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What is a good thesis statement for honor?

Honor, by definition, explains one with high regards or when great respect is given or received; but in my opinion, honor is one who shows unbelievable character, portrays honest qualities, and has the highest moral beliefs


Hindi essay -Khelo ka Mahatva?

खेलों का जिवन में बहोत बड़ा महत्व है । खेल उतने हि आव्श्यक हैं , जितनी पढ़ाई। पढ़ाई के लिए हमें स्वस्थ मस्तिष्क चाहिए। स्वस्थ मस्तिष्क स्वस्थ देह में ही निवास करता है । देह को स्वस्थ रखने के ल्लिए खेल-कूद जरुरी है।

खेल समय कि बर्बादी नहीं किंतु एक अच्छा व्यायाम है। खेल से देह कसता है, हमारा हाज़मा दुरस्त रहेता है और वह हमें बिमारियों से दूर रखता है। खेल से बढ़्नेवाले बच्चों का शारिरीक विकास तेजि सेव होता है, हमे चुस्ती और स्फुर्ति प्राप्त होती है, आलस्य दूर भागता है और कोई भी मुश्किल कार्य आसानी से किया जा सकता है।

खेल अच्छे मनोरंजन देता है, खेलनेवाले और देखनेवाले दोनों को! हॉकी, क्रिकेट और फुट्बाल जैसे कई खेल खेले जातेंहै जिसे देखने कई दर्शक आते हैं।यह खिलाडीओं का उत्साह बढ़ा देता है और खेल देखने से मन को आनंद और शांति मिलती है।

अनुशासन और परिक्षम का खिलाड़ीयों के जिवन में बड़ा महतव होता है। खेलों से अनुशसन में रहेना का प्रशिक्षण मिलता है, कोई भी खेल नियन - अनुशासन को द्यान में रख कर ही खेला जाता है । हमें हवा कि भांती निरंतर आगे बढ़्ना चाहिए - हमे खेल कुद से आगे बढ़्ने कि प्रेरणा मिलती है ।जो खिलाडी अपनी गलतिओंको सुधार कर आगे बढ़्ता है वही महान खिलाडी बन सकता है।खेल -कूद हमें लड़ने और सघर्ष करने कि प्रेरणा देतें हैं। जो व्यक्ति संघर्ष कर के आगे बढ़्ने के आदि हैं वे किशी भी कठीन परिस्थितीओं को सरलता से पार कर सह्तें है।खेलों से खिलाडी को जित और हार दोनो को ही अपनाने की सहन शक्ति प्राप्त होती है। खेल हमे औरों के और करिब लातें हैं, और एकता कि टीम वर्क कि भावना हर खेलाड़ी की मन में जागॄत होती है।

खेलकूद से हमें जिवन का उददेश मिलता है । खेल कूद को शिक्षा का एक महत्वपुर्ण अम्ग मान कर इसे अनिवार्य विषय के रुप में पाठ्यक्रम में सामील किया जाना चाहिए।

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What does a block outline look like?

I.Introduction in which you state your purpose which is to discuss the differences between vacationing in the mountains or at the beachII.Mountain

A. Climate

B. Types of Activities

C. Location III.Beach

A. Climate

B. Types of Activities

C. Location IV.Conclusion


What is the difference between nursing research and evidence based practice?

This is a very good question, since the jury still seems to be out concerning the basis of evidence-based practice (EBP).

Nursing research is a structured method of measuring and evaluating outcomes of various procedures, practices, hypotheses, etc. If one discovers a significant, proven result that can be replicated by others, and this result is "better" than current/customary practice, the new findings may be incorporated into every day practice and is then referred to as EBP.

Evidence Based Practice. The evidence is the result(s) of the research. Nursing practice is based on this evidence.

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How might collaboration foster learning?

Learning could be fostered by collaboration since if there's a topic on which you are not knowledgeable, then your partner might be well versed on that specific topic, and vice versa.

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What is a thesis statement for teenage curfew?

Teenagers should have a curfew at 1o:oopm


What is a scratch outline?



What are the characteristics of rural and urban lifestyle?

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What are the limitations of dfd?

Limitations of DFDsDFDs cannot tell the WHOLE story. Indeed, they only reveal a part of the requirements. The most important things they do not reveal are-The sequence in which processes occur.

The time intervals at which processes occur.

Entity Life History modelling (ELH) is needed.

The structure of processes and data stores.

Logical Data Structure modelling (LDS) is needed.

How often a process is repeated

Also, analysis of a DFD does not reveal important business aspects:

Whether or not the system is a business enabler for competitive advantage

The technical aspects

IT Platform

Data Structures

Costs (except by implication)

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What is the meaning of AG from holes?

humping on girls

World War 2

What were the rules of engagement of World War 2?

"Rules of engagement" was not a term used during WWII, although there were orders given that specified the same thing. Basically, the question is, if I see the enemy, what should I do? That would vary from "Do nothing,we've got to keep going and don't want to get bogged down in a firefight," to "Attack at once, with everything you've got," or"Don't fire and give away our position." You see, it varied from hour to hour, place to place, and even unit to unit. Right before Pearl Harbor, Admiral Kimmel would have attacked any Japanese warship within 5-600 miles, since any positioned that close to Pearl would be considered to be on a hostile mission. But the number of miles from Pearl was not written instone, and probably a single Japanese destroyer would not have been attacked, simply escorted away. After receiving the "War warning " message, Kimmel gave orders to sink any Japanese sub found close to Pearl Harbor,something he had been prohibited from doing while there was still some hope for a negotiated settlement with the Japanese. You could term that action a change in the rules of engagement.

see the bad guy ; shoot the bad guy

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How do you write a good outline?

Before you can put together a good outline, it is figure out what kind of work you are going to write. Are you doing a short essay with a few paragraphs? Are you doing a book report or explanation? Are you writing an argument or speech? Or are you writing a longer work like a book or novel?

The outline is just a way for you to organize your thoughts and decide what to put into your final paper. You need to decide what to include, what not to include, and also list any references or source material that you have used.

The most common type of outline uses the mechanics of Roman Numerals, Capital letters, Numbers, and then lower case letters:

I. Paragraph subject

A. First supporting idea

1. Factual information affirming supporting idea.

c. Information supporting factual information

II. Next Paragraph subject.

... and so on and so on.

Note the indentation for each sub-category in an outline. The introductory and closing paragraphs also are included in your Roman Numeral schema shown here. You can either write out your points or facts as full sentences, or simply jot down the main ideas and topics. Most writers use the topic outline because they are just doing a rough draft to help them organize their thoughts. Your teacher might assign a full-sentence outline, though - they are both done exactly the same way, just with a complete sentence instead of a brief topic. Outlines provide a summary showing the logical flow of a paper. They are useful because they: # help the writer organize their thoughts before getting bogged down in word choice and sentence structure; # show which ideas need illustration or elaboration; and # help the writer decide on an organizational technique for the report, whether it be logical, chronological, or categorical in nature.

Textbooks generally recommend that, before constructing an outline, a writer should research the topic and take notes--preferably on index cards--as they go. The notes need not be more than a summary of what the author thinks is important. Each card normally has a heading (called a slug) in the upper-left hand corner. Each slug later becomes a heading or subheading in the outline.writer can later lay their cards on a table and group those that belong together. This creates a rough division of the topic. The writer may then put the cards in an order that approximates a final version. Experts recommend that an outline have three to five main categories. If you have more than that, look for ways to combine smaller segments into broader topics. If you have only one subpoint, integrate it with the point above or reorganize. Also avoid overlapping between categories.

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How do you end a comparison Essay?

You can wrap it all together by adding your own cliché at the end like:

-Literature is oftentimes based off real people or exaggerated characterization of real people. Therefore, I can easily draw parallels between _____ and my _______. This character and my ______ have several traits in common just as they have differences. Art, especially writing, hold a mirror up to human nature and reflects our best and worst qualities.

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What is Standard Harvard Outline Format?









And so on

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You want to write an article which publish in vijaya karnataka?

Just for local news paper editors and inform to them for reporting those daily news..


What is the grammatical name given to this phrase 'when she got down'?

Adverbial phrase

Animal Life
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How do you write second grade animal report?

Depending on the school and child, you read books and look on line and find information and take notes about:

-eating habits

-life span



-life cycles

-what they eat

-where the live

-what are their predators


And have the child put the information that they wrote in their notes into paragraphs that move through the different subjects. Like one paragraph for what they eat, a different one for their habitat, etc.

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What is a longitudinal research study?

It is research that studies a person or group over a set period of time, normally to track the effect of some variable. For example, when trying to discover the causes of criminality, a researcher may track 50 children over a 30 year period in order to find a common factor between those children who have become criminal.

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What is an example of a expository essay thesis statement for career changes?

WikiAnswers isn't going to write an essay for you, but we WILL help you learn how to write one of your own. Click the links below.

Kia Sephia
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Where can you find a step-by-step guide on changing a blower motor in a 1998 Kia Sephia?

Automotive Repair Manual at your local library.

You can also buy an automotive repair manual at your auto parts store. They are very handy to have around the house and cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 to $40.

or you can ask some one who has done this, it is quite simple, 1. passenger side of car, open door, remove kick plate, by pulling up on it, then threr is a smaller kick plate inside of car, you have to remove some plastic plugs, this will come out, there are three Philips screws that hold the blower in, 2. disconnect the power from the blower, the plug has a push in tab, 3. pull back the carpet to allow you to get at the 3 screws, unscrew and blower, you will have to give it a slight tug, but it will come off.


The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world meaning?

bla bla bla the hand that rocks the cradle can also rule the world ...

This proverbe means that is u will cut your hand & make it work it can rule the world we should move the cradle to rule the worls.....

Paragraph Development
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How do you make a paragraph outline?

A paragraph outline or plan is just a list of what you're going to write in your paragraph.

You don't have to make complete sentences for this, because you are just doing an outline to plan out what to write.

It looks basically like the following:

Topic/Main Idea:
  • First Support Sentence
    • Detail for first support sentence
    • Detail for first support sentence'
    • (however many details you have for the first sentence)
  • Second Support Sentence
    • Detail for second sentence
    • (etc, etc until you have all your facts written in outline form)
You may also write a concluding sentence at the end if you wish.

Once you have an idea of what to do, then just make each of your lines into a complete sentence, check for punctuation and grammar, and you've got your paragraph!
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What is difference between topic sentences and introductory sentences?

A topic sentence tells what the book or story is going to be about.

An introductory sentence gives a brief description of the story.


Write an essay on the play the miracle merchant?

the miracle merchant is the comedy centres on the prank played on a tedious visitor by a resourceful young man.The prank has the desired effect,but the miracle worker does not gain his expected reward.The final twist in the play makes it all the more amusing.Like all good ONE-ACT plays here too we find clear character delineation within a short compass.


How do you write an essay?

1) Find a copy of another answer... use it as a base, look at the way that they've mapped out the essay (or a similar essay if you can't find the same one!)

2) Read through your books (and other books referenced).. don't literally read and then write.. read EVERYTHING.. then go back and try again...

3) Write an essay plan.. order your thoughts

Try whatever works for you... I tend to find puzzles (like a Rubix cube) are good for getting you thinking logically.. but try everything until you find something that works :)


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