Allusion and Innuendo

Includes questions related to the use of indirect references and implications that are typically malicious.

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Allusion and Innuendo

What are some examples of an allusion?

A reference to a historical or literary figure or event.

Example: I am no Prince Hamlet.

Often confused with illusion, an allusion is a literary term that refers to a reference in one literary work to another literary work. E.g. The Simpsons television show constantly refers to (some may say, steals from) movies, music, literature etc. In a scene where Principal Skinner is in his office, he suddenly turns to his window and looks out at an old, spooky house while he talks about a tormented relationship with his mother. This is an allusion to the Norman Bates character in the movie Psycho.

I highly recommended M.H. Abram's Glossary of Literary Terms.

Another example of an allusion would be "The girl's love of sweets was her Achilles heel," referencing the warrior in Greek mythology, Achilles, who could only be harmed if something hit his heel because he was dipped in magic water as baby when his mother held him by a heel. Achilles' only weakness is his heel, so an Achilles heel reference means a downfall or weakness, in this example a weakness for sweets.

Example of Allusion

An allusion is a reference to a well-known person, place, event, literary work or work of art. For example:

  • It has rained so long, it seems as though it has rained for 40 days and nights. (This is reference to Noah's Arc which is a well-known event.)
  • Harriet Tubman was called the Moses of her time
  • To act or not to act, that was Maria's dilemma
  • The final game was John's Waterloo
  • Sue did not want to endure Eve's curse, so she opted for the epidural
  • The killer wore a mark of Cain as he stalked his brother - refering to the Bible story: Cain and Abel.
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Allusion and Innuendo
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What are some examples of 'allusion'?

In literature, allusions refer to an outside event or source such as history, literature, religion, etc. What this means is that it pulls this information out of its original context and uses it to support the work. For example, a simile or metaphor for the "Garden of Eden" is an example of a biblical allusion. Any mention of Julius Caesar's death, or Brutus' betrayal, no matter how faint, is an allusion to history. Mentioning Shakespeare or Romeo and Juliet in another literary work is a literary allusion. Allusions are many.

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Allusion and Innuendo

What does dog mean in slang?

homies, people, best friend, associate's.s

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Allusion and Innuendo

Is there a slang word for men exclusively seeking affairs with married women?

Man whore

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Allusion and Innuendo

What are Signs of infatuation?

Feeling yourself feel like you can't be away from this person and getting clingy, or obsessive. Also when lust becomes the topic when you think about your supposed 'lover.'

Allusion and Innuendo

What are symbols and allusions?

Symbol: often an ordinary object, event, person, or animal to which extraordinary meaning is attached to.

Allusion: a reference to a well known work of art, music, history, or literature.


Allusion and Innuendo

What is a political allusion?

An allusion to something political.

Allusion and Innuendo

What is an example of a literary allusion to King Solomon?

The title of the Book, King Solomon's Mines, by H Ride Haggard. The use of the king's name alludes to the supposed riches to be found.

Allusion and Innuendo

How do you use allusion in everyday life?

If you allude to something, I think it means you try to find something similar or reference something. In music the use of samples could be considered allusion, eg the use of Bowie and Queen's "Under Pressure" in the tune "Ice Ice Baby", or in literature reference may be made indirectly to the content or structure of another work, eg Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas opens with "to begin in the beginning..." - compare with the first verse of King James bible "in the beginning (was the Word)".

In everyday life, you may want to use allusion to help someone understand something by relating it to an entirely different subject which they would be familiar with, eg suggesting a connection with a song. An example might be if someone asks you what that girl's name is. You could answer - "Anne-Marie's the name". This would be an allusion to the song where Elvis sing "And Marie's the Name (of his latest flame)". Making this connection helps the name stick in the person's mind. (Particularly if you sing it, as the brain remembers rhythms better because it forces physical reaction.)

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Allusion and Innuendo

Write a passage using rhetorical devices on a person idea or ideology?

please question to answer

Allusion and Innuendo
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What are allusions in unwind?

past references

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Allusion and Innuendo

Where was Lot's wife located today?

As Lots wife looked back at the city of Gomorrah, she became a pillar of salt.

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What is a historical example of envy?

The Europeans treatment of the American Indians came, in part, from envy. Greed was also a strong motivator.

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What is the Biblical definition of a stronghold?

FortressThe Greek word for stronghold, taken literally, means a fortress. It is used in the Bible also as a metaphor to represent things that are based only on human confidence or pride, as opposed to those that rely on God's input and guidance.

Strongholds are walls or fortresses around beliefs and emotions to protect us from further pain. An important part of healing and transforming the deep wounds, requires divinely pulling down the strongholds.

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Allusion and Innuendo

What does this proverb mean let sleeping dogs lie?

telling you to leave things as they are

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What is mythic time?

Mythic time is an ahistorical, afactual time period. Many times the term "mythic time" is found in regards to religious or spiritual beliefs. In this usage, mythic time indicates a period of time during which the cosmological events of their religious or spiritual beliefs happened. For example, for Christians, mythic time would certainly include the 7 days during which God created the universe, the world, light and dark, animals, humans, etc.

Allusion and Innuendo

What are some biblical allusions to ishmael?

Allusion and Innuendo

What is an example of an allusion in The Giver?

you's all smell like kaka

Allusion and Innuendo
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Is calling someone nosy mean?

If they are nosy, it is impolite, but not mean. If they aren't actually nosy, then yes, it is mean.

Allusion and Innuendo

The Hollow Men contains allusions to what?

The Hollow Men contains allusions to spirituality. There are also allusions to Christianity and Dante's Inferno. It is a poem about the lack of genuine spirituality in most men.

Allusion and Innuendo

What is a cultural allusion?

careful track use

Allusion and Innuendo

What are some Greek mythological allusions in Shakespeare's Macbeth?

In Act 2 Scene 3, Macduff says:

Approach the chamber, and destroy your sight

With a new Gorgon.

The Gorgon was a Greek monster who would turn you into stone if you looked at it.

Also, in Act 3 Scene 5, Hecate says:

And at the pit of Acheron

Meet me i' the morning

Acheron is a river in Greece which was believed to flow through the underworld. However, these words were probably not written by Shakespeare, but rather by Middleton.

All of the other Classical allusions in the play ("Neptune's ocean" etc.) were to Roman rather than Greek mythology.

Allusion and Innuendo

What are the examples of personification in the poem the louse and the mosquito by vikram seth?

the creep0

Allusion and Innuendo

What are some example of allusion?

Shelly smashed the door down with the strength of Heracles. The reference to Heracles to describe Shelly's strength is an allusion.

The entire book 'The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe' is full of Biblical allusions (e.g. Aslan paralleling Jesus).

The classical allusions Hamlet makes in his first soliloquy (e.g. 'Like a Hyperion to a satyr') wherein he compares Claudius and his father to Greek mythical creatures.

Further, any allusion to historical events is considered important.

There are heaps of other examples of allusions in this textbook I've found: it's called 'Manipulate Your Marker' and it's really helpful for these and other English techniques.

Allusion and Innuendo
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What does 'mythical allusion' mean?

An allusion is anything that references something else. Therefore, a mythological allusion is one the references some part of mythology.


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