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From the weird and wacky to the blissful and romantic, fairy tales, with their knights in shining armor, princesses, dragons, witches and other such creatures, are woven into our imaginations as children and they never quite leave. Questions about both the original and regional versions, as well as the animated and Disney versions of fairy tales, can be asked and answered here.

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Fairy Tales

Is The Seven Gentlemen a real fairy tale?

I have been researching this recently, as I am a huge Buffy fan, but it seems that no, there is no fairy tale of the 7 gentlemen. However, it may have bits and pieces of other fairytales in the story whedon created.

Fairy Tales

What is a norwegian troll?

A troll is the norwegian word for an ogre, but can not really be compared to anything. It is a beast often living in the woods, scary but it can have nice sides as well. Trolls are most often mentioned in norwegian tales or fairytales. They are big and stupid, easy manipulated. They are filthy and some of them have trees growing on their head. All of them have long hair. One do not believe that trolls exist, but rumor has it that they used to, but when they got hit by the sun, they turned into big rocks. That is the explanation why large rock can be found on weird places (they used to be a troll).

The most famous troll in Norway can be found in Hunderfossen Familepark in Lillehammer (yes, that is the olympic city) three houres away from the capital Oslo.

Fairy Tales

Why are the Brothers Grimm fairy tales so scary?

If you looked past the terror of their books, you'll see that every one of their stories are a reflection of reality. They're just telling you how it is is the Real World. Plus, throwing some magic in it. That's my opinion anyway

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Fairy Tales

What does the golden goose represent?

The golden goose itself is simply the temptation which traps the greedy. The story is about punishing greed and selfishness. Those who touch the golden goose (and who have no right to do so) are stuck to it. They suffer for their greed. The golden goose also initially went to the brother who was generous with his food and drink. His older brothers didn't share and so they missed out on the opportunity to win this prize...and eventually the hand of the princess.

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What are names for fairy cities?

Well, let's see...

-Fairies might name their cities after a great leader. We'll use Queen Titania as an example. They might name a city something like "Titania" or "Titaniaville."

-They might name it after the landscape. If it's near the ocean, they might call it "Oceanside."

-They might name it after a local plant that grew in abundance. If there were a lot of blueberries, they might call it "Blueberry" or "Blueberry Town."

-They might name it after the city's founder.

-They might name it after a virtue or quality they like. They might name it "Peace" or "Sparkle City."

There are lots of options; use your imagination!

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Is there a Knight fairy tales story?

yes, the tales of Camelot is a very famous series of books to do with knights

Fairy Tales

What are 5 examples of a fairy tale?


Snow White

The Princess and the Frog

Peter Pan

Harry Potter

Fairy Tales
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How Do You Spell Goldilocks?


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What is the most popular fairy tale?

Popularity is somewhat relative, but seeing as the Cinderella story has been retold in hundreds, if not thousands of cultures, I would think that Cinderella is among the most popular fairy tales.

Fairy Tales

Is the rabbit and the turtle race tale a tall tale?

Yes, but it teaches children morals such as 'slow and steady wins the race'.

Fairy Tales

Where does Rumpelstiltskin live?

146 Wishing lane

Magic town


KN42 8RS

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Fairy Tales

How do you spell Sleeping Beauty's name?


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Fairy Tales

What movies are like another Cinderella story?

Ever After and A Cinderella Story are similar to Another Cinderella Story.

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What is a didactic tale?

something with a moralistic or teaching modulus- the parables in the Bible are intended to supply Moral lessons- for example the Good Samaritan. many people are turned off by overly internalized preachy fiction and prefer more interaction between characters. on the other hand we have psychological or problem novels which may moralize about Drug abuse, the impact of juvenile crime, and so on. I would say that they turn kids off.save the internet and western union for (message ) traffic, if you get the drift- it can be argued , in a loosley lighter vein some Animal tales push racial tolerance ( Incredible Journey and Fox and the Hound) but even still. why not just straight showtime.

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Star Wars Books

Could Star Wars be a fairy tale?

Yes indeed; Star Wars has many features in common with the fantasy genre or with fairy tales in general.

Fairy Tales

Who are the characters in Red Riding Hood?

the wolf,grandma,hunter,red riding hood

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Warriors Book Series

Does graystripe ever become deputy again in the warrior series?

Yes, he returns to the Clans, but Firestar does not choose him to be deputy. He chooses Brambleclaw instead.

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Why do econwives hate the handmaids?

Handmaids wear red and their job is to get pregnant.

The econowives on the other hand are both marthas and handmaids. They do all the house cleaning and they have to get pregnant.

The econowives are jealous of the handmaids because they are able to rest. They do not have to worry about cooking and cleaning. When the handmaids get pregnant, the handmaid's are taken care of by the commander's wives and marthas but the econowives have to take care of themselves as well as the house work.

The econowives also think of the handmaids as whores for they have to sleep with commanders when in fact they are not like prostitutes since they are doing it against their will and find their lives unhappy. This is why many handmaid's kill themselves.

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What were the names of Sleeping Beauty's parents?

Aurora's father is named King Stefan. Her mother is never named. She is only know as Stefan's fair queen.

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What does the broom do when its tired?

it does nothing. some kid told me this joke it goes like this, your grandma gave me milk and cookies, her coookies were good,but she had a hard time giving milk

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What is the next book in the savvy series called?

It's actually called "Scumble" not Scrambled. Even try to look it up. It's SCUMBLE
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What was the wolf's point of view in Little Red Riding Hood?

If you mean it's goal, it was to eat her (and Grandma, but that was just icing on the cake) and steal and eat her food too. The wolf is shown as a bad guy, but it probably looked like a scavenger, or predator, doing what it needs to survive. So a predator or a scavenger type character was what it was in it's point of view (probably).

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Where can you watch Goodtimes Entertainment fairy tales?

you can watch some on veoh and this page: (see link) to watch some.

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What is the moral message of three billy goats gruff?

The moral message is that you should not be greedy and take what you get, not always wanting something bigger and better.

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Fairy Tales

Who are the characters of puss in boots?

1.kitty soft paws

2. Puss

3.Humpty Alexander Dumpty

4. Jack

5. Jill

6. Baby goose

7. The terror


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