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What are Examples of formalism?

Fomalism is a sociological idea when tradition becomes more important than the function of the norm.

Examples of this are the buttons on men and women's clothing. Men's tend to button left over right while women's button right over left. For men, it's because in the past they wore coats over their sword belts and it was easier for a right-handed man to be unbuttoning with his left handing while drawing his sword with his right.

For women's clothing, it's because they used to wear very difficult clothing and needed help getting in and out of it.

While neither of these activities are relevant anymore, we continue to make clothing in this way.

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What are the steps of the writing process?


Brainstorming is coming up with ideas of things to write about. A good way to do this is just to take a sheet of paper and jot down whatever comes to your head. You can do this in a list, or make a map, or connect things with lines and circles -- however you want to do it.


Prewriting includes anything you do before you actually begin to write. This includes coming up with basic ideas, researching information, and talking things over with friends and advisors. You can also start your outline during this stage of the writing process.

Drafting Drafting is the stage where you begin to put your ideas into sentences and paragraphs. At this stage, don't worry about spelling and punctuation - just get those thoughts down on paper. Your first draft is more like a conversation with yourself, discussing what you know and how you are going to go about telling your story.


Proofreading is analyzing each phrase, making sure that quotation marks are included where (if) needed, and that each clause has a subject and a verb, of course, checking every other single grammar rule that could possibly apply.

Peer Reviewing

Let your friends and colleagues read your paper or story. You may or may not take their advice, but you should pay attention to any grammar or spelling errors they point out. If you're writing nonfiction, make note of any places where they say they got confused, so you can explain a little better in that part. If you're writing fiction or poetry, make note of any places where they said they got bored or thought you were being "flowery" or lecturing; you can think about changing those parts to make it flow better.


Revising means thinking about your readers and changing your draft so that they will understand what you are trying to say. This is the stage where you decide whether you need more explanation or organization. Make sure that your writing is as clear and concise as you can make it, and define any terms that you need to. Be certain that you have said exactly what you mean to say, and that your logic is consistent and correct.

Editing In the final stage, check your grammar and spelling. Make certain that your manuscript is printed in the correct format, and that you have used an easy-to-read font. This is the stage where you can ask someone to read over your work and double-check for errors. One warning: don't start editing until you have finished all of the other stages. If you stop in the middle to worry about edits, you will get side-tracked and never finish the story at all.


Send your paper, article, poem, story, or book off to that publisher! See the link below to find out more about publishing.

planning, writing, revising, and external feedback

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The purpose of peer review in science is to ensure that?

It is to ensure that what you have concluded is correct and unbiased. If your peers disagree with what you have concluded, it is either because you are incorrect or because you made a biased decision.

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Where does the apostrophe go in sports field?

There is no apostrophe in "Sports Field"

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What is a good way to remember things while studying for finals?

I'm only 11, but the way i remember things is like this: i look at the words, then keep on repeating them to myself! Like this i can remember stuff. Im sorry if this cant work for you, but it works for me!

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What is an antonym for 'threat'?


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What are examples of a Microcomputer?


desktop computers,video game consoles,laptob etc are the examples of micro computer..

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Example of bicameral?

netherlands, republic or ireland, romania, etc.

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What are examples of obsession?


The Phantom of the Opera. he was obsessed with Christine.

Also, gollum with the ring. And if you've watched sisterhood of the traveling pants, Bridget was obsessed with him.

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Can you give an example of pleonasm?

A pleonasm is an unnecessary word or words in a sentence, like the unnecessary "of" in the sentence "He is not that good of a teacher."

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Would it be to late or too late?

It would be "too late."

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Related studies about payroll system local foreign literature?

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Examples of porosity?

Because of the gravity of the earth....

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Give an example of a definitive host?

definitive host - a host in which a parasite reaches sexual maturity.

malaria is a good example. the malaria parasite mates and reproduces in the mosquito. However, it's gametocytes are formed in humans, making humans the definitive host (not mosquitoes).

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Domingo is an example of what?

dia (day of the week) Domingo means Sunday. * B*: Santo Domingo......sort of like a capital or city...

Microsoft Outlook and Live Hotmail
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How can you edit Hotmail account information?

Once you've logged into hotmail, you simply click on a hyperlink in the top right-hand corner of the screen called "options". Once that webpage is loaded, there are several links to take you to different pages, all of which change the details in your hotmail account, like user info, password, junk mail filter, etc.

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What is Urban Migration?

Urban Migration is moving from city to another.

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What is the advantage of using a dictionary?

The knowledge of the user will be increased, along with his/her vocabulary.

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What is classical sociologists?

What is classical condition what is instrumental learning or cooperation condition, learning observtional learning

I can attmpt to answer as follows: Any human behavior is a learned responde, we learn on the behavior which are observed, there are some behavior which ar covert and others are overcovers(seen and cannot being seen) some behavior you learn them volunterinly e.g a child when he is at 1.3 yrs you learn your mother/father behavior there some behaviour we learn through observation eg watching a TV we learn a certain behavior by watching a TV.

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What is an example of submissiveness?

Your dog when you are punishing it.

Yielding to others

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Which is grammatically correct 1 you feel bad about what you said or 2 you feel badly about what you said?


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How do you write a powerful character reference letter?

tell the truth

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What word or words could be eliminated from this sentence for a stronger effect The schools were closed in light of the fact that a tornado had struck?

The nature
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What is an example of epanalepsis?

The king is dead, long live the king.

What is Hecuba to him, or he to Hecuba? [Shakespeare, Hamlet]

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Where do you send books for editing?

There are free online writing labs that can help you with smaller things, but for whole books, you will probably have to pay for the service. If you look under "editing service" in a search engine, you will come up with some possibilities. Compare prices so you don't get TOO overcharged. :) Some people work freelance as well, so if you have a friend that is an editor or know someone, you might get a better rate. Depending on how much work the manuscript needs, you could also just submit it for publication. If it is accepted, the publisher's editors will have at it... but if you aren't a good speller, or there are other glaring errors, they might not see past that and accept it anyway, so it is a trade-off.


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