Ontario is a province in east-central Canada that is home to Ottawa, the national capital of the country. It is the most populous province with a total population of 13,210,667 (as of 2010).

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How old do you have to be to sit in the front seat of a car in Ontario?


Grocery Shopping

Is Costco coming to Belleville Ontario?

Costco tends to build their stores in more populated areas. Belleville, Ontario does not have the population to support a Costco at this time. There are no plans through 2012 to build a store in Belleville, Ontario.


What are Ontario's physical characteristics?

ontarios physical characteristics are things such as trees or grass. Things that people didn't build.


What is Ontario Canada's size in square miles?

Ontario is Canada's fourth largest province.

Ontario covers an area of 415,598 square miles.

354,342 square miles of land and 61,257 square miles or 14.7% of water.


Is Toronto an overrated travel destination?

Depends on what you want to do. Toronto has a great lake, beaches and many theatres and museums. -Best of all it has (nearby) Canada's Wonderland. -A HUGE theme park, like Disney -but better ! Best 16 rollercoasters in north America. -The Great Canadian Minebuster, Dragonfire - and 14 others . - -forget Disney, come to Canada's Wonderland .

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Did the Battle of Waterloo effect literature?

It was a career ending event for a European head of state and an epoch event in world history. It was written about also as a part of military history, It is a centerpiece for numerous novels.


Is there an IKEA store in Sudbury Ontario?

Unfortunately, No.

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Who is the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario?

Currently, the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario is the Honourable David C. Onley.

He was appointed by Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, the Governor General of Canada, on the advice of the Right Honourable Stephen Harper, the prime minister of Canada, on 5 September 2007, and represents Her Majesty the Queen of Canada in Right of Ontario.
David Onley

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How much to teachers in the tdsb make?

The top paying teachers according to the collective agreement for the highest pay grade is about 93000. That means that a kindergarten teacher that has been employed for TDSB for ten years will make that much this year considering he/she is in the A4 salary pay grade. That is very good coin for a teacher.


How many counties are in Ontario?


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What is advice for long car trips with children?

Car trips with children

Take LOTS of different kids' music.

We listened to kids' tapes nearly the whole time [on a recent 2-week car trip], so it was great to have some that were especially enjoyable by all (my husband generally dislikes kids' songs).

Our favorite tapes:

Raffi, Singable Songs for the Very Young: The song Willoughby Wallaby helped us out tremendously when we were hiking out of Canyon de Chelly and my 4-year-old didn't want to hike any more; we sang Willoughby-Wallaby-everything all the way up! Spider On the Floor entertained my 2-year-old in restaurants; he even sang it himself, looking at the floor as if there WERE a spider :-).

Kids' Songs, and Kids' Song Jubilee, sung by Nancy Cassidy: Her style isn't my favorite, but these tapes have some charming songs (like, I Wanna Be a Dog, and Mama's Soup Surprise) that even adults find hilarious.

Disney Children's Favorites, Vol 1-4: We've had these for a while. I like the singer's voice and the song selection is great. We've heard them about a hundred times, but fortunately we still enjoy them.

We had several others, but these were our favorites. I specifically DON'T care for the Wee Sing tapes we have.

We also had a few tapes of adult-type music, which was barely tolerated by the kids (don't ask me how they can tell the difference, especially with Joan Baez or Linda Ronstadt, but the kids knew that these were not songs they wanted to hear). Ben did enjoy hearing Jean-Michel Jarre's "Rendezvous" while he napped, though. :-)

Here are more suggestions from WikiAnswers contributors:

  • Travel late at night or very early in the morning while they are still SLEEPING. Pray that your child will sleep.
  • Bring lots of SNACKS to keep them eating - this usually keeps them quiet. Be careful that your child does not choke as it is pretty difficult to stop the car and get them out of the car seat quickly. Try and bring along non-messy snacks (e.g. juice boxes, Gold Fish, rice cakes, cheerios, cheese, cut up fruit, Teddy Grahams, pretzel sticks, sliced grapes, raisins). Be sure to cut any food into small pieces to avoid choking hazards, particularly grapes.
  • Spread a large towel over the entire back seat to catch thrown cookies/crackers/bottles.
  • Bring TOYS that your child has not seen before - something that will catch their eye. One person had great success with a mini photo album of various family shots. Another person suggested wrapping them up in pretty paper and letting the child tear the paper off. Avoid toys that make noise that would irritate the poor driver, e.g. nothing with batteries or flashing lights.
  • Another toy suggestion is a role of clear tape. Apparently they love to tape themselves the seat, you, etc. Also, a ball made of sticky tape.
  • A Magna Doodle.
  • A paper cup from McDonalds with a plastic lid and straw - apparently hours of entertainment 8-)
  • Stop for a BREAK every 1.5 to 2 hours and let your child burn some steam running around. Stop at rest areas where there will be room for your child to run around - restaurants may not allow for this (unless it's a McDonald's with a play area). One parent suggested avoiding stops because of the difficulty of getting the child back in the car seat! Blow some bubbles at the rest stop.
  • If the trip is very long, (i.e. more than 6 hours) stop and stay the night somewhere - maybe in a hotel with a swimming pool and playground that your child would enjoy.
  • If possible, sit beside your child in the vehicle.
  • Change diapers often because sitting on a wet diaper for long periods increases the chance of a diaper rash. Use a good barrier cream.
  • Point out passing vehicles (e.g. big trucks) or bridges to keep them focused on something.
  • Sing songs. Finger play songs are a big hit with some (e.g. Itsy Bitsy Spider).
  • Books! Small, easy to handle. New ones that they haven't seen before.
  • Stuffed animals and puppets. One parent has success playing with hand puppets from the front seat.
  • Use car shades to keep the sun out of their eyes. Sun glasses work too if your child will wear them. Take sun screen and a hat.
  • Pack Tylenol for yourself :)
  • If your car has a cassette or CD player, bring along familiar music.
  • Bring your good humour and lots of energy. Try to smile.
  • Don't go - stay home instead. :)
  • Avoid traveling during rush hour so you don't get stuck in traffic.
  • Give them a little Benedryl to help them relax!
  • For an older child, take a potty just in case.
  • Buy a van.

I would add Books on Tape or CD found at your local library. These can appeal to children and adults.

We took a few trips from Central California to Vancouver B.C. in a pick-up truck where we all sat in the front seat. Our boys were 4 years old and 6 the first time - but our favorite way to pass the time was a game called "Grandpa's Cat". It was alphabetical. Each person took a turn naming this cat and giving a word about said cat's disposition. Example, Grandpa's cat was named Alex and he was and angry cat; or Grandpa's cat was named Ben and he was a boring cat ... and so on. It may sound boring, but when each person tries to top the previous answer, and the and the names and dispositions of the cats became more outrageous - we laughed for most of the trip. I think it was the boys' favorite pastime because they were able to use their imagination and competitive spirit.
Road Distance
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How long does it take to drive from Toronto to st catharines Ontario?

.It will take about 1 hour 30 minutes to drive the 112 km (69.5 miles).

Lake Ontario

Stabbing in kirkland lake Ontario Canada?

Yes there have been stabbing in kirkland lake Ontario. If you are seeking information regarding these incidents then you would have to search which year. The most grotest stabbing murder happened in 1981 of November. Every person whom has commited a crime such as murder is either dead or still serving time. As far as the answer about the persons friend whom is at camp living with family members is unknown to me. Also the same person whom commited murder to a young woman named suzanne fraser and the second year he murder another young woman named patty downey. Both know each other and had lived not far from each other as there families were friends. The persons name was guy bassinette who was arested for the murder of patty but it took over 11 years for evidence to emerge for suzanne. Suzanne has family that live in kirkland lake for several years until April of 2010 when her brother edgerton fraser passed away. If you want to know how i know this is because I am Suzanne Fraser Sister and Patty Downeys friend as i was born in kirkland lake Ontario. I hope this helps you in your quest for information regarding if there was ever a stabbing in Kirkland Lake.............

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What is Lester B Pearson's wife's name?

Lester Bowles Pearson's wifes name is Maryon Pearson (Moody).

History of Canada
Child Safety
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At what age can a child stay home alone in Ontario?

In Ontario children 10 and over can be left home alone. This is not to be done overnight or for a period exceeding 2 hours.

There are no explicit ages or ranges stated in the "Child and Family Services Act". The act states that any adult person in charge of a child less than 16 years of age cannot leave the child alone without making provision for his/her care that is reasonable under the circumstances. This may mean a check in phone call or making a neighbour aware.

According to the Durham Childrens Aid Society the following guidelines are reasonable:

Age 0 to 9: child should not be left unsupervisd for any period of time.

Age 10 to 12: short periods (1 to 2 hours) may be acceptable

Age 13 to 14: longer periods (2 to 5 hours) may be acceptable

Age 15 to 16: should be able to be alone for a full day

An additional related point on supervision: it is illegal for a parent to allow a child under the age of 16 to loitter in a public space between the hours of midnight and 6am.


What province in Canada is Fort Erie located in?


Summer Camp

Muskoka Woods history?

I remember attending a youth camp in the Muskoka region for two summers, in the early 1970s. The camp was called Keswick Youth Camp. After looking at a map of the present day Muskoka Woods Sports Camp on Lake Rosseau, Ontario, I'm convinced that Muskoka Woods was contructed on the former grounds of Keswick Youth Camp after it closed in the late 1970s.

Jobs for Teens

Where can a 14 year old work in Markham Ontario?

Mc donalds (some fast food places), grocery stores...you typically need to be 16 to have a 'real' part-time summer job.

But, you can work as a Counsellor in Training (CIT) at summer day camps with Markham Recreation. This will help you get jobs as a counsellor when you're 16.

Good luck!

Salary and Pay Rates

How much ece teacher make in Ontario?

Not Enough even after 25 years in the E.C.E. field still make around poverty level!!Not enough to live off by yourself!!Think about it...good as a second income but don't think you can survive alone on these wages. Sorry to say that's how it is!!


How did st catharines Ontario get its name?

St. Catharines Ontario derived its name from Robert Hamilton, whose wife's name was Catherine.

Hamilton had opened the first business in the area (a goods storehouse) between 1783-1786.

In 1808 the name "St. Catherines" appeared on a survey, followed by the the local Post Office.

In 1819, a fire destroyed much of the village and up until then the town name was spelled St. Catherines.

However, after rebuilding in 1821, the town name was officially being spelled St. Catharines (for reasons unknown).

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What is a phisical map?

it's usually a map were all the lakes, sea, rivers, mountains, plateaus, and etc are at


Who is Ontario provincial representative?

Ontario has three provincial representatives

John Baird (eastern)

Tony Clement (northern)

Diane Finley (sw)

Provincial representatives can be found here:



How many islands in Gananoque Ontario?

1864 islands


When can hydro quebec disconnect your power?

November1 - April1- you cannot be disconnected

Any other time - fair game


How long does it take to mail from Alberta to Ontario?

In my experience-a week.


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