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The state of New Mexico is situated in the western and southwest regions of the United States. Also part of the Mountain States, it is the fifth largest US state at 121,589 sq mi.

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What US States border Mexico?

They are California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

New Mexico

What is the official state question in New Mexico if the answer is Christmas?

The New Mexico State Question is: "Red or Green?" This refers to the chile that you want with your meal. Red chile, is normally more bitter than green, and most of the time not as spicy. "Christmas" is when you wish your chile to be mixed, not a very good idea for those with any tendency of heartburn, or Indigestion as it will upset you! Most Natives know that you do not mix your chiles!

New Mexico

Are there escorts in Raton NM?

There may or may not be escort services in Raton New Mexico. However, if you are asking where they are located in Raton, it is not part of policy to advertise that type of service.

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New Mexico

Is Albuquerque the capital of New Mexico?

No, Albuquerque is the largest city but Santa Fe is the capital of New Mexico.

History of the United States
New Mexico

Who owned New Mexico Territory in 1840?

Mexico (the country) did.

New Mexico
History of the United States

When did New Mexico become a US State?

Initially the United States gained the territory of modern day Mexico from the Mexican American War (1846-1848) and the Gadsden Purchase of 1853, but it didn't officially become a state until 6 January 1912. The first Statehood Bill made it to the floor of the Congress in 1861 but failed to win approval. It also had serious delays in working its way through the Congress. The Civil war played a major role in the 60 plus years that New Mexico spent as a Territory. Outlaws, because of the lawless nature of the state and Cattle Barons who had freely grazed their herds on the open but Federally owned range land for free feared sod busters and slowed the process greatly.

New Mexico

Is being an escort legal in New Mexico?

Escorting is legal almost everywhere, but prostitution is illegal in New Mexico.

New Mexico

Who were the first European settlers in new Mexico?

Spanish... Hernan Cortes

US Presidents
New Mexico

Who was the first president from New Mexico?

We have not yet had a president from New Mexico. Bill Richardson ran for the democratic nomination in 2008 but was defeated by Barack Obama.

New Mexico

What are New Mexico's natural resources?

Many of New Mexico's natural resources include the following: coal, natural gas, oil (drilling and refining), gold, potash, copper, agricultural (cattle), silver, sulfuric acid, uranium.

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What is Mexico's GDP?

Following are values of Gross Domestic Product at nominaland purchasing power parity values for Mexico from 2000 to 2017. Figures are given in billion US dollars.

Mexico GDP (Nominal)

2000: 579.46

2001: 683.65

2002: 724.70

2003: 741.56

2004: 713.28

2005: 770.27

2006: 866.35

2007: 966.74

2008: 1,043.39

2009: 1,099.07

2010: 895.31

2011: 1,051.63

2012: 1,170.09

2013: 1,186.46

2014: 1,260.91

2015: 1,315.04

2016: 1,047.0

2017: 1,142

A nation's GDP at Nominal exchange rates is the sum value of all goods and services produced in the country divided by the current exchange rate. It can be misleading, specially when important changes in the exchange rate happened along a year.

Mexico GDP (PPP)

2000: 1,065.2

2001: 1,079.2

2002: 1,097.5

2003: 1,135.9

2004: 1,231.8

2005: 1,297.5

2006: 1,408.4

2007: 1,496.2

2008: 1,547.5

2009: 1,467.5

2010: 1,564.8

2011: 1,760.1

2012: 2,071.0

2013: 2,093.0

2014: 2,143.0

2015: 2,235.0

2016: 2,315.0

2017: 2,406.0

PPP (purchasing power parity): A nation's GDP at purchasing power parity (PPP) exchange rates is the sum value of all goods and services produced in the country valued at prices prevailing in the United States.
US$1,294 billion (2015).

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How long does it take to fly from Atlanta Georgia to Cancun Mexico?

2 Hours and 36 Minutes.

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New Mexico

New Mexico art colony?


New Mexico

Where are Mormons located in New Mexico?

There are obver 66,000 baptized members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" church) in New Mexico. These members are scattered all over the state and come from all walks of life, as Church members don't live in a single community. Several congregations in New Mexico serve Hispanic and Native American communities.

Congregations can be found in Alamo, Alamogordo (2 congregations), Albuquerque (25 congregations), Anthony, Artesia, Aztec (2 congregations), Belen (2 congregations), Bernalillo, Bloomfield (4 congregations) Canoncito, Carlsbad (2 congregations), Chama, Clovis, Cotton City, Crownpoint, Crystal, Deming (3 congregations), Dulce, Edgewood (2 congregations), Escrito, Espanola, Estancia, Farmington (10 congregations), Fort Sumner, Fort Wingate, Gallup (2 congregations), Gila, Grants, Hatch, Hobbs (2 congregations), Kirtland (5 congregations), Laguna, Las Cruces (8 congregations), las Vegas, Lordsburg, Los Alamos, Los Lunas (2 congregations), Luna, Lupton, Mescalero, Mimbres, Pietown, Portales, Pueblo Pintado, Ramah, Raton, Regina, Rio Rancho (6 congregations) Rodarte, Rodeo, Roswell (3 congregations), Ruidoso, Santa Fe (2 congregations), Sheep Springs, Shiprock, Silver City (4 congregations), Socorro, Taos, Thoreau, Toadlena, Tohatchi, Tohlakai, Tres Piedras, Truth or Consequences, Tucumcari, White Rock, and Zuni.

A Temple is located in Albuquerque, which serves members from New Mexico and southern Colorado. Church members from the eastern side of New Mexico attend the temple in Lubbock, Texas. Temples are reserved for the most sacred ordinances of the Church (such as marriage) and are not used for regular worship services.

If you'd like to locate and/or visit the congregation nearest you, find out more about the Albuquerque Temple or the doctrines of the Church itself, you can visit the "Related Links" below.

New Mexico

How big is Albuquerque?

180.6 square miles

New Mexico
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What is the time difference between New Mexico and Washington D.C.?

Washington DC is on the Eastern Standard Time; New Mexico is on the Mountain Standard Time. You have to substract two hours.

New Mexico

How far from Albuquerque to Las cruces New Mexico?

It is 222.84 miles accordng to MapQuest.

Postage and Shipping
New Mexico

How long does it take for a letter from Ohio to get to New Mexico?

First Class Mail is delivered in three to five days.

New Mexico

Female singer New Mexico long curly hair?

Maria Martinez

New Mexico

Estados que colindan con san Luis potosi?

what is the capital of san Luis de potosi

New Mexico
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How many hours does it take to drive from Oklahoma City Oklahoma to Albuquerque New Mexico?

it will take 17 hours to get there but if your going by plane then it should take you about 5 hours. so good luck.(or maybe not).

New Mexico

How did Angel Fire New Mexico get its name?

There are two stories. It is said that Angel Fire is "named for the fiery afternoon light splashed on alpine peaks". The other story or legend is that the Moache Utes used to gather to renew their ancestral ties with the Great Spirit. During one of these autumnal celebrations, during the 1780's, the legend goes, three young braves, returned to camp from a hunting trip, and told of a strange glow at the tip of a peak called Agua Fria. The Utes were a little unsettled as the gazed at this mysterious splash of orange and red flickering in the northern sky. Then the awed silence was broken when one of the elders exclaimed, "it is an omen-the fire of the gods- blessing our annual celebration". Ever since, whenever that rosy glow is seen, it is called "fire of the gods". Because Franciscan friars were trying to spread their influence, Agua Fria became known as "the place of the fire of the angels. This is the story/legend of the way Angel Fire got it's name. Even Kit Carson said that he too had seen the angel fire at dawn and at dusk, especially in the fall and winter months. He said it was because of the sunlight hitting the icy frost on the branches of the trees.

Snow and Ice
New Mexico

What is the annual snowfall in edgewood New Mexico?

It is 22.3 inches.

World War 2
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Where can you get information on the 35th 'Santa Fe' Division first Battalion 320th Infantry Co in World War 2?

I have complete histories of both the 320th Infantry Regiment as well as the 35th Infantry Division. Please contact me with any questions that you may have. Richard V. Horrell WW 2 I'm sorry for the delay but I appreciate any information on Company A of the 35th Division, 1st Battalion, 320th Infantry. I have the booklets that were given to my grandfather right after WWII, about the histories of the 35th Division and one on the history of the 320th Infantry. What I am looking for is something with names in it. I would love to find like a list of survivors with my grandfathers name in it. Or any kind of war documentation that has his name, Pfc. Jessie Lee McKay, in it. He was drafted out of Fayette, Alabama and made a great life for himself after going thru the horror that WWII had to give. But where are his and all the other survivors stories? Where is it written what the survivors contributions were? Where are the survivors names written to be remembered?

New Mexico

Who led the first Spanish expedition to New Mexico?



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