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A slot machine is a gambling machine known as the one-armed bandit, because it was originally controlled by a lever (arm) on the side of the machine, and because of its ability to leave the gamer penniless (bandit).

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Is there a law on casino money won?

Yes, lots of 'em. Each state has their own sets of laws and federally, you are supposed to claim your winnings, but that's pretty much on the honor system. When you claim your winnings on your federal tax, don't forget to subtract your losses. You can easily obtain a win/loss report from the casinos you frequent if you call them, or stop by their customer service or players club booth. If you don't have a players' card at that casino, though, getting...
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Lawrence Welk who is guy and rona?

It was Guy and Ralna ( pronounced Rawl-Na) They were a husband and wife duet. ...
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Caveman keno strategy?

There isn't any real strategy per say, as the numbers are randomly generated and impossible to anticipate. I enjoy playing the game, and tend to do 4 numbers up or down or side by side conected. (4,14,24,34 or 1,2,3,4 for example) I tend to win more often when playing just one quarter. The 4x and 8x multiplier seems to come in more often on a single quarter bet then when I up it to 2, 3 or 4 credits. I have...
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Where can you play aruze slot machines?

The Venetian and Palazzo on the Las Vegas strip have a good assortment of Aruze machines. ...
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What is the Tel-Connect telephone card game sweepstakes online?

It is not a game you can play online. It is a gambling outfit, which made itself legal by using "telephone time" as the avenue of purchase. You have to go to a Tel-Connect gambling club, where you play slot machine games online to win money. These games are NOT games of chance, however, they are pre-determined games by way of ticket numbers. In each game you play you will notice a ticket number at the bottom or top of the...
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What is the oldest slot machine symbol?

The oldest slot machine symbol is the bell
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Can a magnet help you win on a slot machine?

Back in the beginning of slot machines, it was possible to use a magnet to help you win on a slot machine, as the machine payouts were based strictly off the location of the reels. Advancements in how the machines are constructed eliminated this issue. Slot machines are now all electronic and are completely random. The reels on the machine are strictly for entertainment, display, and, as the casinos call it, 'eye candy'. Today, there is nothing you can do to a...
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What is lottery number for money dream?

The dream of seeing a winning lottery number in a dream is the dream everyone would like to have. Unfortunately, dreams are produced by the subconscious mind, which is completely unconcerned with the wishes of the conscious mind. ...
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What is the legal age in Canada?

The legal age to gamble in Ontario is 18. You can buy lottery tickets and play bingo. You can not gamble in Ontario where alcohol is served until 19, as in casinos, as the drinking age in Ontario is 19. In Quebec you can gamble and drink at age 18, so casinos are an available at 18. In some provinces such as Ontario, 18 is the legal age to vote but 19 to buy alcohol Sex ----- 16 is age of consent Voting...
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How many combinations are there on a one armed bandit slot machine?

That depends on how many combinations the manufacturer programs in to the machine software. Modern "Stepper" machines use a stepping motor and plastic flags on the inside frame of the reel which are read by an optic. This allows the machine to stop the reel on whichever symbol the software says it should stop on allowing the software to use what are called "logical reels". The software can be programmed with an infinite number of possible symbols for each reel. The average...
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Can you win money from casino while on workman's compensation?

No law against that, but you are more likely to LOSE. That's why casinos exist - to take your money. ...
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How many slot machines are in the world?

No one really knows the correct answer.
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What is a slot machine's highest paying symbol?

It depends upon which slot machine you are referring to. On many older and some newer slot machines, the jackpot symbol is a red seven. However, many slot machines today use a variety of symbols. Check the paytable on your favorite slot machine to determine which symbols have the highest payout. Keep in mind that many games now have bonus features (free spins, etc.) that can generate cumulative payouts far exceeding what the highest paying symbols might pay by themselves. ...
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Why do slot machines use 777 as the jackpot?

7 is the "lucky" number so they use triple 7 for jackpots and other games. ...
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Is it illegal to have a slot machine for entertainment purposes in my home in Kansas?

Kansas has laws against the age of slot machines that can be owned by residents. Any slot machine in Kansas that was manufactured before 1950 is legal to own in this state. But on the other side of things, slot machines manufactured after 1950 are illegal for residents to own. Due to the fact that antique slot machines manufactured before this time are rare, there are not many residents of the state who have these in their possession. The main thing that...
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Can casinos alter slot machine payouts?

They are legally required to control the pay-out percentage, amounts vary by state regulation. (it is around like ninety some percent goes back out of the machines and pays the players.) What no one knows is, when, who and what machine is going to pay out, it's all random. There is no regulation on when or how often this money needs to be returned to the public. That's why they call it luck! Answer This question is far more complicated than it sounds....
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How do you break a slot machine?

To be honest, i don't know....XD
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Are slot machines rigged?

Of course they are. Modern slot machines can be set any way the owner wants them unless there are laws regulating pay back percentages. If state law says that payback has to be 95%, the machine can be set to pay back 95.1%. No. They are set at specific payout percentages. If a slot machine were "rigged", it would pay much lower or much more than allowed. There have been instances of this happening, but I've not heard of one for...
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How old to do you have to be to play slot machines in las Vegas?

[depends entirley on establishment,but as a rule of thumb it's over 21] There is no "rule of thumb", Nevada law stipulates that you must be 21 or older to gamble anywhere in Nevada. ...