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Glee (TV Series)

Glee is a popular Fox drama about a high school glee club, a cheerleading team, and the egotistical coach of the team, Sue Sylvester.

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What is the black guy in glee surname?

His name is Dijon Talton
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How old is Darren Criss?

Singer and actor Darren Criss is 30 years old (birthdate: February 5, 1987). ...
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Was Glee cancelled?

No, Glee isn't cancelled.
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What actress plays the main girl in Glee?

If by "main girl" you mean Rachel Berry, then she is played by Lea Michele. ...
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What glee episode do they sing U2'S One?

season 1 episode 18, its called 'laryngitis'.
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When is glee season 2 part 2 coming out?

February 6th, after the Superbowl. The full season comes out on DVD on the 13th of September. ...
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What time and channel is Glee on for Jacksonville?

I live in Tampa and it's on FOX every Tuesday night at 8
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What is the running time for glee?

Each episode, including commercials, runs for one hour.
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Is glee a sitcom?

Glee is a Comedy-Musical show on FOX airing on Tuesdays at 8/7c.
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What is the name of the glee theme song?

Time for Some Girl Talk is Glee's ending theme song. It is featured as the credits roll in most of the episodes. It was written by one of the show's composers, James S. Levine. ...
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When did glee make take a bow?

Rachel sang Take a Bow in the second episode of Glee
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How do you find glee on on demand?

If u have FIOS u can't get it free u have to perchase it. Just go to search shows but u can record it with DVR. ...
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What time does Glee air in Utah?

It comes on at 7:00 p.m. Tuesdays on Fox
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When is the last season of Glee?

Update: As of 5/26/2014, Fox and Ryan Murphy have responded to say that the next season, season 6, will be the last season of Glee. ...
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Why does the piano player on glee never speak?

Accompanists seldom speak unless asked to. He is there to provide musical background, not to get involved. Also, at times, why does he mysteriously appear, as does the band/orchestra? When Rachel was in the music store and Jesse St. James was there too, where did the four piece string section come from? You have to remember that at times dreams and imagination takes place in the minds of the characters. example: Ms. Pillsbury dreams the "Marry me Will" song with Coach Beiste...
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What happened to Emma on Glee Where did she go?

She hasn't been in that many episodes recently, but she did appear on the 2/15/11 episode. She probably hasn't been on because she was on her honeymoon or something. ...
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Why is Kurts character written out of Glee?

he's not. His character is still in.
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In glee has rachel ever like will?

Yes, she had a crush on him in the episode, Ballad.
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What age rating is glee?

In the UK the age rating is 12
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What is two of the glee characters names?

Rachael and Finn. Also: Kurt Mercedes Tina Artie Noah "Puck" Puckerman Quinn Santana Brittany Mike Matt Will Sue Emma Sam ...
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Why does glee have so many viewers?

because it is a good show and its really funny
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Where can you download free glee season 2 songs?

There are two websites I use: first "Below", which is easier to use, but they don't always have all the songs i want. And theres another one: (I prefer this one:) Zamzar. ...
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Who plays Quinn's dad in Glee?

Gregg Henry. You may also remember him as Mitchum Huntzberger from Gilmore Girls. ...