Proofreading is the reviewing of a copy of text in order to detect errors and mark corrections, such as misspellings, mistakes in punctuation and errors in grammar. Proofreaders should be accurate because they occupy the final stage of editing.

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Are there any proofreading jobs available?

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You could check Elance and VirtualOfficeTemps. They usually have some openings for proofreading. VOT will most likely be medical and legal though.

Some examples of websites can be found by clicking the Related Links below.

Do you put the name of a restaurant in quotation marks or italics?

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It is not normally done, they are simply capitalized. However, the exact usage will depend on the specific style manual being followed.

What word becomes a palindrome when viewed upside down and backwards?

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Wouldn't it also have to be a palindrome before being turned upside down and backwards?

How about mom = wow, sis = sis, pip = did.

- wjs1632 -


No, that doesn't quite do it, other than "sis," because it should be the same word, not a different one. So start with the letters that become themselves or other letters when flipped. Here's my list, even though the first one is a stretch:

b=g, d=p, i=i, l=l, m=w, n=u, o=o, s=s, t=t, z=z

Given that, I've come up with a few:

mow pod tot bug bung suns stunts

My question is whether or not there's a word for these types of words.



There is a very good word for this kind of word: "ambigram." While some words are naturally ambigrams (like sis, mow, and suns above), there is a whole field of calligraphy/word art of these that people have developed.

-O. Bodkins

also a word for help is:

SOS meaning save our souls

Is upside-down two words?

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This is how you would spell it:

upside down.

I hope this helps!!

How do you use the thesaurus in checking the spelling?

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you use the thesaurus for finding words that mean the same as a different word

Where can you find proofreading jobs via the Internet?

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There are many websites available for job-hunting. See Related Links.

What are two types of proofreading?

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The process of editing ends with proofreading. A manuscript is checked for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting issues during this process. Proofreaders also look for uniformity in language usage and style. These are a few illustrations of dissertation proofreading:

• Checking for grammatical problems, which includes ensuring that the subject-verb agreement, pronoun-antecedent agreement, and verb tenses are all in the right place.

• Proofreading for spelling errors: This entails looking for both frequent and obscure typos.

• Verifying punctuation: This entails looking for the proper use of commas, periods, and semicolons, among other punctuation marks.

• Verifying that formatting is correct, including margins, spacing, and font size.

• Checking for consistency in style and usage: This entails making sure that quote marks, italics, and capitalization are all used consistently.

Although proofreading can take some time, it is crucial to make sure a piece is error-free. Here are some pointers for good proofreading:

• Read the material aloud. By doing so, you'll be able to notice mistakes that you might otherwise overlook.

• Make use of a proofreading mark: This will help you identify and mark errors so you can quickly detect and fix them.

• Proofread the material more than once to assist you find mistakes you might have overlooked the first time.

If you are unsure about how to proofread correctly, you can get assistance from Home of Dissertations' expert proofreading services. Your writing will be error-free thanks to the experience and knowledge of a professional proofreader.

What is proof reading symbols?

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There are several marks used by proofreaders.

Whether you meant a particular one, or were asking about the usual set of marks, see the 'related link' - which seems to have a few great links right near the top of the search results...

What is the page after the cover page called?

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The second page after title page in the APA style paper is abstract page. It is the summary of one's complete research paper. The ideal word count of an APA abstract page is 100-150 words. One should complete the abstract within a paragraph and must not move in to next paragraph.

Why do you need to check and proofread written work?

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Why not? It would be absurd to think you can do a second, third, or fourth draft without having done a first draft. Drafts are very necessary for a final, great, writing. Mistakes in verbiage, grammar, and punctuation become more evident with each reading.

A tip for you - when searching for misspells (do NOT depend entirely on spell check) try reading it from the end forward.

What does careful proofreading suggest about the author?

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the author wants the work to appear professional.

What is a factual essay?

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What does a proofreader at a newspaper do?

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A newspaper editor goes over the spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc. of an article. In most cases, they choose what articles that will go on the newspaper. They make sure that the articles are all facts and not just a conclusion reached by the writer and to make sure the newspaper doesn't get sued. Sometimes, there can be other smaller jobs included depending on the newspaper.

What qualifications do you need to become a proofreader?

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In order to be a proofreader, you should be able to:

  • Possess a working knowledge of the written language you're proofing
  • Know which symbols are in use in the writing and which are correct, such as apostrophes, 'curly quotes', inch marks and feet marks, punctuation and its sequence and so forth
  • Refer to a style guide from the publisher, which dictates such standards as capital letters mid-sentence, use of parenthesis and block quotes and other layout and printing conventions
  • Determine the difference between two words that sound alike, but which have different meanings, such as 'sale' and 'sail'
  • Appreciate the 'voice' of the author, so that your grammatical corrections maintain that 'voice'
  • Understand editorial marks, so that if you proofread on paper, the person who keys in your corrections understands exactly how to make the correction
  • Leave a wide trail that represents your work, so that when it is double-checked (if it is) there is no question about the correction to be made.

What is being compared when you proofread?

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There are several different kinds of edits, depending on the category of the material.

  • When confirming facts, this kind of edit is sometimes called a 'red check'
  • When choosing a sequence for presenting concepts, such as in a text book, this kind of edit may be called a 'structural edit'
  • When determining whether or not the material is substantially original, this kind of edit may be called a 'copyright edit'
  • When stabilizing the 'voice' or point of view of a piece, this kind of edit may be called a 'rewrite' or a 'heavy edit' or by some other term, depending on the editor's venue.
Proofreading generally corrects grammar, punctuation, and conformation to the style guide in use by the publisher.

Types and kinds of edits are known by all kinds of different names, since there is no editorial standard that exists across all categories of publishing.

The four steps in proofreading?

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Steps for proofreading

1. Read the entire writing to ascertain the purpose of the piece and whether everything written supports that purpose.

2. Correct any spelling errors, watching especially for words with various spellings, such as "their," "there," and "they're".

3. Check for grammatical accuracy. For example, make sure all the verbs match the nouns.

4. Check the punctuation and capitalization.

Are soundproofing and proofreading are alike?

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No. Soundproofing is making a room so others can't hear the sounds from it. Proofreading is editing a written paper or document.