie set was made for Percy Jackson and the Olympians lighting thief ...
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What is the legal gambling age in Minnesota?

18 years old. For a list of all the states and their gambling ages have a look at the Related Link below. ...
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What casino game gives the gambler the best odds?

What Are The Odds? The casino game that has the lowest house advantage when making the proper bet is Craps. When betting properly on craps, the house advantage can be as low as 0.6 %. Jacks or better video poker with optimal play on a full-pay 9-6 machine can be as low as 0.5 %. Here is some other casino games with average house advantages (a percentage of the money the casino keeps over time, although they seem low, casinos rely on thousands...
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Is the 2011 stolen casino a good bike?

The 2011 Stolen Casio is a great Bike, it's perfect for the park and for street bmx. ...
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Was there a lotus casino in Las Vegas?

Yes, there was such thing as lotus hotel and casino. But it was demolished or closed. ...