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Baptists refer to a group of Christian churches, individuals and denominations that practice baptism by immersion and believe in salvation by faith alone. The Bible or the Scripture is their sole rule of practice and faith.

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What is meant by passion narrative?

The passion of our Lord, Jesus Christ according to John.. Passion meaning the sufferings that Our Lord went through from the Agony in the Garden, the scourging at the pillar, the crowning with thorns, the carrying of the cross and the ultimate cruxifixion and death. ...
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How is a Lutheran church different from a Baptist church?

Both Lutherans and Baptists are churches of the reformation. Generally, Lutherans are much more structured, while Baptists are more independent. In fact, there are as many differences between different Baptist denominations are there are between Baptists and Lutherans. Some differences between Baptists and Lutherans include: Baptism doctrine For Lutherans, baptism is a sacrament and a means of grace. The mode of application in a Lutheran baptism is not important and it is usually delivered by the pouring or sprinkling of water while it is, nevertheless,...
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Did St. John carry Jesus's cross for Him?

No it was a Roman custom that the person who was going to be crucified should carry his own cross. -- Some scripture, and most tradition, tells us that the Romans laid Jesus' cross on a Cyrenian named Simon. ...
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What are the similarities and differences of the Catholic and Methodist churches?

Similarities of Catholic and Methodists Catholics and Methodists believe in the holy Trinity (the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit). Methodists and Catholics share the same Doctrine of Justification. Both follow some form of Apostolic Succession. Sign of the cross and votive candles, though more common in Catholicism are used in both. Hagiography, or study of the Saints, is encouraged. Both practice infant bapitsm. Prayer beads (rosaries) can be used in both churches, but are more common in Catholicism. Both use altars and have either an altar...
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Can you attend church during your monthly period and receive communion?

I know of no Christian church that restricts anything to a menstruating woman. Answer As men and women are 'heirs together of the grace of life' and God who made man (generic) made the species homo sapiens both male and female and since the New Testament, which is clearly the context of the question, specifically indicates that gender is not an issue in that all are one in Christ Jesus then the only answer can be that this is not as issue for...
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Can a Baptist deacon remarry after divorce?

Yes, generally speaking, anyone can remarry, HOWEVER, in some Baptists churches, deacons and other staff members cannot be divorced, so if a deacon gets divorced, he may no longer qualify to be a deacon. ...
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What is the difference between a Baptist and a Methodist church?

One of the biggest differences between these two denominations is, to put it succinctly, "how wet you get" at baptism. Baptists accept only baptism by immersion, while Methodists tend towards the "sprinkling" method of baptism. Both Baptist and Methodist denominations have similar governing organizations and methods of worship. Answer Often Methodists will hold their beliefs more loosely than Baptists. Also, some Methodists believe that one can lose their salvation. The largest group, the United Methodists, do not. This is an idea which some baptists believe...
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What is Baptist church ushers attire?

Most ushers wear a suit and tie. There are usually no robes or vestments in the Baptist Church. ...
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What are some poems about church ushers?

The only one i have found is called "Your Usher" by Raymond a. Foss. It can be found on line ...
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How are Southern Baptist ministers licensed?

A local Southern Baptist Church, which is self-governing, and in charge of all of its own affairs, will recognize that a young person (usually a young man) has a call to ministry and is showing the gifts thereof. Led by its pastor and perhaps at the young man's request, it will first, license him to the ministry. This is a recognition of his calling. At a later time, perhaps after college or seminary, but not necessarily, he will be ordained by...
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Can christians drink coffee while fasting?

You decide what you are fasting. There are different types of fasts. You can fast anything. You can do a fast where you only drink juice, or you may only drink water and eat crackers, or you may just not eat meat and sweets. The important thing about fasting is the condition of your heart and why you are fasting. It is all about the spirit that you do it in. There is no set rule about what you fast or...
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Why did Faith Baptist Church in Layton Utah change its constitution to allow Pastor Chuck Beickel to continue as a divorced pastor?

Because the congregation is obviously and blatantly ignorant of the Biblical requirements for local church officers. OR… There are folks there at FBC-Layton whose attitude is like this: "I was here before Chuck Beickel was and I'm not leaving…he should leave not me…It's my church…" I Timothy 3:2-7 Lists the BIBLICAL qualifications for the office of pastor. Included in this list is: (1) "...the husband of one wife..." [i.e. not a divorcee ... marital integrity] For centuries reliable New Testament scholars understood this phrase to mean:...
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What is the Baptist Church Covenant?

Any church covenant is simply the stated beliefs and teachings of that particular church. A Baptist church covenant is going to have the Baptist tennantes on it wich include: Baptism of saved, born again beleivers, the Lord's Supper, church planting and preaching of the gospel message. Every Baptist church has a covenant based on the constitution and teachings of that particular church. There is no one Baptist church covenant but they are all going to have the Baptist teachings from the Bible that...
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When did the Baptist denomination begin?

* Baptist actually aren't a denomination at all. They are an ekkleisia, which means a called out group. They have been here since Jesus' days. A Baptist church is a local New Testament church. Baptists are not a protestant group nor are they a denomination. * Several different opinions exist regarding Baptist roots. The common answer is that Baptists came into being in the 1500s as a result of the Reformation, and Baptist roots can be traced to the Puritan movement. John...
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How did Jan Baptist Van Helmont die?

Jan Baptist Van Helmont who was a chemist died by ingesting LSD over a long period of time. The acid eventually ate his brain. ...
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What does the purple sash mean on the cross?

A purple sash is often draped across the cross during the season of Lent, more specifically Holy Week, signifying the penitential character of the season. It is replaced by a white sash on Easter to remind us of the glory of the Resurrection of the Lord ...
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What is a sample Christmas party welcome address?

"Hello everyone thank you so much for making it here tonight. It's so wonderful to have everyone gathered here, to share in the joy and happiness of the season in each others company. We've have a lot of activities planned and tons of refreshments, so enjoy! And Merry Christmas!" "Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, welcome everyone! We've got lots of activities planned tonight, they'll be lots of fun! Over here are refreshments and drinks so help yourself. In a while we'll do the white...
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How much do baptist minister earn?

they get about 500 a month
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What are the Duties of mothers board in a baptist church?

Well, in scripture there is no such thing as a "baptist church motherboard." Now with regard to some traditions found in African American churches in the USA, there is such a thing as the "church mother board" or "Church mothers" who are simply comprised of older women in the congregation, who have been saved for many years and are able to impart wisdom and prayers to the younger generation. This tradition is based on 1 Timothy 5:1-2 says, "Do not rebuke...
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Did John Huffman and Trustees at Faith Baptist Church in Layton Utah condone a divorced preacher leading the Church?

no, the members of Faith Baptist Church agreed on what the Bible says and made a choice. I was told there was a 97% vote to choose their Pastor staying. ...
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What do you call a baptist minister Do you call him Pastor Smith Reverend Smith Mr Smith?

Answer Pastor Smith. Answer Never Reverend, sometimes Brother, but usually Pastor. It varies a little between churches and individuals as to how they wish to be known. In some cases, they would be referred to as Dr. if they have a PhD in ministry/theology. Amen But you shouldn't call someone a doctor if they don't have a doctorate, though many elderly preachers are known to have been given honorary doctorates due to their generosity to a particular school. Answer Also, sometimes, Preacher Smith, or (say his first name is...Bob)...
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What are the doctrinal differences between the Southern Baptist and Free Will Baptist churches?

A very good question for a beginning denominational lesson. I can answer this based on my area and the books and lessons I have learned. In each region in America there are likely slight curves or differences even in the same denomination. However the Southern Baptist are the largest and most active of all the baptists. This is not to say that the FWB don't do lots of Godly work, they do. (I'm a Freewill myself.) Furthermore the SB churches are more consolidated...
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What is the difference between a soul and a spirit?

Opinions Many rarely don't know the difference between soul and spirit you know in our life we can carry our soul to where ever we are going because the soul is with the men and in you, your heart can be say your soul, hence. spirit in given by God no man can give spirit and the spirit is with your soul they move together as one and the work together as well. A spirit is a soul that does not inhabit...